Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, Volume 2: Doctormania

Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor Volume Doctormania The Ninth Doctor takes the spotlight for an all new adventure with fan favorites Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness The ongoing and unseen tales of this beloved trio

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  • Title: Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, Volume 2: Doctormania
  • Author: Cavan Scott Adriana Melo Chris Bolson
  • ISBN: 9781785860225
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Ninth Doctor takes the spotlight for an all new adventure with fan favorites Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness The ongoing and unseen tales of this beloved trio

    One thought on “Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, Volume 2: Doctormania”

    1. I've still got mixed feelings about the material coming out from Titan, but this one was rather enjoyable. There were quite a few moments where I could hear the actor's voices speaking out of the lines, without them just parroting dialogue from the episodes (although there was a little of that as well). The real test is whether the story is interesting enough to work on it's own merits, this had more it's favor than a lot of the recent stuff coming out. (To be honest, I wish Titan would cut back [...]

    2. Doctormania is the second volume in Titan Comics Ninth Doctor graphic novel series - it was also a bit confusing and I ended-up reading it three times before reviewing. But then, I also kept not having time to review it. The graphic novel consists of several stories.In the first story, the Doctor takes Rose and Jack to the Eye of Orion. Jack is surprised by the giant ziggurat on the planet's surface - and the Doctor knows it and the famous hanging gardens oh Slarvia shouldn't be there. They quic [...]

    3. a solid launching of Eccleston's Doctor in an ongoing comic with Rose and Jack Harkness. the art is serviceable but rough at times and the story soso. Scott seems to have doubled down of the ninth doctor's crotchetiness and not emphasized his sense of wonder enough.I did like suing the tenth Doctor's future Mickey and the doctor's going to great lengths to have him not meet past Rose, although the Doctor not being able to see that Mickey has grown and greatly changed is gratingstly I greatly enj [...]

    4. I had a great time with this one overall! It was really well done even if the art was a bit questionable in some places. (view spoiler)[Though I don't buy him being quite that harsh with Mickey at that canon point and then being: what do you think of me. I mean I feel they pretty much made up when nine covered for Mickey really not wanting to come with but other than that it was a great ride. Also Brooklyn from Gargoyles anyone? (hide spoiler)]

    5. A fun pair of stories set with the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack. The first may be the best Slitheen story told to date, and that's saying something about the reviled monsters from Raxacoricofallapatorius. The second has some nice moments with a future Micky not wanting to deal with No. 9, in a misfire about Rose gaining superpowers. For our full review travelingthevortex/?p=8201

    6. After the ninth Doctor mini-series, he got his own on-going series, and this book collects issues 1-5 of the new series plus the Free Comic Book Day short.Hacked-The Doctor, Jack, and Rose encounter the galaxy's most wanted geo-hacker, a wanted criminal who "hacks" planets and terraforms them to fit his fancies. This was a great concept but feels a tad overcrowded in a 6-page story. I'd love to have seen this expanded. The end of the comic plays off of Jack's vanity."Doctormania,"-In the titular [...]

    7. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack fight Slitheen and get involved with Mickey trying to save the earth from humans with superpowers turning into monsters.

    8. Everyone was there from Mickey the Idiot to Rose to Jack and a very interesting 10th Doctor twist (Spoilers sweetie!) I wish they would have made this into an episode instead of a comic. The nice part is that the artwork is great, the storyline is amazing, and the 9th doctor is Fantastic! as always.

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