Death on Windmill Way

Death on Windmill Way The Hamptons may be a summer playground for the rich and famous but for the other nine months of the year they are a collection of small towns with small town problems This scenic stretch of Long Isl

  • Title: Death on Windmill Way
  • Author: Carrie Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780997270143
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hamptons may be a summer playground for the rich and famous, but for the other nine months of the year they are a collection of small towns with small town problems This scenic stretch of Long Island s East End is renowned for beautiful beaches, quaint villages, spectacular housesd murder In Carrie Doyle s fast paced new mystery, Death on Windmill Way, readers jThe Hamptons may be a summer playground for the rich and famous, but for the other nine months of the year they are a collection of small towns with small town problems This scenic stretch of Long Island s East End is renowned for beautiful beaches, quaint villages, spectacular housesd murder In Carrie Doyle s fast paced new mystery, Death on Windmill Way, readers join gourmet chef and innkeeper Antonia Bingham as she delves into an investigation to learn who s behind the suspicious deaths of the Windmill Inn s innkeepers, past and present Sumptuous settings and mouth watering food descriptions keep things cozy, like a stay at your favorite country inn

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    1. This is the first in a new, cozy, mystery series set in East Hampton. Antonia Bingham is thirty five, when, after an unhappy divorce and the loss of her father, she decides to make the move from California to the East Coast. Her friend suggests she buys the Windmill Inn, whose former owner, Gordon Haslett, recently died of a heart attack.At first, Antonia is enthused by her new Inn – although her heart is really in the restaurant. For Antonia is a foodie and she often judges people by whether [...]

    2. Signs I will hate the [insert book genre here: fantasy historical novel cozy mysteryyou have written:(1) The point of view you have used is that of your main character, and your main character is:a. Not terribly bright.Antonia, main character of this novel, seems to have spent the last year or so of her life flinging money around like a crazed flowergirl tossing rose petals all over the congregation at a wedding. And then, because she has paid little to no attention to such matters, is shocked â [...]

    3. Welcome to the Hampton's better known as the playground for the rich and famous!!The location, houses, furnishings and clothing worn in the story are vividly described making the reader feel as if you were there with the characters.Antonia Bingham has bought the East Hampton Windmill Inn. She is a well known chef hailing from California. Antonio hasspent a lot of time researching the historical structure andfeatures of the earlier Inn. She has renovated the WindmillInn to fit into the Hampton ol [...]

    4. Hamptons Murder Mysteries are indeed strictly for cosy mysteries fans. Its plus points include quaint Hampton setting, likeable female detective, lots of mention of mouth-watering delicacies and a host of delightful supporting characters. Unfortunately, the mystery part is rather predictable. The murderer is in plain sight of Antonia; the homegrown sleuth in this series. And after figuring out who the culprit is in Chapter 4, it felt rather tedious to finish the book. However, I was rather curio [...]

    5. Nicely written cosy mystery with a good cast of "local" characters. The object at the centre of the murder plot - a windmill. Why is ownership of this building cause for the deaths of its owners. The author teases us with clues until the final denoument.

    6. Antonia needed a do over on her life so at the suggestion of her best friend, Genevieve, she uses most of her inheritance to buy an inn and restaurant in East Hamptons, New York. What she doesn’t know is that the town talks of a curse that claims that all the inn’s owners die under suspicious circumstances. Unfortunately, Antonia only hears about this curse after she has done a complete renovation and has officially opened for business, what can she do now? Solve the murders, of course! Ther [...]

    7. I have always enjoyed a new cozy series, coming into a new 'town' and learning the sites, residents, and the atmosphere of my new home from the next few days Death on Windmill Way welcomes you into a historic Inn with a charming chef protagonist and a hometown filled to the brim with interesting people. When Antonia first buys the Inn, she is surprised to find out the previous owner died under suspicious circumstances. She has come to dodge her own past, but the mystery of how he dies and the th [...]

