Bubbles Twelve year old Sophie Mulvaney s world has been turned upside down Mom lost her job at the TV station and broke up with Pratik whom Sophie adored Her teacher is making them do a special project abou

  • Title: Bubbles
  • Author: Abby Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780374302900
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Sophie Mulvaney s world has been turned upside down Mom lost her job at the TV station and broke up with Pratik, whom Sophie adored Her teacher is making them do a special project about risk taking, so Sophie gets roped into doing a triathlon And to top it all off, she s started seeing bubbles above people s heads that tell her what these people are thinTwelve year old Sophie Mulvaney s world has been turned upside down Mom lost her job at the TV station and broke up with Pratik, whom Sophie adored Her teacher is making them do a special project about risk taking, so Sophie gets roped into doing a triathlon And to top it all off, she s started seeing bubbles above people s heads that tell her what these people are thinking Seeing other people s thoughts seems like it should be cool, but it s actually just stressful What does it mean that Pratik wishes she and Mom were with him to eat dinner Is her best friend Kaya really going out with their other best friend, Rafael, whom Sophie also has a crush on And can Sophie s mom ever go back to her old self In this funny, heartwarming novel, Sophie comes to learn that people are than what they seem or what they think.

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    1. Twelve year old Sophie had my heart! I just finished Bubbles by Abby Cooper & it was a delightful middle grade/YA! Sophie is struggling with the fact that she thinks she not only broke up her mom and her boyfriend but also caused her mom to lose her job. While it's pretty normal for kids to think things that aren't their fault are, she then has to deal with the fact that she starts to see thoughts bubbles above people's heads! I loved this take on kids learning to read other's thoughts based [...]

    2. How lucky am I? I was able to learn about Abby Cooper and her first novel called Sticks and Stones. I actually got to meet her at #NerdCampMI last July. We ran into each other again at one of her Barnes and Noble book signings. I picked her novel Sticks and Stones to read to my fourth graders. When we were done, she visited my class and answered all of our questions.On top of all this, she left my class with her upcoming novel Bubbles, that will be released next July 2017. This will be our next [...]

    3. I'm always intrigued by how an author follows up a debut, especially if I completely fall in love with it. Sometimes I'm worried that the second just won't hold up. Other times I'm blown away by how they pulled off another story with as much charm and heart.Abby Cooper's BUBBLES holds all the humor and every bit of the magic of her first book, all with a brand new character and concept that is equally original and fresh. Sophie's voice is just as wonderful, and her journey to figure out why she' [...]

    4. Abby Cooper writes from and for the very core of the middle grade heart, and it is obvious to readers that she knows her audience well. In Bubbles, as in her debut "Sticks and Stones", Cooper infuses threads of magic into her storyline - magic that brings very real topics such as anxiety, depression and having a single parent into a format that tweens can easily read about and relate to. Sophie, like so many other 12-year-olds, often agonizes over problems and attempts to deal with them without [...]

    5. Abby Cooper has created another wonderful middle grade book! I had the pleasure to get an ARC of her most recent novel Bubbles. Bubbles is the story of Sophie who is trying to navigate middle school, with friendships, a sad mom, and a possible crush. But Sophie has started to see bubbles above people’s heads, letting her in on their inner thoughts. This causes a lot of confusion and problems for her. Although the possibility of seeing thinking bubbles above people’s heads is not reality, thi [...]

    6. Abby Cooper demonstrates a clear strength and talent for writing. She is very strong in developing characters and tapping into the challenges of what it is like to be a middle school aged child.Her last concept in Sticks and Stones dealt with words spoken and the impact they may have on your self-concept, but this time Abby focuses on thoughts which may have impact on our perceptions. Those perceptions, as we will find can be locked on and accurate, or over analyzed and create challenging situat [...]

    7. Charming and heartfelt, this book explores the idea of what would happen if you could see what people were thinking, and how would that change your relationships? The main character's voice is spot on perfect, and her real concerns mirror those of kids her age, even while she grapples with this strange, newfound ability. Definitely recommend.(I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review)

    8. Some characters just worm their way into your heart . . . and stay there. I have a feeling that's what Sophie Mulvaney has done to me. This irrepressible twelve-year-old has had her home life shaken, with her mom depressed in an aftermath of her breakup with Pratik, a boyfriend that Sophie cherished as much as Mom. Worse: Sophie feels responsible for both the break-up and Mom losing her job. And then the strangest thing happens. Sophie starts seeing people's thoughts -- beginning with Pratik's - [...]

