The Oathing Stone

The Oathing Stone Book Two of The Rituals Trilogy Fire magic wraps around her bones and strengthens them but if the fire touches another it does than burn After a year blissfully hidden together in a small village on

  • Title: The Oathing Stone
  • Author: J.Z.N. McCauley
  • ISBN: 9781540157812
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook
  • Book Two of The Rituals Trilogy Fire magic wraps around her bones and strengthens them, but if the fire touches another, it does than burn After a year blissfully hidden together in a small village on Ireland s lush green, Catherine and Bowen are ready to tie the knot The joining of an ancient druid doctor and a woman blessed with druid magic from the sacred oak treBook Two of The Rituals Trilogy Fire magic wraps around her bones and strengthens them, but if the fire touches another, it does than burn After a year blissfully hidden together in a small village on Ireland s lush green, Catherine and Bowen are ready to tie the knot The joining of an ancient druid doctor and a woman blessed with druid magic from the sacred oak tree calls for nothing less than a traditional Celtic ceremony For this, to connect them to their ancestors and the sacred place where they marry, a key item must be chosen for the ritual, the oathing stone Their need for discretion allows for only a gathering of Catherine s closest friends and family But after the couple s first night together, strange and sudden events unfold Blood mingles with fire, and Catherine s magic becomes unstable Meanwhile, the mysterious Faerie Kings send a Fae spy to witness Catherine s magic which disrupts not only her life but her best friend Bella s when she becomes his sudden obsession Just after Bella goes missing, it is up to Catherine to get her back, but it is only the beginning of their problems as she finds they re embroiled in the middle of a Faerie civil war.

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    1. I received a free eARC in exchange for an honest review.After spending the last year together, Catherine and Bowen are finally ready to take the next step in their relationship and get married. As a couple made up of an ancient druid doctor and a woman with druid magic from the sacred oak tree, they'll have to have a traditional Celtic marriage ceremony. In order to connect with their ancestors and the sacred location of their discreet ceremony, they'll have to select an oathing stone. On the we [...]

    2. I received an ARC for an honest review Catherine is starting a new life with Bowen in a beautiful small town in Ireland. Things couldn't be more perfect for her, until it all goes wrong. I was really excited to read the second installment of this trilogy. I adored the first book and couldn't wait to find out how the story had progressed. Once again I was blown away by the authors beautiful writing style and fantastically descriptive scenes. Being from Ireland, reading books based on your culture [...]

    3. Catherine marries Bowen, the man who had lived on when Conall’s group had been sent on by Catherine’s reversing of the curse when she came into her power. He was a druid and the love of her life but their happiness was very short lived as their oathing stone was stolen by the Fae from the dark wood. Bowen is dying in front of her very eyes so Catherine once again ventures into the fae wood and the nightmare begins. The fae are full of illusion, magic and they think very little of humans. Thi [...]

    4. I haven’t written a review in months. Months! I’m more then positive I’ve forgotten how to do this. *insert scared face* J.Z.N. Is an author I’ve had the honor of working with before and I was impressed with how much her writing has grown. I read the first book a couple months ago so I had to go back and refresh my brain a bit because of course I didn’t write a review for the first book even though i could’ve sworn i did (that’s coming later as is a much better review of this one). [...]

    5. *I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review*This series looked so promising. I’m a huge fantasy nut, so anything with magic, fairies, and Ireland sounds fantastic to me, and I couldn’t wait to read to read the first book, Oak and Mistletoe. It kills me to say that I was very disappointed, and had I not been asked to review book 2 in the trilogy, I probably would have DNF’d it. Luckily, it was very fast paced and I was able to power through. The plot was convoluted, I fel [...]

    6. Absolutly one of the best book I read! I think I hold my breath way to long in the last chapters of the book because I was so worry over how it would end. So now I'm waiting for the 3rd in this triology.The book is about Faes, and I have no idea how this sort of "creature" really was before I read this book. I do know one thing, no matter what I would never trust oneThey are full of mischiefs, tricky and quit evil. You can read this book as a single book but to get the real feeling for it, you h [...]

