The Scoundrel and I

The Scoundrel and I A sexy heartwarming novella from the author of RITA Award Finalists My Lady My Lord and How to Marry a Highlander Printer s assistant Gabrielle Flood just made the worst mistake of her life Then han

  • Title: The Scoundrel and I
  • Author: Katharine Ashe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sexy, heartwarming novella from the author of RITA Award Finalists My Lady, My Lord and How to Marry a Highlander Printer s assistant Gabrielle Flood just made the worst mistake of her life Then handsome, dashing Captain Anthony Masinter came along And made it even worse And he s the last man on earth who can help her fix it Sometimes a disaster is exactly what twoA sexy, heartwarming novella from the author of RITA Award Finalists My Lady, My Lord and How to Marry a Highlander Printer s assistant Gabrielle Flood just made the worst mistake of her life Then handsome, dashing Captain Anthony Masinter came along And made it even worse And he s the last man on earth who can help her fix it Sometimes a disaster is exactly what two people need to fall in love The Scoundrel I is a standalone spin off novella from Katharine Ashe s acclaimed Falcon Club Series, with special BONUS MATERIAL the complete correspondence of Lady Justice and Peregrine, including never before published letters The publication celebration sale price is for a limited time only.

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    1. (I'll post my review on my blog! For now, just .)***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Scoundrel & I by Katharine AshePublisher: Billet-Doux BooksPublication Date: August 7, 2016Rating: 4 starsSource: eARC sent by the author***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***Summary (from ):A sexy, heartwarming novella from the USA Today bestselling author of RITA® Award Finalists My Lady, My Lord and How to Marry a HighlanderPrinter's assistant Gabrielle Fl [...]

    2. The Scoundrel & I by Katharine Ashe is a 2016 Billet-Doux books publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This pleasant and touching novella is a spin off to the popular Falcon Club series. Gabriella, or Elle, works as a printer’s assistant, while also caring for her gravely ill grandmother. She once made a huge mistake by giving her heart to a man, and vows to never make that error again. But, on the heels of that monumental blunder, she finds herse [...]

    3. The Scoundrel & I is a sweet little novella that serves as an appetizer for the main event, The Earl, which comes out later this year. It took a little while to get going, but once the hero, Tony, began making regular appearances, I was into it.Gabrielle Flood is an overworked, underpaid printer's assistant for the publisher that releases the letters from Lady Justice and the correspondence from Lord Peregrine. Gabrielle loves their constant banter and she wants to share that joy in the form [...]

    4. Gabrielle Flood is being daring. While her employers at Brittle & Sons, Printers, are away on holiday in Bristol, Gabrielle “borrows” the printing type from her workplace to bring to her flat and show her gravely ill grandmother, for whom it will be the grandest joy. No one will ever know. Unfortunately, on her way home with her treasure, an unfortunate accident happens, which for Gabrielle means certain ruination. She will lose her job, and she and her beloved grandmother, who already b [...]

    5. Lovely little story, with an absolutely delightful hero - warm, caring, effective, and funny. The story is kept simple, but within the constrictions of the novella form, Ashe manages to give us the fascinating background of a print shop (I'd have loved to have seen more of this in action - maybe it features in the longer novels in this series), and a rounded pair of MCs, each facing very real challenges. The plot springs from the MCs' first meeting when Tony unwittingly puts Elle in a position w [...]

    6. One of those rare novellas that satisfies - feels like I just read a full-length novel.Will write a review if I can find the time!

    7. This story is a different take on the first meeting in that the hero, Captain Anthony Masinter doesn't realize he has met the woman that will change his life and all Gabrielle Flood knows is that a stupid, careless man has cost her the job she loves and the means to help take care of her elderly grandmother.Anthony Masinter, formerly of Her Majesty's Navy is weighed down with guilt over the death of his First Officer and is determined to offer himself on the altar of matrimony to take care of th [...]