    9. I adored Sticks and Stones, so I was eager to dive into Abby Cooper's second novel, Bubbles. It did not disappoint. A recent job loss and breakup has left Sophie Mulvaney's mom really depressed, and Sophie is on a mission to fix things, particularly since she thinks she's the cause of her mom's woes. To make matters worse-and a whole lot stranger-Sophie starts seeing bubbles above people's heads that reveal their personal thoughts. The road to cheering up her mom isn't smooth--Sophie's training [...]

    10. What a charming second novel from Abby Cooper! I was a big fan of her first book, STICKS & STONES, because of the vivid voice and awesome positive message, and BUBBLES has those same two winning elements. 12-year-old Sophie Mulvaney has begun to see bubbles above people's heads - you know, the kind you see in cartoons. These bubbles share their thoughts. Pretty cool right? Actually no - it's super stressful and Sophie is having trouble dealing with it. I loved Sophie's passion for history (a [...]

    11. I'm a huge fan of Abby Cooper's STICKS & STONES, and her newest work, BUBBLES, didn't disappoint! 12-year-old Sophie is dealing with a lot -- a depressed mom, friends who might not want to be her friend anymore, a "risk project" she has to do for class, and now -- on top of all that -- she's seeing people's thoughts over their heads. Told with a fun, vivid voice, the plot moves along quickly even as the reader becomes more and more invested in Sophie's emotional world. Highly recommended.

    12. Abby Cooper's second novel, Bubbles, establishes her as a master of writing middle grade voice. The insecurities, the new experiences - everything her characters go through ring true. This is a fantastic book about friendship and taking risks. Put Bubbles on your TBR list!

    13. What a beautiful, thoughtful, book about the awkwardness, pain, and hope of navigating the middle grade world. Heroine Sophie is struggling: her mom is depressed after losing her job and boyfriend, her friendships seem suddenly fraught with peril, thanks to first crushes and the awful Viv, who's trying to edge Sophie out of her own group of friends. Worst of all? Sophie is seeing thought bubbles over people's' heads, something which is both upsetting and confusing. But is everything exactly as i [...]

    14. Sophie Mulvaney is a regular teen, wading through the struggles of life until one day she starts seeing bubbles . . . you know, the kind in cartoons that show you what the character is thinking? I really loved this concept! How many times have we wished to know what someone else is thinking? If you are like me, so many. But it's not as cool as you might think. I love how Sophie has to learn to trust herself, how she has to learn that people aren't always completely clear in their thoughts, and t [...]

    15. Sophie worries. She worries about her mom and her exboyfriend. She worries that she ruined their lives. And her worries make bubbles pop out of people's heads, so she can read them. But can Sophie handle knowing more than she should?

    16. Another fabulous book from Abby Cooper. Her stories always hit home and really force the reader to consider others points of view and the power of words!

    17. Abby Cooper has done it again! Similar to the problem in her debut novel, Sticks and Stones, Sophie Mulvaney has a unique problem. She can see thought bubbles above people's heads and knows what they're thinking! Sounds good, right? Nope. This is a book about assumptions, perceptions and how to be a good friend. Definitely a book that will spur GREAT conversations with middle grade readers!

    18. Abby Cooper's BUBBLES is the follow-up to her strong debut and surprisingly takes every aspect to the next level. I was amazed, chapter by chapter, just how good Cooper’s new middle grade novel truly is. BUBBLES has all the humor, magical whimsy, and lovable characters that were notable in her first outing, but manages to exceed expectations in terms of style, voice, and concept. 12-year-old Sophie has a lot on her plate: her mother is single (again), unemployed and depressed, her teacher is m [...]

    19. I was sent an Advanced Reading Copy in order to give this review. Abby Cooper has another amazing story to tell! Sophie is transitioning through middle school, friendships, and life. She begins seeing thought bubbles above other people and makes choices based on those thoughts. This is a quick read that will be loved by all middle grade students and it is one that makes you truly wonder - what really is everyone around me thinking about at this exact moment?Wonderful, well written, and cannot wa [...]

