Raging Heart On

Raging Heart On Her biological clock is a ticking time bomb He s got the tool it takes to get the job done And then some Kayla Life has never been great If not for White Lucas and his family I might have been on the

  • Title: Raging Heart On
  • Author: Jordan Marie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: None
  • Her biological clock is a ticking time bomb He s got the tool it takes to get the job done And then some Kayla Life has never been great If not for White Lucas and his family, I might have been on the streets They showed me what family was what I always wanted Now at thirty, I want my own family The problem is there s no man in the picture When White volunteers hiHer biological clock is a ticking time bomb He s got the tool it takes to get the job done And then some Kayla Life has never been great If not for White Lucas and his family, I might have been on the streets They showed me what family was what I always wanted Now at thirty, I want my own family The problem is there s no man in the picture When White volunteers his services, I should say no.Making a baby with my best friend could ruin everything Couldn t it White Kayla is my best friend She has been for fifteen years In all that time I ve never once thought of her as than a buddy, a pal.Then something happened We kissed It was good Really good So good that now it s all I can think about.When she hatches a crazy scheme to have a baby, it s my duty to stop her Right And offering my uh services is the least I can do I m just looking out for her As any friend would do Any red blooded man who is frustrated and dying for She wants a baby I m there With A Raging Heart On Complete Stand Alone with No cheating and a Happy Ending all inside Book two of the Lucas Brothers series but can be read completely on its own and is self contained WARNING This book contains friends turning into lovers, a meddling mother who keeps trying to help them out, a whole lot of baby making and all the hotness that implies Hope you enjoy

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    1. 3 StarsOverall Opinion:This was ok for what it was. I wasn't expecting anything really deep and meaningful, and so I wasn't disappointed. It was fun to get the kookie mom and rest of the family that we met in The Perfect Stroke again, as they provided some fun laughs. I am always drawn to unrequited love type situations for some reason, and this hit the spot for that. I did appreciate that we didn't experience the H whoring it up at all once their relationship changed from being just friends. I [...]

    2. The other one was better.Still, it was a pretty sweet read, relaxing and fun. Even the writing was ok and it kept me hooked to this book at moments, so that's a plus.Perfect read for a lazy day!

    3. To say that I was surprised by this book is an understatement. At first I wrote this book off but through further conversation I decided that I'm much to much of a masochist not to read thisjust to see how bad it could be. From the synopsis we see that our heroine has been in love for the last 15 years with her best friend, the hero. However, the Hero has never seen her in any way except a friend. This can be a sketchy area because most of the time the heroine comes across as a total doormat tha [...]

    4. I should've had read the sample before buying this. Maybe I'll come back to it but i doubt it. Do not click on the spoiler if you don't want to know.I hate it when the book starts like this (view spoiler)[ The heroine is pining after the hero for 15 years she wants to get married and have kids she has seen him with lots of OWS. (hide spoiler)]

    5. Once the hero stopped being such a blind idiot he became pretty amazing. He was seriously obsessed with her after their first kiss actually even before. I normally don't like this trope of unrequited love from the heroine's side but in this book I could overlook hero's slutty ways because he genuinely didn't have feelings for her apart from friendship so he never hurt he deliberately in flaunting ow around her, did I like that all theses years he didn't notice her? NO! But once he did the guy wa [...]

    6. 3.5 starsSweet funny safe read.It would have been more stars, if the h was a bit stronger; and less lies/misunderstanding in the second part.Big improvement to the 1st book – the H was more likable.I loved that the h didn’t immediately give up after the H “woke up” and saw her as a woman after 15!!! years of friendship.The author has a lot of potential, I‘m sure one day there’s a book I rate with 5 stars :-)Ida Sue, you are my hero!!!

    7. DNF. I really tried, but I'm really uncomfortable with the disparity in their sexual experience, especially since she's been in love with him for years and he's just now noticing her. It's just not a trope I enjoy.

