Anastasia Krupnik

Anastasia Krupnik Ages The first and best book in the very popular series describes the ups and downs of a precocious ten year old girl Anastasia loves keeping lists of important information in her green notebook

  • Title: Anastasia Krupnik
  • Author: Lois Lowry
  • ISBN: 9780006726357
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ages 8 12 The first and best book in the very popular series describes the ups and downs of a precocious ten year old girl Anastasia loves keeping lists of important information in her green notebook when she discovers that her mother is pregnant, she instantly adds two new items to her things I hate list My parents and babies But as the year passes, Anastasia fAges 8 12 The first and best book in the very popular series describes the ups and downs of a precocious ten year old girl Anastasia loves keeping lists of important information in her green notebook when she discovers that her mother is pregnant, she instantly adds two new items to her things I hate list My parents and babies But as the year passes, Anastasia finds that the items on her lists keep moving around by the time her baby brother is born, the only thing left to hate is liver An unusually warm, insightful and original portrait of childhood and family life, this is a special and memorable story Horn Book called Anastasia an amusing and engaging heroine and The Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books wrote, the whole book is a delight.

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    1. I really do not know why I did not read this particular Lois Lowry book (or the entire Anastasia Krupnik series for that matter) as a teenager, when the series was current, was just being published. I so love mature little Anastasia with a vocabulary better than mine and self-direction enough to make her own decisions and lists (which are also kept up-to-date). And her parents are equally wonderful, giving their daughter lots of space and consideration, even with the new baby coming (and yes, th [...]

    2. It's weird, I didn't really think of these books as that funny when I was a kid. Anastasia reminds me a lot of myself at that age, so I probably just thought it seemed normal.But now! I was reading this at lunch and I had to stop because I kept laughing and my co-workers were staring at me.For example:"Anastasia had a small pink wart in the middle of her left thumb. She found her wart very pleasing. It had appeared quite by surprise, shortly after her tenth birthday, on a morning when nothing el [...]

    3. Rereading Anastasia is like revisiting a place that you didn't quite remember you'd been to, but as soon as you get there everything seems familiar. Mrs. Westvessel, Washburn Cummings, the lists, her mole, her changing relationship with her grandmother, her secret bad thoughts, her poetry outfit. It was all tucked away in some obscure part of my brain, waiting to be rediscovered. I reread the book a few years ago, for the first time since middle school, probably, and listening to it on audio bro [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book when I was ten years old myself. Now, not so much, but it's still a great coming-of-age novel that inspires young readers to get to know their elders before it's too late and to accept changes in the familiar family dynamics.

    5. My 7-year-old just read this, so I had to pick it up and and reread parts. It is even MORE awesome than I remembered. How I wish I were as cool a parent as Anastasia's parents.Also, it inspired my daughter to write poetry. Terrible poetry, but still.

    6. Just reread this. Such a delightful book, and even though it's copyrighted 1979, it barely feels dated. The only things that do feel dated is that there are things in it that would not fly in childrens books today (like Anastasia's parents letting her have a sip of their wine or beer, or the wonderful name that she comes up with for her unborn brother, which I will not spoil because I forgot it and it made me laugh out loud when I got there).

    7. I haven't re-read this book since I was a child. Some thoughts:1) As far as final lines go, "With mushrooms!" is a pretty great one.2) I totally forgot how this book made me want to answer the phone by saying "For whom does this bell toll?" Ambition resumed.3) I am feeling somewhat miffed that the sequels are not available on my library's streaming audio services. Were they even ever recorded? This is a truly unfortunate situation.

    8. I read this for my book club where we reread books we read when we were younger, but this was the first time I'd ever read it. I wish I'd read it when I was 10 because of great lines like this: "I need to start worrying about making myself some memories" or this: "These are the most important things that happened the year that I was ten: I began to have a mercurial temperament." Or all of her wart references. This is such a smart, insightful book for kids, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

    9. When I was around this age, I wanted to be Anastasia so much! She was cool. She wore glasses like me. She didn't understand boys, just like me. As the series continued, I loved how quirky and interesting she was. My favorite was Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst, in which she got a bust of Sigmund Freud and used him as an actual therapist. Completely genious. As someone who was often misunderstood, I could relate to Anastasia on a completely different level!

