Troop 18

Troop Andy can t seem to stop worrying about Kate Instead of obsessing over things she can t control Andy takes on a unique case involving a troubled troop of cadets from the RC MP training academy The tro

  • Title: Troop 18
  • Author: Jessica L. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781626399341
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andy can t seem to stop worrying about Kate Instead of obsessing over things she can t control, Andy takes on a unique case involving a troubled troop of cadets from the RC MP training academy The troop is tightly bonded, especially since the recent death of a fellow cadet They are also hiding a secret, and Andy has been tasked with uncovering it When Kate unexpectedlyAndy can t seem to stop worrying about Kate Instead of obsessing over things she can t control, Andy takes on a unique case involving a troubled troop of cadets from the RC MP training academy The troop is tightly bonded, especially since the recent death of a fellow cadet They are also hiding a secret, and Andy has been tasked with uncovering it When Kate unexpectedly shows up as part of the team supporting the troop, Andy has to find a way to balance her job and her heart As the conspiracy is exposed, a medical emergency brings Kate and Andy closer together even as the troop begins to fall apart.Follow up to Trigger and Pathogen.

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    1. "Netgalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for an unbiased review'3.5 stars!A decent 3rd series. This was not a perfect book/storyline like the others but had consistent quality writing in every aspect and definitely became more complex had higher stakes than i was expecting. This feeling of disconnect was a part of the only thing that stopped me from being utterly infatuated with this storyline because the plot twists did not provide much forward momentum until closer to the ending. I [...]

    2. First I want to say, Jessica Webb is a brilliant writer. The Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series, has been one of my favorite series in a long time. This book was a bit different than the other two, but just as wonderfully written. If this is the last in the series (and I hope not) I'm satisfied, and will re-read and remember these books for a very long time.This book picks up where book 2 left off. (Book 2 spoiler ahead) Andy is counting the days, hoping Kate will come back to her. As each day goe [...]

    3. I really could go on and on about how much I have adored Jessica L. Webb’s novels. Every book has been just outstanding. Troop 18 comes from Andy’s perspective and picks up fairly soon after Kate left Andy in Pathogen. Right out of the gate you feel Andy’s despair of their quasi-breakup. She has counted the days that Kate has been gone with no contact. Not a phone call, nor a text to let her know where they stand or how she is. Andy’s heart is broken and she is terrified of a future with [...]

    4. Troop 18 is the third book in the cop and doc series "Dr. Kate Morrison Mysteries" . The series may be named for the doc, but this third book is all about the cop, RCMP Sgt. Andy Wyles--everything as seen from Andy's eyes. This is her story. Ending spoiler for Book 2:At the end of the previous book, Dr. Kate Morrison was an emotional mess. Two consecutive life-altering traumatic incidents and a lingering unresolved guilt over the death of a loved-one would have been enough to break down even the [...]

    5. Major Spoiler warning: If you have not read the first two books in this series featuring Dr. Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles stop reading this review and grab a copy of Trigger and Pathogen. Both are terrific reads but events in the first two books impact events in Troop 18. Troop 18 picks up the story forty-six days after the conclusion to Pathogen. We know how many days it’s been because Andy is keeping track, struggling to cope knowing she can’t be there to protect Kate, unsure if s [...]

    6. Jessica Webb is a great thriller writer. She's excellent at building suspense and providing you with well rounded characters to root for. Trigger (Book 1) absolutely blew me away. It could easily be made into a movie. Pathogen (book 2) was a little more or a slow burn but the mystery/thriller aspects were still strong and the realistic relationship of Kate and Andy remained compelling and satisfying. I went into book 3 expecting awesome with a side of bliss. What I got was a very boring case. At [...]

    7. Excellent!This installment is by far the best. The plotline was spot on and very intriguing. The author captured the characters so incredible well, I instantly liked them all. I loved every second of it and I could hardly put it down. Now I can't wait to read more about Kate and Andy and their adventure and journey together. Well done!

