Geniaalsed ideed (enamasti)

Geniaalsed ideed enamasti Ilma p ikeseprillideta Delia n gemine on Tomile suur OKK aga see pole veel midagi v rreldes isa saan suureks sportlaseks plaaniga Ta v idab et osaleb kooli spordip eval Kas te kujutate ette seda h b

  • Title: Geniaalsed ideed (enamasti)
  • Author: Liz Pichon Mario Pulver
  • ISBN: 9789949970681
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ilma p ikeseprillideta Delia n gemine on Tomile suur OKK, aga see pole veel midagi v rreldes isa saan suureks sportlaseks plaaniga Ta v idab, et osaleb kooli spordip eval Kas te kujutate ette seda h bi, mida tema plaanid kaasa v ivad tuua Samal ajal on ka Tom, Derek ja Norman treenimisega ametis harjutades Zombi Koerte lugusid, et osaleda kooli talendiv istlusel.ToIlma p ikeseprillideta Delia n gemine on Tomile suur OKK, aga see pole veel midagi v rreldes isa saan suureks sportlaseks plaaniga Ta v idab, et osaleb kooli spordip eval Kas te kujutate ette seda h bi, mida tema plaanid kaasa v ivad tuua Samal ajal on ka Tom, Derek ja Norman treenimisega ametis harjutades Zombi Koerte lugusid, et osaleda kooli talendiv istlusel.Tom Gates on meistervabandaja, ekspertjoonistaja, vaimustav koomiksikirjutaja ja t reda petaja hr Fullermani needus Ja tema toredas kritselduste ja rumaluste p eviku uues osas leiad taaskord k iksugu koomilisi juhtumisi, mis paneb sind k ht k veras naerma Sarja I osa Tom gatesi ge maailm v itis 2014.a HEA LASTERAAMAT tiitli Raamat on suurep rane lugemine nii poistele kui t drukutele alates 9ndast eluaastast, raamatusarja autor on v itnud Roald Dahli huumoriauhinna, Red House Children s Book auhinna ning lisaks Waterstones Children s Book auhinna 5 12 aastastele m eldud kirjanduse kategoorias.

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    1. Ok, so 'Genius Ideas' was a novel I DID enjoy in the 'Tom Gates' series, but probably not as much as the previous novels. For some reason I felt like I was flicking through a boring magazine that holds something interesting for some people but not for me. I also felt like the author had slightly run out of ideas and funny plots to include in her mass of doodles and words. Tom - the main character - thankfully did not irritate me this time. 'Genius Ideas' is very quick read for someone life me wh [...]

    2. Ben made me do it--but I'm glad he did, it was a highly entertaining kids' book that is a rare thing: genuinely appealing to reluctant-reader boys. (He's since bought two more in the series, so thank you, Tom Gates!)

    3. این کتاب جزو کتاب‌های محبوممه. یعنی مجموعه‌اش. ویراستگاریشم که همیشه ازش تغریف کردم. عالیه.اگه شما این کتاب را نخونده باشید میگم که حتما این کتاب را بخونید.قشنگه. خنده‌داره.میتونم یه جایی را تصور کنم و انگار که دارم خودم می‌بینم اما اون داره برام توضیح می‌ده. بعضی موقع‌ها ه [...]

    4. This is a book of more than 250 pages. Tom Gates has presented many genius ideas in this book like: when he is late to school then he writes the late note himself; when his sister was having green hair and hiding behind him in a local place then her cap fell down and Tom gates get aside and all saw her green hair and laughed at her; and many more. The last pages of this book show us how to make a paper banger.

    5. I feel the books keep getting more and more repetitive. It's like a deja-vu of "I'm sure I've read the same plot in the latter series". Still, enjoyable.

    6. From my 9 year old: This is one of the best books in the series. I like when he thinks his head looks like a giant pineapple and when the hairbrush gets stuck in his head and sports day.

    7. This is more than a book. It is a work of art. This is a book that will get kids who aren’t interested in reading, interested in reading (at least for one book). And for kids who are already interested in reading, this is their reward for being interested in reading.Throughout the book the layout of every page has so much going on. Even before we’d started the story there was a little flip-book bug in the bottom corner doing his thing. Then on every page there are words that are block-letter [...]

