The Trout Opera

The Trout Opera THE TROUT OPERA is a stunning epic novel that encompasses twentieth century Australia Opening with a Christmas pageant on the banks of the Snowy River in and ending with the opening ceremony of t

  • Title: The Trout Opera
  • Author: Matthew Condon
  • ISBN: 9781740510325
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • THE TROUT OPERA is a stunning epic novel that encompasses twentieth century Australia Opening with a Christmas pageant on the banks of the Snowy River in 1906 and ending with the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, it is the story of simple rabbiter and farmhand Wilfred Lampe who, at the end of his long life, is unwittingly swept up into an international specTHE TROUT OPERA is a stunning epic novel that encompasses twentieth century Australia Opening with a Christmas pageant on the banks of the Snowy River in 1906 and ending with the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, it is the story of simple rabbiter and farmhand Wilfred Lampe who, at the end of his long life, is unwittingly swept up into an international spectacle On the way he discovers a great niece, the wild and troubled young Aurora, whom he never knew existed, and together they take an unlikely road trip that changes their lives Wilfred, who has only ever left Dalgety once in almost a hundred years, comes face to face with contemporary Australia, and Aurora, enmeshed in the complex social problems of a modern nation, is taught how to repair her damaged life This dazzling story marvellously broad in its telling and superbly crafted is about the changing nature of the Australian character, finding the source of human decency in a mad world, history, war, romance, murder, bushfires, drugs, the fragile and resilient nature of the environment and the art of fly fishing It s the story of a man who has experienced the tumultuous reverberations of Australian history while never moving from his birthplace on the Snowy, and it asks, what constitutes a meaningful life

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    1. Grand in scope, filled with human yearning, arrogance, and development, this 2007 novel captures the long stretch of 100 years in the history of Australia, 1900 to 2000, beginning with the Snowy River flowing free and ending with the staging of the Sydney Olympics. The boy Wilfred Lampe, the eponymous trout in his scaffolding of wood and wire and his skin of hessian and tin, opens the novel, stumbling about the streets of Dalgety in costume on his way to stage The Trout Opera. The opera never co [...]

    2. Of course when one starts (and keeps) reading one has an intimation that eventually all the strands are going to tie up and lead to a point. And so they do -- laboriously, as not all strands are really relevant, and the book ends up with a bit of an anticlimax -- cute, no doubt, but the reader is kept wondering whether it really needed over 550 pages to come to this.

    3. Unforgettable gentle soul, Wilfred Lampe lives to a hundred years, never leaving his birthplace, never getting guy is up there with Forest Gump, Owen Meany and Eyeore as memorable men in literature! Simultanoously, the history of Australia must charm the reader. Graham, who speaks his mind and always gets in trouble for it, is another character worth remembering. In his drunken babbling on radio many a truth is spoken.

    4. Because I read it on my Kindle I had no idea that it was such a long book although I did seem to be plodding along really slowly. Now that I know it's over 500 pages I understand why it took so long! However it does have a slow pace and covers a 100 year period 1900 to the Sydney Olympics. The story of Wilfred over this time living with the Snowy river is beautifully told, unfolding from his past to his present day and introducing modern day characters important to his story in roughly alternate [...]

    5. The Trout Opera by Matthew Condon – this is a brilliant book and I don’t understand why it wasn’t nominated for the MF shortlist. It has an engaging plot, memorable characters and a vivid Australian setting, bringing to life the Snowy River in a moving portrait of Australian country life.To read the rest of my review please visit anzlitlovers.wordpress/200

    6. Whimsical and fascinating book. Very clever, and a great read. But the writer is curiously ignorant of the outside world. Matthew, it’s water, not air-conditioning fluid, that drips from a car’s air-conditioning after a hot run. If someone shoots you, it’s the lead bullet that kills you, not the spinning brass jacket. And centrifuges throw things outwards, not suck things in (p.102). Duh

    7. A great read! Some fantastic characters, though I wanted to shake the Wilfred character and say 'Don't just let life happen to you!' Wondered if the end was tied up a bit neatly, but that's quite nice in some ways.