    8. This is number 3 of Webb's series A Kate Morrison mystery. As with number 2, this story stands alone though I recommend to read the series chronologically. Otherwise, there's a lot to be missed in terms of the main characters' development and their relationship. This book picks up roughly two months after the end of book 2 (Pathogen), updating us with the status of the relationship between Dr. Kate Morrison, an ER doctor who occasionally collaborates with the Canadian police, and RCMP Sergeant A [...]

    9. Ok, firstly I must admit that I did not realize that this was the third book in an on going series. How I found out was the opening of the book. Saying that, I found I could read this as a stand alone novel as the past is briefly surmised for you. However, I also must admit that I seriously want to read the previous two book. This book I would give ten stars too but can only give it five. Also, this is my first by this author and it definitely will not be my last.The author is an awesome story t [...]

    10. Detailed score: 3.5Unlike some other reviewers, I actually liked that scenario facing our protagonists this time around was a little less fraught. Having said that though, we don't really have a lead 'hero moment' either -- where they crack the case or come to the rescue or save the day -- which I missed.All through this series I found the romance a bit underbaked and again here. It's there. It's there enough but I think it didnt help that I never really fell for one of our leads, Kate, like a n [...]

    11. (Review contains spoilers for the first two books of the series, Trigger and Pathogen.)God, I really hope this wasn't the last of the series. It's too good to be over, and there's so much potential for at least one more given where this left off with Kate and Andy's relationship as well as their professional lives. If it is the last one, though, the ending was satisfying and I'll just have to keep rereading these three wonderful books.I suspect this will be an unpopular opinion, but the mystery [...]

    12. Awesome I absolutely love the way this author writes, this book was a bit different then the previous two but just as well written and had me completely there with the characters, I sincerely hope there will be more to come.

    13. A great resolution to the cliff hanger of Pathogen. I love me some Andy and Kate. This was another great read by this author. It's not my favorite in the series.but a great read none the less! The focus, as in the other books, is on the mystery, with just enough of Andy and Kate to keep the romance a nice strong secondary focus. There are some new well developed secondary characters.The plot is interesting and different. I certainly hope this isn't the end of this series. I love this couple so m [...]

    14. I absolutely loved the third instalment of Kate and Andy! It was a perfect way to round their story out. I thought the reconciliation between the two was perfect timing and perfectly done. I loved having the two back together and working a case with their telepathic communication at every step.I will admit I did expect the case outcome would be much more complex and bigger. I appreciate it needed to take the back seat to the relationship to round out the series.I will miss these two, I'm assumin [...]

    15. *ARC provided by Netgalley and the Publisher for an honest review*I have been a fan of this series from book one, so when I saw that the third book was to be released I knew I had to get a chance to review it.If you have read the first two books in this series (which I highly recommend you do before reading this book) you will be familiar with this authors style of writing, which she carries on into this book.The story in this book is quite different from the first two books as there is less act [...]

    16. Dr. Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles, the story continues but with just Andy as she deals with sharp and sudden change in her personal life. All I have to say is thank goodness for kind, caring and knowing parents. I really enjoyed how the author articulates Andy's heartbreak. I was feeling the pain right along with her. I also liked her friend Kurtz, supportive yet challenging Andy. Although this story does not have the intensity as presented in the first two reads in the series Trigger an [...]

    17. Well, Jessica Webb has won a fan for life. All three books in this series were excellent. I will read anything Webb writes.

    18. This is more of Andy's POV actually and I have to admit I don't really like it. No offense to all the people who like her. Andy's a nice character but sometimes she's just too much. She rude to the people who cares for her just because she's hurt over something. And I admit it got me thinking of dropping this to 4 on the first quarter of the book.Well, until Kate showed up. Maybe that's the bottomline, without Kate Andy's horrible and difficult.After the next half of the everything goes smoothly [...]

    19. I did not like the start of this book, I really didn’t understand what the author had done at the end of the last book. Now she has Andy trying not to wallow in self-pity and Kate seems to have vanished into the ether. One of the things I liked about the first two books, was their relationship wasn’t full of endless angst and there wasn’t the ‘game’ playing you get in many ‘romantic’ novels. For a while it appeared this was exactly what I was going to get, fortunately they sorted o [...]

