A Stone-Kissed Sea

A Stone Kissed Sea An immortal wanderer A brilliant scientist A centuries old menace written in blood Lucien Thrax son of the earth and child of the ancients is a healer of immense power But years of work on a deadly

  • Title: A Stone-Kissed Sea
  • Author: Elizabeth Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781941674109
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • An immortal wanderer A brilliant scientist A centuries old menace written in blood.Lucien Thrax, son of the earth and child of the ancients, is a healer of immense power But years of work on a deadly vampire virus have not led to a cure, nor have they softened the wall he built around his heart When he s forced to work with Doctor Makeda Abel, Lucien is convinced he sAn immortal wanderer A brilliant scientist A centuries old menace written in blood.Lucien Thrax, son of the earth and child of the ancients, is a healer of immense power But years of work on a deadly vampire virus have not led to a cure, nor have they softened the wall he built around his heart When he s forced to work with Doctor Makeda Abel, Lucien is convinced he s reached his limit of patience with humanity.Makeda Abel may be human, but she s far from impressed with the brooding vampire healer, even if his mind draws her reluctant admiration She s learned how to survive in the immortal world, and it s not by being afraid Working together may lead them to answers, but it also pushes Lucien and Makeda s attraction to the boiling point.When nightmares become reality, Makeda will have to trust Lucien with her life Finding answers has never been vital Finding love has never been deadly To heal the Elemental World, Lucien and Makeda must follow ancient paths and ask for help from the most inhuman of immortals Because even with a cure in hand, the battle has only begun.

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    1. It's alive. IT'S ALIVE!That's right! A Stone-Kissed Sea is finally here. Find out why everyone has been falling in love with Lucien and Makeda. (I know I have.) I'm so excited for you guys to read it!: amzn/2dreVidiTunes: apple/2dEzyJKNook: bit/2ehboXTKobo: bit/2dXOKzySmashwords: bit/2e0ZehR"Rich in imagery and passion, this story sweeps you away from page one!" —The Lit Buzz"So much more than a paranormal romance! In short, come for Romance, stay for Science as this geeky paranormal fantasy w [...]

    2. NOTE: While this book can be enjoyed as a stand alone, you will be missing a LOT of background information about what has been years in the making in fighting the spread of Elixir and the devastating effects it had in this world. If you have not read the preceding 3 books I would recommend that you do since they are all 5 Stars reading.The last few books by Elizabeth Hunter that I have read seem to follow a similar pattern in my mind, the book starts slow and while interesting I am not feeling l [...]

    3. Reviewed at Cross My Heart Writings and Reviews*Many thanks to the author for an arc of this book.Once again, Hunter has gifted readers with an epic tale, beautifully orchestrated and rich in details. One in which the landscape becomes a living, breathing character, carrying the reader on a magic carpet ride through faraway lands where all the elements of nature intertwine and become as one. Complex, almost mythical characters and intricate plot lines are flawlessly woven with the landscape, fle [...]

    4. So many beautiful moments and not enough words to describe Ms. Hunter’s talent. Her penmanship for sizzling, spine tingling tales can’t be rivalled with any other vampire books out there. Truly magnificent with a story and characters that will blow your mind and will stay with you for a very long time. This is the one book that I wasn’t entirely sure about. Don’t get me wrong no one writes paranormal fangmance quite like Ms. Hunter. Well there is one another but Ms. Hunter is a true star [...]

    5. 1,5 starI became a fan of Elisabeth Hunter since I read A Hidden Fire, the 1st book in her Elemental Mysteries Series and I loved the spin-off, Elemental World Series - you can read my reviews on the first three books here: /book/show/1/book/show/1/book/show/2Needless to say, I was so excited with the arrival of book #4 - A Stone-Kissed Seabut that excitement soon began to fade.roughout most of the story I spent doing more ofSdragging my body on the flooryingoh trying so very hard not to give up [...]

    6. Where to start. Well, first I will say that I was given an ARC of this book and will leave an honest review. There, now that is done.;) I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Hunter (to put it mildly) and I will never get enough of the Elemental world that she has created. Each and every character worms its way into my heart, and A Stone Kissed Sea is no different. One of the things I love about her books is that when she takes you to someplace in the world through her story, she really takes you. You fee [...]