    8. A conundrum.The opening and indeed the final 2 or 3 chapters promise so much. The opening draws in the reader to view life through the allegory of the beautiful trout and the imaginative hand-made flies by which they can be caught and landed. The main character for the narrative, Wilfred is indeed 'the trout'.At the finish we see the over-riding arc of Australia, through a whole century, join the trout to a lure, Wilfred's lost love, Dorothea and so they finally are caught to each other and land [...]

    9. OK, I admit, I picked this novel up in the bookstore because of the title and the coverd I liked the opening paragraph. About 10 pages in I thought I may have made a mistake. I was wrong, however. It is wonderful. It has the solemn tone of so many Australian novels, but you cannot help but be drawn in by the characters - and the setting. Having lived in Potts Point and spent the best times of my life in the Snowy Mountains, I loved the descriptions of place and timeey are spot on. The author tha [...]

    10. I enjoyed the sweeping story that covered the 100 year life span of the protagonist, Wilfred, and the events that surrounded the latter years of his life. As a representation of the Australian archetype 'man from Snowy River', his life highlights the differences between reality and myth. The other characters are even more confronting representations of other Australian stereotypes with different life paths. While there was an interesting juxtaposition between the various characters, I think the [...]

    11. Being born and raised in the Snowies/Monaro and knowing all of the areas described in the book makes reviewing this book somewhat difficult. Matthew has described the region so beautifully that I felt I was once again in the region I grew up. However the wonderfully descriptive settings and well fleshed out characters doesnt hide the fact that the book meanders along a little and seems to fade away at the end, as if the writer was struggling to figure out how exactly to tie everything together?O [...]

    12. A densely populated novel with multiple narratives taking place on multiple timelines. Some of the narratives are more compelling than others; happily, the two most compelling stories are also the two main stories. The novel is well-rooted in Australia; an understanding of Australian culture and slang will enrich the reading.

    13. Mooie tegenstelling tussen het eenvoudige leven van Wilfred Lampe aan Snowy River tussen de schapen en het moderne Sidney waar de olympische spelen worden georganiseerd.Een typisch Australische setting die daarom zeer interessant is om te lezen.Inderdaad een magische vertelling van 100 jaar Australie vanuit verschillende gezichtspunten.Erg mooi.

    14. I'd read 3 of Condon's books before this one but they were mere appetisers preceding this main course. A sprawling saga that stretches the 100 years from Federation to the Sydney Olympics it will surely become a contemporary Australian classic. I could not recommend it any more highly. Brilliant work, Mr C.

    15. Most readable. Wilfred's life provides an interesting backdrop to 100 years of Australian history. Perhaps the ending was a little neat and tidy but it doesn't detract from the story. Thanks Malcolm.

    16. Although at times I felt there was the odd character that didn't seem to quite "fit" in this novel I enjoyed the writing style and narrative very much. It was a wonderful, epic yarn. Real story telling at work in this novel.

    17. If you allow yourself the time to sink into Condon's rich prose and slow pace, you will be rewarded with memorable characters, a plot that ebbs and flows and twists and turns like the Snowy river, and an ending that is both rewarding and open.A beautifully written book about and of Australia.

    18. A great story - or stories within stories - and a great study/bio of Australia. Loved it - one of my favorite books.

    19. My Best Book for 2008. Story set in the Snowy Mountains where I grew up and then also in Kings Cross where I lived early in married life. His descriptions put me back in both places

    20. Took me a while to get "into it", but persevered and happy I did. Really made me contemplate the meaning of life and what brings happiness or not.

    21. A bit plodding in terms of a story. I can't help but feel I kinda missed the point. That sad, there is some lovely actual writing in the book. But as a story it didn't do it for me.

    22. Actually, not read beyond first few pages. And the last chapter. The word turgid springs to mind. I was warned not to attempt it, so my own fault.

    23. It took a while to get into it, and for a long time it felt like I was reading a book for school, but the last portion flew by and I ended up really enjoying it.

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