Mrs Kelly: The Epic Untold Story of an Australian Matriarch - Ned Kelly's Mother

Mrs Kelly The Epic Untold Story of an Australian Matriarch Ned Kelly s Mother The astonishing life of Ned Kelly s motherEllen Kelly was born during the troubles in Ireland When she arrived in Melbourne in aged nine British convict ships were still dumping their unhappy ca

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  • Title: Mrs Kelly: The Epic Untold Story of an Australian Matriarch - Ned Kelly's Mother
  • Author: Grantlee Kieza
  • ISBN: 9780733331572
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The astonishing life of Ned Kelly s motherEllen Kelly was born during the troubles in Ireland When she arrived in Melbourne in 1841 aged nine, British convict ships were still dumping their unhappy cargo in what was then known as the colony of New South Wales When she died at the age of 91 in 1923, having outlived seven of her 12 children, motor cars plied the highway neThe astonishing life of Ned Kelly s motherEllen Kelly was born during the troubles in Ireland When she arrived in Melbourne in 1841 aged nine, British convict ships were still dumping their unhappy cargo in what was then known as the colony of New South Wales When she died at the age of 91 in 1923, having outlived seven of her 12 children, motor cars plied the highway near her bush home north of Melbourne, and Australia was a modern sovereign nation.The wife of a convict, Ellen, like so many Australian pioneering women, led a life of great hardship She was a mother of seven when her husband died after months in a police lock up, lived through famine and Australian drought, saw her babies die, listened through the prison wall while her eldest son was hanged and saw the charred remains of another of her children who d died in a shoot out with police One son became Australia s most infamous and ultimately popular outlaw Another became a highly decorated policeman, an honorary member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a worldwide star on the rodeo circuit.By bestselling biographer Grantlee Kieza, MRS KELLY is the story of one of Australia s most notorious women, but it is also the story of so many of Australia s pioneering women, who knew only too well the hardships of pioneering life More than that, it s the story of the making of Australia, from struggling colony and backwater to modern nation.

    One thought on “Mrs Kelly: The Epic Untold Story of an Australian Matriarch - Ned Kelly's Mother”

    1. Incredible. So well researched. Able to skirt both sides of the debate of whether the Kelly's were heroes or villains, whether the police were at fault or not and leave you sympathetic to all. There were mistakes and bad choices on both sides. Victims of the time and circumstances in which they lived. What a harsh life for Ellen and her family. This book brought Kelly history alive for me. I live in Mansfield not far from Stringybark Creek and drove to the Toombullup State Forrest while reading [...]

    2. Admittedly, this story of Mrs Kelly contains a lot of story about her children, primarily Ned and Dan, but Kate and Grace and Jim and . But then, her life was bound up in them, and a lot of the documentary evidence about her life is in relation to the exploits of her children. We learn about her from her reactions to what happens to them, and what happens to them is a direct result of their home environment, which inevitably is something she had influence over. I have read quite a number of purp [...]

    3. The use of the term 'epic' in this book's title is wholly deserved – Kieza has pieced together an archive that is astonishing in its depth and detail. The only point of contention is that large chunks of the narrative are focused on the story of Ned Kelly and his gang to the exclusion of his mother. However, this is both unsurprising and unavoidable considering her life was largely lived in Ned's shadow, no doubt with scant historical regard for Kieza to draw on.

    4. An outstanding book on the Kellys and Australian history. I heard the author and Germaine Greer speaking about this on ABC radio. It is absolutely fascinating

    5. Reviewed by Jack Cameron Stanton (Better Reading,com)Mrs Kelly: The astonishing life of Ned Kelly’s mother by Grantlee Kieza is a staggering accomplishment that can’t be missed by history buffs and story lovers alike. Recently, the right history books have enjoyed serious commercial success – the likes of Richard Fidler’s Ghost Empire, The Silk Road by Peter Frankopan, and even Sapiens by Yuhal Noah Harari spring to mind – and Grantlee’s latest is a welcome addition to the tribe.Elle [...]

    6. I found this a great read and insightful. Extremely well written and researched. You feel like you are along for the ride with Ned and his family through all the drama of their lives. One small thing - Ellen Kelly's children with George King are continually referred to in this book as the step-siblings of Ned. They are his half-siblings, not step-siblings - they share a mother. I was quite moved by how much loyalty the Kellys showed to one another and how much love there was in that family. This [...]

    7. This was so enjoyable. It's an engrossing read that shows you the whole story from all angles - Ned Kelly, his mother, his family, the policemen and their families. This is important history.