    7. 4 stars!I love this series! I think of it as ‘intelligent PNR’. There’s that creation of a whole new world and its unique characters that are an essential part of all PNR books, but Elizabeth Hunter writes smart storylines with drama, mystery and intrigue that keep you madly turning pages, and of course gorgeous romance that is both sexy and emotional. It all blends perfectly into her stories, and I loved this one.This book is a part of the Elemental World series. It’s part of the series [...]

    8. The excitement I get when a new Elizabeth Hunter book is coming out is almost second to none, particularly for the Elemental books. I'm sure it's not normal to feel such depth of emotion for a set of fictional characters. There is a special little place in my heart for Gio, Carwyn and the gang. If I had only one grumble it was that we didn't get to meet Gio and Beatrice again but then, we can't have too many fire vampires in one place can we? ;-)So this is about Lucien whom I loved in A Fall of [...]

    9. Many thanks to Elizabeth Hunter for an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you have not read the previous books in the Elemental World series, I highly suggest you do; not just to get some of the background for this story, but because Ms. Hunter's writing is worth it. A Stone-Kissed Sea digs deeper into the story of Lucien Thrax, an ancient vampire who has forgotten more than he remembers, and Makeda Abel, a respected doctor. Together they are tasked with finding a cure for Eli [...]

    10. 4.5/5* EXPECT A LITTLE BIT OF SPOILERAGE! PURISTS, NO NEED TO READ FURTHER*This was one very exciting read, ladies and gents! I am so glad a major story arch has come to an end. And yes, I'm talking about Elixir.I noticed how the quality of Elizabeth's writing shot up massively in the last year, and A Stone-Kissed Sea is definitely not an exception. There are a few great things about this book I want to talk about.The Romance. Makeda and Lucien are both complex, rich characters. They start as br [...]

    11. Nobody does it better. I read A LOT. I do A LOT of other things, as well. Life. Life means that there is no price-point that can be placed upon the absolute joy in finding your list of Go-To Authors. Sometimes, I am tempted by (or coerced into) trying new authors and it works out beautifully. I gain a longer list! Sometimes A couple of years ago, I was coerced into giving Ms. Hunter a try. Oh, the happiness! So much gratitude to April White!This book was everything wonderful that is an Elizabeth [...]

    12. When you think how can Elizabeth Hunter get any better, she comes out with A Stone-Kissed Sea. I won this book before it was released and I couldn't have been more excited. Makeda is the type of woman I would want my daughters to grow up and be. She is smart and knows what she wants and won't let anyone, even an extremely handsome, arrogant, and equally smart vampire, get in her way. Lucien is a 2000+ year old vampire who's got brains and beauty, he gives Makeda a hard time but also helps her gr [...]

    13. There are several things I know I can count on in an Elizabeth Hunter book: an intriguing story, more than a few tears, and romantic tension that practically leaps off the page. Add stellar writing to the list, and more than a few goofy smiles. So I started reading "A Stone-Kissed Sea" completely expecting all of that.And I was NOT disappointed. Hunter is true-to-form in this latest release in her Elemental World series, but with a twist we haven't seen before: her hero and heroine? They are abs [...]

    14. Just now finally getting around to reading thisI let it slip off the top of my virtual pile. Anyway, it was a good read, as always. Came close a couple of times to being a 'fated mate vampire love story of the week'; but the always excellent writing pulled it out. It was nice to finally see some closure to the deadly elixir problem; and also to catch up with some fav characters in this world.

    15. I received this book in return for an honest review.I found this author by chance one cold frosty morning in January and since then have pretty much read everything she has written. My first foray was with Gio and Bea in the Elemental Mysteries novels where this story really starts and although this one could be read as a stand alone, it's advisable to read the others for a lot of the back stories and world building.I never thought there would be another couple to rival Gio and Bea but I find my [...]

    16. DON'T MISS THIS BOOK OR THIS AUTHOR. This book is dreamy. The way the story unfolds had me hooked from the first chapter. I have have read other books by this author but not this series. I actually felt like I was witnessing every scene in person. I developed a deep connection with the characters and can't wait to go back and experience the whole series. This book is in my top ten must read books.

    17. ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for fair and honest review. Thank you!Aah I'm both sad and excited to see this story-arc come to an end, but what a way to do it! Bring on the ancients, the lush settings, grandiose style, tradition, battle, and, of course, a fiery and explosive couple - I guess even an earth and a water vampire can bring those adjectives to mind I savored the story, enjoyed the slow-burn romance, and even the science behind the Elixir. The locations are vividly described, [...]