    10. So I read this book aloud to my daughter and I had to gloss over some areas. There is a part where she is talking about a guy she likes and she's telling her friend about what Cosmo magazine says about how you know you are in love, one of the points is wanting to fulfill his fantasy's, Anastasia is a ten year old. Despite being dated, letting her drink the foam from her fathers beer, the mentioning of her dad drinking beer is something you don't see in many books today aimed at that age group, b [...]

    11. My oldest daughter adored the Anastasia series when she was in late elementary school, but strangely enough, I've just read the first novel in its entirety. I love the character of Anastasia: she is wholly original, an independent thinker, but also a girl who realistically captures the emotionally "mercurial" state of being 10 years old. So many fictional girls of this age are precocious in the bratty, smart-aleck sense of the word, but Anastasia is pert in a more loveable and unique way. Lowry [...]

    12. Anastasia is 10. She has a mom who is a painter and a dad who is a poet. She also has a wart on her thumb. She has a green notebook where she keeps her most important thoughts, her loves and hates, and cool new words. This is a story about what happens to Anastasia the year she is 10.I loved this book, Anastasia was hilarious! I kind of wish I'd read this as a kid, because I loved the themes and thoughts of this precocious ten-year-old. I enjoyed it as an adult, though, because the writing flows [...]

    13. This book has a copyright date of 1979, and it 's the first in a series, but I had never heard of it until I picked it up at my library today. How did I miss these books when I was an avid reader kid? Strange!In this book, Anastasia is 10 years old. She is smart and feisty and clever, spunky and a bit sassy, but not a pain in the neck like that Junie B. girl. I like Anastasia, I wish she had been my friend when I was ten.I have a bunch of the other books in the series, just waiting for me to rea [...]

    14. Um, a precocious girl who writes in a notebook all the time, likes lists and poetry, and uses words like jocund and indefatigable after looking them up in the dictionary, keeping a list of her favorite words in said notebook? No wonder I loved this as a child. Also, the parents cuss and are blase about it. I'm sure that delighted me as well.

    15. I LOVED this book as a kid - to the point that I even named my goldfish Frank so that I could be more like Anastasia - and I think it held up to an adult re-read.I wonder if this book contributed to my love of making lists.

    16. This is the sweetest of the Anastasia books, but it's still funny. I'm rereading this series and I've realized they're total comfort reading for me.

    17. Lois Lowryn "Minä Anastasia" (Otava, 1986) kertoo kymmenvuotiaasta Anastasia Krupnikista, joka pohtii maailman menoa persoonallisen syvälliseen tapaansa ja laatii listoja niistä asioista, joista hän pitää ja joista hän ei pidä. Listan jälkimmäiselle puolelle päätyy - maksan, opettajan ja poikien lisäksi - myös perheen uusi vauva, josta vanhemmat eivät ole neuvotelleet lainkaan Anastasian kanssa, ja joka sen vuoksi tulee saamaan kamalan nimen.Lowryn romaanissa hieman pikkuvanha mut [...]

    18. I was pretty committed to the Ramona books when I was a kid, but I think I read at least one of these? As an adult, I have read a lot of Lowry's work and I think she is fantastic. Her work is a lot deeper than the Ramona books, so I have shared it with my 13 year old daughter, but I also wanted to introduce her to my 7 year old daughter. I decided on Anastasia. We both really liked this book. If you have read children's lit, then you have read something like this beforeyoung girl going through t [...]

    19. This was the first book in the Anastasia series that was read for the children's fiction book club. I don't know why I hadn't read it before. Lowry's ability to describe in depth the life of a ten year old child made the story perfect. Anastasia is very bright for her age, making lists and actually keeping them up-to-date. Her vocabulary is better than some adults and she definitely has a mind of her own. My favorite part was when she had worked very hard on a poem for a class assignment and he [...]

