Princess and the Beast

Princess and the Beast This is no fairy tale Deacon cares about three things Getting wasted getting dirty and getting his wet mouth between my trembling legs He s a Beast So what s a smart curvy girl like me doing quive

  • Title: Princess and the Beast
  • Author: Chance Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is no fairy tale Deacon cares about three things Getting wasted, getting dirty, and getting his wet mouth between my trembling legs He s a Beast So what s a smart, curvy girl like me doing, quivering at his every touch I grew up in the fanciest part of Boston, only daughter to a rich and powerful man I had everything money could buy, and I was lined up to marryThis is no fairy tale Deacon cares about three things Getting wasted, getting dirty, and getting his wet mouth between my trembling legs He s a Beast So what s a smart, curvy girl like me doing, quivering at his every touch I grew up in the fanciest part of Boston, only daughter to a rich and powerful man I had everything money could buy, and I was lined up to marry a man just like my father The only problem Those rich guys had no heart, no passion, and their idea of love was having a piece of arm candy to show off to their business associates They would never fulfill me, not in the way I craved Deacon isn t like that, he made that clear from the beginning He might not be winning any popularity contests at the country club, but when danger comes my way, he has my back Um, my back, my front, my mouth, my lips, and every other part of me he wants I m his for the taking And my man has an appetite You ve never seen a girl come as hard and as often as I do in Deacon s powerful, possessive hands I never claimed to be a princess I m a kind person, I have a good heart, but I have desires too I lay awake at night and think about being taken by this man, of feeling the weight of his muscular body on mine, of getting wet to his touch and feeling him slide inside me, making me moan his name I didn t see this happening, it wasn t part of the plan, but I m Deacon s now And he s all mine Every throbbing, rigid inch of him Princess and the Beast is a four hundred page standalone with triggers, dominating love making, detailed climaxes, and a Happy Ever After for the two lovers.

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    1. My expectations of this book weren't met. At all. I expected an epic love story between the Deacon and the Savannah. But that's not what I got. Instead I've read about an 18 year old girl who falls in love with a beast of a man at first sight. He wants her, but only for one night. After said night he leaves her heartbroken. But then Deacon can't resist her, he has to think about her all the time. So what does he do? He goes back to her. And then somehow he decides that he's in love with her. But [...]

    2. I have read every one of Chance's books to date and as usual he always provides and amazingly interesting and solid read! I have never been disappointed with any of his work yet. But this one I have to say is by far the "naughtiest" book he has written so far. And I n=mean that in a GOOD way! If you like your men, dirty talking, gritty, protective alphas that know how to make their women scream but also puts their women on a pedestal and also treats other women respectfully, then this is a MUST [...]

    3. Princess and the Beast is the newest title from Chance Carter's Bad Boys series. This book is about Deacon, a man who grew up on the rough side of Boston. He had a horrific childhood, including being raised in an abusive home. Life was never easy for Deacon (aka Beast) and he learned quickly that he would have to fight to survive. Deacon is fighter and good at it. In this story, he works as a bouncer at a club in Miami.Savannah was raised in Boston, but unlike Deacon, she was raised in a wealth [...]

    4. Princess and the BeastIn the last book we find Deacon taking off for parts unknownHowever, he ends up in Miami. Where he meets Savannah and Olivia out at a famous night club that Savannah's mom went to before she got married. Deacon is playing bouncer and when he saw them, he let them in and bought them a drink. Savannah is already smitten. And as the night goes on the girls were invited to the private party upstairs. But the guy's that want the girls are very bad men. However, as soon as the me [...]

    5. Wasn't too impressed with DeaconHe had rough childhood but he wasn't book boyfriend by not using condom. Grady was the book boyfriend here. Two stories within this book and then they intersect.Cover is Deacon!

    6. Deacon is good friends with Hunter. He is from Boston. He has tattoos. He smokes. He drinks. He is not a good guy. He is from a broken home. His parents were both miserable and took it out on him. After he got fed up with being their punching bag, he took to the streets. He refused to sell drugs, he worked with his hands. He is now living in Miami. He is a bouncer at a club.Savannah grew up in privilege. She grew up in a cage. Her mom was the perfect trophy wife. Her father ignored her. Her pare [...]

    7. We first met Deacon in Heart Of The Hunter as Hunter’s mate. From the little I read about him I could tell he had a troubled past, the same as Hunter, and I couldn’t wait to find out what made him tick. I loved how it went straight into Deacon’s past/childhood a little. It explained a lot about why he grew up to be the way he was and how he viewed the world, a lot of pieces fell into place. It was the same with Savannah, I loved getting to know the background of her past first as well. I l [...]