    8. The heroine is there loving hero from a distance while he has sex with anything that moves. He sees her as one of the guys only and not as a woman.But the scenes are interesting and reading will holding the reader's attention.The family of the hero is crazy and I love his mother.(view spoiler)[I'm glad he didn't have sex with her sister was a relief. At the beginning I was convinced that they had sex and I was disgusted. (hide spoiler)]Recommend and I'm waiting for the story of the sister of th [...]

    9. I'm very inclined to read this. Some of my GR friends are saying good things. Update: and because of this review it's going to my WANT TO READ shelf. /review/show

    10. bookslifewine/r-raging-heaRaging Heart On was ok. It was entertaining and that was what I needed at that moment. Sadly, when compared with book one in the Lucas Brothers series, The Perfect Stroke, Raging Heart On just doesn't live up. Raging Heart On is a "friends to lovers" tale which brings the reader back to the loving arms of the Lucas Family. Kayla has been pining for her BFF, White, for the last 15 years and has finally decided to give up the ghost. She's decided to settle marry someone s [...]

    11. 3.5 starsTrigger: since they were childhood friends and hero is a manwhore clearly he slept around after knowing her. She wasn't a virgin either. But no cheating, once the relationship started he was faithful.I would love to read about all the Lucas brothers now, except for probably Cyan, no judgement there, but exhibitionism is not my thing at all!

    12. 5 White and Kayla StarsI love this series! This is the second book about the Lucas Brothers and it focuses on White and his best friend Kayla. If you enjoy the friends to lovers trope then be aware that this will be like Kindle catnip to youhighly addictive and you just can't possibly leave it alone. White is quite a different hero to his brother Grayson , who featured in the first book. (they are both very alpha though) As a couple, Kayla and White have a different vibe to them because they are [...]

    13. With each book, each page I more fall for Crayon Gang. They are hilarious, emotional combustion and royal as family should be. And I need more of them.I loved Kayla and White together. They were witty, sexy and sweet. They both completed each other. Filling what was missing in theirs life. Kayla has some issues, which comes from her childhood. When it was reveal what she's been through, I couldn’t believe it. I so was pissed and wanted to beat the shit out of someone's. It partly made me to un [...]

    14. 2.5 StarsMan, oh, man. This wast good. Kayla has spent the last 15 years pining after her best friend White. Having finally given up on him, she decides to take drastic measures to get herself pregnant. White, of course, things this is insane and tries to stop her. Then all of a sudden BAM! Insta-love. One minute, White doesn't see Kayla as a woman and the next he's obsessed with her. I don't really understand what opened his eyes? He just one day started to all of a sudden have sexy dreams abou [...]

    15. Every time I pick up a new book written by the amazing Hordan Jordan Marie, I tell myself there is no way I will love it more than the last and every time she proves me wrong. I love her bikers, but there is just something about the Crayola gang and their wild family that makes me wanna come on over for Sunday dinner and stay forever until they kick me out. I need Ida Sue to be my mom, she's sorta perfect. The whole crew brings something wonderful to the table. Kayla and White, their chemistry a [...]

    16. Jordan Marie did it again. The moment I realized I had White, I did nothing else until I was finished reading. No sex (well not until after, had a raging heart on that needed addressed), no cleaning (house a disaster! and company coming), no talking (the hubs almost got shanked because he wouldn't leave me alone).White and Kayla made me laugh, made me cry, and got me right in the feels. Reading their story just reaffirmed to me that I claimed the right crayon. I'm waiting for you Cyan! You kinky [...]

    17. Kayla is best friends with White, a football player currently on the DL with a shoulder injury.K wants a baby and is apparently willing to marry anyone in order to do this, including a d-bag man. White steps into stop her from making a mistake. And the plot gets deeper from there.I really liked this because the plot was complicated - in a good way - and still made sense and the book didn't follow the typical romantic trope. I would have liked Kayla to be a little stronger, however.Good conclusio [...]

    18. Having never read anything by Jordan Marie, I was tempted by reading the blurb for Raging Heart On. I decided to take a chance and read it before I meet Jordan at the Shameless author signing event later this year. I'm glad I did! From the moment that I read the first page and met the Lucas family, I was hooked and kept constantly laughing or practically combusting from the passion between White and Kayla. It wasn't long before I was sitting at the Lucas' dining room table listening to the broth [...]