    20. The positive: Anastasia Krupnik was and is one of my favorite female leads of all time. She's smart and funny, but not unrealistic for her age. She has a great family and most of the time she's aware of that fact. When I first read these books, I was ten, and was at the perfect age to connect with Anastasia and her feelings and small misadventures. Now, as a semi-adult, I read this series and see how great her parents were, and how strong their family bonds were, and I get many more of the paren [...]

    21. Anastasia Krupnik is stupidly charming and these books are charmingly written. I loved them when I was a kid and went through a phase this summer where I reread the ones I had loved and a few I had missed growing up. This first one, in particular, is really fantastic. The later ones are hit and miss, but never bad. I don't know if it is that Anastasia's family is so realistic or if her family is just similar in ways to mine was when I was a young girl, but there is something so homey and comfort [...]

    22. Anastasia books were some of my favorite as a child so I decided to reread this to see how it held up over time. I loved it again! She's funny, smart, and I love her family. I can't wait to pass these on to my daughter.One complaint: the cover. TWICE the book describes Anastasia as having blonde/yellow hair so why would they put a brunette on the cover? I know this isn't a huge deal, but come on! If the book makes a point to describe something then the cover should reflect that. It looks like th [...]

    23. Re-read after seeing it for sale on Kindle. Still just as good as when I was 11. Remember "One-Ball Reilly" ? How did Lois Lowry get away with THAT?

    24. I read this countless times as a child and it feels very weird to be reading it at HER MOM'S AGE. But it made me laugh out loud many times and now I want to reread the rest of the series.

    25. i think this book is really good. I recommend this book to girls who really are girly. Even though I am not super girly I still really like this book

    26. Waktu kecil pernah sebal dengan nama sendiri? Sebal dengan guru yang menurut kita nggak adil? Dengan nenek? Dengan ortu karena kita mau dikasi adik baru? Senang dengan seorang cowok, kemudian balik benci? Saya pernah. Anastasia Krupnik juga pernah, si gadis cilik berusia 10 tahun, tokoh utama novel menarik ini.Baca nih novel seakan nostalgia masa kecil saya dulu. Yang pernah sebal dengan nama, kenapa nggak sebagus dan sepanjang nama teman-teman lain, sebal dengan guru yang nggak adil memberi nil [...]

    27. Membaca buku ini bikin aku senyam senyum, ketawa ngikik, sedih (ketika nenek Anastasia meninggal) dan mengingatkanku akan masa kecil. Terutama kebiasaan Anastasia yang suka mencatat hal-hal yang disukainya ataupun hal-hal yang dibencinya. Dulu, waktu kecil (sayangnya aku lupa usia berapa, apakah seusia Anastasia yang 10 tahun) aku juga punya buku yang berisi catatan yang hampir sama dengan Anastasia. Dulu, aku juga mencatat barang-barang yang ingin dibeli, dan sifat-sifat jelek yang ingin aku bu [...]

    28. Though Lowry is, I believe, mostly famous for her dystopian series, The Giver, I think readers should also give the middle grade Anastasia Krupnik a read to see the breadth of Lowry’s writing skills. Her ability to weave into existence Anastasia, an irreverent, irrepressible and entirely charming ten year old is impressive. Anastasia is unintentionally witty and, to older readers, extremely funny as she charges full steam through life falling in love, falling out of love and making decisions ( [...]

    29. I ended up liking this book, but not until a few chapters from the end. I thought Anastasia's character was supposed to be a very close emulation of Anne from Anne of Green Gables; she's spunky, precocious, strongly opinionated, and strong-willed. However, I disliked her for all the same reasons I disliked Anne in that she crosses the line between amiably precocious to downright rude. Often. Her strong will descends to pigheadedness and mean-spiritednness whenever the subject of the baby or her [...]

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