Girl on the Verge

Girl on the Verge How far would you go to belong In her small Kansas town at her predominantly white school Kanchana doesn t look like anyone else But at home her Thai grandmother chides her for being too westernize

  • Title: Girl on the Verge
  • Author: Pintip Dunn
  • ISBN: 9781496703606
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • How far would you go to belong In her small Kansas town, at her predominantly white school, Kanchana doesn t look like anyone else But at home, her Thai grandmother chides her for being too westernized Only through the clothing Kan designs in secret can she find a way to fuse both cultures into something distinctly her own.When her mother agrees to provide a home for a tHow far would you go to belong In her small Kansas town, at her predominantly white school, Kanchana doesn t look like anyone else But at home, her Thai grandmother chides her for being too westernized Only through the clothing Kan designs in secret can she find a way to fuse both cultures into something distinctly her own.When her mother agrees to provide a home for a teenage girl named Shelly, Kan sees a chance to prove herself useful Making Shelly feel comfortable is easy at first her new friend is eager to please, embraces the family s Thai traditions, and clearly looks up to Kan Perhaps too much Shelly seems to want everything Kanchana has, even the blond, blue eyed boy she has a crush on As Kan s growing discomfort compels her to investigate Shelly s past, she s shocked to find how much it intersects with her own and just how far Shelly will go to belong

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    1. 3.5 STARSMy initial interest in this one stemmed from a desire to find more culturally diverse reads in a plethora of genres. I always fangirl when I can find one in the young adult sector as I think it's important to empower our young people and expand their views on cultures other than their own. I'm not "old" by any means, but I'm far enough removed to wish I had found more books like this when I was a teenager. Girl on the Verge was a fantastic example of such; while it didn't feel like an [...]

    2. When I receive an ARC through NetGalley I always feel a sort of privilege. It's so nice to have someone grant me an eCopy of a book for free before it's released in exchange for an honest review. I feel that this is the one time that my review holds some gravitas so I always try to find good points within a book and to think about the precise target market for a book when I write my review while still remaining honest about my feelings. This is a hard book to review. Or at least it is for me bec [...]

    3. AHHH THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED.I can say, with my hand on my heart, that this book is one of my favourite books this year. It you like the creepy, twisty stories like WE WERE LIARS then you would love this.I will not say much as I really do not want to give the story away. But it is DIVERSE and HONEST and CREEPY.LOVE LOVE LOVE

    4. 2.5 starsWhenever a book mentions “Thai food” or “Thai restaurant”, I get ridiculously excited that ONE PART of my identity is being mentioned. But I’ve never ever read a book with an actual Thai character. So to find out that a YA book with a Thai MC actually existed??? I WAS BEYOND EXCITED.And then of course I was disappointed.You know when you close your eyes in the car ride back home from school because you’re just so tired and done with everything, and then the car stops and you [...]

    5. Kanchana is a Thai-American girl that has always had a feeling of not quite fitting in. Kan has been raised in a small Kansas town where she is the only one of her descent among her classmates but when she visits her homeland she also stands out as being too Americanized. When Kan's mother brings home another teenage girl and informs the family that Shelly will be staying with them Kan immediately feels drawn to her. The two become good friends sharing a lot in their feeling of not quite fitting [...]

    6. In my seventeen years in Foxville, Kansas, it's never been me. Why should anything change now?I liked a lot about this book: the #ownvoices aspect, as Kan is a Thai girl in a predominantly white school; the twistiness; and the family theme. It's rare to see a Thai protagonist, so I really appreciate Pintip Dunn's inclusion.However, I saw everything coming from a mile away. If you've read any sort of suspense or thriller, you'll know exactly what's going on. I kept reading, hoping I'd be proved w [...]

    7. ‘Girl on the Verge’ by Pintip Dunn.Publisher: Kensington Books.Expected Publication: June 27th 2017.Page Length: 256 pages. Genre: YA contemporary, Mystery, Thriller. Review:This book was provided to us by the publisher, Kensington Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.We were so thankful and privileged to receive an eBook of this unique book before it’s release date. Here is our honest review. We always try and find good points within a book whilst remaining honest about ou [...]

