Doktor Dolittle

Doktor Dolittle Doktor Dolittle maja on nii pilgeni t is tema loomadest s pru et inimpatsiendid ei suuda seda v lja kannatada ja ei taha enam doktorit k lastada Tegelikult meeldivadki Dolittle ile loomad palju rohke

  • Title: Doktor Dolittle
  • Author: Hugh Lofting Ester-Inge Heinaste
  • ISBN: 9789949343959
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Doktor Dolittle maja on nii pilgeni t is tema loomadest s pru, et inimpatsiendid ei suuda seda v lja kannatada ja ei taha enam doktorit k lastada Tegelikult meeldivadki Dolittle ile loomad palju rohkem ja ta oskab isegi nendega r kida hel p eval saab doktor aga reva teate Aafrikast, kus m llab kohutav taud, millesse nakatuvad k ik ahvid Doktor purjetab ahvidele appiDoktor Dolittle maja on nii pilgeni t is tema loomadest s pru, et inimpatsiendid ei suuda seda v lja kannatada ja ei taha enam doktorit k lastada Tegelikult meeldivadki Dolittle ile loomad palju rohkem ja ta oskab isegi nendega r kida hel p eval saab doktor aga reva teate Aafrikast, kus m llab kohutav taud, millesse nakatuvad k ik ahvid Doktor purjetab ahvidele appi ja kohtub teel Jolliginki kuninga ja kohutavate Berbeeria merer vlitega Lugedes saad teada, kas doktoril nnestub ahvid p sta ja kes on erakordne l ka t mba.

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    1. The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle, #1), Hugh Lofting, Leon Jasonتاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و سوم سپتامبر سال 1977 میلادیعنوان: دکتر دولیتل؛ نویسنده: هیو لافتینگ؛ مترجم: ایراندخت اردیبهشتی؛ نقاشی جلد و گراورها: لئون ژازون (حیسون)؛ تهران، امیرکبیر، کتابهای طلائی، چاپ دوم 1355؛ در 105 ص، مصور؛ داستان دکتر دو [...]

    2. Oh dear. How many of you have seen the 1967 film, or the Eddie Murphy remake, and remember this adorable childhood classic about a kindly English doctor who talks to animals?How many of you have actually read the book and know that it was really, really racist? I mean, whether you want to excuse it for the time it was written (1920) is up to you, and racism aside, it's quite a charming book with the sort of story any child would love. A nice doctor who talks to animals! And they go to Africa and [...]

    3. If the only version of "Dr Dolittle" you know is Eddie Murphy's you don't know Dr Dolittle. Even if you've see the Rex Harrison musical, if you haven't read the book, you don't know Dr Dolittle.Small, tubby, and shy, Dr Dolittle is a brilliant doctor whose love of animals loses him his human patients. But after his parrot Polynesia teaches him to speak animal languages,the Doctor becomes famous in the animal world, and travels across the world and even to the moon!In this first book, the Doctor [...]

    4. Yikes. So much racism! And not subtle, social racism, either -- not the kind we can ignore or dismiss as "unwitting symptoms of their time." This is flat-out explicit use of three of the most offensive words I've ever encountered. By the protagonists. And they're sincere. And we're not supposed to dislike them for it. Each time, I nearly put the book down, but was convinced that people had recommended it to me for a reason. As it happens, I'm now pretty sure all the people who recommended it to [...]

    5. Beautifully illustrated and revised: I presume anyone reading the reviews already is familiar with the storyline of Dr. Dolittle. I highly recommend this version with only a slight reservation (see below) because its illustration and editing would make an excellent introduction to children as well as a gift possibility and a lifelong keepsake. I heartily disagree with the reviewer who discredits this edition because it has been updated to modern civilities. The reviewer mistakenly suggests that [...]

    6. I was never a big fan of the movie, but I can't deny that Dr. Dolittle still retains some hold on the popular imagination. Audible offered this particular edition as a free promotion this summer, which I thought was an excellent excuse to listen to this classic with my children on a road trip. I was aware of some accusations of racism going into the listen, so we had a little chat before pressing play. Things were relatively fine until our heroes got to Africa. At that point, though, my wife and [...]

    7. I read different books & versions of this many years ago, so decided to listen to the original & see how it had aged. Not bad, although not quite as I remembered. This was well read which made it more fun.

    8. Nice story about a Dr. that can talk to animals. I always thought that if I just could listen very carefully, my dogs and cats would talk to me. Sadly it never happened, but it still could one day. :D

    9. Read aloud #6 with the kids for 2017. This one we all agreed was "ok" Some parts got long and boring even for me. Lots of disconnected adventures and troubles Dr Dolittle finds himself in over and over again while just trying to get back home, but they don't exactly propel the story forward as much as fill more pages. Aww, But Dr Dolittle is such a sweet old man.

    10. This quaint children’s classic focuses on the adventures of an unassuming doctor who can speak with animals. Dr. Dolittle and his many animal companions make a voyage to Africa in this volume, in order to cure a troupe of monkeys who are suffering from a contagious disease. It was an engaging read-aloud for my son—he particularly enjoyed the part in which Dr. Dolittle commandeers a pirate ship while the pirates are raiding his own ship—but I found it problematic in a number of ways.First, [...]

