Max Novel words Genre s transgressive psychopath dark erotica QUILTBAGFresh out of school Dr Crane takes on a new patient who both intrigues and unnerves him Charming manipulative and amoral

  • Title: Max
  • Author: Bey Deckard
  • ISBN: 9781370093090
  • Page: 325
  • Format: ebook
  • Novel 49,000 words Genre s transgressive, psychopath, dark erotica, QUILTBAGFresh out of school, Dr Crane takes on a new patient who both intrigues and unnerves him Charming, manipulative, and amoral, Max has exactly the sort of mind Crane finds himself drawn to with fictional characters.As Max weaves himself into Crane s life, Crane realizes that while fiction mightNovel 49,000 words Genre s transgressive, psychopath, dark erotica, QUILTBAGFresh out of school, Dr Crane takes on a new patient who both intrigues and unnerves him Charming, manipulative, and amoral, Max has exactly the sort of mind Crane finds himself drawn to with fictional characters.As Max weaves himself into Crane s life, Crane realizes that while fiction might be safe, Max certainly is not.When the professional line between them thins, who gets to define where one man ends and the other begins

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    1. A tag team review with Sara!4.5 HEARTS--There was no climbing back out of the rabbit hole; he was fucked and fucked good, but at least the company was interesting.Down the rabbit hole indeedWhat a twisted, psychological thrilling roller coaster of a ride Max turned out to be.I'd rather warn potential readers there are triggers in here: rape, dubious consent, unethical practices, cheating, some violence. (A checklist of sorts that guaranteed me reading) And I don't consider this a trigger by any [...]

    2. Buy links & ExcerptFolks who dislike unhealthy relationships, are sensitive to consent ambiguity, or have eurotophobia should take a big step back from this story.It's dark ish and full of mindfuckery. Substance abuse, pornography, violence, cheating, unprofessional behaviour, criminal intent, abuse and good lord, the lies.

    3. Review originally posted at Sinfully.Be forewarned that this psycho-sexual thriller contains issues of consent, abuse, violence, cheating, doctor/patient improprieties, general depravity and a number of WTF moments. If you are sensitive to anything please tread carefully. If you love depraved mind-fucks and when it comes to your reading have few hard limits like me, you’re going to want to get that one-click finger ready.Under ‘reason for seeking counselling’ on the intake sheet, Max had w [...]

    4. What an absolute mind fuck! It was glorious until the very end. If it had a different ending it would get that last star.

    5. Re the Audible version: I am giving Nick J. Russo 4 stars on his performance here. I think he could have done so much more with Crane so I'm disappointed about that. His Max was excellent and Russo surpassed my expectations with all the secondary characters.Merged review:That was crazy good. It was so much fun to watch Crane unravel and go through this journey. At every turn I was thinking, "oh god, Crane - don't do it!" and then something else would happen, a twist I totally wasn't expecting. A [...]

    6. Max is psych and power-play manipulation at its very, very best, and Christ, this is perfection when it comes to getting up close and personal with dark and twisted minds. You've got to like it dark, you've got to love fiction more than a little twisted, and if you do, then this is one that will hit all those get-me-inside-the-twisted-guys'-heads spots! Disclaimer: I'm editor for Max, although this is the second novel that I wish I was the damn author of. :) Just Perfect!

    7. Audio review added 1/28/2017Review by The Blogger Girls.Wow! This story grabs you right from the get go as Max begins his sessions with new doctor Crane. It also quickly becomes clear Max has some major issues and is one smart cookie. He is in control from their very first conversation and uses that control to manipulate and play every piece of his puzzle/game with scary and intricate precision. Dr. Crane didn’t really ever stand a chance.The story plays out as Max takes over more and more of [...]

    8. 3,8. Totalmente crazy esse livro!!!!! Conseguiu segurar minha atenção nessa jornada louca dos personagens! Só achei que ficaram algumas coisas em aberto. Mas no geral foi uma boa leitura.

    9. 4.5 HEARTS--I'm nailing all sorts of first lately. Totally popped my tag team cherry this with SRALon this one! I’ve said it more than once, I’ll read anything as long as it’s written well even if it’s dark, depraved and full of the folks being debased and this book, it’s written brilliantly.You liked it. I swear. I didn’t push you into anything. You wanted it. This book is loaded with psycho sexuality, with moral ambiguity, with pure WTAF-ness and I couldn’t get enough. We begin t [...]

    10. I has some issues with this book around the psychology of the characters. I still enjoyed what is a twisty book, something I like, but it could have been eerie and mind-blowing if certain areas were written in a more careful, in depth manner, in my opinion.I still enjoyed it, Max gave me some things I like in my reading as well. Love/hate push/pull, that's how I felt reading the book. The first, probably, 15%-20% was the most frustrating for me. So, it isn't quite a 3.5 star read an it isn't qui [...]

    11. i *love* Bey Deckard because I adore well-written dark stories, and he's just GOOD at them. He also has this way of making dark af stories have equally dark af happy endings -- I went "aww" at the end of Better the Devil You Know ffs, and I still don't know how he made me do that! The same thing here - I was really pleased at the HEA and aware that being pleased about it meant I was delusional. But that's a compliment! (Hi, this is why no one asks you for blurbs for their books, Avon. "He made m [...]

