Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper

Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN Tamzin Clarke s life seems to be falling into place She has Jimmy her musician boyfriend and a solid group of friends Sh

  • Title: Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper
  • Author: Lauren Stock
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: None
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 1523992050 ISBN13 9781523992058.Tamzin Clarke s life seems to be falling into place She has Jimmy, her musician boyfriend, and a solid group of friends She s been taking dance class for ten years, and has been promoted to instruct a first year tumbling class She works in her dad s antique shop on the weekends, and is prouThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 1523992050 ISBN13 9781523992058.Tamzin Clarke s life seems to be falling into place She has Jimmy, her musician boyfriend, and a solid group of friends She s been taking dance class for ten years, and has been promoted to instruct a first year tumbling class She works in her dad s antique shop on the weekends, and is proud of her grades in school Then she meets Daniel, the one who makes her question everything Who is Daniel, and why does he keep disappearing When her sister is murdered, Tamzin s mom is the lead detective on the case, which soon turns into a serial killing spree The deaths mirror the case of Jack the Ripper, but there couldn t be a connection Could there Tamzin is now on the case.

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    1. This is an entertaining and absorbing short read. Tamzin Clarke is a well adjusted young woman who is doing well. She has a boyfriend, Jimmy, works with her dad at his antiques shop and has begun to teach a beginner's tumbler class. Then she meets the strange Daniel, an elusive character, who intrigues her because he often just disappears! Tamzin's sister is murdered and her mum works the case as the lead detective. As a number of murders emulating Jack the Ripper take place, Tamzin tries to wor [...]

    2. From the very first page, I was hooked by the dark, mysterious, and thrilling writing. Within the first chapter, I witnessed such a new and innovative story. It was hard to put the book down! I actually picked it up, because the case, "Jack the Ripper" was a part of the story, and I got so much more than I dreamed.About the book: Tamzin Clarke, a level-headed young woman, is beginning to make the world her own. She's honed her skills in dancing over ten years of dedication, enough to teach her o [...]

    3. A five star read! I was immediately pulled into this creative story from the first chapter. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next, every time I turned a page. Tamzin is such a likable, well developed character that you can't help but root for her. There is something for everyone in this book-mystery, thrills, a courageous heroine, love, and adventure.The story begins with a murder and many more after that as a "Jack the Ripper" style villain terrorizes the town. Tamzin meets a new boy wi [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. It a very unique take on Jack the ripper. I loved how it was written it did not get confusing but it still kept you on your toes. The characters are amazing and i like all of them (Tamzin, Jimmy, Daniel just to name a few). Tamzin Clarke v Jack the Ripper has lots of twist, turns, and things you will not expect. A must read in my book. I am now reading Tamzin Clarke v the Mummy (Tamzin Clarke, #2) and can not wait to see what happens.

    5. This book was a very nice surprise. It had me rooting for the likable protagonist and it was consistently thrilling - a true page turner. The murder scenes were brutal and very well written and there were multiple climax-worthy action scenes long before the actual climax. Quite an entertaining read. I look forward to the next book in the Tamzin Clarke series.

    6. WOW. This was so much more than I expected. I LOVED the little twists on facts in history. I am very excited to read the rest of Tamzin's stories!!! She is a spirited and intelligent young woman. The paranormal elements were fun and I loved how Lauren wrote Jack the Ripper's story out.

    7. Omg this book was sooooo awesome!! It kept me on edge, trying to figure out what will happen! I enjoyed it so much that I got mad how it ended! Lol. Looking forward to the Mummy. HeheThnx for writing! :)

    8. A great read with the main character and plot well developed and captivating. It was a page turner and I couldn't wait to see what Tamzin was going to encounter next. She is a heroine!

    9. Tazmin is devastated over her sister's death. She was killed when she was working undercover to catch johns. Tazmin has a great support system to help her with her sister, Vickie behind dead. The death resembles the killings of Jack the Ripper. As I read along, I got to know Tazmin better. When Tazmin meets Daniel, she starts to question everything. Who is Daniel? She works for her dad in his antique store besides teaching dancing to 5-6 years old. While in her dad's store, a little girl that Ta [...]

