Nightwing: Freefall

Nightwing Freefall Writer Peter Tomasi s first tales of Nightwing are collected in this volume featuring issues When the bodies of fallen villains begin to disappear Nightwing is drawn into a web of intrigue in

  • Title: Nightwing: Freefall
  • Author: Peter J. Tomasi Rags Morales Don Kramer Michael Bair Mark Propst Sandu Florea Christian Alamy Mark McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781401219659
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Writer Peter Tomasi s first tales of Nightwing are collected in this volume featuring issues 140 146 When the bodies of fallen villains begin to disappear, Nightwing is drawn into a web of intrigue involving Talia al Ghul and the diabolical Dr Creighton Kendall

    One thought on “Nightwing: Freefall”

    1. (B+) 76% | GoodNotes: Impersonal and off-genre, its many cameos feel ill-fitted, random and like product placement for lesser-known titles.

    2. The Nightwing Freefall arc has a somewhat eerie undertone. Consider: corpses of heroes and villains being stolen from cemeteries, only to be reassembled and grafted together to create creepy flying golems. Yep, that’s what I thought too. Granted, the plot does deviate from this particular practice to something arguably even more insidious in the second half. All of this just to create an army. To what end? That, of course, is the question that this story hinges on.Anyway, since this is a Night [...]

    3. Although I started reading comics with the New 52 and it became 'my continuity' so to speak, I find it interesting to see the differences between certain titles and their pre-Flashpoint iterations. Freefall shows just how well-connected Nightwing was within the DCU and the plethora of cameos and guest appearances are a large part of what makes it an enjoyable read.Superman drops in for a chat, the JSA help Dick set up his new apartment/base of operations in New York and there's an undeniably fun [...]

    4. Peter Tomasi does a great job with this collection of Nightwing comics. The plot involves a villain stealing and reanimating corpses to build an army (I'm all in!). I haven't read many stories with Tim Drake so I enjoyed him being paired with Nightwing. Also making this read lots of fun is cameos including Superman, Flash, the JSA, and Arsenal. Having major characters popping up for just a few panels is what made me fall in love with Avengers West Coast!

    5. I loved this graphic novel! Tomasi is an awesome writer and gets two thumbs up from me! He really gives the characters in this book personality and shows the family dynamic I feel that the Bat family should have. I love the way that Richard, Tim, Bruce, Alfred, Wally, and everyone interact together in this book. There are so many moments that are just awesome in this book it's hard to name them all. From the first panel where Richard is skydiving, to Tim and Richard teaming up to go fight Talia [...]

    6. Dick! He's back! Finally, after several volumes of OOCness, this is the Dick Grayson I know and love. In "Freefall", he's also gained a lot of confidence, a new HQ (that sadly didn't last long) and a new hobby. The plot didn't grab me that much, but there were lots of really nice moments - Dick gets to spend some time with Tim, then there's him with Superman, Wally this is a fun book that captures Nightwing really well.

    7. Recommended to me by a couple of young friends who said this would make me a fan of Dick Grayson. I can see where they're coming from, too. While Nightwing is a standard athletic human superhero in combat and detective work, Tomasi's book characterizes him more fully than most superhero books I've ever read. He is an optimistic and moral figure seeking a happier life than his father figure, Batman, with strong ties to heroic communities around the world. There are multiple scenes where Tim Drake [...]

    8. While I'm not a fan of Batman/Bruce Wayne himself in most incarnations, I absolutely adore Dick Grayson. His arcs are always my favorite, and I was excited to read Freefall when it was recommended to me. I was really enticed by the plot, but everything about its execution fell flat--from the stereotypical racist and sexist depictions of the woman whose duty to her country is to birth ALL the babies, tragically fated to die within the week due to their superhuman aging speed to the lackluster con [...]

    9. Batman, the new Flash, the new Robin, and Superman make guest appearances in this graphic novel composed of six-parts. Here, Nightwing goes on a mission to find out who is robbing the graves of dead villains and superheroes to create an army that will help take over the world. This being the first graphic novel about Batman's former sidekick that I have read, it doesn't contain the seriousness that is often found in Batman's nature. Rather, the young Robin lurks in the shadow as Nightwing mature [...]

    10. This is another chapter of Nightwing's new career in NYC, where he almost immediately runs into bad guys digging up super-powered villain corpses, and reanimating them into super-zombies. With cameo's by the Robin, Batman, Superman, Red Arrow and the Flash, it doesn't detract from the fact that this is Nightwing's show, and he is becoming every bit as good as the Dark Knight himself.This is a version of Dick Grayson who is likable, and not trying so hard to be something he is not and does his ow [...]

    11. It kills me to give this book this rating, because Nightwing is my favorite DC character, but I have too. This book was pretty average. It wasn't bad by any means, but it really wasn't all that great, and I am fairly forgiving considering how much I like the character. I think my problem with it stems from the plot involving the army of rapidly growing babies. The whole idea of a woman constantly reproducing for days like she was a baby factory was pretty off putting. But there were still quite [...]

    12. Nightwing's characterization was really good, but the plot was kind of really far-fetched and didn't really make sense. Lot's of very good moments between Nightwing and Robin, which was nice. Overall a good break from all the dark, broody, angst stuff that most often takes place in Batfam comics.

    13. Creepy story once you understand what is going on but there is a lot to like. I always like a good story with Talia and two Robins at the same time is never a bad thing. We even get some Flash (Wally West) and one of the few un-annoying cameos by Superman that I can remember.

    14. This book series was teetering on the brink of obscurity, but it's back and better than ever with this edition.

    15. Although it is Nightwing, and I will always love Nightwing, it was missing something. Not sure what. Also, I didn't like the "big bads" in this. I didn't care if there was a winged army or not.

    16. Dick is back on form. It feels like its gone back to how it used to be. Lots of cameos, only problem is he's changed jobs again!

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