    8. DEATH ON WINDMILL WAY, the first book in the Hamptons Murder Mystery series, is a delightful introduction to Antonia Bingham, owner of the Windmill Inn. When local gossip about previous owners of the Windmill Inn meeting suspicious deaths reaches Antonia, she is shaken and determines to find out if it’s true or not. Unable to trust the police, Antonia starts asking questions and once she finds that the previous owner was murdered (even though it was ruled a heart attack) decides to find the ki [...]

    9. I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review.Set in the beautiful Hamptons, this is a cozy mystery with enough suspects to keep you guessing until the very end.Antonia Bingham is a divorced culinary wonder and she is the new owner of the Windmill Inn. Her excitement over the purchase of the inn keeps her busy with new ideas to bring in the tourists.When local gossip reaches Antonia, she isn't sure if the rumors are true or false, but they are enoug [...]

    10. Death On Windmill WayByCarrie DoyleWhat it's all aboutThis is a delightfilled mystery that takes place in the Hamptons. Antonia buys an old inn and totally renovates it only to discover that every inn keeper/owner of that particular inn is deadpossibly murdered! SoAntonia starts her own investigation! Antonia also has to deal with jealous mistresses of dead owners, an annoying sister of a dead owner and an irritating annoying local reporter. Plus mysterious things keep happening to Antoniaher ap [...]

    11. This first book in a new cozy series is sure to delight with it’s mouth watering descriptions of the scrumptious food served in the restaurant at the inn, to the gorgeous architect inside the inn, around town, and down at the beach.This cozy was a bit different than any other ones that I have read. The cozies I normally read come in paperback, whereas this one is a trade paperback (so it’s larger in dimensions), and it was much longer than a lot of other cozies. Whereas most top out at 300 p [...]

    12. The Hamptons, summer playground of the rich, can be murder for the locals. Carrie Doyle's first book in her Hamptons Murder Mystery series follows innkeeper and chef Antonia Bingham. Antonia hears a local story that her newly purchased inn is cursed for it's ownersey all end up dead. This, of course, sets her off to find out how the other innkeepers were murdered and who did it.Doyle has done a good job with the setting of this book. I got a good feel for the Hamptons of the locals, and their vi [...]

    13. Quite funThis is a little bon bon, a very fun mystery with a great setting, Easy Hampton, New York. I enjoyed this mystery, especially the witty asides thrown in by the author which are laugh out loud.

    14. The setting is quaint, love the food porn, the side characters are vibrant. I wish Antonia was "more": funnier, sillier, quirky, etc.

    15. This book left me somewhat frustrated, but hopeful that there will be a second book following these characters. The author had great character development in most cases, except for her main character. The weak point of the book was the main character and her vapid best friend. I'm hoping that the inconsistencies in Antonia's character development will be tweaked so that she will become more fleshed out and likeable in a second book. The plot was inventive and fun to follow even though you clearl [...]

    16. Antonia Bingham has recently left her life and abusive husband behind in California to refurbish and run the Windmill Inn and Restaurant in East Hampton, New York. She has plenty of catering experience, but there is a bit of a learning curve to being an innkeeper, and the restaurant has yet to make a profit. She is surprised to learn that the former inn proprietors seem to die under suspicious circumstances and that there is a local superstition that the inn is cursed. Concerned that she might m [...]

    17. DEATH ON WINDMILL WAY by Carrie DoyleThe First Hamptons Murder MysteryAntonia Bingham has finally escaped from an abusive husband in California and is starting over across the country. With a love of cooking and not much experience, Antonia bought the dilapidated old Windmill Inn in the Hamptons and poured all of her money, sparing no expense, into refurbishing it into a high end inn and restaurant. She soon discovered, however, that not only was her money running out, but the previous owners of [...]

    18. I know they say you can't judge a book by its cover, but when I saw my copy of Death on Windmill Way by Carrie Doyle, I fell in love with it -- it is very reminiscent of the M. A Hadley pottery I grew up with as a child, and just charming. The story is wonderful and engaging as well. Antonia Bingham has moved from California, escaping an abusive marriage, to East Hampton, New York to run the Windmill Inn and Restaurant, which has seen much better days. She finds she is very talented at both, esp [...]