    7. *I received a copy from the author for review. This does not affect my review.*Even better than the first! Just as action packed, with more at stake than ever before! I loved this one from cover to cover. When Catherine marries Bowen, the love of her life, the world around them suddenly explodes with chaos. The Fae want something that was stolen from them, Bowen is dying, and the King of the Fae has a sudden interest in Bella, Catherine's best friend. I sped through this one, the fast pace is pe [...]

    8. I loved this book, I love how the story continued from the first one, how the characters intertwined with each other, I'm hoping there is a third book as I'm not ready to let go of these people.

    9. This was just as action packed as the first book. I love that the characters are all so fleshed out in this one. You really get the inside view to what everyone is thinking. The plot was solid and the theme was consistent. There was a bit of an unfinished thread so I'm guessing we'll see another book!

    10. Wow! Though much darker then the first novel in this amazing series , this second book was definitely worth the wait. This is a masterpiece of magical tale , with alluring Irish Fae and so much more. Truly amazing words written by Jzn and I look forward to so much more !

    11. My first impression about this book is that it was amazing, simply because of the setting. I honestly can't recall a book that actually had a setting in Ireland, and I adore the country so I was stoked to read a book set there!There is so much going on here - Catherine and Bowen's wedding, her magic, Bella's abduction! I could not put the book down for a second because I needed to know what happened. Plus, the drama with the fae made it even more intriguing. I'm all for fun, cutesy little fair [...]

    12. I received an e-ARC, and I loved it! The Oathing Stone was a beautifully written sequel to Oak and Mistletoe. It's darker than the first, the prose much lovelier, and it was great to see so much more magic! The same great characters are together again. This time, Bella is very much involved, and I loved that. The plot was really interesting to me since I like fantasy and Celtic myth. The Irish fae in this are very alluring, but I like that there is a lot of mystery surrounding them continuously [...]

    13. The Oathing Stone by J.Z.N McCauley is book two in her Rituals Trilogy. In this book we are reunited with Catherine, Bowen, Danny, Bella and Mary. Catherine and Bowen are preparing for their wedding day that has finally arrived. Catherine and Bowen pick out a stone to be their oathing stone to follow Irish tradition. As they do this and enjoy their wedding day they have no idea that they are being watched by the fae. A shift in power has occurred in the courts of the fae, and it has placed Cathe [...]

    14. Intriguing, mythical, and far from a fairy tale story that takes you to the world of legends and myths long forgotten. Cathy has finally found her peace, and all she can think of is her upcoming marriage to Bowen. Both of them magical beings, they decide to exchange the vows in a traditional way, binding them together with an oathing stone. But the deceitful fae watch their every step and full of cruelty and machinations, Loic puts his masterplan to motion. Little did he know Cathy is more resou [...]

    15. Let me preface this review by saying that I rarely give 5 star reviews; I just don’t. A book has to really wow me to earn one, and this one did! It is obvious, even if I had not seen the subtitle, that this is not the first book in the series. However, the author has done an admirable job catching up the reader without completely re-telling the whole story. There were a couple of times that I felt like there was some information that I’d missed (I’ve not read the first book in the trilogy) [...]

    16. Catherine can finally marry Bowen, who has become mortal after Catherine defeated the fae. She is still presumed dead, when in truth her twin Kathleen is the one who died. Mary has been their protector of secrets and has given them a life. They marry at the ruins with her brother Danny and best friend Bella as the guests. They followed an old druid tradition of using an oathing stone to hold the promise of their love.The morning after their wedding, Caty has an open wound and tattoos appear all [...]

    17. Loved Loved Loved this book. Bravo to J.Z.N. McCauley wrote a book that leaves me speechless and wanting more from this author. After reading Book 1 could not wait for Book 2 and after reading it I can not wait for Book 3. It needs to be out now. Anyway, very well written. The story line is very well developed. You are able to almost put a face and figure to the characters of the book. You can feel what they are feeling. In other words this wonderful author is able to bring her characters to lif [...]

