Game On

Game On I play fast and dirty both on the field and in the bedroom It s all a game And this is one game I will win Ava Bennett is stubborn smart and has a body that makes grown men weep I haven t stopped th

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  • Title: Game On
  • Author: Avery Kaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I play fast and dirty, both on the field and in the bedroom It s all a game And this is one game I will win.Ava Bennett is stubborn, smart and has a body that makes grown men weep I haven t stopped thinking about her since that night Five years ago Now that fate has brought her back into my life, I know I m the man for her the only man She just doesn t know it yet II play fast and dirty, both on the field and in the bedroom It s all a game And this is one game I will win.Ava Bennett is stubborn, smart and has a body that makes grown men weep I haven t stopped thinking about her since that night Five years ago Now that fate has brought her back into my life, I know I m the man for her the only man She just doesn t know it yet I might be a player, but I m not playing with Alex.I m claiming her.Warning This filthy, short, over the top story of a secret baby and second chance love contains page after page of Kindle melting dirty stuff If you want a long, heart warming read with no hint of naughty, you need to find yourself another author Ava Kaye doesn t do sweet and wholesome.

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    1. 4 PUTTING HIM FIRST STARSThis is a very good story about two young lovers ripped apart by a lie of omission, aka The secret baby plot!You know when the heroine decides it would be best for the hero not to know he is going to be a baby daddy! In this case I could see why she did this and honestly she is totally right! I just don't like how she did not tell him right away after he makes it as a pro football player! That to me is unclear. However, when he does find out about the baby, he has the mo [...]

    2. This is a re-review of this book. I adjust my review to reflect how I know feel about the content of this book. It's mostly the same but just I found the hero's attitude towards the break up too pragmatic. He did not fight it much and just went on to have his cake without the commitment. She was too self sacrificing for me and I wished she had had sex with loads of other guys! He did not deserve her loyalty here!!! 3 PUTTING HIM FIRST STARSThis is a good story about two young lovers ripped apart [...]

    3. I really don't even know what to say about this one! Going into this I was really hoping the hero had been celibate but of course he wasn't! Also he had tons and she wasn't with anyone else! Another thing he says more than once she was the love of his life, it was love at first sight! Why didn't he fight for her and why in the everloving fuck did she break up with him just because she was pregnant and then proceeds to not tell him for 5 years. Also we never get to read about the hero actually me [...]

    4. Have you ever read a book and from the first few pages you just get the feeling that there's something off? Well, I had that feeling but instead of listening to my inner voice -who rarely steers me wrong - I kept going. The thing that kept me going was that the synopsis was good. I typically like second chance and sports related novels. I knew going into it that there was a secret baby and that this was fast and quick - typically not a problem AS LONG AS THERE IS A GOOD EXCUSE.My problems comple [...]

    5. Avery Kaye brings us another short steamy read. This story focuses on Ava and Caleb. They were high school sweethearts and totally in love. Caleb was going off to college to fulfill his dream of playing football. Ava finds out she is pregnant and instead of telling Caleb, she breaks up with him so she doesn't hold him back. (I hate hate hate that)Fast forward 5 years, a chance encounter brings them back together. For Ava, it's time to face the music and tell Caleb about their child. I am the fir [...]

    6. I have no idea but my review I wrote a couple of days ago disappeared. Well, for a short erotic 2nd chance romance this book sucked BIG TIME. Starting with the MCs, who were away from each other 5 years. They met up again by luck. And the h acted like a whore ready to spread her legs to the hero in a parking lot and the hero acting as the manwhore he became. The heroine is a selfish slut (even if she was celibate for this 5 years) who acted completely immature and not a mother of a 4 year old bo [...]

    7. I thought I was going to read a "Alexa Riley style" book. I know it's unfair,'cause, you know, different authors. But it's said it's a very steamy, alpha hero, insta love, hot sex, short book. So AR comes to mind. This book, though, a huge disappointment. The MCs were together in high school. She breaks up with him when she found out she was pregnant and didn't want to hold him back (how new and original) but I really hoped the reason he didn't tell him about the baby would be something complete [...]

    8. Caleb Rogers and Ava Bennett were high school sweethearts, they loved each other and were each other's firsts. Caleb was the star quarterback of the football team and had a very promising future which would lead him to the NFL. When he went to college the two of them broke up and it's been five years since they've seen each other. He's now back in Detroit playing pro football and living his lifelong dream. Ava had a dream too and that was to go to Parsons design school and become a fashion desig [...]

    9. Tamika. Well, what can I say? It was short. Can't say it was sweet. There's no plot here, there's just a lot of internal monologueing, the "surprise! toddler!" then some sex and then the end.You know how this goes, lol. It was just so easy to click that button since it's in Prime. But there was no satisfaction to be had here. :(

    10. Not sure about this book it is my least favorite because the involvement of a child. It is still very sexy and has the insta love factor but there is a break and the characters find each other again after some time. You will make up your own mind but the child killed it for me.

    11. Avery Kaye has done it again and brought a hot, short steamy read.Caleb is a player on and off the field in this romance. Ava and he were high school sweethearts. Ava thought that she was doing the right thing and letting Caleb go off and fulfill his dreams and kept the biggest secret from him A chance meeting finds Caleb with the love of his life and realising that all he wants is stood in front of him,and everyone else was a stop gap. He's not letting her get away again.What is not to like, se [...]

    12. Quick insta love book. Second chance at love. Ava believed that she was doing the right thing by keeping her secret and sending Caleb away. Hoping that he will return to her one day. They meet by chance after she gets a flat tyre and he stops to help. Caleb never forgot his first love Ava, he might have been a player in the past but the minute he lays eyes on her again he realises that she is his past, present and future. Great quick read with the right amount of heat!

    13. Loved itA sweet and steamy, second chance at love story with a surprise baby.Ava and Caleb were high school sweet hearts. Ava broke up wit him when he headed of to college. Caleb is now the QB for the Lions, his dream come true, except for the girl he loved. A chance encounter brings Ava back into his life and this time he isn't letting her go.Great story.

    14. She Never Told Him Caleb comes home to begin his professional football career, and his fond rememberance of Ava, his high school sweetheart, yield to shock at seeing her later that night. Ava is a frustrating mix of ridiculous and steel-core solid, and Caleb is affable, focused, and way too calm.

    15. Good bookThis was a good short story to read. I liked the characters and the insta-love. I only wish it was longer to read.

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