Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK

Case Closed Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK The assassination of John F Kennedy on November continues to inspire interest ranging from well meaning speculation to bizarre conspiracy theories and controversial filmmaking But in this la

  • Title: Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK
  • Author: Gerald Posner
  • ISBN: 9780785731269
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Library Binding
  • The assassination of John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963, continues to inspire interest ranging from well meaning speculation to bizarre conspiracy theories and controversial filmmaking But in this landmark book, reissued with a new afterword for the 40th anniversary of the assassination, Gerald Posner examines all of the available evidence and reaches the only possibleThe assassination of John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963, continues to inspire interest ranging from well meaning speculation to bizarre conspiracy theories and controversial filmmaking But in this landmark book, reissued with a new afterword for the 40th anniversary of the assassination, Gerald Posner examines all of the available evidence and reaches the only possible conclusion Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone There was no second gunman on the grassy knoll The CIA was not involved And although than four million pages of documents have been released since Posner first made his case, they have served only to corroborate his findings Case Closed remains the classic account against which all books about JFK s death must be measured.

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    1. I remember watching a recent History or Discovery Channel show on the John F. Kennedy assassination. They took the media from that day, the press coverage and the news anchors and even just bystanders taking video and photos of the entire day, and edited it together to form a cohesive narrative of November 22, 1963, in Dallas. It was absolutely fascinating. In many ways JFK was the first president elected due to television's burgeoning role in politics - and television is what so many people loo [...]

    2. Where does the evidence lead? That is the central question in both the realms of both science and history. We can believe what we want, but it will be either with a factual basis to support it or it will not. Generally, sources that are credible, and are as close to the event as possible have the most weight in determining the factuality of an event. The use of primary sources from the time of the event is also crucial in determining the facts of the matter at hand.The book spends its first 40% [...]

    3. Posner does a superior job of running down all the allegations and conspiraicies. His detailed run down of the facts, rumors and innuendoes is impressive. For those who think there was more than one person shooting that day - read this book. For those who think that Lyndon Johnson was involved - read this book. The pristine bullet is explained - which has subsequently been proven through use of computer modeling - to have hit both the president and the governor. And the bullet was not pristine - [...]

    4. First off, I would like to say that the case will never be entirely closed, thanks to Jack Ruby. America was done a great disservice by not having a full trial of Oswald.While this book is meticulous it its examination of the actions, beliefs and motivations of Oswald, the author does have one annoying aspect that seeps into his analysis of the most prevalent conspiracy theories. He constantly refers to those who pursue various conspiracy stories as "buffs". This is a slight and belittles those [...]

    5. Before this book, I didn't have much previous knowledge about the intricacies of various conspiracy theories and hadn't formed my own opinion on the matter. I decided to pick it up because of my new Dallas residency and all the hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary. And my office is next door to the book depository, so the event has become much more real. This book was recommended as "THE" book to read - most respected, most thorough, best research etc. And now that I've finished it, I agree.T [...]

    6. The book title can probably be taken literally since the assassination is examined from virtually every angle. Sorry for the conspiratists but I think Posner got it right - at least I have seen no creditable source who has been able to debunk any of this material. Not that they don't keep trying all these years later. Guess it is just tough to believe a lone American crackpot could bring down an American President.

    7. Should be required reading for every American high school student. Quite a disappointment for conspiracy theorists everywhere. An honest and direct approach to this tragic episode in American history. I clearly remember many of the events from November 1963. After I read the book and visited the 6th floor of the Texas book depository I find myself in complete agreement with Mr. Posner, "case closed."

    8. I must have around two hundred books covering the JFK assassination, both on my home library shelves and on my Kindle reader. I am also a member of a U.K. research group. (Dealey Plaza U.K.)Needless to say, this is my favourite topic of reading material. Finally getting around to 'Case Closed', I was surprised at how much I liked this book. It comprehensively covers a very large range of topics of the case. Oswald's biography is fairly well detailed, the evidence against him in Dealey Plaza, the [...]

    9. I've been interested in the JFK assassination since the 90s, probably due in large part to the Oliver Stone movie. (Indirectly. I was pro-conspiracy before actually seeing the film.) I'd read Jim Marrs' Crossfire, Fletcher Prouty's JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, Murder in Dealey Plaza, and others. None of the various conspiracy stories seemed quite right, but it seemed to me that there was enough oddities to the official story that "where there's smoke there's [...]

    10. I have read many of the conspiracy based books, from the sublime (Garrison's ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS) to the ridiculous (Lifton's suggestion that the body of JFK was surgically altered before the autopsy). I too strongly believed that a conspiracy was responsible, and I enjoyed the film JFK.However, I think Posner does a very good job of refuting many of the conspiracy theories, even those approaching credibility. The book, as pointed out by other reviewers elsewhere, is not perfect. And I [...]

    11. An absolute must read for the skeptical mind.A lot has been written on the subject of Pres. Kennedy's death - and far too much of it has taken the format of reading the Warren Commission looking for language that justifies the author's pet theory. Posner turns this model on its head and goes after the theories that claim a conspiracy (vast or otherwise) was the the death of JFK. Many of these theories have been quoted so often for so long that their questionable origin escapes scrutiny.Posner ta [...]

