Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Barbie and the Diamond Castle BARBIE STARS AS Liana a humble peasant living in a cozy cottage in the woods with her best friend Alexa When Liana and Alexa find two strange heart shaped stones they begin a magical journey to th

  • Title: Barbie and the Diamond Castle
  • Author: Kristen L. Depken
  • ISBN: 9780375856198
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • BARBIE STARS AS Liana, a humble peasant living in a cozy cottage in the woods with her best friend, Alexa When Liana and Alexa find two strange, heart shaped stones, they begin a magical journey to the Diamond Castle, where they use their love of music to save three Muses and defeat the vengeful villain Lydia.

    One thought on “Barbie and the Diamond Castle”

    1. The Barbie twins go to a bar, where two twin brother strangers BUY THEM DRINKS. This, in an easy reader? You've got to be kidding me.

    2. Another one of those movie to book adaptations. If I hadn't seen the movie I wouldn't have a clue what the storyline for this book was. You can't put an entire movie into 32 pages.

    3. Even the preschooler who seems to love all of the Barbie books was a little disinterested in this one. Maybe the adaptation for beginning readers made it too brief or eliminated too many important details?

    4. Alexa and Liana Stumble across a magical key that lets them into a magical castle. Can they help Melody escape from the mirror or will evil overcome them. A little dark and long so preschool and up

    5. I gave it 3 stars mainly because it was a nice step into reading book, level 2, for a little girl. Aside from it being a good practicing book for new readers, the storyline was pretty blah in these pages. I found myself having trouble following it because it left out so much of the movie, that the story in these pages was really not much of a story. If I hadn't known the movie, I would have been sitting there with a million questions afterwards. Having said that, most little girls that sit down [...]

    6. An okay reader for girls who need some motivation with an extremely girly subject matter. 2nd to 3rd grade reading level.

    7. This book really makes no sense, and I quickly realized it must be based on a movie. My 4 year old was totally confused, as was I.

    8. An evil witch named Lydia and two best friends who have amazing power together. A girl named Melody who is trapped in a mirror helps the girls. S.L.

    9. My daughter loved this book we read this one cuddled up together on my chair amazing little story great book for the kids. ☺

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