    19. This is the first story of the Hamptons Murder Mysteries series. Antonia Bingham buys an old inn from a friend of hers after Antonia goes through a divorce and wants to get away from the "California" way of life. Little did Antonia know that just 10 months prior to her buying it, the owner died under suspicious circumstances, but was ruled a heart attack. While talking with some of the guests, she learns that every owner of the inn has died under strange circumstances. Does she need to fear for [...]

    20. 4.5 Stars - Death on Windmill Way is the first book in a new cozy mystery series. The book is set in East Hampton during the off season, which then means it’s set in a small little town. I love cozy mysteries about small little towns. Antonia has recently just moved to the Hamptons, bought the Inn, and opened up the Inn’s restaurant. During service one night she finds out that all of the Inn’s previous owners have had suspicious deaths and it gets her investigating into them. Then odd thin [...]

    21. I really enjoyed the plot of this book. I do like the fact that the author was very descriptive on the different characters in this book but she was a bit over descriptive on their clothing and brand named items. The setting was great and really put me in East Hampton, a place I have never been but would like to visit now that I have read this book.I am usually very good at predicting pretty quickly who the killer is or what character would be the next to be murdered but it took me the majority [...]

    22. In the end I really liked this book. It took a little warming up to the characters and the somewhat drawn out descriptions but the mystery was phenomenal! I'd recommend taking a chance and reading this one! I'm starting the next immediately.

    23. Death on Windmill Way (Hamptons Murder Mysteries, #1) by Carrie DoyleAntonia Bingham is the new owner of East Hampton's Windmill Inn. She hears rumors of how all the previous owners have died, some think that the place is cursed. But soon she finds that people may have murdered. Determined to find the truth she is on a mission and no one can stop her.I really liked Antonia, she is outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind. She will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. The plot is fun, with a l [...]

    24. This is book one in a new series. I enjoyed reading about the Hamptons: the author did a very nice job of adding descriptive words to tell the reader about the homes in the area and seasonal observations of things like leaves falling from the trees and the layers of clothing needed for weather that changes. I also enjoyed the main character—a gourmand who relishes food although she is steadily packing on a few extra pounds. The book begins with a murder and gave details of how it happened. Eve [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Death on Windmill Way introduces the ready to Antonia as she learns running an inn and restaurant may not be as easy or fun as she anticipated. In addition to the daily grind she learns the previous owner of the inn may have indeed been murdered, but before she can contemplate that revelation too much, odd things begin happening to her that make her wonder if someone is indeed out to get her. Death on Windmill Way has murder, myste [...]

    26. This was a fun new mystery series to start. I felt like it was a little different than the normal cozy mystery but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was the setting and the cast of characters or the length as this is a bit longer than most cozies, which I enjoyed. I thought the author did a good job of developing the characters. Especially the main character Antonia and I love how she got close to Joseph and looks up to him. Another thing I enjoyed about this author was that she was ve [...]

    27. This is the first book of a series primarily set in East Hampton. The author clearly knows the area well as her descriptions of places and Georgica Beach are right on target. As a summer resident of East Hampton, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the places I am familiar with and could not help but think the Windmill Inn is basically The Hedges in East Hampton.It is a murder mystery with a myriad of potential suspects. Interspersed throughout the book are the trials and tribulations of running [...]

    28. Death on Windmill Way by Carrie Doyle was a book I was asked to review and one I am thrilled to have had on my table. This very well detailed and carefully crafty mystery was a great read. I loved the suspense that built in this tale about a young inn keeper and her ability to transform and over come the obstacles in her way and solve a few mysteries along the journey. I was delighted by the relationships and characters in this mystery and I thought the cover was lovely too! Antonia is a great c [...]

    29. The author took a lot of time to write a lot of details in this book. If you are seeking a book that is like this then I would recommend it for you. For me personally I did not care for so many details. I felt that the characters in the book were not true to themselves. In one sense they would say something "funny" then the next they would say a very large word. It was inconsistent with who they were. I feel that this book had a lot of potential, maybe with the next one leave out some of the ext [...]

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