Never Ever

Never Ever Never Ever Go Backwards It was just supposed to be one night One party to remind her of the good ole days to remember what it had been like to have a family It was not supposed to turn into a one nig

  • Title: Never Ever
  • Author: Isabel Wroth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Never Ever Go Backwards It was just supposed to be one night One party to remind her of the good ole days, to remember what it had been like to have a family It was not supposed to turn into a one night stand, and it was definitely not supposed to involve the guy every woman within a hundred miles had taken a ride on, or turn into than just a good time But hisNever Ever Go Backwards It was just supposed to be one night One party to remind her of the good ole days, to remember what it had been like to have a family It was not supposed to turn into a one night stand, and it was definitely not supposed to involve the guy every woman within a hundred miles had taken a ride on, or turn into than just a good time But his eyes His dirty mouth One night couldn t hurt, right Never Ever Get involved Never ever, commit The only thing he was involved in, was the club The only people he was committed to, were his brothers He had a roof over his head, a job he liked, brothers to share the good times with Plenty of women who came through the club if he needed to get off, women with no strings and no expectations What else did he need But her ass The way she shot him down That sass That mouthGod, that mouth Book ONE in the Perdition MC series, NO CLIFFHANGERS Meant for readers 18

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    1. Everly is an MC woman born and breed. When the unspeakable happens on her wedding day, she runs leaving all those good memories behind. That's until her friend Susan talks her into going to a club party at the Perdition MCcompound. There she finds herself eye f@cking the enforcer for the club. A sexy as sin beast of a manwhore. Before the night is over she'll find herself in his bed. Come morning reality rears it's ugly head and she is left with more than just memoriesLucas Morningstar (ROAR) is [...]

    2. Reread March 2017I enjoyed this just as much the second time around. I absolutely adore Everly. She's such a badass. I want to be her when I grow up. But she's also sweet. Roar is still an asshole but he's awesome. Their banter still cracks me up. Original review September 2016**4.25 Sexy Bitch Stars**I am really glad someone put Isabel Wroth on my radar. This is the second book of hers I've read and I really enjoyed it. Roar was a grade A asshole in the beginning. I just knew he was going to fa [...]

    3. This is a new to me author that I am glad I was introduced to. This is the story of Everly and Roar and I couldn't put it down.Everly grew up in the MC life. Her father was the Prez of an MC that taught her how to take care of and protect herself. In one moment years ago, Everly lost everything that was dear to her and ran. She built a new life for herself but stayed away from anything having to do with MCs. Her friend Susan convinces her to attend a pig roast at the local Perdition MC. As soon [...]

    4. I really liked this one. Brilliant characters, a great story, laugh out loud moments and a hero who was so into his girl to the exclusion of all else.So why only 2.5 stars? Because the editing bloody SUCKED. There were so many commas thrown in it made a nonsense of the sentence and paragraph structure, so much so I had to re-read passages a few times to get the damn thing to make sense. Also, constant changes of points of view with no warning - sometimes even in the middle of a damn paragraph. I [...]

    5. Never Ever, by Isabel Wroth, is a biker romance that flowed well, read for the most part as authentic, and presented a scorching hot romance between former MC princess Everly "Never Ever" Taggart and rough and tough biker Roar Morningstar. The setting, secondary characters, and even the inclusion of some furry and feathery friends, which is always enjoyable to me, were very well done.I wish their courtship had burned slower. Instead, the H falls in love with h at lightning speed after an unpromi [...]

    6. This was a really good ride!This heroine was winner for me. She was sassy and strong and she did not take prisoners. She was raised by a hard ass MC prez who taught her to hunt, ride, handle knifes and a guns. She was a total BADASS!Her whole life is taken from her in an act so vile that I can't even explain it other than, she is a total survivor! Because of her history with MCs she did not want to come to the club party where she meets the hero. Now the hero is the biggest manwhore ever! He get [...]

