The Beach House Cookbook

The Beach House Cookbook You don t have to own a beach house to enjoy Mary Kay Andrews recipes All you need is an appetite for delicious casual dishes cooked with the best fresh local ingredients and presented with the bre

  • Title: The Beach House Cookbook
  • Author: Mary Kay Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781250130440
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You don t have to own a beach house to enjoy Mary Kay Andrews recipes All you need is an appetite for delicious, casual dishes, cooked with the best fresh, local ingredients and presented with the breezy flair that make Mary Kay Andrews novels a summertime favorite at the beach.From an early spring dinner of cherry balsamic glazed lamb chops and bacon kissed green beansYou don t have to own a beach house to enjoy Mary Kay Andrews recipes All you need is an appetite for delicious, casual dishes, cooked with the best fresh, local ingredients and presented with the breezy flair that make Mary Kay Andrews novels a summertime favorite at the beach.From an early spring dinner of cherry balsamic glazed lamb chops and bacon kissed green beans, to Fourth of July buttermilk brined fried chicken, yuppie potato salad, and Coca Cola cake, to her New Year s Day Open House menu of charcoal grilled oysters, home cured gravlax, grits n greens casserole, and Meyer lemon bar trifle, this cookbook will supply ideas for menus and recipes designed to put you in a permanently carefree coastal state of mind all year long.

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    1. One of my go-to authors is Mary Kay Andrews. Her novels are always entertaining and invariably land on my favorite beach reads list. That’s why I was so excited to receive a copy of The Beach House Cookbook. Andrews compiled her favorite recipes in a beautiful cookbook. The photos are gorgeous and will tempt the reader to try each recipe. Lemon cake is my favorite and I can’t wait to try the Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake!The book is divided into theme meals such as Low Country Boil, Fourth o [...]

    2. I do understand the meaning of Memorial Day, that it's a day to honor those who served and died in our wars. However, we've also made this weekend the kickoff to summer. That means it's also the perfect time to discuss Mary Kay Andrews' new book, The Beach House Cookbook.Andrews' preface is charming. It's her life story as it connects to the beach and beach houses. And, each recipe begins with a story that's as chatty as that preface, welcoming readers to summer and beach and summer foods. Betwe [...]

    3. Oh, it wouldn't be summer without a new book from Mary Kay Andrews! This year she's put together a cookbook with all of her favourite recipes! The title? The Beach House Cookbook: Easy, Breezy Recipes with a Southern Accent. And I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader!Andrews loves to cook and entertain at her beach house. In the preface, Andrews says."The whole point of this book? You can do it too. You don't have to have a beach house to have that same easygoing atmosphere. The recipes t [...]

    4. This is the second cookbook I have read by an author as a complimentary piece to their books and I loved this one just as much. Loaded down with spectacular, yet simple recipes, this is one that I will be pulling recipes off of. What I found most unique was the menu format and stories to tell about the food choices. She partnered up the stories with her books the recipes were featured in. Just a genius marketing idea and I know I have never read any of the author's other books, but will be wande [...]

    5. Loved the brown sugar bacon! It's something I'll have to make a lot more timesjust to make sure I'm doing it right! Next up? Fried okra cakes. So many recipes, and the pictures were mouthwatering. Recommended.

    6. I cannot wait to try these recipes! Along with my Lilly Pulitzer Cookbook, I think I have southern and beachy food completely covered! I so could easily slip right into Andrews lifestyle!

    7. Nice take on classic Southern summer recipes but I prefer my own pimento cheese recipe---isn't that the way everyone feels about pimento cheese and deviled eggs??

    8. The only reason this gets a 3 rating is I am just not into southern style cooking all that much. It's a beautiful book with lovely pictures and notes with each recipe on it's background to Mary Kay. If you like southern cooking this is a cookbook for you.

    9. I received this book through the First Reads program.This is a beautiful cookbook full of summertime recipes for entertaining. The recipes have a souther touch. The recipes are arranged in arranged in a menu format. For instance, Beach Picnic serves 6 and includes Beachy Ceviche, Ham and Havarti Sandwiches, Butterscotch Brownies, and Watermelon Wedges. Each recipe is accompanied by a full-page photo of the dish.I don't like judging a cookbook without cooking some of the recipes. I chose a few to [...]

    10. Fans of Mary Kay Andrews' best-selling beach books (Savannah Blues, Deep Dish, Beach Town) and the Callahan Garrity mysteries she originally penned as Kathy Hogan Trocheck (Heart Trouble, Homemade Sin) know her characters eat well and that she sometimes tosses in recipes for food mentioned in the stories. For example, you can find the recipe for Beyond the Grave Chicken Salad in Little Bitty Lies and now in The Beach House Cookbook (St. Martin's Press, review copy), which is what she wrote for [...]