    8. This is a sweet story of a girl who works in a printer’s office, Gabrielle Flood, who has a chance meeting with Captain Anthony Masinter, recently discharged from the Royal Navy. What is nice about this story is that they are not of the aristocracy, though they do brush alongside it. It is a refreshing change from all the stories of Dukes out there.Katharine Ashe nicely builds a slow seduction of Elle by Tony. She resists him but he is persistent. There is also a joint commitment to solve a pr [...]

    9. The Scoundrel & I is spin-off novella from Katharine Ashe’s acclaimed Falcon Club Series, which was amazing to read them all. I love her characters and plots. Gabrielle who works at a printing press has just stolen something from work that she should not have and she runs right into Captain Anthony. what will happen between these two??? this was a great short story and can't wait for Katharine Ashe's next book.

    10. This was such an enjoyable story by Katharine Ashe, featuring some characters from previous books. Slightly longer than a regular novella, it read like a short novel. I absolutely love the character of Captain Anthony Masinter! He really made the story. I have only read one other novella with some of these characters, not the books, but this introduction makes me want to read the others. I think this can be enjoyed as a stand alone. I rarely give a five star rating to a novella, because I am alw [...]

    11. This was a very sweet novella and surprisingly felt more like a complete novel than a novella.Tony and Gabrielle are very likeable characters and both carry scars/secrets from the past.Tony is a captain in the navy and has just resigned his commission, he inherited a property from a distant relative and has decided to set down roots and start a family - his chosen bride is the widow of his first mate. Tony feels incredible guilt over his death and feels that he can only make things right by marr [...]

    12. The Scoundrel & I by Katharine Ashe – B Elyssa Patrick was singing the praises of this novella and, as it was only 99c, I snapped it up. While I didn’t love it quite as much as Elyssa did, I did enjoy my time spent with Gabriella (Elle) Flood and Captain Anthony Masinter. The Scoundrel & I is a spinoff novella (from the author’s Falcon Club series) but stands alone well. I expect there will be quite a few readers using this book as a gateway in fact.Elle works in a printer’s and [...]

    13. Katharine Ashe is an elegant, witty writer. Fans of Katharine Ashe will recognize that this novella is part of her Falcon Club/Devil's Duke series, and events occur prior to the onset of her next novel, THE EARL. You will be delighted by cameos of favorites from the series, including further exchanges between Lady Justice and Peregrine. Although you can read this novella as a stand-alone (and be won over by the quality of Katharine Ashe's writing), those of us who have followed the series will g [...]

    14. I love reading stories, where the heroine, like me, has a job and is on the bookish side. A personal plus for me is that this story has an old fashioned printing press. My father’s friend, had such a printing press and when I was young, showed me how to use the press with setting the type and making my own broadsheet aka the printed page. He told me the metal type was sometimes fragile and to treat it with care. But that’s enough about me, this is about our hero and heroine, Gabrielle Flood [...]

    15. The scoundrel and IThe first thing i thought when i saw the book was: what a gorgeous cover, a beautiful positioned couple, amazing dress, emotion and misschief. Then i started reading the cover and i was hooked.Very important: This is a novella that doesn't feel like a novella. Well developped characters, great prose that sucks you right into the story. It's a spin off of the Falcon club serie but you can read it seperately. I just loved it because it gives you a taste of the next novel about P [...]

    16. Katharine Ashe puts more story into a novella than some authors do a full length novel. This is a wonderful read and a gorgeous cover! It is part of the Falcon Club/Devil’s Duke series. It can be read as a standalone, but you might enjoy it more if you know about Lady Justice’s letters for the rights of the poor and women. The heroine, Gabrielle Flood, works for very low pay at the print shop that publishes Lady J’s letters. She also takes cares of her sick grandmother. When her employers [...]

    17. The Scoundrel and I is a provocative and uplifting novella from Katharine Ashe. It is a standalone spin-off novella from the acclaimed Falcon Club Series. It has special *bonus material* at the end of the novella; the whole correspondence of Peregrine and Lady Justice. It even contains never-before published letters between the two. I loved this novella and the story of Gabrielle & Tony. It is fun, romantic, sexy, the start of the next novel about Peregrine and Lady Justice coming this Octob [...]

