The Coming of the Revolution 1763-1775

The Coming of the Revolution A book about early America that is documented with severity written with clarity marked by a measured one might almost say Franklinian affection for the old Empire

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  • Title: The Coming of the Revolution 1763-1775
  • Author: Lawrence Henry Gipson Henry Steele Commager Richard Brandon Morris
  • ISBN: 9780060905231
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • A book about early America that is documented with severity, written with clarity, marked by a measured, one might almost say Franklinian, affection for the old Empire.

    One thought on “The Coming of the Revolution 1763-1775”

    1. This is an academic book with strong footnote support which covers the years 1763-1775. I thought it was very readable and covered all the main points of the period. I was surprised in that the author seems to take a view that the British were really fair to the colonists and maybe less responsible in causing our revolution than maybe we have been led to believe. His arguments seem reasonable.

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