    8. The fun part of any mystery or thriller is trying to second guess where the author is going with it. And when you get it wrong, and are surprised, it is even better. That is where the tension lies.But, then there is this book, where I figured out not only who Shelley really was, but who she was not. It was the only suspense there was, really.The story, on the other hand, is fast paced, even though there is a sort of love triangle, with the Perfect Boy ™.So, although it was well written, and ha [...]

    9. I didn't intend for my review to be a haiku but the universe had the syllable count planted in my subconscious somehow so here you go:holy fucking shitwhat the hell did I just readI need to lie down

    10. I wanted to give this book more credit for diversity, but couldn't do it. I liked that the main character was of Thai descent, but instead it was used as a crutch, we were reminded of it at seemingly every moment. Yes, I got that they lived in a mostly white town and her grandmother and mom were immigrants from Thailand, but I didn't need it thrown at me all the time. Mention it a few times and leave it at that, don't make it a bigger deal than it needs to be, that's all I'm saying.Other than th [...]

    11. Girl on The Verge is wonderful and by wonderful, I mean creepy, twisted, and disturbing. This book is filled with everything that makes a perfect thriller! I am delighted to see another great spine-chilling young adult thriller to hit the shelves soon. Thank you to the author, publisher, and netgalley for providing me with an e-copy for an honest review.

    12. Original review can be found at kristineandterri/2** I received an advanced readers copy from Kensington in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!**I was very much looking forward to reading this book. I previously read The Darkest Lie and thoroughly enjoyed it. From the synopsis it sounded like this one would be sure to follow suit. So you need to understand that it pains me tremendously to write my honest thoughts on Girl on the Verge.I wanted desperately to like this book but I felt that i [...]

    13. The Girl on the Verge is a wonderful diverse mystery thriller that also discusses what it’s like to be a PoC in America. It follows Kan who experiences diaspora because she doesn’t truly feel as though she is Thai enough or American enough to fit in at home or in school. This novel explores what it’s like to be a Thai-American and mixing those cultures together while Kan is also dealing with a roommate who tries to steal her life as the days progress. This novel was so enjoyable to read, a [...]

    14. **I received a complimentary copy of GIRL ON THE VERGE from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**GRADE: A+++++++5++++ starsOh Pintip Dunn, I think I'm in love with you. Only a few pages into GIRL ON THE VERGE I knew I was reading a story I'd reread many times. The level of tension gave me a visceral reaction in my chest. I had to stop reading several times, just to catch my breath and slow my heart rate.Kan straddles a world between her old-fashioned Thai grandmother and her American life [...]

    15. Actual rating: 3.5For my review + a chance to win a 25$ gift card, CLICK HERE.You may have or have not noticed, but I might be Pintip Dunn’s biggest fan. Most of all, I enjoy her writing style, and this book doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the writing. Her ability to pull you into the story solely with the narration comes through again.The story revolves around Kan, a Thai-American girl who feels as though she doesn’t belong anywhere. The aspect of growing up between both cultures was [...]

    16. Though Girl on the Verge has a strong focus on Kan and her American-Asian roots and the trying to fit in with her friends, this story isn't about Kan. Its main focus is on Shelly. Kan's dad has passed away, and her Grandmother has come to live with them as Kan's mother works long hours at the local hospital. When a patient is killed, Kan's mother takes in Shelly - a teenage girl about the same age as Kan. Kan has always wanted a sister and sees this as an opportunity to have someone around whom [...]

    17. In the tradition of "Fatal Attraction" and the recent movie "Unforgettable," "Girl on the Verge" explores what happens when someone gets a little toondly. However this book adds some twists that make it a great, suspenseful read.Kan is a great character who is immediately likable and relatable. I really enjoyed her character and was immediately creeped out by Shelly, who was also really well written. One added "twist" that makes the book interesting is that despite Kan's pleas, her mother and gr [...]

    18. This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction AddictionThis thriller reminds me of a movie from when I was a teenager (many many moons ago) called Single White Female mixed with another (old---sorry) movie, Fatal Attraction. What happens when someone swoops into your world and immediately makes an impression, but then things start to go sideways fast. When Shelly moves in with Kan, she really likes her at first---even feels sorry for her because she's had a rough life. But [...]