    18. Looovvveeeddd this!!! Was lucky enough to win an arc of this before it's release. I started it last night at 11 even though I had a flight to get up for at 5.30. I read it on the plane- I was the only one happy it was delayed as it meant more reading time, read it then on the train to work in London at lunch (yes I skipped out solo so I could finish it) and hanging on to a pole on the underground for 15 stops to my hotel that's how much I enjoyed this!!! I get lost in the world I love learning m [...]

    19. I received this book in return for an honest review.Well, not surprisingly I loved A Stone Kissed Sea! Lucien and Makeda are just as delicious as the rest of Elizabeth Hunter's characters. Both brilliant and beautiful, and have a hard time getting out of their heads long enough to see what their hearts (and friends) already know. Ahhh. Since this is the fourth in the Elemental World series, I recommend reading the others first - there are character and story threads that carry over. Just sad tha [...]

    20. Stone Kissed Sea is an antagonists to lovers story done well with some major payoff in the larger Elemental World series arc in addition to the romance. I loved the leading lady Makeda, I loved seeing Baojia, Tensin and Carwyn again. And as much as I am generally jaded with vampires, I liked the vampire-vampire romance and the bits with the ancient vampires tooC courtesy of the author - Thank you for the 'escape'.

    21. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsThe Elixir virus is still plaguing both human and immortal populations when the latest installment of Hunter's ELEMENTAL WORLD series begins, but this time we're focused on finding a cure (for vampires without a living sire) for the disease.To that end, one of the first vampires we met who was suffering the effects of the virus, Lucien Thrax, son of Saba (perhaps the very first vampire), is recruited to head the team of scientists selected to study the virus and determine [...]

    22. It's very few writers who work I would purchase off the strength of their name, and Elizabeth is one of them. Her pen game is ridiculous good. I love her works, and this book is no exception. When I read her words, I'm immediately drawn into the settings of the particular place, and enamored with her characters. I love that she writes people of color as leads and focal points in her work. I love that while reading her words, I'm googling the specifics of each story. I'm enraptured by the places, [...]

    23. Five amazing stars! Okay I admit I love Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental World and the Vampires & humans that live in it.In this story we are reintroduced to Dr. Lucien Thrax, a centuries old Earth Vampire who has lost his human lover and almost his own life to the "Elixir". He is given the task by his sire to come up with a cure for the Elixir that kills humans while infecting and then killing the Vampires.Pulled from a project researching cure for "thalassemia" blood disorder by her boss and f [...]

    24. Once again Elizabeth Hunter hits it out of the park. Right now there are very few authors who can create an engaging world and series and keep the readers coming back for more. From the first line of A Hidden Fire to the last line of A Stone Kissed Sea, Ms Hunter has had me in her clutches and I have never wanted to leave.A Stone Kissed Sea is the answer to all the burning questions readers had in the previous Elemental World books. The main characters, Lucius (yummy Lucius) and Makeda, have bee [...]

    25. Let me just start by saying I was blessed by the author with an ARC copy of this book.WOW!!! I never thought I would see Lucian in this light!! Lucian leaves his home 4 years after being healed of Elixir in hopes of finding a cute and what he found instead was a working treatment and the love of his lifewho he has turned against her will after a fatal car accident.War brews on the edges as the ancients decide that it's time to take back the Greek council with Saba nearly destroying the world!! I [...]

    26. Best of the series loved the story and the plot to a finish. This is my favorite of the elemental series can't wait got the benzin books!

    27. I have to say, I'm glad this whole Elixir business has come to a close. And a huge, earth-shaking (pun intended) close at that! While that broader story arc was interesting for awhile, it began to wear a little thin. The characters have always been great, though, and Lucien and Makeda were no exception. It was nice to have a smart, mature woman with a strong sense of self-control as a main character. She's a little older, a little more worldly-wise. And while Lucien was difficult to pin down int [...]

    28. An action packed romance with bite! ;-)I am already a big fan of Elizabeth Hunter's writing; I find her stories well written, balanced, well paced and full of exciting characters.This story had me gripped from the first page right through to the last. I think that this can be read as a standalone novel as Ms Hunter weaves all the necessary information seamlessly into this tale, however, I feel those of you who are yet to read the previous books will lack the extensive background knowledge that a [...]

    29. A lovely immortal readI really enjoyed Lucien and Makeda's love story with the backdrop of the oldest of the immorals as guides and teachers.

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