CatStronauts: Race to Mars

CatStronauts Race to Mars Fresh off of their heroic mission to save the world the CatStronauts Major Meowser Pom Pom Blanket and Waffles are taking a well deserved victory lap Parades and fancy awards dinners are the new no

CatStronauts Race to Mars Drew Brockington CatStronauts Race to Mars Drew Brockington on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In the sequel to CatStronauts Mission Moon , your favorite elite group of cat astronauts are thrust into the space race of the century Fresh off of their heroic mission to save the world CatStronauts Mission Moon Drew Brockington CatStronauts Mission Moon Drew Brockington on FREE shipping on qualifying offers CatStronauts, you are needed When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage acaf Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival The Kids Have Chosen Their Favorites On June , , the annual Kids Comics Awards Ceremony was held at the Ann Arbor District Library, hosted by Zack Giallongo and Ellie Moody Nominees were suggested by kids via public ballot in April . Best Kids Space Books for the Holidays Educational Gift A good book about space can feed a kid s obsession or inspire a brand new interest in exploring the wonders of the universe If you re hoping for a holiday gift, you re in the right place Here New Comic Books This Week April th sciencefiction Apr , One of Brian s earliest Sci Fi memory is the Rancor from Jedi, even before that he could be seen running around the yard with an imaginary Luke Skywalker and stuffed Chewbacca in tow, fighting Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Paperback Barnes Noble Editorial Reviews Stephenie Meyer s thrilling debut novel is a love story with a bite In this suspenseful and sensual tale, year old Isabella moves to a small town in Washington State and gets excitement than she bargained for when she falls for an enigmatic classmate who happens to be a vampire. Black Bead Eyes TV Tropes A fairly common trait amongst works with a simplistic art style is that the characters eyes will be nothing than a black dot on their faces. Summer Reading Lists Kids Summer Discovery A moonlit tale of friendship and play It is nighttime in the savanna, which means that it is time to play for one rambunctious lion cub The cub tries to make new friends with the hippos and the giraffes, but roaring at them only chases them away. I Choose to Stay TV Tropes Subverted in Amulet in that when the heroine announces that she must stay in the fantasy world, her mother declares that in that case, the whole family will too At the end of the second Catstronauts book Race To Mars, Pom Pom decides to stay on mars alongside the Cosmocats, promising to come back on the second trip to Mars In Transformers Shattered Glass, Cliffjumper from Transformers

  • Title: CatStronauts: Race to Mars
  • Author: Drew Brockington
  • ISBN: 9780316307482
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fresh off of their heroic mission to save the world, the CatStronauts Major Meowser, Pom Pom, Blanket and Waffles are taking a well deserved victory lap Parades and fancy awards dinners are the new norm But around the world, other cat space programs are watching in particular the CosmoCats, the first cats to go to space With national pride and scientific research on tFresh off of their heroic mission to save the world, the CatStronauts Major Meowser, Pom Pom, Blanket and Waffles are taking a well deserved victory lap Parades and fancy awards dinners are the new norm But around the world, other cat space programs are watching in particular the CosmoCats, the first cats to go to space With national pride and scientific research on the line, the world s space programs rush to be the first cats to Mars, and the CatStronauts are starting months behind Can they catch up and prove their first mission was no fluke

    One thought on “CatStronauts: Race to Mars”

    1. Catstronauts, Cosmocats, MEOW, and COOKIE  With all these different cat space programs to keep track of, this one was a little annoying. I found it hard to remember who was who. Also, they all seemed so angry all the time. I didn't find a lot to redeem this story. In the end, they all realize that cooperation is the best way to succeed, but meh. I know it's for kids, but I've seen a lot better.

    2. I dunno guys, I loved this one even more than the first one! I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a total sap, and when (view spoiler)[all the teams start working together, even the Cosmocats, who have totally been made out to be the bad guys of the story up until that point (hide spoiler)], I was all, "uh-huuuuuu" *sob* *sob* *tears of joy*. Plus, Uma and Yogi of Cookie? So adorbs!!!Toooootally excited about book 3, ha!