    20. I have to be honest, when I went into this book and saw that the perspective had shifted from Dr. Kate Morrison to Sergeant Andy Wyles, I was a bit worried. I love Dr. Kate Morrison. I love her point of view, I love her lack of self-preservation, and I loved watching her navigate her way through the daunting realization of a first love with a woman. I shouldn't have worried.In my love for Dr. Kate Morrison, I'd not considered how much I adored Andy—the no-nonsense way she handles her life, the [...]

    21. I really hate giving Jessica Webb and her thoroughly enjoyable series anything less than a 5-star rating, but after months of heated anticipation, Troop 18 just didn't have that thrill of her previous series entries. This time around, we're in the head space of Andy instead of Kate, and I think this is where I became disengaged. Andy through Kate's eyes is strong/steady/fairly silent and there's even a little bit of mystique. Honestly, she's presented as flawless but that's tempered through Kate [...]

    22. Eagerly awaited follow up to Trigger and Pathogen and it did not disappoint me. One things I've really enjoyed about the two Kate Morrison books thus far is that they start off with a hint of the supernatural in them and just as you're thinking that there just might be something other-worldly at play in sweep science, reason and logic to save the day! Thankfully this triumvirate make a special guest appearance in this novel as well, but not before the creepy Troop 18 have lead Andy, the RCMP and [...]

    23. So within the world of Dr. Kate Morrison this is my least favorite and it is still five stars. Jessica Webb quickly became one of my favorite writers. I would buy her books without knowing what the topic was. Her writing is excellent. I think I liked this one a bit less than the other two, because it wasn't a thriller. The first two were lose sleep, can't put the book down, ordered takeout to avoid cooking type of books. This one wasn't that type of book, but it was still so good. This may sound [...]

    24. Andy Wyles runs twenty kilometres of a morning!?! This is one of the first things that struck me in this book, a flabbergasting little coda to one of the best descriptions of the physical and meditative act of running I've read in a book not entirely about running. I know she's not real but still! Her self-discipline is ridiculous and her muscle tone must be amazing. This story opens with a sad and lonely Andy in a cold, grey and ugly place. She's hurting and so she literally and figuratively ru [...]

    25. I just finished all three books in about two or three weeks? I didn't write any reviews for the other two books, so I'll just keep everything here (sorry for being lazy). The Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series is one of the very best WLW books I've ever read in my entire life. Being pansexual I always look for quality content with LGBT representation, and I'm more than happy to announce this series as being a VERY AWESOME representative of the genre. Kate and Andy's relationship is so very well de [...]

    26. "She wished Kate was here right now, so that they could pass each other significant looks. Kate could just read her mind as she'd done so many times before, knowing the trajectory of her thoughts without having to say anything out loud. Andy wondered if that could possibly have changed in the last few months, wondered if anything had changed. Or everything"Troop 18 had a plot that let me down a bit. Compared to the other two, this one had a simple and anticlimactic explanation to the mystery. I' [...]

    27. ‘Troop 18’ is the third in the Dr Kate Morrison series and is another winner. We were left on a bit of a cliffhanger in the last book and I am so glad this came out so soon. Andy is finding it hard to deal with some things in her life Andy welcomes the chance to go on an assignment involving the training depot for the RMCP. It involves Troop 18 and a secret that no-one can get out of them. The story is a fascinating mystery that had me stumped and I loved how it was told in a very understate [...]

    28. I found this book very hard to read. Honestly, it was like pulling teeth for me. There just wasn't enough of a hook in the plot to keep my interest. But determined to finish it, I found that skipping large chunks did not hurt the story (more than the story itself was already doing). Without giving away the big "mystery" (not such a mystery and not so big either)ere is no way that group of people would make good officers. Way to support corrupt police officers the world over.*****SPOILERS*****Nop [...]

    29. Amazing!I've loved every book in this series, couldn't put them down. The character development, the avoidance of cliches and the amazing storyline sucked me right in. Such an amazing author.

    30. The third book of the series is from Andy's point of view, giving a much better understanding of her stoic character and deep feelings. I had the feeling that the book concentrated more on the main charatcers relationship than the mystery - which wasn't the same life-hreatening dangour as two former two books dealt with.I absolutely loved it and I think I'm going to read the complete series again.Free copy provided by NetGalley

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