Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool Harper Nugent might have a little extra junk in her trunk but her stepbrother calling her out on it is the last straw When rugby hottie Dexter Blake witnesses the insult he surprises Harper by ask

  • Title: Playing It Cool
  • Author: Amy Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781633757509
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Harper Nugent might have a little extra junk in her trunk, but her stepbrother calling her out on it is the last straw When rugby hottie, Dexter Blake, witnesses the insult, he surprises Harper by asking her out In front of her dumbass brother Score Of course, she knows it s not for reals, but Dex won t take no for an answer.Dexter Blake s life revolves around rugby wiHarper Nugent might have a little extra junk in her trunk, but her stepbrother calling her out on it is the last straw When rugby hottie, Dexter Blake, witnesses the insult, he surprises Harper by asking her out In front of her dumbass brother Score Of course, she knows it s not for reals, but Dex won t take no for an answer.Dexter Blake s life revolves around rugby with one hard and fast rule no women Sure, his left hand is getting a workout, but he s focused on his career for now Then he overhears an asshat reporter belittle the curvy chick he d been secretly ogling What s a guy to do but ask her out It s just a little revenge against a poser, and then he ll get his head back in the game.But the date is better than either expected So is the next one And the next And the heat between them sizzles their clothes right off.Suddenly, this fake relationship is feeling all too real

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    1. From author Amy Andrews comes book two in the Sydney Smoke Rugby seriesHarper Nugent is a big girl. Always has been, always will be. When her douche of a stepbrother insults her in front of rugby star Dexter Blake, she is embarrassed and just wants to get on her way. She is more than a little surprised (and sceptical) when Dexter stops her from leaving to ask her on a date. Dexter Blake's whole life is rugby. It was his ticket out of poverty, and there is no way he is going to let anyone, especi [...]

    2. This book was all kinds of awesome. A sexy rugby player who likes his women curvy and appreciates a plump booty? Yesssss! Harper wins even more points for being a gamer. The story is just what I needed. It's sweet, fun, sexy, entertaining, and did I mention sexy? Lol Dexter becomes Harper's knight in shining rugby gear after he hears her stepbrother belittling her. What starts off as a save, turns to more and it's really cute to watch these two interact. The writing was good. The plot interestin [...]

    3. They were COOL…then they were SMOKINGGroup huddle…Ok peeps, it’s come to my attention that we (the reader) are not really appreciating book covers enough. I just read an article and they were talking to the models of Romance covers. Maybe it’s just me (probably), but book covers aren’t necessarily the be all and end all when it comes to picking a book. I’m more of “the whole package” kind of shopper. The author, blurb, hype and the cover are the things that must all come together [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsWhen Dexter Blake first spots curvy beauty Harper Nugent chasing after her douche of a step brother on the sidelines of his rugby match, he’s immediately intrigued. When that douche of a step brother then taunts her “fat ass,” Dexter’s just pissed. A split second decision leads the hot rugby star that never dates to break his rule and ask the lovely Harper if she’d like to go out with him sometime. And we’re off.Dexter Blake liked a woman with some junk in her trunk. And the [...]

    5. 4 Not Having to be "On" Stars* * * *It's Hot, It's Sexy, It's LIVE!!Everyday people rarely have the pressure of having to worry about how others are accessing their every move. We get to live our lives with the ability to just bed let things happen, come what may.Those in the public eye cannotey actually never could but with our digital age and smart phones capturing anything at anytime it is only natural for them to feel when out in publicey must be "on". In Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby [...]

    6. ARC PROVIDED BY PUBLISHER IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWScore One for the Curvy Girls!!!!!!! Amy Andrews has once again set hearts racing and swooning for hot Australian Rugby Players!!!!! A lovable hero with a broken past. Check! A beautiful curvaceous heroine. Check! Hot passionate sex. Check!A palpable love story. Check!!! Smoking hot Rugby Players. BIG FAT CHECK!!!! “Simply put, he was all that and a bag of chips, and had completely stolen her heart. He’d had her from Dex the Stud.”H [...]

    7. 4 - "White wine makes me mouthy." Stars!Amy Andrews delivers again with the second book in her Sydney Smoke Rugby series. Dex and Harper left their own set of scorch marks on my kindle, with the chemistry that blazed hot and hard between them pretty much from the get-go.I think the author took a look at female body confidence (or lack of) in a really great way with this story, in that it figured in the relationship between the two of them, but it didn’t detract from it in an over-the-top level [...]