    8. I chose this book to read because the cover page looked quite attractive as it was catchy and creative. The pages inside too were very creatively made. The story is about a boy Tom Gates and the funny events that happened in his life. Tom is a very creative boy who likes to doodle in his diary. He always gets stuck in the most funny situations. One incident is when Tom is getting ready for school and sees Delia his sister without her glasses and notices that she had mistakenly dyed her hair gree [...]

    9. This book is also the winner of the Roald Dahl funny prize 2011, the winner of the best book for younger readers Red House children’s book award 2012 and the winner of the Waterstones Children’s book prize 2012 BEST FICTION for 5-12’s. Tom’s dad says he’s going to compete at sports day, this is going to be bad. Anyway Derek, Norman and Tom keep practicing in their band DOGZOMBIES so that they’re ready for the school Talent Show. At the end of this book it shows you how to make a pape [...]

    10. A great series to encourage reluctant as well as more confident readers. Targeted at boys aged 7-12, this will be equally enjoyed by girls and has been a big hit with my 9 yr old daughter and 12 year old son.As an adult I found all the doodles distracting but I have been assured by my children that it enhances their reading experience! A quick laugh out loud read which will provide much needed entertainment in between more serious novels. Fans of the Wimpy Kid series will find Tom Gates just as [...]

    11. Tom Gates Genius Ideas (mostly) by L. Pichon – 4th grade – Realistic Fiction/Humor – I feel quite embarrassed. I promoted a book and have been waiting to get my hands on it to finally read it. I now understand why so many of my readers have been making these annoying loud paper snapping things… there are INSTRUCTIONS in this book. Reminds me of Origami Yoda folding instructions… I love the formatting of this book, quite the quick read. My son adored the book as well. He chuckled his wa [...]

    12. I like this book because it makes you laugh. And it has funny sections like when Delia (Tom's sister) gets green hair.The bad thing about the books is that they are not in colour. You have to read them in this order: the brilliant world of Tom Gates,Tom Gates excellent excuses (and other good stuff), Tom Gates everything amazing(sort of), Tom Gates genius ideas(mostly). I recommend this book for 7-12 year old boys who like books like the diary of the wimpy kid.

    13. jW I love this book it's about this boy named Tom. He's in a band named dog zombies. His friends are He has to many friends. I recommend up to ages 7 to 10. My favourite part is when he gets a hair comb in his hair. Please read this I like this book because it was funny. The boy is named Tom. I recommend the book to people ages 6 to 12. My favourite part is when he gets stared at at school by the teacher. I recommend it to anyone that is in to adventure.

    14. I would recommend this book to younger readers as it is full of delightful doodles and annotations, however if you are slightly older and just looking for a quick and easy book to read, then don’t rule out Tom Gates!See the full review: bookclubcorner/2015/07/0

    15. This seems to be trying to trade off the success of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It's kind of written in diary format but kind of not. It's just haphazard. In fact, there seems to be little structure to it at all. The story just meanders around. That would be ok if it was funny. But unfortunately it's just not - some bits are mildly amusing but generally it's just average.

    16. Dad is going to be running the parent race at sports day, so he in training. Delia took Tom by surprise by taking her sun glasses off & all Tom can think about is the talent contest. I am really enjoying this series so far. This book is awesome.

    17. Super funny story and illustrations both. Very fun to read as it has doodles almost everywhere and enriches imagination. Children can also compare their lives with Tom Gates. A brilliant series and an absolutely good read.

    18. En esta cuarta entrega, Tom y su clase participarán en los juegos deportivos escolares, donde se enfrentarán a las demás clases de quinto. Además, grabarán el primer vídeo de los Lobozombies y su familia seguirá dándole problemas, sobretodo su hermana Delia.

    19. Very much in the style of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid - while at the same time distinct and a story of its own - which will delight all the fans of this series. I especially appreciate that the main character is a fifth grader which makes the book so much more appropriate to Primary School readers.

    20. Ik vond het een heel grappig boek de hoofdpersoon is enorm grappig, ik kon het boek nooit laten liggen en na het lezen had ik buikpijn van het lachen.

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