    7. 4 Morningstar It would have been five stars if it was a little longer but I love it.Lucas Roar Morningstar is the enforcer for Perdition MC and does not believe in settling down. Oh boy!!!!Everly has a dark past that she did not want to relive but her friend convinced her anyways. She step foot back into the MC world.Wellyou can it read and find out :)

    8. LOVED IT!! I WOULD SHACKUP WITH THIS BOOK AND HAVE ITS ILLEGITIMATE CHILDRENIt's a little Alexa Riley, a smidge of L. Wilder and just a dash of Kristen Ashley. You don't have to turn on the oven, mix for hours or even worry about the proportions it's good stuff. I will warn you- there is no angst-y stuff, no violent events that make you feel like you need to take a break and come back later, nor are there any high school dramas of 'will she, won't she, could I take her in a street fight, am I wi [...]

    9. 2.5 ✭This wasn't terrible. I enjoyed aspects of the story and found it safe enough for me. I actually thought the author skirted the line of believability to keep it that way, so I was okay with the fact that during the 4mo separation, after a ONS with the h, the H "tried" to get with OW. The author made it clear from the beginning that Roar was a manwhore before Ever and the reason he couldn't get it up with anyone else was because he couldn't get Everly out of his mind but couldn't find her [...]

    10. ☆☆☆☆ 4 Roarin' Stars ☆☆☆☆I'm not going to lie, when I first started this book, I didn't think I was going to hang on and see it through. I am SO glad that I did! Lucas "Roar" Morningstar was a manwhore who had no desire what so ever to settle down. He was content with club life and all the "perks" that came with it. That is until his "ginger" walked through the club doors.Everly Nolin shut down when her life was flipped upside down. After constantly being nagged by her friend to [...]

    11. I love it when a book surprises me. Unexpectedly good. The h is snarky, strong and ballbusting. The H a manwhore and a jerk but he totally redeemed himself.

    12. First time author for me. I really liked the basics of the story and the characters. Having read many MC romances, this one is a softer MC romance without the grit and violence. The author shows much promise but the writing was so similar to Kristen Ashley I felt like I was reading one of her books. The author needs to find her own voice. They say imitation is the highest form of praise but I would think no author wants any reader to be continuously remembering the book(s) they have previously r [...]

    13. Overall a really enjoyable read. Definitely interesting in reading more of this series.HEA (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[ No cheating or scenes with OW/OM however the hero did try to hook up with OW but he couldn't after his one night stand with the heroine. Typical biker past. (hide spoiler)]Any push/pull (view spoiler)[Once at the beginning. Doesn't last very long. (hide spoiler)]Any couple separation (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: LowHeat Level [...]

    14. I loved this book!!! It kept my interest throughout​ the entire book. I absolutely loved the ending. Can't wait to start the next book of this series:)

    15. DISCLAIMER TO THOSE READING MY REVIEW:This review is my personal opinion, it may contain swearing, quotes, rants, and spoilers!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.I absolutely LOVED IT!! So glad book 2 is already out and available!!This is Roar and Ever's story.For an MC this was on the softer side, but even though it wasn't all gritty and angsty it was still a really good freaking read! Roar is the Enforcer for the Perdition MC, and he is a total badass alpha male. He meets Ever one night at a club party [...]

    16. Wow. It's been a while since I've been able to read a MC romance without skipping pages that just don't agree with me. I will point out that the first five pages nearly broke my resolve. Roar seemed to fall on the far side of alpha-holebut he redeemed himself magnificently.Everly and Roar had a world-rockin' one night stand. Turns out that it was life-altering as well. Roar was adamant that he was "never ever" going to have/want a family. Then he rediscovered the sassy as hell red head who stole [...]

    17. I LOVE THIS! I love this I tell you!!!! I am not even going to knock off 1/2 star for the spelling errors because I am so in love with this couple. No tstl, no angst, no ow/om drama (there is ow/om from their past/bitch trying to cause trouble but H & h don't allow any bs to come between them).I'll tell you, after the start where they have a one night stand and man-ho Roar tells Everly (I love her name) to run along I'll see you around and she says No Thanks, I wasn't sure how this bad boy w [...]