    3. The CatStronauts are back andey're kind of bored. And not really doing much besides accepting awards and going to free lunches and dinners held in their honor. But then the CatStronauts are called back into action. It turns out that several other space programs around the world are planning Mars missions, and the CatStronauts are the last ones to get involved. Will they lose to the CosmoCats or one of the other two groups, or will they triumph and be the first cats to land on Mars?In some ways, [...]

    4. Emerson wanted me to read this because he wanted me to get his jokes. I like the story of this one better than the Moon book - there's more of a sense of tension and overall plot. Side note: I've seen this classified as a "middle grades" book, but to me it's more an early elementary book. The humor definitely resonates well with a 7yo.

    5. I didn't like this one as much as the first one. It's still cute, but a great deal less humorous. This one just felt dramatic, though having all the different space stations come together was an interesting direction to take.

    6. The Catstronauts are back at it again but this time they are in a race to Mars with the space programs Socks, Meow, and Cookie. In this story there was a great message about teamwork to reach a goal and letting go of grudges-it was just as cute and fun as the first in the series.

    7. Also very cute. I liked this one better than Mission Moon, probably because the plot was a little more complex and involved other teams of cat astronauts -- who, of course, learn the value of teamwork by the book's end. Aww.

    8. This is the second book in the CatStronauts series by Drew Brockington. Where the first book took us to the moon, this tale covers a space race with the Russian Cosmocats as well as other (European?, South Asian?) agencies, followed by explorations on Mars. The numerous space-based acronyms are funny, but for someone like me who has lived in acronym hell (AKA the military) for a couple of decades, it got a bit tiresome. I did, however, appreciate that the teams include male and female cat space [...]

    9. This straightforward story focuses on the team of Cat-Astronauts touring the cat community accepting awards and speaking about science based on the celebrity gained from their successful mission to the Moon. They are starting to get bored and the book effectively communicates boredom through their squabbling, conversations about food, etc but soon enough the action quadruples with the announcement of a competition to reach Mars. Some aspects young readers may like: The four teams have cute names [...]

    10. This is so cute I don't even know what to do with myself?! Anthropomorphic cat astronauts from different countries are competing to be the first on Mars, but ultimately they learn that when they put all their genius brains together they can move science forward at incredible rates. Plus, they all become FRIENDS. I teared up a bit at the end. Many cat puns and silly acronyms. One of the catstronauts is named Waffles.

    11. Oh My Gosh, these cats are so much fun. Silly kittens from around the world trying to be the first cats on Mars. This series is a children's graphic novel series but I know several adults who are enjoying them. These several adults are also mostly crazy cat ladies (a few exceptions though). The drawings are funny, the conversations are funny, and these books are perfect for when you want a quick read that is enjoyable.

    12. Not as good as Mission Moon, the first catstronauts. This one is based on the original team of mission moon competing with 3 other teams in a race to get to Mars first. As a kid’s book I think it’s fine but that’s pretty much it. Instead of focusing on learning more about our main cats it extends the scope to include about 7 more which just ends up almost all the same characters with different fur patterns.

    13. I read opened this book not expecting the complex dialogue and plot development that I got. It builds suspense really well but some of the dialogue is rather lengthy and difficult to follow because I couldn't always tell the cats apart!I think children would really enjoy this series and look forward to recommending.

    14. These books are too cute. The illustrations are adorable. I felt like this one had more story than the first and it was awesome to meet more kitties. There are puns layered in the story and funny things in the background. And once again it demonstrated the power of teamwork. Can’t wait to continue this series.

    15. Great story about the power of teams and working together. More wonderful cat puns and lots of fish jokes. Not as good at the first in the series, but still would be a great option for those comic book lovers and reluctant readers in your life.

    16. I really enjoyed this one, it just didn't quite have the impact on me that the first book did. There were a lot more "aww" moments than laughs and I did really enjoy the way everyone banded together. Still adorable, funny, super cute and another recommend.

    17. The cat astronauts are drawn adorably, and an exciting competition is set up between the different space programs, with a surprising and nice ending. However, I found myself getting a little confused about characters and plot-- better drawing and editing would help.

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