    8. 4.5 starsPlaying it Cool was such a good read. Loved both Dex and Harper, they were perfect for each other.I enjoyed the relationship unfolding throughout the book, it was a fun and entertaining read. The chemistry between the characters was smoking and totally believable. And this.Yeah these two were HOT together!!I'm loving the Sydney Smoke Rugby series, great writing, charismatic & entertaining characters that keep you turning the pages. Playing It Cool is a great addition to the Sydney S [...]

    9. I’m loving this series and Dex and Harper are a fabulous couple who together crank up the heat. I have to applaud Amy Andrews for going against the grain and creating a heroine who’s not what is perceived as perfect. But to me that’s exactly what Harper was: I loved her and maybe that’s because I’m hardly what you would describe as svelte myself and for that reason I resonated with her. I understood her fears and her doubts, but when the right person sees past the more wobbly bits, the [...]

    10. I might not be a Rugby fan (Aussie Rules lover here), but I am Australian, and I do love sports romance, and I did ADORE this fabulous book from Amy Andrews. And I think you will too, TBH. What’s not to love about this book? It was smart and hyper-sexy. It was cute in places, but never OTT sweet. And it was littered with little Aussie sayings and references that, for me, felt a little like coming home. For you? Might be fun to pretend to be from Down Under for a few hours… Playing it Cool is [...]

    11. I am not usually one to pick up sports related books so I have to say I hesitated before reading this one. I'm so glad that I did because I would've missed a really great read.This book is definitely full of action and I'm not talking about rugby. With an agreement to hook up, things quickly turn and start heating up. I love the character development in Dex and Harper is a great balance for him. And the ending is a wonderful surprise.The author gave us plenty of heat along with some emotional pl [...]

    12. 4.5 Paint Girl & Dex the Stud StarsThis book came at exactly the right time for me. I had this series on my radar but wasn’t interested in reading the first one, second chance romances just ain’t my thing you know?Harper Nugent has a lot of junk in her trunk. She is an artist. I liked Harper from her personality to how she sees herself. Her family is a real piece of work though and her struggle to deal with it is hard but I admired her. She made it work with her curves and rocked it. Dex [...]

    13. This is a smokingly hot romance with a rugby focussed hero, determined not to be sidetracked from his sporting career goals by anything or anyone . . . until he hears a journalist making obnoxious, derogative comments to the curvy woman he’d been ogling earlier. It turns out that the woman is Harper Nugent and the journalist is her stepbrother, Chuck. Dex doesn’t like what he hears and makes a point of asking Harper out in front of Chuck. Harper has a poor self image because of the bullying [...]

    14. I ❤ Dex and Harper! Dex is a hot rugby player who is NOT and manwhore! He sees Harper on the sidelines of one of his games and is immediately smitten.(can rugby players be smitten?) Harper's stepbrother is insulting her and Dex steps in and asks her on a date to help her save face.Harper can't believe this hot guy actually asked her out. She doesn't take him seriously until her calls her to make a date. Now if only she can keep her insecurities from ruining a good thing.--hot rugby player --st [...]

    15. Oh Dex, Dex, Dex. I have mixed emotions about Dex. He was so sweet when he wasn't being an jerk. I loved that he wanted to make Harper look good in front of her dick of a stepbrother but the way he treated her when she fell for him made me want to punch him in the nuts. Good thing he realized what an jerk he was being and that Harper was the best thing to ever happen to him. That ending made me want to cry! This is the second book in the Sydney Smoke Rugby series and I'm loving them! Harper was [...]

    16. This was just annoying. I'm sooo000oooo sick of this storyline, I don't know why I even bothered with this. The whole "I don't do relationships" bullshit and turning into FWB, and realizing you actually love her at the freaking end of the book. The H did a lot of pushing away which I hate in books. And the h was such a doormat taking in little scraps of his affection. I need to go find a book now where the H is obsessed with the h from the start. Oh and safe with exception: (view spoiler)[The H [...]

    17. Full review to be posted on afterdarkbooklovers.I enjoyed it, even if I wanted more on the emotional end of things. A traditional contemporary romance with a BBW heroine and a rugby player who loves all her curves, it was a sweet and sexy (swexy?) change of pace from what I'd just read. I’d read the next in the series.**ARC provided by author via InkslingerPR for review**

    18. Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI'm really enjoying author Amy Andrews Sydney Smoke series and am learning a bit about Rugby as I read it. Playing It Cool is the second book of this series and I enjoyed quite a bit more than the first book because I actually liked both the characters right from the start. Smart and sexy this book was fun from beginning to end despite a few bumps in the road.Politically correct would not be what anyone would call Dexter Blake especially when [...]

