Secrets of Sunbeams

Secrets of Sunbeams From a USA Today bestselling author Good fences make good neighbors especially if your neighbor is a goat Eden Andrusek knows she should have fixed her fence last week It s too bad her runaway goat ma

  • Title: Secrets of Sunbeams
  • Author: Valerie Comer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From a USA Today bestselling author Good fences make good neighbors especially if your neighbor is a goat.Eden Andrusek knows she should have fixed her fence last week It s too bad her runaway goat makes a less than ideal first impression on her new neighbor, who turns out to be cute, brilliant and a little uptight.Solar architect Jacob Riehl is furious when he returnFrom a USA Today bestselling author Good fences make good neighbors especially if your neighbor is a goat.Eden Andrusek knows she should have fixed her fence last week It s too bad her runaway goat makes a less than ideal first impression on her new neighbor, who turns out to be cute, brilliant and a little uptight Solar architect Jacob Riehl is furious when he returns outside to find a goat eating his presentation As someone who likes everything in its place, he has little sympathy for a farm animal in the city or its tattooed owner, but there s something about the lovely Eden that captures his attention What will it take to win over a man whose only pet was a goldfish And how long can Jacob and Eden go without addressing the goat in the room

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    1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading SECRETS OF SUNBEAMS, the first book in Ms. Comer's Urban Farm Fresh Romance collection. An unlikelier pair would never meet. Eden is an animal control officer with a goat that refused to stay corralled--kind of like her life. Plans? Forget it. Jacob was a "stick-in-the-mud", plot everything out, make plans and follow said plans kind of guy. I loved both of them, though probably identified more with Jacob as I'm probably more organized than not. I love Ms. Comer's boo [...]

    2. Another fun Christian romance by Valerie Comer. I love the way she brings you into the community where the story is set--there are recurring side characters such as pastors and neighbors that almost make it feel like a sitcom. She is great at tying together realistic characters, their faith walk, and a quest to eat locally. I look forward to continuing through this series.

    3. I so enjoy Mrs. Comer's books! I went through the Farm Fresh series & now am working through the Urban Farm Fresh series. Mrs. Comer does a great job of being very real in the books & you find yourself laughing out loud at times & wanting to cry at others. Love them!

    4. Chickens and a goat in the city? Yup. Eden Andrusek discovered the bylaws in her Spokane neighbourhood allow such things, as long as the goat is a small one.Pansy, the goat, is like family to Eden, who’s still grieving for her parents and sisters after a car crash five years ago. Pansy also gets her into trouble. Like when the little goat escapes the fence and chows down on the new neighbour’s architectural drawings. Is it any wonder the neighbour, Jacob, doesn’t want the goat around?Eden [...]

    5. I was so sad when I heard that Valerie Comer was wrapping up her Farm Fresh Romance series so it was a great relief to hear that she had an urban spin-off series in the works! And this first installment, Secrets of Sunbeams, did not disappoint! Comer managed just the right balance of creating a new community for this series while giving her fans a few peeks into the lives of the characters we've come to love from the old one.I enjoyed getting to know Jacob, the compulsively tidy little brother o [...]

    6. Secrets of Sunbeams is a sweet, clean, romance with strong faith elements and a focus on sustainable living. Jacob and Eden's relationship gets off to a rough start when Eden's feisty goat, Pansy, escapes and eats Jacob's solar project schematics. He is upper class and 'farm living' isn't his style. Eden believes in making the most of her small home and yard to produce her own food, plus some to sell and trade. As their relationship progresses, Jacob and Eden realize that they are going to have [...]

    7. A perfect start to a new series in this sweet and fun romance that is set in urban Spokane, Washington. Eden Andrusek and Jacob Riehl don't share much in common except a fence separating the two neighbors. She is a local animal control officer who also has a pet goat Pansy, a cat and chickens. He is a employed by a company that brings solar powered sustainability to towns and also villages overseas. They both have great faith and a love of farm fresh produce.I loved the sense of community in the [...]

    8. What a cute story!Eden Andrusek and her pet goat Pansy are two of my favorite new characters!Jacob Riehl is less than thrilled when Pansy gets into his yard, attempting to eat anything in sight, including his coveted plans. Even when he starts spending time with Eden, he just can’t get used to having a goat around.Will Eden choose Pansy over Jacob? You’ll have to read the whole story to find out. It’s a really great story and one I’m sure you’ll enjoy.Valerie Comer has delighted me as [...]

