Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 1

Bungo Stray Dogs Vol Having been kicked out of the orphanage a despairing young man by the name of Atsushi Nakajima rescues a strange man from a suicide attempt Osamu Dazai Turns out that Dazai is part of an armed detect

  • Title: Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 1
  • Author: Kafka Asagiri Sango Harukawa
  • ISBN: 9780316554701
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Having been kicked out of the orphanage, a despairing young man by the name of Atsushi Nakajima rescues a strange man from a suicide attempt Osamu Dazai Turns out that Dazai is part of an armed detective agency staffed by individuals whose supernatural powers take on a literary bent

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    1. I somehow completely missed that this series has supernatural/fantasy elements. I was going to watch the anime but I passed it up because I thought it was just drama/crime and that seemed kind of boring to me. This manga is great though. It's a very good blend of mystery and fantasy and it's also hilarious.Yay, it's been a while since I found a manga series I like this much.edit-Also, I'm apparently pretty slow. Reading the other reviews after I wrote mine I found out the characters are named af [...]

    2. The premise of this manga is exceptional: using real life authors as reference in manga's characters.This manga is a fantasy superheroes manga with selling points in the name of the characters and their super powers. The characters are based on real-life authors, and the name of super powers are based on the authors' works.But so far, at least for volume 1, the names are mostly cosmetics in my opinion. Only Dazai Osamu in manga that has suicide tendencies that seems resemblance real author's lif [...]

    3. This manga is life. The protagonists share famous Japanese authors names which made me like it even more.Of course Osamu Dazai is by far my favorite! <3 The art is not something exceptional but still it's a fine manga to read.

    4. This is a manga which takes place in an alternative version of Tokyo, in where gangsters with supernatural abilities roam the streets of the capitol; and the only a group who can stop them is the mysterious group known as the Armed Detectives, who also possess their own set of supernatural abilities.At first the pace of the story is slow, and the plot is quite predicable, there's no difficulty to guess who 'the monster' really is, but once those Armed Detectives show up, things become more inter [...]


    6. Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a WriterAtsushi Nakajima has just come to the city after being kicked out by his orphanage. He rescues the perpetual suicide attempter Dazai who recruits him into an armed-detective agency. They take on the mafia of the city!So we meet Atsushi and learn about how he joins the armed-detective agency. I really liked how clueless he was about who he is and what he has been doing. The test they give him was also quite cute and a great w [...]

    7. [The rating and review refer to the whole series.]Read up to Chapter 29Bungou Stray Dogs (Literary Stray Dogs) is a well thought-out and entertaining manga, which combines humour and mystery in an interesting, fast-paced plot.What makes it stand out from the usual detective manga placed in an alternative version of a city, is that every important character has the name of a Japanese author, and each of these characters has a special ability.The main character, Atsushi Nakajima, is an orphan, who [...]

    8. Итак, что мы имеем: - разнообразие крышесносных персонажей- незатейливый сюжет- ненавязчивый юморБольше всего меня покорили персонажи. Я начала читать эту мангу только потому, что наткнулась на отзыв, мол "здесь они потрясающие". Согласна с каждым словом. Характеры очень пр [...]

    9. Original Review: 5/5 - 7th FebruaryI've always been a fan of supernatural mangas and when I watched the anime for this, I knew I had to track down the manga. I have to say, it was a brilliant read. I have no regrets about picking this manga up; the characters are complex, there are beautiful plot lines flowing through it, and such beautiful art work. This is definitely one of the better mangas out there and I can't wait to get through the rest of the series that's out so far. I seriously recomme [...]

    10. I actually only bought it out of boredom during my lunch break but I really like it. And I think I need to buy the second volume tomorrow ❤

    11. This one's got my interest.It's a little offbeat, it's a little silly, it's got signs that things are going to get darker, and it's got bizarre personalities.In this world, there are people with special powers called "Skills" that vary. One character might have the ability to cancel out other people's powers, while another might have the ability to write items into being. I've seen similar powers before, but there are also some other powers that I haven't seen that keep things interesting. Not t [...]

    12. Letto nell'edizione italiana di Planet Manga. L'artista lavora in un modo molto diverso da ciò che mi piace leggere di solito, le sue linee sono sottilissime, spezzate e sfuggenti tuttavia le tavole risultano dinamiche ed efficaci. Si parla di un team di investigatori con abilità sovrannaturali, utili a inseguire i criminali più efferati. Se non fosse stato proposto nell'edizione standard di questa casa editrice, forse lo avrei seguito.

    13. Oh mein Gott, wie genial ist das bitte? Der Zeichenstil ist so wunderschön und die Geschichte ist spannend und die Charaktere interessant und Detektivelemente und !!!Ich verfolge ja immer mindestens einer Reihe, die in Richtung Action & Co. geht und ich bin sehr, sehr glücklich, dass ich durch Lias Empfehlung auf die Reihe hier aufmerksam geworden bin. Ich freu mich schon so sehr auf den nächsten Band (den ich mir jetzt definitiv kaufen werde)! <3

    14. I wanna re-watch the anime now! ;v;But the art in the manga is so much better! So unique.New favorite manga series! <3

    15. Fast paced, funny fantasy/detective story with great characters who are named after real authors. Dazai is my favourite so far and his suicide tendencies are very apt.As good as the anime adaptation.

    16. I. (#1-4) Дело было пасмурным вечером, когда я засела смотреть посоветованное аниме про каких-то псов. Через пару серий я было приуныла - опять какие-то пацаны с супер-способностями собрались в шайки и дерутся друг с другом. Но тут в мой ленивый просмотр третьей серии ворвалась [...]

    17. Ho visto le prime puntate dell'anime e mi sono fermata per recuperare i primi due numeri del manga usciti in italiano.Non mi sono accorta subito che i personaggi hanno tutti nomi di autori/poeti nipponici finchè non è comparso Ryunosuke Akutagawa, ma già Osamu Dazai mi aveva fatto scattare qualche campanello in testa.I personaggi sono caratterizzati in modo da richiamare l'autore/autrice di cui portano il nome e tutti i loro attacchi fanno riferimento alle opere più significative di ciascuno [...]

    18. I'm more into shojo than seinen but I loved this one! The characters are great (Dazai and Jun’ichirō ♡), so is the story. Also, I love the drawings, they're elegant and exactly how I like them. I can't wait to read the second book and watch the anime!

    19. *read until vol.10 Not sure whether I'll catch up now or not, because I kind of don't want to spoil myself for the anime? While I really liked the manga too, I found the anime a bit more pleasing in terms of artwork, and I really liked the animation too so*undecided*That said:1) I love Dazai.2) I love that the characters and their abilities are named after famous novelists/poets.3) So far it has the right mix of comedy/mystery for me.I have added all the volumes I've read, but I'll review only t [...]

    20. I was sold on this series the minute I read the premise. Asagiri does a decent job with the references to the actual authors (and those who have seen the anime adaptation know the Dazai suicide jokes lessen as it goes on), but the translation feels stilted, which is both unusual for Yen Press and a little off-putting.Full review eventually appearing on ANN.

    21. Have I mentioned that I'm a huge fan of manga? Actually, even if I wasn't, Bungou Stray Dogs would still manage to turn me into one. The plot is awesome, the characters are great, and the drawing is just Brilliant. I love Asagiri's art style. While supernatural powers aren't exactly uncommon in stories, the way this particular story utilizes it makes it stand out. Akutagawa is, and will always be my favorite character.

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