    8. Deacon & Savannah both need someone to love to save themselves. Princess & the Beast is the first book that I've read bu Chance Carter & it just blew me away right from the start. I must admit it was the gorgeous cover that drew my attention right off & I just had to buy it & read it straight away! It was absolutely the right decision; I literally did not put it down till the end of the story of Deacon & Savannah. Carter draws you into the life of his characters so that y [...]

    9. Deacon and Savannah come from totally different lifestyles but that doesn't stop them from coming together like two magnets drawn towards each other. When things get messy and their lives are in danger the couple works together to save their lives and the life of Savannah's friend. Sparks ignite into a roaring flame when these two come together. Chance Carter has a knack for making a woman feel sexy and wanted in all of his stories, I can't wait to read more from him.

    10. I really loved this book. It was a great read and Chance Carter did not disappoint. I can't wait to read the rest of his books (I have three others to read until I am done with his already written works). I will defensively read this book again.

    11. Intense, erotic, heartwarming,This read was intense. I loved it. It was hard core loving and romance that I crave. Thank you. This story is not for the faint of heart. This is what I want ,a real man.

    12. Chance Carter has written a wonderful story that will make readers' blush. I recommend this to any reader who loves a hot male who will do just about anything to protect and cherish his woman.

    13. PRINCESS AND THE BEAST-DANGEROUS AND ROMANCE THAT SIZZLES!Beast Deacon finds pleasure in the arms of Savannah who quickly becomes the keeper of his heart, but lethal danger threatens to keep him from her and the life he hungers for now. Grady Cole one of the brothers from the brotherhood has his own tale of woe when he hooks up with an evil-minded woman. No worries, the two stories fused together give you a most titillating read that will surely give you goosebumps, laughter, some tears too, a [...]

    14. This is book five in the Naughty Boy SeriesLet me tell you something!This is no fairy tale, that is something you can guarantee! The moody but sexy Deacon cares only about three things. 1. Getting wasted2. Getting dirty3.Getting his wet mouth between my trembling legs! Deacon's a Beast! The question I keep asking myself is what is a smart, curvy quiet girl like me doing nothing but quivering at Deacon's every touch? I grew up in the most fanciest part of Boston. I'm the only daughter to a very r [...]

    15. Sizzling HotNot for the weak of heart. If violence I've a problem for you, then stay far away. If violent alpha men, with dirty month's, and even dirtier minds bug you stay away. If sizzling sex scenes aren't your thing, again stay away.But if you love sexy alpha men that go after what they won't read on. If you love series about friendships that started in the gutter and spread from friend to friend, most who have never laid eyes on on another yet who would stop at nothing to cover the back of [...]

    16. Princess and the Beast will take hold of your heart with a furious passion and a raw honesty that will shock and reshape the very core of your soul. It doesn’t pull any punches. In fact, you may find yourself literally on the floor as you explore the full and true meaning of life-changing passion and love. I know I wasn’t sure which way was up or down half of the time as I wrestled with this journey in every sense of the word. Nothing about it is easy or simple because the heart and especial [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this book more than I did. For me I was a little disappointed. I enjoyed Deacon and Savannah together and their chemistry, but the progression of their relationship wasn't that believable. Everything happened in less than one day! For me they fell in love too quick and the whole sex stuff (some scenes were hot) and for Savannah's part was a huge leap. Especially considering she was a virgin and Deacon didn't notice. I can say I enjoyed Grady's small pieces the most and wo [...]

    18. Savannah is living the life she always dreamed of, following in her mother’s dreams she has escaped the life that her affluent father wanted and is living by the beach in Miami. She grew up in a house with all the things that money can buy but love was never offered and she watched her mother slowly disappear and eventually die living in a loveless marriage. Savannah was determined to leave and start her life well away from her father’s influence and money. Savannah isn’t one for parting b [...]

    19. 3 1/2 starsDeacon and Savannah complemented each other very well in this book. Deacon was rough around the edges. I loved his blunt attitude and the fact that not much ruffled his feathers. He was the epitome of a bad boy and his character didn't feel forced at all. Savannah was a dreamer. She wanted more out of life than material things and forced relationships. Deacon was the only thing that was "real" in her life. They fell quickly for each other, but it's because they recognized what one ano [...]