    11. The beautiful pictures and the conversational tone of The Beach House Cookbook along with a diverse collection of delicious recipes suitable for many different occasions combine to make one terrific cookbook. I was concerned whether I would appreciate a "Southern style" cookbook, but to my delight and surprise the recipes are fresh and updated with lots of tasty twists to them. I recommend the Cherrylicious Glazed Ribs for starters. I ended up putting mine in the crockpot since it was too hot to [...]

    12. I won a copy of the cookbook and enjoyed reading through it. I felt I was cooking along and reminiscing with the author both in Atlanta and on Tybee Island. Wonderful collection of photographs not only of the food but also of family.I liked the way the cookbook was set up by holiday or occasion and that there was not only an introduction to the section but also to each recipe. There are a few I will definitely be trying and others will make their way to my table with a few substitutions. It's he [...]

    13. You probably recognize the name Mary Kay Andrews from her many NYT bestsellers such as The Weekenders, Beach Town, Summer Rental and more.Now she has come out with a very Southern Cookbook. Easy, laid back, summery cookbook. First let me say this is such a pretty book and you all know how much I love a pretty book cover and inside.All of the recipes are old, and well loved southern and beachy dishes. All a big part of my childhood and adulthood.The recipes are listed under categories such as Sum [...]

    14. Great cookbook! I got this out from the library and am making my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie from this book and it is amazing! I love the streusel top that sets it apart from other recipes and the pictures are amazing. I am putting this one on my wish-list after I make a ton more recipes, specifically the REd Rooster cocktail- yum! The book is beach-themed obviously but has celebrations for holidays at the beach, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which I just love. The contents are sorted by all kin [...]

    15. If anyone knows the beach it's Mary Kay Andrews.This is a lovely little book with charming 'background' on the recipes and great photo's. There is nothing snobby about these recipes either - what a relief! - but Ms Andrews clearly loves her okra. Me, an Italian daughter of Cleveland, now in the Pacific Northwest, not so much.There were some recipes that are already mine, but MKA amped them up a bit with a few tweaks and different spices. I'm excited to try her versions of our old favorites but [...]

    16. I'll admit up front that I like this cookbook because I had a great vacation on Tybee Island and can visualize all the places she mentions in her book. Andrews shares her family stories as well as recipes that are arranged in a menu format. From Low Country Boil to After a Day at the Beach to Christmas Brunch, the recipes are accessible and use only ingredients that can be found in the local grocery store and seasonal produce stands on Tybee Island. This would be a great gift for those who loved [...]

    17. This cookbook is very easy to read and the pictures are fantastic. The vinegar Slaw was easy and I loved the addition of the jalapeno. I put chiles in about everything anyway. We loved the Chicken Enchilada dip, except we don't use cilantro, persona taste. The Black Bean and corn Salsa is perfect for our tastes. I will be trying more recipes soon. Thanks for letting me win this cookbook, it is a fantastic addition in my quest for salivating recipes

    18. I won this book in a Giveaway. Excellent and beautiful book. The book itself sets the atmosphere of a relaxed, shared table Easy and fun recipes fill the book. Just the kind of foods that you hope for in a vacation setting. Great photos and helpful tips. Couldn't have wished for anything more!

    19. I'm a sucker for a story behind a recipe, and Mary Kay Andrews has good stories. Her cooking style isn't fancy. As she says, she hopes the recipes reflect ingredients you might already have in a beach house, yet despite the effort toward simplicity, they look like they would taste good. I'll be testing out several of them. An added plus, they are organized around holidays and seasons.

    20. Too many pages with extra pictures that have nothing to do with the recipes. Please if you are making the shrimp recipes CLEAN your shrimp . Yes, I know people up North don't seem to mind eatingShrimp that have the dirty vein but most SouthernersDo mind.

    21. First of all, this is a gorgeous book. The pictures make me hungry as any good cookbook should. These are organized into different dinners or luncheons, so it helps to tie a good dinner/lunch party together this summer. I'm pretty excited to try out these recipes!

    22. I received a free copy of this book in a giveaway. This is an absolutely beautiful book, with easy, summer recipes and heartwarming anecdotes to go along with them. This is a big, glossy book with lots of stunning summer-time photos. Now if I only owned a beach house

    23. Love Mary Kay Andrews. She was always a favorite author at Borders and was so gracious when she would come for signings. She tells fun stories of how she acquired her beach houses and how she likes to spend her beach time as well as sharing some wonderful recipes. This one is a must buy.

    24. Simple, easy to make recipes -- nothing too fancy and some using convenience foods. Meal plans include everything from beverages to desserts.

    25. I really want to try the recipe for lemon bars!And the blueberry muffins look deliciousd the key lime pie pops, too!Okay, so now I’m hungry

    26. I have post-it’s marking so many of these recipes I want to try. Beautiful pictures & enjoyed the notes for each recipe.

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