    18. Wow, I loved this book so much that I read the whole thing in just one sitting. This was a pretty feel good MC story and lacked some of the darkness and grit I have seen in other books, but I enjoyed this story all the more for it!At the beginning, we see just how much of a jerk Roar can be, but he quickly realizes his mistake. Ever on the other hand rolls with the punches and often replies back with her signature Never Ever forget you attitude. Add in some fantastic side characters like the clu [...]

    19. Excellent writing style, story flowed well and kept my interest throughout. Yes, a little instant love going on, but I prefer that sometimes to men who can't commit or don't think they're 'worthy'.Great characters, especially Ever. Hated the H's name 'Roar' since it's usually a verb it kind of threw me off while reading. But, that's my issue.My criticism is the 'action' is written as very distant and only referred to. The main characters are usually uninvolved. Made the story feel more like a dr [...]

    20. If you like Kristen Ashley, you'll probably like this as well. There are a lot of authors trying to imitate KA, and this one comes pretty close. One big difference is that Everly, unlike most of KA heroines, isn't a pushover. The problem is that the author made her into some kind of MC princess/hippie chick/superwoman that just defied logic. Spoiler: she shoots a boar and physically beats up federal agents and club sluts while pregnant. Okaaaay3.5 stars

    21. Absolutely loved this book! I wasn't expecting to be blown away the way I was. Hasn't happened in way too long. The characters were so well done that I couldn't stop reading and then wanted it to never end. The plot, well was made for the characters. I haven't felt this happy after reading a book in forever. A must read quick book. Added to my top reads ever!

    22. Don't judge a book by its cover, very pleasantly surprisedSo the cover didn't draw me in, if anything it put me out and I thought it's probably some trashy MC book full of just sex. Let me tell you, its really really not. It was well written with a plot and no drama that makes you roll your eyes. Lucas "Roar" Morningstar and Ever Taggard, I love their names, I loved their personalities, I loved that it was insta-lust ut not insta-love. It was really a beautiful journey as the fell in love.One of [...]

    23. I love it when manhoes fall. I like that Roar (H) was celibate and he did try to find the h. Although he didn't put too much effort in it, at least the book showed he was out of sorts after their ONS and he tried to ask the h's friend and the separation wasn't too long.

    24. -Kindle Unlimited read, which is always a welcome way for me to explore new authors. I picked up this book and the next in the series on the recommendation of GR friends, and while flawed, I did enjoy my time with the Perdition MC.-Pretty quick read and I tore through this book in a day, which was fun.-A kinder, gentler MC book, although still pretty standard with the stereotypical club sluts, and yet there’s something here that has potential. WTFery is about 1 (they’re reformed bikers, yo) [...]

    25. GENERAL INFO: Never Ever Page Length:121Genre: Erotica, MCStandalone/Cliffhanger: standaloneEpilogue Included:​yes=======================================Character(s)POV Spoken: H and h=======================================BOOK DESCRIPTION: MC hook up with consequences that neither party are ready for.=======================================​M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc: M/FHEA/HFN/etc Ending:HEAContains Cheating:noContains Children:noFlashbacks: noJealy/Possy/OTT Rating:4 - once H finds out h secretAmo [...]

    26. 3.5 stars. This was a pretty good book. This is Roar and Everly's story. Everly runs her own plant nursery and she grew up in the MC world with a Prez father and the club family environment. Since her father's death, she has missed the MC world. So when her friend invites her to a club party, she goes and lets herself have a wild one night stand with Roar. Roar is super handsome, charming, and a bit of a partier and a manwhore. He likes Everly and wouldn't mind seeing her again, but she doesn't [...]

    27. Awesome Book!It's usually hit or miss thing for me with MC books. This one was definitely a hit. I loved the characters. The book had me laughing out loud a couple of times. The love story was smoking. I can't wait to read the next book.

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