Beignets and Fangs

Beignets and Fangs When Kei a handsome Japanese vampire meets Shauna a waitress at her family s restaurant and college student he is taken with her immediately Can he get the girl or will his dark nature stand in hi

  • Title: Beignets and Fangs
  • Author: Gisele Walko
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • When Kei, a handsome Japanese vampire, meets Shauna, a waitress at her family s restaurant and college student, he is taken with her immediately Can he get the girl or will his dark nature stand in his way

    One thought on “Beignets and Fangs”

    1. 2 Stars Is murder monstrous? I’ve been seeing a troubling trend lately in vampire novels, not an entirely new one but more common now than I remember it being when I was younger. And that trend is: if the person the vampire is killing is a shitty person, the vampire is not evil. That troubles me on several levels but the biggest is the “god complex” (for lack of a better term). There is an inherent issue with anyone thinking they have a right, and often even a ‘duty’, to commit a heino [...]

    2. Disclaimer: Gisele is my friend but this has no bearing on my rating.I really like the fangs image on the cover! ♥This is a novella about two people who meet an fall in love. One of them happens to be a vampire, which happens to be my favorite. Shauna is a human woman with feminist tendencies who goes to school and plans to take over the family business.Kei is a 200-year-old vampire who really likes her. He also happens to indulge his murderous tendencies by killing pedophiles.Being a vampire [...]

    3. Since meeting Shauna, Kaitall gorgeous and Asian has become hopelessly sprung/I mean nostrils flared. He's also displaying uncharacteristic tendencies like going off half cocked and shit, then facing serious blowbackt good. But Damn all that; here's Kai's only one concern, he's found his very own "good girl gone bad", and he means to keep sweet-thang!Enchanting Shauna, proned to melancholy every now and again, has fantasies of edgy bad boys w/ dark pasts. After their first blush of coitus has wo [...]

    4. First off, I should state that I received a copy of this book for an honest review. 'Beignets and Fangs' was well written, and if there were any writing issues, I didn't detect any. I loved the author's writing style, particularly with the two-way first-person narrative. I was really into the book.I don't want to spoil it, so I won't comment on what's going on in the story; I think that others should check out the synopsis, then read the book for themselves to appreciate the great writing and th [...]

    5. 4.5 stars A somewhat dark, but charming romance.We meet Kai a two-hundred-year-old vampire, who pass time going after pedophiles.One day following his prey in a cafe he meets Shauna, a waitress. Totally smitten with her and her family beignets Kai starts visiting once a week slowly convincing Shauna to give him a chance. --> What I like-Loved how Kai and Shauna were described. Man-bun and tattoos? YASSSSS. Curvy and dark skin beauty. Hell yasss. To be honest, there really haven't been that ma [...]

    6. Folklore tells us that every vampire needs its prey. Kei hunts and kills those who walk among us who are most deserving (and the least missed) of a slow and excruciating death. Kei meets Shauna quite accidentally in the covert mission of stalking his "next-on-the-list" prey who enters her family-owned (Bellerose) restaurant. Though his prey is soon dealt with, he finds that he quite enjoys beignets and coffee and the sightings of his very attractive waitress Shauna. He's not alone, as Shauna and [...]

    7. Lovingly detailed and filled with sensual romance, Beignet and Fangs was a real treat to read!! The descriptions made me hungry as I read them and I thoroughly enjoyed the heroine,Shauna. She was easy to relate to and tried her very best to remain sane in an insane situation with Kei, the Dexter of the Vampire world!

    8. As with all really good novellas I read, I always want more. This is the case with Walko's new release, "Beignets and Fangs." There is a level of creepiness in this book not present in her other books. Scenes of intimacy are also more intense in this book. Put together, it made reading about Kei and Shauna all the more enjoyable. Kei is so much more than he appears. And, at times, I really felt for Shauna being in a relationship with him. On a power level, she simply can't compete, which made th [...]

    9. An interesting readSo I was super excited when I stumbled upon Beignets and Fangs. I'm a huge fan of Vampire lore, and vampire romance is one of my favorite genres. I was also stoked when I found out that this book not only included a dark skin/plus size heroinebut also a Japanese hero. Its somewhat rare to come across AA vampire romanced even rarer to have an east Asian hero in them. I felt like the book had a really interesting plot and I really liked the couple together. The humor was great a [...]

    10. 3.5 starsThis was fun, odd and dark in ways I wasn't expecting (vampires and death is one thing but any time spent in the mind of a paedophile is way dark IMO and that happens in the prologue/ preview so no I didn't spoil anything!). I liked all of the characters and I quite liked that Shauna had normal reactions to the situations she found herself in -even the Timothy situation felt like it fit. A few mistakes and some awkward spots but overall it was a good read.*I received an ARC for an hones [...]

    11. Who wouldn't love a vampire whose life work is eliminating known pedophiles? A fine tale of a multiracial love affair between a fine woman who made a good life for herself after having been raped as a child and the aforementioned vampire. She gets to end her nightmare pedophile. There are lots of misunderstandings between them, and then his parents come in to further complicate things! And it's set in NOLA!

    12. Great readI loved everything about this book, the cover and title are wonderful.I also really liked this couple, the only thing that would have made it better was if the story was longer. The mother of the hero was funny, I would recommend this book to my friends and family.

    13. A prey-hunting vampire finds someone who embraces his dark side. This book is a romantic story about Kei and a beautiful woman, Shauna. This book can be finished in a sitting and has some humorous characters. I love the cover and overall everything about this book.

    14. Fun love story about a beautiful black woman and a sexy Japanese vampire.*spoilers*This book is too similar to other vampire books.Nothing new at all, except for their interracial romance.Kei's possessiveness was hot, but I'm sick of these book bfs turning violent or hurting others in their jealousy.There must be better ways to express their feelings.I did like that he genuinely felt remorse and made amends.Shauna seemed overly enthusiastic about killing people.She didn't seem to struggle at all [...]

    15. Short and fast paced IR read!!!I really enjoyed this story of Shauna and Kei hmm he is so alpha and loved it. Shauna is a strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman who gets to be with a great manpire. I look forward to reading more from Gisele.

    16. My SummaryKei is a confident, 200-year-old, Japanese vampire on a mission. Shauna is a curvy, insecure college student working in her family’s Louisiana diner. When these two meet over Beignets sparks fly. But not all good things are good things.This is a novella written by Gisele Walko. It has a supernatural twist. If this review seems a bit dry, well, that’s only because this novella is equally so. One would think that a story about a 200-year-old Eurasian Vampire who hunts human predators [...]

    17. Good short storyOut of all the books that I have read from this author, I really liked these characters the most. So much so, I couldn't give it a full five stars because it was too short a story and time jumped much too frequently. I would love to read another story in this universe if the author ever consider writing some sort of sequel.

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