Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs

Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs Roscoe Riley doesn t mean to break the rules he just can t help himself Making his hilarious debut in this brand new chapter book series this irrepressible first grader is sure to have young readers

  • Title: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs
  • Author: Katherine Applegate Brian Biggs
  • ISBN: 9780061148811
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roscoe Riley doesn t mean to break the rules he just can t help himself Making his hilarious debut in this brand new chapter book series, this irrepressible first grader is sure to have young readers eager to find out which rule he ll accidentally break next Illustrations If the kids can t sit still for the class performance, Roscoe s teacher could be in big trouble FRoscoe Riley doesn t mean to break the rules he just can t help himself Making his hilarious debut in this brand new chapter book series, this irrepressible first grader is sure to have young readers eager to find out which rule he ll accidentally break next Illustrations If the kids can t sit still for the class performance, Roscoe s teacher could be in big trouble Fortunately Roscoe has a plan to save her a super, mega, gonzo plan What could go wrong

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    1. Wonderfully understated, dry sense of humor. I was smiling the whole time I read it and often laughed out loud. A Junie B. for boys.The junk drawer is one of my favorite off-limits places.It's like a pirate treasure chest.Only with no rubies.I opened the drawer.I looked inside.Wow, I thought. This drawer is full of cool stuff!And that's when all my trouble started._____The junk drawer always has wonderful things in it.Keys. Puzzle pieces. Paper clips. The head from one of Hazel's dolls.I was pla [...]

    2. A cute adorable tale of what happens when Rascally Roscoe takes super glue to school to help out his favorite teacher

    3. It was so adorable when Roscoe stood up for Ms.Diz. He might be silly at times but he is truly an empathetic and a cute kiddo.

    4. 1) Book summary: Roscoe Riley never actually tries to cause trouble for anyone but he can't help himself. There is a big performance at his school coming up for the parents and he want to do great. One day his teacher ran out glue to finish the customs and he thought he could just bring his mother to school to help his teacher. Riley thought the students would give the teacher a bad impression if they couldn't stay in their seats. At the end of the story the readers find out how strong the glue [...]

    5. Roscoe Riley has a lot to say, and since he's sitting in Time-Out, he has plenty of time to say it! So here's his story. His teacher needed more glue sticks, and Roscoe decided that since all kinds of things get broken in school, maybe he should take Mom's Super-Mega-Gonzo glue, too. Sure enough, as everyone is getting ready for the big class performance, that Super-Mega-Gonzo glue came in handy. Roscoe wanted to make sure his class had a perfect recital and help Ms. Diz (his teacher) keep her j [...]

    6. Kids have to follow so many rules!Sometimes my brain forgets to remember them all.It's not like I try to find ways to get into trouble. It's just that trouble has a way of finding me.In this first book in a series, Roscoe Riley, a first-grader with "high spirits", welcomes us to his Official Time-Out Corner to hear the story of exactly what put him there this time. He was really just trying to help his teacher. Who knew it was a bad idea to glue things to people with the Super-Mega-Gonzo Glue?Th [...]

    7. Roscoe is supposed to bring craft supplies for his class. In doing so, he manages to get a hold of his mother's super strong glue, the "Don't You Dare Glue". And bringing this to school leads to chaos and bad choices. This is a very cute early chapter book. Parents will love the author's sense of humour. There are illustrations every few pages to also keep the young reader's interest and to help with comprehension. But parents and teachers may hesitate to expose the young people in their lives t [...]

    8. I read to my boys every night, but don't usually leave reviews for the kids books on GR. However, I have to leave one for this book and the other Roscoe Riley book we have read. These books crack my sons up, theu just love them. They are good chapter books for boys (and girls) that are early readers. The stories are hilarious. At our recent book fair at school, I bought this book for my sons classroom. The teacher read it to the class and she said they all loved it! We can't wait to read the res [...]

    9. Cute! A second grade girl asked that I order these, and I'm glad I did. This year one of my projects is to read more chapter books for kids in grades 1 & 2 since this is what they so desperately want to read even if they aren't ready. Kathleen T. Horning (Author of From Cover to Cover) calls these transitional books.

    10. Funny. Charming. Likable, well intentioned main character. Even though he mispronounces a few words that didn't seem true to first graders (which I teach), it was without the disrespect and bad grammar that drives me crazy in Junie B Jones. Cartoon illustrations by Brian Biggs will add to the pleasure for reluctant readers. A fun series!