    8. Not just Mrs Kelly. This book looks at all of the Kelly family, especially Ned and their interactions. Fascinating piece of history and thousands of references at the end to show where the information came from. Would make a great movie.

    9. Because many of my ancestors lived in the Beechworth, Wangaratta and Moyhu areas and I also have Kelly ancestors from Tipperary (not far from where John Red Kelly's family lived but I haven't found a connection) I've long been interested in the Kelly family history. As well as outlining very informative historical facts, Mrs. Kelly is well researched and written and gives a balanced and unbiased account of her history and her family's trials and tribulations.

    10. A fascinating look at the Kelly gang and their ma. I learned so much about them and the police sent to capture them. The message is that while some of the police were bullies some like Kennedy were good honest cops just doing their duty.

    11. Thoroughly enjoyable book about Ellen Kelly & her extended family and how rough her life was trying to build a life for her & her children in the high country during the late 1800s. The backstories of various characters such as the 3 policemen who perished at Ned’s hands as well as the hangman, the magistrate and some of Ned’s gang. I suspect a bit was partly fictionalised however it doesn’t detract from the flow of the story which is about a time in Australian history turned into [...]

    12. I think this was a really well paced book, really condensed and you do feel so immersed in the period. The research that went into it is evident and the author has clearly gone a lot of trouble to match what is historical record via newspapers and court transcripts etc with his own imaginings so that the story can be rounded out and filled in. I very much enjoyed hearing more of Ellen's story (and Red's and the extended Kelly family and friends) BUT his opinions on the Kelly's, cloaked in a thro [...]

    13. Read ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’ ( Peter Carey ) and ‘Our Sunshine’ ( Robert Drew ) for rollicking interpretations of the Kelly myth.Read ‘Ned Kelly: a short life’ ( Ian Jones ) for a comprehensive & well written examination of Ned Kelly that is also unfortunately a relentless barrack for the bushranger.Read this relatively well written and scrupulously balanced book to understand that Kelly, who had many admirable qualities and understandable grievances, also blithely destr [...]

    14. Along with Keith McMenomy's Illustrated History and Ian Jones work this is the best of the Kelly books. Unbiased and hard hitting it lets the reader make ups their minds as to who was a hero and who was a villain

    15. A sensationalised combination of fact, speculation, assumption and extremely over the top fictionalisation, MRS KELLY by Grantlee Kieza is a grand undertaking that seems to be telegraphing a lot more than it actually delivers.If it was called a story of the Kelly Family, including some speculation about Ellen herself, then it might be more satisfying, but to flag it as "The Astonishing life of Ned Kelly's mother" and then contribute a lot of conjecture and bizarre fictionalisation to what little [...]

    16. Okay, let's do this.Obstinately a biography of Ellen Kelly, the mother of Ned Kelly, Mrs Kelly: The Epic Untold Story of an Australian Matriarch ends up being yet another retelling of Ned Kelly's life and the Kelly Gang outbreak. There's four chapters that aren't exclusively focused on Ned: two at the beginning, two at the end. Sure, I appreciate that in order to tell Ellen Kelly's story, you also have to tell her son's story, and it's a major part of her story – and why we want to hear her st [...]

    17. Nup. Couldn't do it There was some fascinating history in this book, just waiting to get out,p- but it was smothered by too many dates, names and details. And precious few of them about Mrs Kelly herself - most of it seemed to be about each and EVERY single character who ever came in contact with Ned. The author swung wildly between a clinical, factual account and a romanticised historical fiction. On the one hand I didn't need to know the exact route that Mrs Kelly's boat took from Ireland to A [...]

    18. The story of Ned Kelly and his exploits I found interesting and informative. However I was disappointed that it did not dwell much on Mrs Kelly, as I felt her life would surely have been a tale to tell, that is what I was hoping to learn when I purchased this book. In fact I feel the author treated her as insignificant throughout, occasionally giving snippets of her life to justify the title.

    19. Interesting, but let's be honest it's really about Ned Kelly, with scraps of surmise and bare facts about Mrs Kelly.Still, I learned a lot. I'm glad I didn't live in that era.

    20. Kieza loses interest in the story once Ned gets hanged, summing up the 40 years Mrs Kelly outlived her son in a chapter, along with everyone else's story. Unforgivable in a book that's ostensibly about her. Very disappointing

    21. I was a bit disappointed as I thought the book would centre on Ellen Kelly not the exploits of the Kelly gang of which plenty has previously been written about but the actual book is well written

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