    9. I love Valerie Comer. She is an auto-buy in the Christian Romance for me. I love the basis for the books, the sustainability premise, just everything. So glad this book tied into her Farm Fresh Romances.Jake is a man who grew up with it all. A loving family, money, a goldfish, and God. Eden grew up with little money, a great family until she lost them, pets, and God. Can these two people come together when they only have 1 common bond? Jake likes order and plans. Eden barely has time to brush he [...]

    10. A goat in the city is only the beginning…I think Eden is my new bestie. Her weakness for cinnamon rolls solidifies it! LOLEden and Jacob both struggle with expectations of how life ought to look. But as in any relationship, they have to rethink their priorities and focus on what’s truly important. Their story offers hope that God can work in the hearts and lives of those willing to follow Him.I enjoyed the dynamics between these two, as well as the opportunity to revisit characters from Gale [...]

    11. I just finished Secrets of Sunbeams and I know you have a hit on your hands with this new series.The use of urban neighborhoods in the farm fresh movement,teaching them to grow their own food and prepare it according to the season.It is going to be exciting.Jacob and Eden are a cute couple and it was enjoyable watching their romance.I was pleased with Pansy,the goat's antics although I felt sorry for poor Pansy on her trip to Green Acres.An excerpt from the book that resonated with me:"We can't [...]

    12. This was a charming read about urban farming. It is a topic that is not much addressed in most fiction, and this one handles it smoothly. You will find yourself laughing at the antics of the goat in this book, the very precocious cat and of course the characters with quirks throughout the book. If you have enjoyed Valerie's other books, you will see some characters you love and remember. It was fun to touch base with them and see how they were doing! This book will make you think about the ways [...]

    13. The romance moves a tad bit quick in this one, but that doesn't mean it's not still pretty adorable. Because it is! Eden and Jacob rub each other the wrong way when they first meet, but it's not long before they're unable to deny their attraction. Both tend to be pretty stubborn though, so they find their way together through trial and error. And apologies. I did love Pansy the goat a great deal! She certainly added some adventure and humor to the story. Overall a cute and fluffy read for when y [...]

    14. Jacob and Eden when her goat get into his yard and tries to eat some of his papers. He does not know what to think about having a goat as a pet. I really love these characters, this is a first book in a series but does mention a few characters from Green Acres Farm series which I have read the first one of it and enjoyed it a lot also. Will Jacob be able to make friends with the goat to be able to be with Eden? Read and find out.

    15. 7/19/16: Valerie Comer's "Secrets of Sunbeams" was truly an inspirational read. The way Valerie weaves her faith into the story was simply beautiful and thought provoking. Such incredible lessons, though done subtly. Eden is absolutely precious, needing some sunbeams in her life. And Jacob is just the one to shine them her direction. I love how they work out their differences and enjoyed their quick romance. Such a good read! Thinking I need to find more of Valerie's books!

    16. What an introduction Eden and Jacob receive at the hooves of Pansy the goat. I loved how strong the characters were in their own right. Seeing each other as the want them to be and then finding out how they really are, drive this satisfying love story. There are ups and downs that make it a most interesting and fun read. I highly recommend this story.

    17. I absolutely adored Pansy the Nigerian dwarf goat. I have a Nigerian dwarf named Millie that Pansy reminded me of; she's always causing trouble, but she's so cute and funny, you can't help loving her. I really enjoyed Secrets of Sunbeams. It was a cute and funny story that had a "real" feel to it and great moments of faith. I'm very much looking forward to the second book in this series!

    18. I loved this book! Another favorite from Comer. This series dovetails nicely with the Farm Fresh series, but can stand alone. I loved the sense of community, the varied characters, and the hero and heroine--always refreshing to read a sweet romance with likeable characters. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    19. I have not yet read a book by Val Comer that I haven't liked! I enjoyed this one as well. She deals well with two different people coming together and learning how to love, compromise, and develop a relationship. It's set in Spokane, and since I've been there, I could visualize things better.

    20. Great start to a new series, I loved Pansy (the goat) and all her adventures! There are plenty of new characters to meet and enjoy, plus a return of some of the characters from the Farm Fresh Romance series. Eagerly waiting for book two!

    21. Its a sweet story about struggles. About people you get to like, are they the partner God wants you to have and the sacrifices needed for relationships to work. City Girl meets City Boy. Mission trips.

    22. Another great series by Valerie Comer to teach us all a little something about sustainability, even the city folks! Completely entertaining to watch these two very different main characters get to know each other, work together, and compromise.

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