Looking Closely through the Forest

Looking Closely through the Forest Look closely Look very closely Is it flakes of oatmeal A moldy orange Give up Just turn the page and lo and behold it s a spotted toadstool See what looks like gummy candy revealed as a millipede a

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  • Title: Looking Closely through the Forest
  • Author: Frank Serafini
  • ISBN: 9781554532124
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Look closely Look very closely Is it flakes of oatmeal A moldy orange Give up Just turn the page and, lo and behold, it s a spotted toadstool See what looks like gummy candy revealed as a millipede, a woolly scarf as frost on leaves, and many surprises when you look closely through the forest The Looking Closely series takes children on a journey of discoveLook closely Look very closely Is it flakes of oatmeal A moldy orange Give up Just turn the page and, lo and behold, it s a spotted toadstool See what looks like gummy candy revealed as a millipede, a woolly scarf as frost on leaves, and many surprises when you look closely through the forest The Looking Closely series takes children on a journey of discovery through four environments the forest, the shore, the desert and the garden Frank Serafini s camera lens enlarges each world through the magic of close up photography Young eyes will rediscover our planet as a place of beauty, mystery and delight Readers are first challenged to guess the identity of each closeup photograph The next page reveals the entire photograph of the plant, animal or natural object accompanied by a simple but detailed description of the habitat By inspiring children to ask questions and use their imaginations, these books help build problem solving skills They also encourage curiosity about environments that, examined this closely, are full of unexpected wonders.

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    1. Looking closely through the Forest by Frank Serafini is an interactive kid’s book about the creatures and plants you can find in a forest. Every example is initially introduced with a high resolution close-up of the subject. The book gives the reader as second to figure out what the subject is. On the following page, a zoomed-out version of example is shown along with a paragraph containing factual information of the example.The book is fairly short but is very pleasant to read. Although there [...]

    2. Looking Closely Through the Forest is one of the several informational books written and photographed by Frank Serafini. Using breathtaking photographs and interesting, informative text this book pulls both children and adults deep into the forest. The book begins with a close up image; the text only gives hints to the reader to guess what this larger photograph could be. The text perused the reader to look closely at the given image and question what they see, giving examples like a “lizards [...]

    3. Summarize: In a forest, when you are looking closely, then what do you see? Lizard tongues? Flickering flamers? Please, open the back page because the answer is in there. It is a sugar maple leaf. Do you get, right? This book is about forest. The author used the close- up photograph to let kids conjecture what it is, also the answer and description are in the back page.Impression: I think this is good children book because it can let reader feel interesting about it. I like to learn plants, but [...]

    4. Looking closely through the forest is a picture book that shows a segment of a picture and asks you to guess what it is. There are suggestions of what the picture is and when you turn the page it is a glimpse of the forest. Each picture has facts about the the items shown, where is comes from and the name of the objects. All the pictures in this book are things that are found in the forest. I think this is a brilliant book because of the pictures and facts that are given about the items, It is v [...]

    5. Looking Closely through the Forest takes readers on an interactive journey through the eyes of author and photographer Frank Serafini. Each spread contains an up-close picture on the left side (recto), urging readers to look closely and guess what it is. The right page (verso) zooms away, revealing the picture and explaining information about the element in nature. I didn’t exactly know what to expect going into the picturebook because I usually don’t care for non-fiction literature; however [...]

    6. Summary: This isn’t your ordinary picturebook. It was designed to show a close up of a picture asking “look very closely, what do you see?” This gives the reader a chance to hypothesise their answer. In this picture book it focus on what might be common among the forest floor and trees.Opinion: I like how educational Looking closely Through the Forest is. The photography was in depth and beautiful. Plus, this series has a great concept behind it. This would be a great discussion book, ever [...]

    7. In "Looking Closely Through The Forest", Frank Serafini creates a way to make readers think outside the box in order to learn about different species. This picture book is a great way to teach kids about the environment, and keeps them on their toes by making them guess what each thing is. In this book, you see an image of a zoomed in object, and then you have to try to guess what it is. When you flip the page, it tells you what it actually is, which is often not what you would think. The book t [...]

    8. Looking Closely Through the Forest is a non fiction educational book for young readers to learn about different components of the forest. The book gives a small close up image and asks the reader to guess what it is, then on the next page it reveals a larger image and a thorough description of what the image is. The style of the book is definitely informative. For example, the only aspects of the book are things located in the forest. Even though someone may have never been to a forest, they can [...]

    9. In Frank Serafini's picturebook, Looking Closely Through The Forest, readers are shown a close up of different images and asked to guess what they may be. The following page reveals what the image is and includes information about the item in the picture. These items are all things found in a forest in this particular Looking Closely book. I found this book to be very interesting and informative. This book contains a lot of information that not just young children can learn from. I think i [...]

    10. When first seeing the cover of this book I thought the cover was amazing, the picture was so crisp it looked like fake. The leaves had a look as if it was painted, being the way that it was. As I was looking at the cover I liked the title name but it had me curious. Was this book going to be about finding things that can be found in the forest. For the literary element the setting was very obvious. Everything took place within the forest. As the first picture gave it away on the cover page. With [...]

    11. Getting kids to look, to really observe without judgment, is huge. This series helps by taking away the context. There's a lot of information inside, too, but it never feels overwhelming. These are some beautiful photos. Also a natural model for children's work. A must-have for all K-5 collections.

    12. I checked it out to study the photos of an aspen forest but I enjoyed all of the photos. Kids will like this guessing game. It is fun to look at thing up close. Take a magnifying glass on your next walk and see what you can find. Pretty cool.

    13. WOW! I was so mesmerized by this book. The author shows readers close ups of things in nature and encourages them to guess what they see. Affter guessing the next page reveals what readers are really looking at. I love the way this books helps people play with nature.

    14. My girls really liked this (much more than I did) and asked to have it read to them over and over. I guess that says something.

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