The Short Game (Par For The Course Book 1)

The Short Game Par For The Course Book Garth Chu is on his way to having the most sought after video production outfit in Kingston Jamaica Everything is lining up well including his relationship with his current girlfriend until his moth

  • Title: The Short Game (Par For The Course Book 1)
  • Author: J.L. Campbell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Garth Chu is on his way to having the most sought after video production outfit in Kingston, Jamaica Everything is lining up well, including his relationship with his current girlfriend until his mother starts pressuring him to get married He has no intention of giving up his freedom to fit in with his parents desire for him to settle down and run the family business, bGarth Chu is on his way to having the most sought after video production outfit in Kingston, Jamaica Everything is lining up well, including his relationship with his current girlfriend until his mother starts pressuring him to get married He has no intention of giving up his freedom to fit in with his parents desire for him to settle down and run the family business, but his girl, Nadine, has other ideas and starts a crusade to get Garth to propose Anna Lise Myers has been Garth s golfing buddy for fifteen years and resents Nadine s intrusion on their friendship When Garth is injured in an accident, his friends rally round him, but things take an unexpected turn Anna Lise discovers feelings she s never admitted to having and Garth can t remember when Anna Lise went from sister friend to potential lady love A hot and disastrous interlude between Garth and Anna Lise forces them to decide whether they want to risk their friendship and take a chance on happy ever after.

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    1. This is my first time reading a novel by J.L. Campbell. I purchased it yesterday and finished it today. It's a well-written and quick read. Overall, the characters, main and supporting, are entertaining and likable. Anna-Lise and Garth are two of six close friends. This is a friends to lovers story, which can work well. The normal barriers creep up, such as fears of losing their friendship if they shift the dynamics of their relationship. The main issue, however, is that both characters are in a [...]

    2. This is a romance about two friends that come with some obstacles. Garth and Anna-Lise both have been denying their feelings for one another for a long time. Anna-Lise doesn't want to act on their relationship for a couple of different reasons. They both have to decide if they are willing to take that jump.I was really drawn into this book and I loved the sports aspect to the book. I am hoping their friends will also get a story of their own. Overall I thought this was a great read.

    3. ✨✨➡️ I received this book in exchange for an honest review. ⬅️✨✨Guy and girl are friends for years. They couldn't stand their friend's partner and they don't know why. It seems very obvious to me though. Lol. It's very difficult to develop from friends to lovers cos if being lovers couldn't work out, not only you'll be losing a lover but also a friend. In this case is best friend. If you're interested in reading friends turn lovers, this will be a book for you.

    4. I received a free copy from eBookDiscovery; this is my honest review. 4 stars.The story in itself could have been like: "friends to lovers? of course they chose lovers!". Maybe they did, maybe they didn'tbut the author adds a few twists, a few sides, a bit of romance here and there. It was an easy read and I read it in one day. This is a multi-cultural book; I don't read a lot of those for some reason (maybe there's not enough of them out there) and I thought this one was interesting, but the di [...]

    5. I received this book via book group.I will be honest it took me a while to get into this book. The Short Game is a friends to lover’s storyline that is a solid read but just didn’t grab me and take ahold. I found that book is a solid read with good characters, although one got on my nerves, and a strong story line. I felt that the relationships were strong and the cautiousness that they approached the new relationship was needed but at times drawn out. The chemistry between the characters wa [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book. I like the by-play between the characters and the shock when Anna and Garth realize that they have feelings for each other. Funny how it takes a 3rd person to make someone realize who you care for. I like the way that they have to decide if they want to go for it and ruin what they have or find out that they have a love that's worth it. I found myself liking some characters while hating each other. That is a good thing, if an author can make you feel love or hate towards a c [...]

    7. Well written and engaging!This book has well developed characters and the story line was creative and well thought out. The romance moved at the right pace and I was rooting for everyone!

    8. The Perils of FriendshipFriends know each other from beginning to end. However, should they become lovers? Let Anna-Lise and Garth share their story with you!

    9. Great bookCouldn't put it down :) loved the characters and how their story unfolded. Excited to read the next one :)

    10. This book was a pleasant read. A great story of friendship becoming love, and how it can turn your life inside out, especially when both friends are already in a relationship !!There was humour, sincerity, suspens and unexpected turns of events. I liked this book and read it very fast. I received this book from Ebook Dicovery in exchange for my honest review

    11. I received an advanced readers copy of "The Short Game" by J.L. Campbell. Character development is important when I read a body of work. As it enables me to connect with the story on a level, that allows me to envision myself in the situation. Especially when the core subject matter is female to male platonic relationships. As I do believe men and women can be friends, without romantic ties. Yet, if the line is ever cross it must be one that gradually happens that is authentic to the foundation [...]

    12. This is a contemporary novel about a lovely group of people, who have been friends for a long time. In 15 years, the group have seen each other through ups and downs as they matured in to adulthood, family in one instance and successful businesses. The group’s love of golf has kept them together as friends enjoying competitive banter as they win or lose their weekly games. A group of friends making their way in life, from different backgrounds who bond together well with the interest of a spor [...]