    20. I love books that have a unique, interesting concept but to which middle grade readers can still totally relate. Like Cooper's first book, STICKS AND STONES, BUBBLES totally fits the bill. The characters are well-imagined, the story is engaging and the writing is great. An overall fantastic read!

    21. I thought this book was outstanding, a book I really wish I'd had when I was in middle grade. There's a lot of plot I could get into (which is all well paced) but what I wanted to focus this review on are the tough topics that this book handles head on. There are the typical middle school worries about friendships and crushes, and those are done superbly. But, in addition, this book really touches on depression, both at the adult and child level. And it talks about therapy as well, which I thoug [...]

    22. Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC!I will admit, I am unfamiliar with the works of Abby Cooper. She is well loved in the middle grade sphere for her first book Sticks & Stones (which after reading Bubbles I now want to read). I wasn't sure what I was going to get with Bubbles, but what is presented is a very sweet story of friendship with a pinch of magical realism. This is a book entirely looking at perceptions of others. Sophie, our heroine, can see thought bubbles over people's head [...]

    23. Cooper, Abby Bubbles, 262pgs. Farrar Straus Giroux (Macmillan), 2017. $17. Sophie has a mind that never stops and when things get complicated in her life, she starts to see thought clouds (like in comics) about the heads of people around her. In her home life, her mom has gone through a breakup and has become closed off and sad, making Sophie feel the same way, even her friends have noticed. At school they are given the assignment to do something that is a risk for them, so in an effort to get b [...]

    24. Twelve-year-old Sophie Mulvaney feels helpless to fix the things that are wrong in her world. Not only is her mother moping over the loss of her job as a television reporter and her break-up with Pratik, who lives nearby, but Sophie feels responsible for both problems. Thank goodness she has her two best friends, Kaya and Rafael. But once the three youngsters become immersed in plans to participate in a triathlon as part of a school risk project, Sophie starts to realize that Kaya and Rafael jus [...]

    25. In the story Bubbles by Abby Cooper, Sophie is a very adventurous girl with a very special gift. Sophie is a twelve year old girl who lives with her mom and her moms boyfriend Pratik. Sophie is very adventurous loves to take risks especially with her mom.Also Sophie has her best friend Kaya, who has always been there for her. Sophie also can see bubbles above people's heads that say what their thinking. Although Sophie finds seeing bubbles above people's heads pretty stressful because she can se [...]

    26. Thanks to the #kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book - all opinions are my own.Sophie is in mourning, because four months ago she was not only the cause of her mom breaking up with her long time boyfriend, but she also caused her mom to lose her job. As a result, her mom either sits on the couch reading boring magazines or cries in her room, instead of sharing lots of adventures with Sophie as they’ve always done And now Sophie has a new problem. She sees speech bubbles, just [...]

    27. Sophie isn’t the adventurous girl she used to be and neither is her mom. Her mom isn’t interested in much of anything, let alone adventure, since she and Pratik broke up. Even Sophie’s friends have noticed a difference, so when their teacher gives them the risk challenge, they enroll Sophie in a possible adventure. Little do they know that not only is Sophie avoiding anything scary, she is struggling with something even stranger. She is seeing bubbles - the kind they use in cartoons to sho [...]

    28. Realistic fiction sprinkled with a touch of supernatural will have readers transfixed in Sophie's story. The unexplainable is most believable, in my opinion, when the author allows the reader to just accept it as part of the reality they are sharing together, and that is exactly what Abby Cooper does when Sophie begins to see thought bubbles over people's heads, it just happens and Sophie must deal. Sophie tells us the story in all of the glory of a 12 year-old's mind, thinking fast, going of ta [...]

    29. Overall, a cute middle-grade novel about a girl dealing with anxiety, friendships, and worries about the adults in her life.Sophie is a pretty typical 12 year old in many ways. She lives with her mom, goes to school, has two awesome best friends. But, she is also coping with a lot of stress because she blames herself for her mom's recent breakup, job loss, and subsequent depression. I think I just wasn't in the right mindset for this book, because I had to really make myself slog through a lot o [...]

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