    18. The oathing Stone is the second instalment of the rituals trilogy. A fantasy full of adventure and romance. I found the book hard to follow although it was slightly better towards the third end of the book. The book seemed too fast paced and I wanted more about the challenges faced rather than rushing through them. It seemed a little disjointed at times which spoiled my enjoyment and I found it hard to connect with the main characters. I found it hard to get to know the main character as she kep [...]

    19. Hey so I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my completely honest review. All I can say for this book is wow! It was conpletly amazing I laughed, I swooned, I gushed, I cried, and I screamed. This book had everything I was expecting and more, I was so happy that this book didn't get the second book syndrome. I really enjoyed the first one but I have to say I like the sequel more. If you haven't checked out this series you definitely should because this book is amazing. The plot was inte [...]

    20. A fantasy chock full of adventure and romance that just isn't for me. It was too fast-paced and the writing seemed disjointed at times making it difficult for me to engage and fully immerse myself in the story. I also just can't connect with Caty and her frequent shifting between 'helpless, I give up' and 'warrior woman, save everyone' attitudes drove me nuts. I did find the druids and lore very refreshing and the way that the author described the Irish towns and setting has me ready to book my [...]

    21. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. The second in The Rituals trilogy, I was drawn in a little more than in the previous book due to more of an inclusion with the fae. Catherine has accepted her magic and has been living with Mary and Bowen when tragedy strikes again, sending her on yet another quest to save those she loves. A good story with excellent proofreading, however I still didn't feel that chemistry for the couples throughout the book. I couldn't relate with [...]

    22. This is the second book in this series, and the follow up book to Oak and Mistletoe. I actually enjoyed this book more than the first book in this series. I felt that the pace was more to my liking and it kept my interest more (the first book was good as well, I just liked this one better of the two). I felt like this story delved deeper and we got to “see” more of the characters and understand them better, and this story was chock full of adventure, both of which I appreciate in a story. 4 [...]

    23. 5/5 StarsThis is a thrilling continuation to Oak and Mistletoe. It tells the story of Catherine's life after gaining her Druid abilities.In the first book, Druids were given a refreshing new spin. And J.Z.N McCauley keeps that up with her Fae. We are introduced to banshees and more. Readers also get more growth in the characters they feel in love with in book one.There was also a fair amount of action near the end that was beautifully written. Oh this book pulled at my heartstrings! I need more! [...]

    24. DISCLAIMER: I voluntarily read an ARC of this book, which was provided by the author. This is my honest review.After the first book, I was left with so much frustration because I NEEDED to know what would come next!!! There's a wedding in this second installment! Bowen won my heart right over in the last book and I was so happy to see him and Catherine tie the knot. There is a whimsical flow in the story. The characters are amazing. The Oathing Stone is a total page-turner.

    25. THIS BOOK!!!JZN is an amazing author and I loved the first book in this trilogy . . . I can't wait to see how this all wraps up, because the second book was even better than the first!It's adorable, it's action-packed, and all of the fantasy elements are so well done! There are surprises at every turn and you won't be able to put it down!If you love mythology, magic, or adorable characters, read these books! You won't regret it!

    26. I am so addicted to this series! The Oathing Stone by J.Z.N McCauley was the perfect second book in The Rituals Trilogy. I absolutely loved all of the Characters and after reading both books in the trilogy I have officially added going to Ireland on my bucket list. I cannot wait for the third instalment and if I had one wish it would be to have this book in my greedy hands today:)

    27. Not sure about this one. A bit of a disappointment especially since Book 1 was SO great!! While the story itself was good even though it was a bit disjointed, the ending left me with too many unanswered questions. I’m assuming there will be another book in the series that will address the major ones?? I received a free copy of this book via BookFunnel and am voluntarily leaving this review.

    28. This was a nice continuation of Oak and Mistletoe. I really enjoyed following Catherine’s story and and learning more about her and the other characters. I feel like this author does a great job of world building. I have read a lot of fantasy books but not a lot about druids so that is something that compelled me to keep on with this series. Can’t wait to see what book 3 will bring!

    29. Loved this second story. Love that transcends everything and willing to do anything for one another. What more could you ask for? Magic and fae , oh my! You learn more about the characters from book one and meet new ones along the way!

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