    12. Although I enjoyed this book, I still am undecided about any final conclusion. Throughout the book, it felt like the author had an agenda- he wanted to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin and presented the evidence with that in mind. That's not to say I didn't think Posner's research was impressive and did blow some conspiracy theories out of the water, because he did. I have heard that Vincent Bugliosi's Reclaiming History is the definitive book out there for the lone gunman theo [...]

    13. It is of course impossible to review a book on this topic. Everybody's a True Believer of one stripe or another when it comes to JFK. Nevertheless.If you want to come at the subject with an open mind and tackle a reference that attempts a fair and comprehensive analysis, this would be the way to go.As for me, I accept that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and shot JFK. If this book doesn't finally convince you of that, then you cannot be convinced.Few books can plausibly claim to be a definitive wo [...]

    14. Way too much detail but Posner obviously had to cross every t and dot every i in order to make a convincing argument that Oswald acted alone. He convinced me. The thing about all the Kennedy conspiracy theories (and this is true of pretty much all conspiracy theories) is they're really meant to reassure us that the world is an orderly place (even if it's an evil one). What Posner reveals is just how random world events are, so random that a loser, with little to distinguish himself in life other [...]

    15. I read the first 7 chapters or so, before I started to wonder how accurate the book is. According to , the author caught a lot of flak for not being fair in his portrayal of Oswald. Vincent Bugliosi (who is a bit of a scourge) agrees with Posner that Oswald acted alone, nevertheless believes that the case put forward here is too simplistic.

    16. I've spoken to Posner online. I stopped short of telling him that his entire thesis is a pile of horse excrement. But it is. I believe Posner could look at dollar bill and call it a table.Anyone with half a brain can see how empty his conclusions are.

    17. Posner can eat one. He raises more questions than answers and doesn't provide very convincing arguments as to how Oswald could so easily get in and out of Russia with a Russian bride during the Cold War.

    18. If you think Oswald acted alone then you are either lying, ignorant, or stupid. I'm not sure where Posner fits into these categories but I lean towards stupid.

    19. With an open mind, readers of Case Closed should find it hard to disagree with Posner's conclusions, but most Americans today still believe there was a conspiracy of some kind to kill President Kennedy. Posner addresses most of the favorite and more viable conspiracies, but still faced a backlash that led to additional explanations in his 2013 edition of this book. The first half of this text is a biography of Lee Harvey Oswald, as evidence convincingly identifies him as the murderer, and one mu [...]

    20. Thoroughly dismantles any ideas about a conspiracy to kill JFK. While the book can be tedious at times, it's no fault of the author; instead, it's evidence of his dilligence. This should be required reading for anyone who believes there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, but it's also a fascinating insight into how historians are able to reconstruct an incredibly complicated event that happened more than 50 years ago.

    21. On November 22, 1963, a deranged Lee Harvey Oswald, alone and unaided, assassinated President Kennedy and murdered police officer J.D. Tippit. That is Gerald Posner's thesis. It is one that is very, very difficult to refute even with fifty years worth of conspiracy theorizing. I personally do consider the case closed. But why did Oswald do it? Posner relates the story of a troubled and unstable childhood overseen by a mother overly permissive, exculpating (to the degree that she would later defe [...]

    22. Posner's case appears to be rock-solid and incontrovertible, but major issues of integrity have been raised about it. Still reading other sources, and trying to put things together. It shouldn't be this hard to validate something where this much public information is available.I'll update this review when I've read more recent material and compared it back.Okay, done. Do the follow-up research; it won't take much. The integrity issues appear to me to be VERY well-justified. I recommend "JFK and [...]

    23. Reading NotesCASE CLOSED GERALD POSNER 1993Most Americans, despite the strength of the evidence, do not want to accept the notion that random acts of violence can change the course of history and that Oswald could affect our lives in a way over which we have no control. It is unsettling to think that a sociopathic 24 year old loser in life, armed with a $12 rifle and consumed by his own warped motivation, ended Camelot. But it is the only rational judgment.The notion that a misguided sociopath h [...]

    24. If I were reviewing this as a doorstop or perhaps as a paperweight I would give it 5 stars. Case Closed is a heavy, useless object that would be perfect for either of those mundane functions. As a book I would have to give it 1 star because it does have numbered pages full of words held within a cover with a title on the front. Unfortunately, everything on the pages within this book is absolute tripe.

    25. If you believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, I don't blame you. It's become such "common knowledge" that people look at you funny if you don't believe there was a conspiracy. However, if you read this book and still believe there was a conspiracy, I seriously have to question your intelligence. The title is perfect: it truly is case closed on the matter.

    26. If this was the first book you ever read on the JFK assassination I could see where Posner might be able to convince you that it really was just Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. But I'm several books into this now and found his thesis pretty tough to swallow. Beyond that, Posner frequently resorts to ad hominem arguments to discredit witnesses or critics, which I find very frustrating.

    27. Maybe I'd like this book better if I read it a second time. Posner's theory is that Oswald acted completely alone, and I just didn't buy some of his theories.

    28. Anyone who believes LHO was a lone assassin acting on his own merit and volition needs a check up from the neck up.

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