Runtime The streets of Parole are dangerous and fragile They can crumble underfoot and vanish at any moment And with a permanent fire below even walking can be perilous Sometimes it s safer to run When peop

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  • Title: Runtime
  • Author: RoAnna Sylver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: ebook
  • The streets of Parole are dangerous and fragile They can crumble underfoot and vanish at any moment And with a permanent fire below, even walking can be perilous Sometimes, it s safer to run When people with practical survival skills or fantastic abilities join forces to get jobs done without getting burned, they call it runtime.Even when stealth and reconnaissance eThe streets of Parole are dangerous and fragile They can crumble underfoot and vanish at any moment And with a permanent fire below, even walking can be perilous Sometimes, it s safer to run When people with practical survival skills or fantastic abilities join forces to get jobs done without getting burned, they call it runtime.Even when stealth and reconnaissance expert Regan isn t actually invisible, nobody s better at hiding in plain sight Or at slipping into places nobody else can reach, hearing things he shouldn t hear, learning things he shouldn t know His reptilian reflexes and very specific skills make him invaluable to Parole s resistance, and very dangerous to the brutal Major Turret and his military and surveillance force called Eye in the Sky and anything they want to keep a secret.Regan works best in the dark, and happily leaves the spotlight to his celebrated runtime partner celebrated, infamous cyber revolutionary CyborJ that s Cybor Jay, who spends every night gleefully jabbing at Eye in the Sky with his keyboard of justice His technical brilliance and flair for drama combine with Regan s stealth and secrecy to form Parole s most frighteningly effective runtime duo Fortunately, they re the good guys.Tonight s run went off without a hitch CyborJ just delivered the best cache of goodies yet to the people of quarantined Parole but this time, that s just the beginning Across the city, his silent partner Regan carries the real treasure in his pocket a secret A very sensitive, very dangerous secret about the world beyond the barrier.The hard part is over All Regan has to do is get home alive but this run is about to be intercepted The grinning ghost Hans will make Regan an offer nobody in Parole could refuse escape Not just for Regan, but for all of them All he has to do is betray everyone and everything he loves.Welcome to Parole, where the fire is always burning, and everyone is always running out of time.

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    1. Rep: Ace MC with anxiety, Native American (Tsalagi) MC with insomnia, nonbinary character, nonbinary background characterContent warnings: Panic attacksI read this after reading Chameleon Moon, which was the right decision for me personally since I had some idea what was going on before I started this.I really love the characters, especially Regan and Zilch, and Jay has found a place in my heart now as well. My only quibble is that Regan's change of mind partway through the story seemed a bit to [...]

    2. In all honesty, I was sold before I started. I love Chameleon Moon, I love its people, I love SFF with an ace protag and I am all over Zilch, my great zombie babyWith all of that said, this is a fast paced read packed with feels, great representation, and a good dive into the smoke-filled, hot, shit hole of Parole, where Hope, Friendship, Love, and Trust will see you through. if you read RUNTIME and like it even one little bit, are curious about what goes next and who Ultimate Goddess Evelyn Cal [...]

    3. Great prequel to Chameleon Moon, which I read a few weeks back. I love the world and characters and this was really interesting and suspenseful.I am a bit confused by Ragan's sudden change of mind, though, which is my only complaint.__________Genre: dystopiaRating: 4 stars

    4. Runtime doesn't take very long to suck you under into the pretty literal hellhole that is Parole. It's a return to the world of Chameleon Moon for me, but it won't take long for first time visitors to get acquainted. (Imagine a palpable feeling of oppression, and I mean that in the sociological sense but also in the sense of smothering weight choking you, and then imagine yourself refusing to let it swamp you completely (please believe me when I say it gets better)). There's a lifetime's worth o [...]

    5. My first introduction to the Chameleon Moon series! This story has lots of banter, geekiness, and heartache. Patrole sounds miserable Can't wait to read Chameleon Moon!

    6. **Warning: Spoilers**This is explains so much more of Chameleon Moon. Why Regan is attempting to “take out” Garrett. What happened before he lost his memories. Where Hans comes in to make deals with all the lives of Parole on the line. And most importantly, who is CyborJ? How do Radio Angel’s powers work? What’s the name of the really cool robo cat that follows Regan around everywhere in Chameleon Moon?This short story answers all and much more. One of the few questions that kept popping [...]

    7. A truly beautiful jump-off point and start to the Chameleon Moon Universe. The character introductions and developing story leaves your chest aching and craving more. It's written in such a way that you literally feel as if you're standing there witnessing everything unfold, and feeling everything that's being felt. It sets things up perfectly and it's definitely a must-read before you jump into the first book. Prepare to feel!

    8. Rep: Ace MC, Native American MC, nonbinary character, insomnia and anxiety rep, (possibly) poly relationship. Runtime is a prequel to the series, although I would recommend reading Chameleon Moon first. Runtime follows Regan before the events of the story, but the world-building is not really explained in here nor the situation of the characters. It does, however, offer a little more of Regan's personality and life, which I'm so here for.

    9. Review originally postedHere So, I’m currently participating in the #AceBookClub on Twitter and our first book was Chameleon Moon which I absolutely adored and after devouring it, I just had to read more about Parole and the characters that I’d grown to love.This is a short story focusing on Regan, one of the main characters in Chameleon Moon. It’s set just before the events in Chameleon Moon and give you an excellent background to the events in the beginning of the book and lets you see w [...]

    10. Runtime is a great prequel that sets the scene for RoAnna Sylver's first book, Chameleon Moon. It's currently available to patrons of Sylver's Patreon page, but will soon be released to the public, bridging the gap between the relaunch of Chameleon Moon and the release of the second book in the series, The Lifeline Signal. If you enjoyed Chameleon Moon, or are curious about the fires of Parole, please take a look at this short story! It's real, it's happening, and it's a great prequel. Sylver is [...]

    11. This is a beautiful addition to the Chameleon Moon series! Featuring Regan, our main POV character from the novel Chameleon Moon, it provides needed insight to his life and the circumstances surrounding the city of Parole. New readers will find a great introduction to this series that can lead amazingly into the first novel and existing fans will find great new character introductions and hints dropped for the continuation of the series.The author has created an amazing short story here and I lo [...]

    12. Aaaaaaaaaaah.This was amazing. I adore Regan and Jay and Zilch and Seven everyone in this. I love all the connections between the characters and this whole little group of theirs. I love all of Seven's functions, especially the purring and the help with anxiety. I love how this all leads up to Chameleon Moon. I also don't understand the ending and I just want to know what Jay discovered and-- Gonna go re-read CM now.

    13. Punchy, clever prose and dialogue; instantly distinctive and endearing characters; classic moral dilemma; hints of fascinating world-building yet to come.Overall, a fast first course that whets my appetite for the upcoming novel!

    14. this short story drew me in at once, the way their writing always does. start to finish, my heart was in my throat at familiar and unfamiliar characters reminding me why this world they have made is both beautiful and painful, and, in the end, to always have hope <333

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