    19. This was a book. It was twisty, and engaging, and fun. It reminded me of a Criminal Minds episode in the best way. There was action, suspense, and a bit of romance. All around, this was a really run read that kept me on my toes.Things I Liked:I loved that we got to see Kan deal with microaggressions in her daily life. I mean I’m not happy she had to deal with assholes, but I thought it was very realistic to show how Kan was othered in her school and home life - she wasn’t Thai enough, she wa [...]

    20. Oh. My. God. What a book. This book has left me speechless (and I talk quite a lot). It's one of the best new books I've read and I don't think anything can compare. When I first started this book I thought it was going to be the classic cookie cutter story about a popular girl taking someone socially awkward under her wing. But I was pleasantly surprised. The contrast between Shelly and Kanchana's personality becomes more evident as the book moves along and the author is an expert at subtly ma [...]

    21. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this. I don't think it was scary, but it was creepy! I really liked Kan. Her journey with acceptance of her identity as Thai American, and learning to not care about others opinions was one of my favorite things. I also adored her relationship with Ethan.Also, he's a Latin ballroom dancer; that's awesome. As for Shelly, (view spoiler)[ I really liked the addition of being a grifter. It makes her actions seem more than just her being crazy. And elevated the Riley reveal, [...]

    22. I expected something different…You see, the plot description doesn’t really tell you how much of a thriller this is. When I started reading, I was intrigued. My own background can be described as ethnically ambiguous. The number one question I tend to be asked by strangers is, “What are you?” Usually after they’ve spent the last ten minutes staring at me. (Nothing creepy/uncomfortable about that, right?) I also get the shout out. After the requisite 10 minutes of staring, a total stran [...]

    23. Kanacha doesn't look like her classmates. She lives in Kansas together with her mother and grandmother, but most of her family members are living in Thailand. Kan does her best to be a good Thai girl and she tries to fit in at school. She designs her own clothes and would love to go to art school. She has three good friends, who don't always understand her, she is secretly in love with Ethan, but doesn't dare to talk to him and secretly she's feeling a little bit lonely. When Kan's mother brings [...]

    24. For anyone who liked Pintip Dunn's first contemporary thriller, The Darkest Lie, this new book is a must-read. Kan is a Thai-American high school girl trying to find her place in an all-white, Midwest town, when her mother brings an orphaned teen into her home to finish high school. Shelly is lost and grief-stricken, and is grateful for any attention Kan gives her. But the friendship takes a turn when Kan starts dating her dream guy and Shelly's fixation on Kan turns darker. And darker. This gri [...]

    25. I'm not sure what I thought of this one. I guess that mainly I just didn't think the things this book tried to do mixed that well together. I did like the own voices aspect and how it deals with feeling like you're in several worlds and not fitting in any. I just need to think a bit more about this, to say something eloquent about it.full review here: catshelf.wordpress/2017/0

    26. TW for abuse, domestic violence, suicide, self-harm, and sexual harassment.Early copy provided by Netgalley. This doesn't affect my opinions or my reviewIS BOOK. THIS FREAKING BOOK.I was reading three books at once, then decided to focus on this one. I read it in a day and don't regret it at all. It blew my expectations out of the water and I loved every page.This actually just released today, so I feel it's appropriate that I finished it. I'm going to be recommending it a lot. For such a short [...]

    27. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish this book. I am a big fan of Pintip Dunn but I was unable to connect with the character and the story-line.

    28. The good news is Girl on the Verge is good, the bad news… it’s good – but just doesn’t tip the scales to great simply because it’s just a little too shallow. The shallowness of both plot and characters let the story down. The storyline, although unoriginal, has all the makings of a brilliant psychological thriller where the reader alternates between wanting to slap the gullible character and hiding under the duvet. More depth is needed and although there were occasional flashes of sini [...]

    29. Very disappointed with this one. The beginning was strong, but after such a dramatic tone shift, the story spiraled downward so fast after that. Which is a shame since I've been looking forward to this book for so long, and the beginning was so exciting. I don't know what else to say other than I'm just so let down

    30. See this review and more at lilbooklovers.wordpress!Disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for a review. This will not affect my review in any way.Overall Thoughts: I’m surprised that I finished this book in two days. Two days!!! It might not have been that long, but I couldn’t put it down, especially in school. I’m glad I got to skip Wellness (I was done with my Pacer Test exam so…) because it gave me enough time to finish it. Girl on the Verge hooked me [...]

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