    19. 3.5 StarsCute story. Some LOL moments but it got frustrating at a certain point and hence the loss of stars. I would love to read Cyan's story next, whenever it comes out.

    20. I honestly didn’t think Jordan Marie could top Gray. I love him and CC. But White…good golly miss molly. He was awesome. I seriously love friends-to-lovers stories. I love how jealous and alpha the guys get when they realize they’re about to lose the woman they didn’t realize they were in love with. And White was no exception. I loved how alpha he went when he found out that that his best friend, was going to marry someone he didn’t know she was even dating. I loved the family dinner h [...]

    21. 4 Crayola stars This was a really cute story with just the right mix of comedy , light heartenedness, romance, and a few sad parts as well. Kayla has had a hard life and wants the family she's never had. Her best friend White refuses to let her ticking clock get her involved with a baby daddy. They are only best friends but is that all? I definitely loved this family especially Whites mom and brothers. I will be looking forward to his siblings stories in the future.

    22. It's hard not to laugh or at least smile or chuckle really loudly at the titles of the Lucas Brothers booksriously whether you have "the perfect stroke" or a "raging hard-onoopsheart on" they are guaranteed to hint at a good time.Yes, these books sound corny, puny or what have you but underneath all the silliness and sexiness there is a family saga like no other. A huge extended family of boys with colorful names and girls as pretty as flowers and all of the nasty evil-doers who surround them an [...]

    23. 5 STARS!I'm a long-time Jordan Marie fan, I'm not even going to pretend that I'm not. This author's writing is fantastic, and she has this natural ability to tell a story that is rare and special. Whether it's a raw and gritty MC story or, as newly evidenced by this series, a romantic comedy/contemporary romance, I honestly believe there is nothing that Jordan Marie can't write and write well.This is the second book in the Lucas Brothers series, and this is White and Kayla's story. White and Kay [...]

    24. "There's a moment in your life when you are faced with decisions and there are two very clear paths to take. It's just that the reasons to take each path aren't quite as clear. The reasons are muddied with outside factors that leave you unsure of which direction to take. That's where I'm at: facing two different paths and afraid to move."I adore this series. Simply put, it's always full of such simple joys as I'm reading them. The characters are like family, each one so completely endearing, rea [...]

    25. I think this chick gets better with each book in the series. I just hope they don't turn into formulaic, predictable books. That said, there's nothing wrong with a fun, slightly predictable read. I like that the humor in this one is not as OTT as it was in the first in the series. This one was actually giggle-worthy. Big plus, this is my favorite friends-to-lovers sub-genre of romance, and it is done the right way. I liked the not-too-slow build of Kayla and White learning how the other felt abo [...]

    26. The Crayola Gang's shenanigans continue with White and Kayla!White and Kayla have been brought up in the same home and have been the best of friends for as long as they can remember. But what happens when a baby is needed and lines are blurred? Kayla's insecurities and secret feelings for White are keeping her from seeing the truth, which is right in front of her all 10 inches of himAhem (cough, cough!!!)! A man who would move Heaven and Earth to give her the world. This RomCom will have you rol [...]

    27. 5 baby gravy stars!!Wow this Lucas family takes ya for a spin!! I absolutely love their banter and how close they are and even the baby naming lol. White Lucasholy shit if he's not an alpha male, I'm not sure who is. I flove him. Totally claiming him so lay off. KaylaI can relate to her completely. From her past life to her insecurities now. I love her and she will be a better mom because of it all! I felt like I was trapped inside the book. (It was a good trapped) when there was yelling, I actu [...]

    28. OMG I am completely in love with this book! Kayla and White are amazing together. Kayla's story grabbed me and I was trying not to cry with how lonely she feels and the struggles with herself that she has. Along with the emotions there is laughter from the entire family. I love how they all mesh together, the flow is wonderful. There are intense moments of pain, my heart was beating faster and trying not to let the tears fall. The writing is amazing and the power and feelings will make you fall [...]

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