    12. Wow! Just plain ole mind fucking, head reeling and do not forget lurvvvveeee stricken Wow!This book is not for the light hearted. And I don't mean to be patronising at all. This is depraved. It has characters :Who are fucked up. Who do fucked up things. Who make fucked up scenarios and play them in a well fucked manner. Who end up fucking each other in very grave fucked up ways. Who fuck the life out of those around them. Who finally end up fucked up! (Surprise-Surprise!) (Oh! The ending is Happ [...]

    13. I really don't know how to review this book.It was totally different to what i've read before but it was also absolutely brilliant.I loved MaxCan you love someone who is so obviously not saneWell I don't think he is.Crane and Max together were a harsh rough matchWhat Max did to Crane was hardThe way Crane treated Max was bordering on brutal but still they were brilliant togetherThis is definitely a must read for those lovers of darker books x

    14. Woah that was crazy! The absolute unraveling of Cranes mind as he falls further into obsession over Max's manipulative ass. Crazy! Yes I did enjoy that, it was all kinds of seriously fucked up so don't read this unless you have penchant for dark and depraved stories. It was an absolute mindfuck! Whether I enjoy stories like this all depends on how they end. I had absolutely no idea how this would end, even to the last page I thought something else could change. I was scared it would be a bit of [...]

    15. Max is a study in contrasts, a war zone where hubris and the collapse of superego duke it out in an arena of narcissistic violence and sly manipulation. Max is the ultimate predator, conducting the hunt with precision and control. But Max also likes to play with his food. It’s the reason they put his kind behind layers of barricades.One wonders… who are they trying to protect?Crane is a neophyte and clearly not prepared for the sophisticated performance Max and his alter-ego execute under th [...]

    16. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.75 StarsThis is SO my kind of book!First things first – If you are looking for a love story, or a story with a teeny bit of angst or maybe you fancy something just a tiny bit darker – walk away as you’re not going to find that here! Max is full on twisted with an extra layer of black and a complete mind fuck as you try to work out what is happening.Newly qualified Doctor Crane gets way more than anticipated when he meets his new patient Max. Max is astute [...]

    17. What in the actual fuck did I just read??! And why did I read it all in one sitting when I should have been asleep 3 hours ago?? . I need to call my therapist now. Thanks, Deckard.4 twisted as hell but awesome stars!

    18. This was crazy good!The whole ride was bat shit crazy.[image error]Max is a sociopath. He has a lot of contacts that can get him anything he needs, or do anything he needs done. Every move he makes has a long term plan.This is a book, that I couldn't put down.I love twisted books, and this one was a great read.The end was perfect for the story.I would recommend to anyone who loves completely fucked up.

    19. 4.5 Stars Audible EditionAn excellent mind fuck that isn't for the average crowd. Heed the warnings. If you are anything like me, the warnings are often what make me interested in a book :)

    20. Wow! this was all kinds of messed up.Exellent writing, awesome narrationreally messed up in every way. Highly recomend it if you like psycho stories and be warned it has infidelity and plenty of lying.

    21. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsMax. It’s the name of the book and it’s the name of an incredible character created by one of my favorite authors, Bey Deckard. Max could be put into the category of a neo-noir erotic thriller as it had a reminiscent vibe of past movies along the lines of Body Heat and The Last Seduction. Crane’s character remains consistent to those themes as he becomes trapped in difficult situations and then makes choices out of desperation.The entire book takes place th [...]

    22. I don't even know what to say about this book, other than I kinda enjoyed it! Look away now if dubious consent, violence and mind games turn you off. This oddly appealing story of a therapist's rapid fall from grace was recommended by one of my favorite writers, Varian Krylov. So I just knew I had to read this!Dr. Crane begins treating Max, who very early on establishes himself as at the very least, amoral, and at the worst, a sociopath. But Crane, who is an inexperienced therapist just out of s [...]

    23. Spinning spinning spinning spinning My mind is on overdrive after reading this book. Bey does depravity and varying levels of sexuality well. His characters always leave you wanting more. Psychopathic Max hooked me from the very beginning. He was charming, witty, and unrepentant wrapped up in a pretty little bow. I LOVED HIM! Sadly, Crane never stood a chance. I had no idea what to expect from this story but I knew it would be one hell of a ride. It certainly didn't disappoint. Whoa, just whoa. [...]

    24. At its core, Max is a book of psycho-sexual addiction and pathological manipulation, and is even, to a certain extent, a case of role reversal in the doctor/patient dynamic. Or, rather, the question in the end becomes which of these men needs psychological help more. There is a chilling thrill of psychopathy and a growing emotional and physical dependency in this story that makes every moment spent reading it horrifying and intense. It’s not many authors that can write a book starring a charac [...]

    25. „Oh yeah,“ Crane said with a smile. „I love psychopaths.“Max leaned forward in his seat, a Cheshire grin on his face. „I know you do.“ It was nearly a purr.Brace yourselves, you're in for one FUCKING GREAT ride!I don’t know exactly how to tell everyone what a brilliant book (and character) Max is without spoilering (is that a word? Don't care) too much, but this was intense! There was so much going on and I soaked it all up, simultaneously trying to read slower, so I could savour e [...]

    26. 3.5/5 when you don't know who's more crazypants—the patient or his shrink. Basically, if you like having a slice of loony pie every once in a while, Max might be just the book for you, because the writing is good and the cray-cray levels are high. I do, however, agree with a friend of mine that the ending didn't entirely live up to the excessiveness of the rest of the book.

    27. HOLEEAP!! I think I held my breath for the last few chapters. Loved this. Got everything I needed out of this one.

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