    18. Katharine Ashe may have written my favorite novella, ever! The Scoundrel and I made me laugh and cry. The protagonist, Gabrielle, is a print mistress. She is poor, takes care of her blind grandmother and is smart, but not a member of the ton. She is almost ran over Captain Anthony. He is a member of the Navy and the Ton and stands for everything "Elle" finds repulsive in men. Elle is the reason I love, love, love this novella. She is smart, sassy, and quite humorous. Life has dealt her numerous [...]

    19. I loved this book! It's a very different Regency romance. Although not part of the ton, this couple is caught up in its rules.Captain Anthony Masinter has served his country well. He is retiring from the sea after living most of his life on a ship. He was a younger son with what we would call dyslexia today. His father was disgusted and threw him on a ship when he was just a youngster. Turns out, there is a lot of free time and men willing to teach him on board. He excelled at all his rising ran [...]

    20. I love this story. Falcon Club series is one of my favorite series to have a character who works at the print shop where Lady Justice and Peregrines story is published is amazing. I love how Captain Anthony meet Gabrielle. The twists are great. Gabrielle being a clerk at the print shop and wanting to share Lady Justice story with her Grandmother was so sweet and sad. Knowing Gabrielle's grandparents were in the printing business in America before coming to take care of her and raise her was a wo [...]

    21. A beautifully written, witty novella The Scoundrel and I is as engaging and touching as Katharine Ashe’s other novels. This novella is a spinoff from her Falcon Club series and is essentially an opening to the upcoming The Earl, Peregrine and Lady Justice’s story (!!!!) which will be released this fall. The Scoundrel and I is the journey of Tony and Elle and like Katharine’s other stories; their happy ending is a hard fought one. Life has a tendency to throw roadblocks in our way and this [...]

    22. A page turning story line with intriguing characters who are witty and amazing in their own persona…integrity of the first degree and huge hearts. A reader’s delight in the small nuances threaded throughout the book. I loved it and look forward to where this story might pick back up. Adventurous and compelling at the same time; it is challenging to put down once I started…this is one of those “just one more page…just one more chapter…wow, I finished the whole book…oh, I have an hou [...]

    23. The Scoundrel and I is a great short read that introduces you to a great couple that you root for from the beginning. The humor in the story was a nice touch to the more serious parts of the story. You would cry then laugh, then cry, then cheer. And in addition to the great love story of Elle and Anthony you get more of Lady Justice and Peregrine’s letters.The writing is what we come to love from Katharine. It is a great addition to her Falcon Club series.

    24. This was a fun short story- I liked how the hero and heroine were bickering when they first met "Officially" - I liked the selflessness of the hero who was always willing to help, really really liked the hero -liked the half sisterOverall, *thumbs up*

    25. Mini-review for the All About Romance blog to come early next week.This novella is pure magic. Romantic, swoon-worthy and too short!

    26. Not terrible (in fact, the author writes truly beautiful lines), but it felt overly familiar and forgettable at the same time. A nice but non-memorable novella.

    27. Gabrielle Flood works in a printer’s shop and cares for her elderly grandmother, who when she was younger also worked as a typesetter in a print shop in America. Captain Anthony Masinter has left the navy to run an estate he inherited from a great aunt. Elle wants to do something special for her grandmother, so when the shop owner goes out of town, she borrows some of the type to take home. On the way, she is frightened by a horse and rider moving rapidly down the dark street. She drops the tr [...]

    28. A fun novella to add to the Falcon Club and Prince Catchers series. Add to the world of Katharine Ashe's interwoven series with this novella.

    29. Katharine Ashe just made it to go to status. Delightful story with strong funny heroine. Well developed characters and good flow to story.

    30. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the AuthorThe scoundrel and I is a novella by Katharine Ashe. It can be read alone, but fans of the author will meet again some characters which appeared in Kisses, she wrote (my review here: /review/show ), and the inflamed letters Lady Justice and Peregrine send to each other that are published and sold in all England. Lady Justice and Peregrine’s story will be published soon and titled The earl, second volume in [...]

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