    19. 4 stars What an excellent follow up to the series! This was a very sweet and enjoyable read, albeit a bit short. There is a good amount of drama and push/pull, however, I would have liked more follow up on the Chuck/Anthea storyline. We never saw Harper grow some lady balls and stand up to the two of them. I would definitely have liked to witness more payback for their shitty behavior.Dex provides some decent grovel nearing the end of the story, which pleased me immensely.Can stand alone. Third [...]

    20. 4-1/2 starsAh, Harper and Dex are just. so. hot! That alone is enough for you to drop everything and read now. But in case that's not enough, I'll give a little more.The summary is spot on here. Curvy Harper is being dissed by her brother when sexy rugby star Dex overhears it, and despite the fact that Dex has sworn off women to focus on the game, he can't help but ask Harper out to show her douchebag brother up. What starts out as a point to prove quickly becomes more as sparks are flying and H [...]

    21. Curvy Girls Rock!!Dexter Blake knows what he likes in a woman and will stop at nothing to get it. When he sees curvy Harper Nugent being insulted by her brother he steps in and asks her out. Dex isn't looking for love, but soon after going on a date with Harper he realizes he wants to spend a lot more time with her. The two of them agree to fake-date one another to teach Harper's step-brother and step-mother a lesson. One date turns into many and eventuallymance.Going into this type of romance y [...]

    22. Boy, did this book turn this series around for me! I really loved the story here! Dex seemed a very approachable hero, even when he was acting like a bumbling male! I loved Harper, how she never let anything knock her out of what she enjoyed and while she was down about it sometimes, she was never out! The ending was over the top and got me right in the heart! I especially loved all the shout outs to my husband's favorite sports team: the All Blacks! I had to call him at work every time they wer [...]

    23. I love Amy Andrews and I love rugby sports romances. What could go wrong?There were many good moments in this book and a basically liked the characters but I think this being a brazen book pushed the sexy times to take up space needs for relationship development and character development. Sexy times can do that but mainly these love scenes didn't work that way for me. Sigh.

    24. Harper has no problem being blunt and to the point, “what can I say? Watching you play rugby makes me horny.” I loved this book, Dex really had no idea what can of worms he was opening with Harper and I loved it.

    25. Very competent Commitment-phobe meets Perfect-Girl story - enjoyed this. A bit primary-coloured, but hey.

    26. 4 Stars - 3 Flames Super hot, super sexy and did I mention super hot already? Dang. I'm seriously starting to wonder how the heck I missed the first installment to this series. Ok, so I didn't read the first book in this series, and I went into this read pretty unprepared. But I didn't feel like I missed anything. It's almost as though this could be read as a standalone since the previous books characters weren't a focal point in this one. Speaking of this one. Did I mention how hot this was?!!! [...]

    27. Playing it Cool is the second story in Amy Andrew’s sexy sports romance series, Sydney Smoke Rugby which features some of the players on the team. This time, it’s Dexter Blake’s turn, a laid-back charmer who prefers to stay out of the spotlight if he can. Sure, there are lots of pictures out there with him squiring beautiful models to events but those are all photo op setups for the team, not women he’d really go out with in real life. In fact, his type is the exact opposite of the one [...]

    28. ***4 ‘I have a very bad feeling I might not want to stop’ stars***The cover was lure because I have a bit of an obsession with rugby (the All Blacks specifically), even though my knowledge of the game is painfully lacking, I still think it’s the most amazing sport out there. The description was the hook because I had to know how the date went and the book just sounded like it’d be a lot of fun to see what would go down between Dex and Harper and I wasn’t disappointed. This was a fun, q [...]

    29. WOW, WOW and WOW this is one smoking hot fabulous story. MS Andrews has such a way with words that she had me laughing smiling sighing fanning myself and just really enjoying myself while reading this one.Harper Nugent is one curvy fun loving artist heroine, she has been put down about her body most of her life and from family also, so she has a body issues but she knows how to enjoy life so when she is put down on the side of the rugby field by her step brother Sydney Smoke player Dexter Blake [...]

    30. I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Four and a half ruckin' stars!!!So, I was underwhelmed by the first book in this series, Playing by Her Rules - see my review here - but I do love Amy Andrews so I requested this second book in the series. Wow, am I glad I did.Harper Nugent is a tall, very curvy girl. Her step-brother Chuck Nugent is a sports presenter and an all-round ass. When he humiliates her in front some of the Sydney Smoke [...]

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