    13. I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.This book was okay for me. The chemistry between the characters were great and I loved the friendships between everyone, but I had a hard time dealing with how whiny/immature Anna-Lise was throughout the book and her indecisiveness. It just felt like she could not make a decision if her life depended on it. That goes for both Nadine and Jace as well, they were acting like it was their way [...]

    14. "I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery. This is my honest review. This book didn't grab me in the way many do. Saying that I really enjoyed it but could put it down and read it when I had the chance rather than not being able to put it down. I felt it was very drawn out and it could have been written better with more added to it rather than being padded out in the way it was.It was a lovely romance but you knew what was coming from less than half way through you just didn't know ho [...]

    15. Sometimes you are just meant to be with someone - no matter how long it takes. Everyone around Anna-Lise and Garth can see that they have been "in like" for years, but they can't seem to admit it to each other until now when their friendship starts changing after an unexpected kiss. It was a rough road on the path to true love for them - bad breakups with exes, uncertainty on both of their parts if they are doing the right thing by becoming lovers instead of remaining best friends - all the angs [...]

    16. I really did love the connection with Anna-Lise and Garth. There is always something about best friends falling in love that speaks to me. But the fights that each would have their significant other seemed too forced and unrealistic to me. I just didn't think they were well thought out. I found Jace and Nadine annoying, but maybe that's how she wanted to portray them. They just didn't work for me. Aisha was my favorite character. She was the best friend that any ggrl could want. Overall, this wa [...]

    17. The Short GameThis book was somewhat different from the books I’ve read in the past by Mrs. Campbell. I know a lot of her books deal with friendships, but for me this wasn’t the same per se. In this day and age, she took me back to the days when friends weren’t just around for what one could give them. They were there because they truly loved and wanted what was best for you because you brought them happiness and companionship. Today most people are fair weather and only want you to help g [...]

    18. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.I really enjoyed this friends-to-lovers tale. I liked the fact that there was a strong bond between the friends that kept going over a decade. Garth & Lise's story shows that sometimes, the best thing or person for you could be under your nose for the longest while before you realise it.I liked the Caribbean setting, too. I liked that the author used the secondary characters to be catalysts in their own way. I definitely would love to read Vance &a [...]

    19. This was an easy read with a set of friends that had to decide if they were actually The One for each other. I almost got aggravated with the heroine for not realizing early on what she needed to do. But if she had, there would not have been a book. Anyway, they were pleasant young people that had to come to terms with their feelings, and decide if crossing the line from friendship to lover was worth it. I would be interested in reading about the other friends in the book in the future. I receiv [...]

    20. So I love the friends-to-lovers premise and I like to try something new, like a book featuring golf. But this just didn't do it for me.1. Really? How can you not know you are romantically interested in your best friend when you are constantly jealous of his girlfriend's? WAKE UP.2.I wanted to learn more about golf but that was a bit too much. The book was full of explanations and technical references that I didn't get.3. And there were a few words that I didn't even understand. However, I was wa [...]

    21. This is a 3.5 star for me. I'm on the edge. I liked this book but the H/h just waffled back and forth too much. I just didn't like the indecision. It made both of them look weak. By the time it was decided that Garth and Anna-Lise would try a relationship I almost didn't care. This also caused the ending to be rushed. Suddenly, in the last few chapters (give or take) you have them breaking current relationships, getting together, being stalked and professing love for each other. I would rather t [...]

    22. Not so short, very sweetI liked Anna-Lise, Garth, and their crew. The friends golfed together and hung out. Garth's girlfriend Nadine was a snob and standoffish with the friends. Anna-Lise man Jace had the same jealousy bug. The story took us through the couples constant fighting and Anna and Garth trying to fight the inevitable. The couple that was meant to be ended up together. A good read.

    23. Toe Curing goodThis book kept me on my toes. The suspense was killing and at times I wanted to strangle Nadine. Absolutely love this romance novella and thoroughly worth the late nights. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves romance books. Can't wait for the next book JLCampbell

    24. This book was about a group of friends that are passionate about golf with a very strong friendship after years that they known each other some romance is growing. One thing that I noticed and enjoyed is the multicultural fact in the characters of the book. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    25. Enjoyable! The Short Game by J.L. Campbell was a great read. The novel is set in Jamaica and gives an account of the ups and downs of a group of friends. At its center, is the relationship between Garth Chu and Anna-Lise Myers. Do friends make for better lovers? Oh boy! Read and find out.

    26. I really liked this story and its characters, except Nadine.Anna-Lise and Garth are adorable! And I loved their interaction through the story.I highly recommend this book.I received a copy of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.

    27. An interesting story about love, friendship and everything in between. Well written and with both points of view of the story, from Gart and Anne-Lisse. I'm looking forward to read the next story about Vince and Ayesha. I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. This is my honest review.

    28. Loved itLoved this friends to lovers story with Garth and Annaise. Garth's girlfriend, Nadine, got on my nerves. I can't wait for Ayisha and Vance story.

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