    10. Before I start my review, I would like to thank Dragon Girl Press and NetGalley for allowing me to review Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper by Lauren Stock.**All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone. I received Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper from Dragon Girl Press through NetGalley for free for my honest review.**Now onto my review:When I first saw the title of this book, I almost passed it over and thought to myself “Really”. But I read the blurb and got intrigued. Jack the [...]

    11. This book has a lot going on. It is a cute YA book complete with a love triangle and dance classes. Also, it is a very grizzly murder mystery. Lastly, it is a horror story with a supernatural killer. All of these different parts may attract a variety of audiences. Each audience, however, might be turned-off by he parts they do not like. Be advised: the violence can be gruesome and includes a shoot out worthy of The Wild Bunch.

    12. I picked this book because I like spooky themes during the weeks before Halloween. I also enjoy YA books because I think they have to be well written and interesting to catch the attention of busy young people. Tamzin is a typical high school student with a busy life, a boyfriend in a band, a dance class plus she also teaches dance to very young students. She is a likeable character who also helps her father in the family antique business. This allows her to have knowledge of antiques plus be in [...]

    13. this book was received from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.I began this book thinking that the premise was promising, but very soon, I found myself not enjoying the book as much as I had hoped.It was a very slow beginning. It took a really long time to get to the point where Tamzin had any idea what was going on and, while it got better once we started to get into the Jack the Ripper plot more. the beginning part made me cringe. The dialogue was bad. None of it sounded realis [...]

    14. This book was free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest and fair reviewI enjoyed this book and the concept of Jack the Ripper being half human half demon, and that he needs to eat the flesh of his victims to keep the demon side sated (also shades of Sweeney Todd as he bakes the victims innards in pies).When Tamzin’s Aunt Vickie is horrifically murdered by the Ripper, Tamzin’s mother who is a homicide cop leads the investigation, however it is really down to Tamzin to save the day.The boo [...]

    15. note: I won a free copy of this book through giveawaysI wasn't quite sure what to think before reading this book. I did think that this and its sequel were perfect reading for Halloween. And I was right. This was a good mystery with a bit of suspense and scary 'monsters' to delight. I was hooked enough that I borrowed my husbands flashlight to finish reading it on our car ride home once the sun set. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to reading horror or any thriller type of book, and movies, too [...]

    16. First I would like to state that I received this book through the giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. I was immediately pulled into this very creative story from the first chapter to the last. This story kept you on the edge of your seat from beginning to the end such a page turner leaving you wanting to find out what was going to be happening next. All the characters are very well [...]

    17. I cannot believe that anyone rated this book 5 stars! The story is the best thing about it, the writing is stilted and false, the characters are so bad you could have got them out of central casting need I go on? I got this from NetGalley and am giving an unbiased view. In my view this book needs totally rewriting - the story is ok which is why I requested it but, what a let down. I am amazed that it was published. I really struggled to even finish it and skipped through large chunks of it just [...]

    18. Tamzin Clarke v Jack the Ripper is a teen's and young adult book by Lauren Stock that has overtones of horror. I gave it four stars. Her mother is lead detective on a serial killer case.I received a complimentary copy from Dragon Girl Press and NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review. Link to purchase: amazon/Tamzin-Clarke-

    19. Just when I thought there were no new versions of the Jack the Ripper story, along comes Tamzin to prove me ever so wrong. I was entranced by this story from the first paragraph to the last words. I want more!!!!!

    20. This was a fair book about Jack the Ripper in current day who comes back fromthe dead. Not my cup of tea.

    21. This was a cute read from my perspective. I liked the use of an old character in storytelling being used in a unique and fresh way. I wasn't thrilled totally with the writing style. It felt like it was written for a younger age group then I would have first assumed it was for. For that reason I am only giving it 3 stars.

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