The Bastard's Grimoire

The Bastard s Grimoire Once upon a time an evil wizard waved his wand over a sullen wretch named Casper Namlos This wizard recited a bit of the biblical vulgate backwards entreating the lad to be fruitful and multiply And

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  • Title: The Bastard's Grimoire
  • Author: Joseph Hirsch
  • ISBN: 9781612967233
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a time an evil wizard waved his wand over a sullen wretch named Casper Namlos This wizard recited a bit of the biblical vulgate backwards, entreating the lad to be fruitful and multiply And so the boy obeyed the magician s spell, wandering the land and sowing his demon seed whenever and wherever he could, until parts of the kingdom lay in ruins, while the restOnce upon a time an evil wizard waved his wand over a sullen wretch named Casper Namlos This wizard recited a bit of the biblical vulgate backwards, entreating the lad to be fruitful and multiply And so the boy obeyed the magician s spell, wandering the land and sowing his demon seed whenever and wherever he could, until parts of the kingdom lay in ruins, while the rest of the realm waited in terror for that final day when the boy was prophesied to bring forth the Great Beast to stalk the land Now the only thing keeping Satan from reigning on Earth is another young lad who appears laughably weak compared to the demon hordes.

    One thought on “The Bastard's Grimoire”

    1. From the first chapter I knew this book would exceed my expectations. This book is rich in fantasy, gore, and sex. It is told from multiple perspectives with an adult style that was shocking, at first. I personally do not enjoy reading countless fantasy tales that surround a young adult’s angst ridden quest of self-discovery. That being said, this was exactly one of the story lines in the book! However, the main difference is that the book is written for adults and the young adult’s quest is [...]

    2. A nice dark medieval fantasy story about a cursed boy that became Devil's surrogate that crosses the realm (set in Germany) summoning entities by spreading his cursed seed that immediately spawn evil demons that menaces to kill and destroy every living good souls. The only hope is a poor and fragile orphan bastard that lives in the whorehouse where his mother worked. He pairs with a crazy dwarf with weird powers and together they’ll try to stop Satan to take over the realm of the living. As yo [...]

    3. Forkbeard (Viking pirate leader), Lothar (Wolfram’s brother, Viking pirate) &, Wolfram (Lother’s brother, Viking pirate), were aboard a rowing ship with the rest of the Vitalienbruder League (Pirates/mutineers). They band had killed everyman aboard another ship, pillaged/plumaged/looted it & then set it a fire.Nephil (demonic angel, dragon, 1/2 man/angelic beast) was also part of the crew & a very valuable weapon. Casper Namlos (boy) had been floating in the sea for sometime & [...]

    4. You can find a copy of this review at:thequidnuncblog.wordpressI had some idea about what is going to come out of this book, but God, I never expected it to be that Good. I haven't read anything else by Hirsch, but now I definitely have to, because he blew my mind! Well written with some gritty depictions of Medieval life, scenes of gratuitous violence, and the weird and perverted sex acts what more can a girl ask for?! A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well writt [...]

    5. This review was originally published on NetGalley.Fantasy is also an interesting genre to pick specially when the reader takes a chance with an author and his work for the first time. For me, this book was really beyond what I expecting in a positive way.This is definitely a book for mature public. From the fantasy, the sex scenes, the death scenes and the gore it shows the darkest and the most violent reality of the world. Joseph Hirsch didn't hold anything back on this book.The medieval enviro [...]

    6. ** I was given a review copy by NetGalley **This book is set in and around the city of Koln in an alternate Medieval age where demons and magic abound. The premise of the story being that an evil wizard enchants a young man forcing him to embark on a campaign of rape to impregnate women (and men) with demon seed forcing them to give birth to demons. His antagonists are a magical dwarf and a young illegitimate boy raised in a whorehouse (the Bastard of the book's title). There isn't much to recom [...]

    7. I'm not a huge one for fantasy for the most part, but I do enjoy it from time to time…and I really dug this one. I liked how it led right into the action and let the world be discovered, though somehow managing to never lose me as it did so, rather than puff itself up in a fluffy way that has no real support. In fact, the weight of the story really made this one for me. There's some serious weight here, metal and stone kind of gravity. Maybe it's the demons and the dwarves, the German and the [...]

    8. What a departure from the other Hirsch books I've read! This one starts off with a bang. Or several bangs. Its a faster read, with some gruesome and visceral depictions of sex, blood, violence - all underscored by the hero's quest for fulfillment and battles against society. It's taken me awhile to digest this book, as I had some trouble getting past the imagery; not that I really wanted to. It's a fanciful and engaging world with much deeper underlying themes. I'll let you decide what those are [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the overall story in The Bastard's Grimoire. I think if there was a "clean" version of it, more people would enjoy it. Due to the violence, some sexual violence, and weird sex scenes (giantess, I'm looking at you!), I feel a lot of people will be put off by it, may completely overlook the fantastic story, and wonderful writing, and give up on it completely.It's not for the sensitive, or faint of heart, but is a great story all the same. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to [...]

    10. This is a very strong narrative of medieval lore couched in archaic language with blood, gore, grotesque sex, carnage, buggery and wizardly mayhem. The author walks across your imagination with the detritus of castle privies. It is fascinatingly well done but clearly for the “mature” reader. I received an electronic copy in return to an honest review.

    11. An evil wizard turns Casper Namlos into the hell version of a father of bastards. In short, the ill favored runt uses his bull-sized propagator to fill prostitutes with babies that burst their way out of the mothers' bodies moments after being plowed in much the same way the movie Alien far before movies or John Hurt's encounter with a predatory alien on some far flung planet in search of the next corporate payday. Joseph Hirsch begins his tale of raising Satan and his minions with a bloody batt [...]

    12. This is my lone, novel-length foray into fantasy, and I don't think I'll be returning to the genre. My taste in fantasy runs toward Peter S. Beagle (I loved "The Last Unicorn" as a child) or Michael Ende's "The Never-Ending Story." I also really dug the "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques, as well.For whatever reason, though, when it came time to write this book, some sort of incredibly dark id got lose in the process, in the form of a villain who's too despicable to admire even for his cunning, a [...]

    13. I received a free download of this book from the author, thank you! This book was an entertaining read, and I liked the story quite a bit. I enjoy "good vs evil" stories where the good guys are not perfect by far, but do the best they can with what they've got. The book fits the fantasy genre well, with plenty of magic and mythical beasts. There were many medieval words used in the text, and at first I thought it would be tedious because I didn't know what the words meant. But the author does a [...]

    14. **I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**I have read a lot of fantasy books, and I don't shy away from grisly battles or violence, but generally I like some storytelling between the violence and the violence needs to actually advance the story. I had to give up on this book though because it seems to be nothing but gratuitous violence and graphic rape scenes. The whole mission of one of the book's protagonists is to literally just go around violently rap [...]

    15. Made it to 11% on the Kindle and gave up. The author uses ovey flowery language and needs to step away from the thesaurus. Clunky to read and I do believe rape or the intent to rape was mentioned on every page, without moving the story along. Not that there was a story.

    16. Very dark in places with some nasty overtones, magic and demons abound, but finished with a surprisingly cliched twee little ending.

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