    11. A lovable ride, but I don't think it deserves an honored place among other enchanting children's classics. It's a sweetly absurd universe, somewhere in the realm of Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, and Phantom Tollbooth. But it doesn't have that deep magic in the subtext.Apparently I read an edited version, as I've seen other reviews here which lament the racist colonial aspects from from the original publication. I'm curious if there are various different edited versions out there. I'd like to get my han [...]

    12. I really enjoyed reading this. This probably was a book I should have read when I was younger, but I guess, better late than never. I liked that there were a lot of good lessons that young children can learn from this book. Between being nice to animals and people, makes you a better person and that money isn't everything. The animals were darlings, and were enjoyable to spend a few days with. And Doctor Doolittle, was a great character, that would be wonderful, if more younger kids saw as a her [...]

    13. I read this to my children having picked up a very old copy second hand. We all loved it - I found it inventive, amusing, and perfectly balanced between description and action for my children (who are 6 and 8). And because its about the relationship between animals and people, in some ways it hadn't really dated - ok, so there were no smart phones or TVs or microwave ovens, or internet, but we didn't miss them. It's fantasy. The other side of the story, which I had not been aware of until I saw [...]

    14. Okay, what I just heard last night (which, I suspect, is just the beginning of the bad) plus a number of the reviews I just read below make me VERY unhappy. For example, Janet's review below says, "all of the Doctor Doolittle books have a racist quality, but it is never malicious, and reflects an attitude typical of England when the books were written." Also the people who say they are making it all better by simply skipping over the "highly racial epithets" (Christina, the word you are looking [...]

    15. This is the origin story for Doctor Dolittle and company - how he learns the language of animals, the sickness of the monkeys in Africa, and then his exciting voyage home. The origin and Africa chapters are magical, but it is definitely the voyage home that the real Doctor Dolittle and his animal companions make their appearance. Caveat emptor: the free online versions are the horrible old racist versions; in my latest read of this classic, I downloaded one from the Canadian Project Gutenberg, w [...]

    16. I was so disappointed in this book, because it started out well. In the beginning, it was cute and charming. I loved the bit where Dr. Doolittle threatened to punch a man in the nose if he wouldn't give him his monkey. But the problem is, this is one of those old-fashioned sort of children's books where nothing really happens but a long, rambling series of 'adventures' with very little actually connecting them. The doctor himself doesn't really do much, for the most part. Almost every time a cha [...]

    17. Actually a 4.5. I liked the book in general with it’s awesome characters. It’s little details are amazing, but there’s one tiny problem I have with it. The plot jumps around a lot. I mean, it’s ok if the author does it a few times, but this is a bit much.

    18. - This was a fun and short book. It is an older book, so I'm glad things got right to the point without all the fluff in between. - I really enjoyed the characters, especially the animals. I also liked that the animals came up with solutions to problems, and that they weren't dumb animals. They had personalities and brains. - I liked all the illustrations. They were fun.- This was a good intro into the series.

    19. I am and always have been a huge fan of old movies. As a kid I was shown the Doctor Dolittle movie starring Rex Harrison and fell in love with the story of a man who could talk to animals. It's been years since I saw the movie and decided to read the first book in the series. Besides The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Lofting wrote eleven other books in this children's series.Dr. John Doolittle is a respected physician with a love of animals, who eventually loses his human patients due to the in [...]

    20. This is a lovely little story book ideal for reading to younger children. Enticing adventure awaits in each chapter. Often times it is the quick thinking intelligence of the animals that get Dr. Dolittle out of tight places. The "be kind to your fellow man and beast" pretty much bashes you upside the head.This is an interesting twist on the anthropomorphized animal theme so prevalent in children's literature. We are privy to the ideas and conversations between the animals (much like you see with [...]

    21. They say you musn't say anything about the dead unless it is good. For Hugh Lofting, he's dead; good.This book is dedicated to ALL CHILDREN. Obviously, he did not believe Black people had children. Given the book was written in 1920, Black people were not expected to read, I suppose, even though Prince Bumpo reads fairy tales. Unless one gets an abridged version of this book, I would NOT recommend it for children. Stick to the movies, if you must. I hate reading a book and being blindsided by ra [...]

    22. I read this to my little boys, who loved it! The chapters are just long enough to read one a night for a bedtime story, and there are beautiful illustrations on about every other page. If you read the foreword, you'll find that they made one slight change to the original story to cut back on racism (I thought it was a fun change, having the "black prince" wish to become a lion instead of wishing to be white), but for the sensitive parent, there are still a few things to be aware of, such as the [...]

    23. I had recently watched the 1960s movie version of Dr. Dolittle, starring Rex Harrison, and I was struck with the desire to re-read the original 1920 children's book.It didn't hold up well. Some childrens stories can be re-read as adults; their language, while simple, still tells an engaging story that retains appeal. This one didn't. It also has the additional difficulty of some period-appropriate racism, which by itself I might have been able to overlook, but in combination just made me skip ah [...]

    24. Who hasn't seen all the movies based on the children's novels by Hugh Lofting about the friendly doctor who talks to the animals? I remember growing up with Rex Harrison chatting with the friendly animals and searching for the Great Pink Sea Snail. As I was browsing at the library, I happened upon the original series and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! Reading them aloud as bedtime stories, my children and I enjoyed every minute. We fell in love with the mischievous Polynesia the pa [...]

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