    20. I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Holy hell I want me a Deacon. I know he  is a little rough around the edges and doesn't care what people think of him. But hell he is HOT!!! He had an ugly past and didn't grow up with love, but if you get to be apart of his family you get his loyalty. Mainly the only person he really cares about is Hunter and obviously Kelly now. Well that was until he met Savannah. Once he got a taste of her that was it and I'm so jealous of that right now [...]

    21. I couldn't even finish this one. Didn't feel the chemistry between Savannah and Deacon and then there was another story intertwined with characters from another book which took away from savannah and deacon's story. Not sure if this is a standalone or if I should have read the other books before reading this one. Perhaps I would come back on a later date to see if maybe I can finish it. But for now it just wasn't for me.

    22. We met Deacon in his friend's story, Heart of the Hunter. Not Deacon finds himself in Miami and living his life the way he always has with drinking, women and the freedom to do what he wants. When he heads to work at the night club he runs into Savannah and by the end of the night his life has changed forever. Savannah ran to Miami to escape her father and ending up in loveless union just like her mother. After listening to her mother's stories about her time in Miami she knows that's where she [...]

    23. Deacon and savanna both are from Boston. One upper class, and the other lower class. When they both meet one night in a Miami bar running from their pasts. They collide into a whirlwind romance. Deacon is a bad boy beast who is a bouncer at a ritzy night club watching over the shadiest evil man he hates. Savanna who is level headed comes from a trust fund father she wants nothing to do with. So when the man deacon is taking care of sets his sites on savanna. Deacon is determined to save her from [...]

    24. This is Chance Carter's best novel to date! All of Chance's novels deal with Bad Boys; however, Deacon Riley (the Beast) is the baddest boy yet.He's rough, gruff, and without remorse. All he cares about is getting wasted, getting dirty, and getting his face between some chick's legs. He's definitely not someone you'd take to Beacon Hill to meet the parents.This book is definitely a kick to read. If you're a fan of Chance Carter's other novels, you already know what to expect--hot, sweaty sex wit [...]

    25. So, this is my first full length Chance Carter book, and I got it as an audiobook. The narrator does a great job with all the voices. There are quite a number of supporting characters, and he never falters. The main characters are Deacon, a rough and tough beast of man from Southie Boston, and Savannah, a sweet, gentle, virgin young woman who yearns to break away from her cold, loveless family. They meet when she goes to a club with her fun and flirty friend, Olivia, where Deacon is working as a [...]

    26. Princess and the Beast Deacon and Savannah's story is love at first sight. The rich girl and poor boy from Boston meet in Miami at a club he bounces at. She isn't a partier, but goes for her friends birthday. They are sent upstairs for a private party and Savannah only wants to be with Deacon. Some other guys want her to be with them and start to force her. Deacon can't stand that and starts a fight. Afterwards Deacon and Savannah leave, ending in her place. Olivia walks in on them having sex an [...]

    27. Even monsters deserve to be lovedBoy meets girl, fall in love and live happily ever after is NOT what this novel is about. A whirlwind adventure begins when Deacon sets his eyes on Savannah. They go through one hell of a merry-go-round from the moment they connect and the connection is instantanious! Two powerful magnets who are unable to stay apart. A young girl who had been locked up, isolated in her glass tower her entire life collides with a reckless beast of a man who had never felt anythin [...]

    28. Love for RealDeacon and Savannah have the kind of love that we all search for. This is a compelling story of them coming together and working things out. I became so involved in the story that I just couldn't put it down until the end. It is so much like my own personal story that it is spooky. I am pleased to see that Chance Carter explained what it is that men really look for in a life partner. What is inside is way more important than what is on the outside - you curvy girls remember this. No [...]

    29. RAW AND SEXYLoved it and these characters! I loved Grady in this story too. I had hoped for a story on Grady and his sad situation could break a girl's heart. Of couse, Deacon is my wet dream man and I relished his strength and hotness!I am hoping there will be more stories with these characters. It is great to hear about all of the characters from previous books, albeit brief.Great series! Hope there are more in the future! Give yourself a treat and read the Naughty Boy series.

    30. A great story I really loved how this story tied so many things together from previous stories. Chance Carter actually gets you more ingrained in the series by broadening the back stories, as well as elaborating on the 'current' lives of existing members of the Brotherhood, and Hunter. I love how there is this great 'six degrees of separation ' thing happening in the series. I also love2that Lucas had aged properly in this story. :-).Can't wait for the next installment in the series. Please keep [...]

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