    11. I loved reading this one aloud to my first graders! Seeing some of their eyes light up with Roscoe's antics makes me believe they'll be asking to read more of Roscoe's books.

    12. This book is for children ages 4-7 because it is a chapter book for the older kids but the words are big and easy to read so younger ones can recognize them as well. It is a good story of a first-grader named Roscoe who gets himself into a lot of trouble frequently. His class is putting on a show about bees for the parents and the principal is coming to see as well. Roscoe is worried that if all the students act goofy during the show his teacher will get fired so he steals some superglue from h [...]

    13. My kids (age 5) are starting to listen to chapter books. They each pick a book and I read a chapter at night. This was mom's pick and once I started- we read it in 2 sittings. They didn't want to stop. I first read it to myself as a read aloud for students at school but knew quickly my twins would love it. So glad I picked it up as the library.They thought it was hilarious and we could talk about unspoken rules/ making good choices. Can't wait to continue the series.

    14. Very cute and an easy read. Because it is told by a rather mischievous child, it does make the things he does seem like no big deal, which may be a concern for some parents. But, the book is cute and was perfect for my higher level reading first grader. We also read it as a family, and my 3rd grader found it funny as well.

    15. The cutest little chapter book about a very mischievous first grade boy who always seemsto find trouble even though he has the best of intentions. I happen to have one of those in my home and he LOVES this series so far-having so much fun reading it together!

    16. Funny, perfectly age appropriate for K-2 in tone, language and humor. Roscoe Riley is one of those kids who can't help getting in trouble because his curiosity gets the best of him. But his heart is in the right placei.e. he's not a little jerk who's going to drive parents crazy.

    17. I'm a big fan of Katherine Applegate these days (Animorphs, Ivan, Wishtree, Home of the Brave), so I was eager to try this one with my first grade son. Eh. It was okay. It did make my son laugh out loud at points, so that was good! I'm not sure if we'll read any more of them or not.

    18. Roscoe is such a rascal! He is that nightmare kids that makes you laugh when you really should be moving out of the house instead. I just put the rest of the books in the series on hold because I can't wait to read them!

    19. Fun book from the perspective of Roscoe and telling his story of why he is in time-out. Quite enjoyable. Category: Beginning/Intermediate Reader

    20. Cute, funny story about a mischievous, "helpful" little boy. Kinda reminded me of Junie B. Jones a little bit, but Roscoe isn't a major brat.

    21. The story is cute and written exactly the way a kindergartener would have said that! Funny, interesting and cute little story . Able to connect to the book with the words , narrative style and naughtiness

    22. This is a hilarious read! I found myself laughing out loud many times while reading it aloud to the kids. This is also a great read for younger readers. Early Wimpy Kid readers will love this book.

    23. SUMMARY:Silly Roscoe always tries to help, but things never turn out quite the way he planned! The story begins with Roscoe Riley in time-out as he begins telling his version of why he has been punished. A well-intentioned Roscoe Riley tried to help his new teacher during an open house performance; one that his class was putting on for their families. Only, while Roscoe thought it was a good idea to LITERALLY glue everything to its proper place, he found that not everyone agreed! As much as his [...]

    24. I love this book because it describes this first grader Roscoe Riley and how he is in time out because he glued his friends to chairs and then he was put in time out but that is not the real story. In Roscoe's class they are having a open house and the kids are going to sing a bee song and have antennas on there heads. Also before this event the third graders used the antennas and they stretched it out a bit so now it doesn't fit the little kids head. Whenever they rehearsed the antennas fell of [...]

    25. Summary (Children's Literature Review)Roscoe Riley is in time-out for an almost unimaginable reason: gluing his friends to chairs. What sort of delinquent would do such a thing? Actually, Roscoe is not a bad kid. Rather, he is a very helpful, well-intentioned kid--he just doesn’t always use the best judgment. But back to the glue, the chairs, the friends. How does that happen? It’s a big day at school, the day of the first-grade open house. Roscoe can see the kids are worried about their cos [...]

    26. first title in this new series for independent readers introduces good-hearted, mishap-prone first-grader Roscoe. In short chapters filled with simple, snappy sentences, Roscoe tells his own story. He’s excited about his class’ bee-song performance for the school open house. But the students’ bobbing antennas keep slipping, and kids won’t stay seated. Aiming to help, he tries Super-Mega-Gonzo Glue, a too-successful solution that attaches antennas to chairs and brings chaos, remorse, and [...]

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