Hostile Witnesses: How the Ancient Enemies of the Church Proved Christianity

Hostile Witnesses How the Ancient Enemies of the Church Proved Christianity None

Hostile witness Hostile Witnesses Quick and Dirty Tips That witness is presumed to be friendly and helpful to the employee s case Normally, all witnesses called by the opposing party are presumed hostile This is typically due to the adversarial nature of the American justice system. Hostile witness Citizens Information A hostile witness is a witness who at some point after the person has been sworn in to give evidence in court, appears unwilling to tell the truth Normally, the party that calls you as a witness does so in the belief that you will provide the court with evidence similar What Does It Mean When a Lawyer Says Permission to Treat Jun , Unfortunately, sometimes a witness that may be helpful to your case does not want to cooperate and therefore, your client will be better protected if you can ask leading questions it s also easier to elicit the answer you want The attorney must request permission to treat the witness as hostile so that the leading questions are not objectionable. What is a hostile witness The Straight Dope It means the witness is hostile to the lawyer or the lawyer s client And people say the law has no common sense Actually, if a lawyer is asking the court to rule that someone is a hostile witness, it means the lawyer is probably in trouble Really Let s clear up one misconception first. Hostile Witnesses How the Historic Enemies of the Church With his new book, Hostile Witnesses How the Historic Enemies of the Church Prove Christianity, renowned author Gary Michuta introduces you to a veritable rogues gallery of the historic opponents of the Church, beginning with those recorded in the New Testament He flings open a treasure chest of little known quotations from the enemies of the Faith and shows how they unwittingly testify to its truth. How is someone deemed to be a hostile witness in court However, if the witness is hostile for whatever reason then you may ask the court to declare the witness as hostile so you can ask leading questions, even if the attorney called the witness Without such a showing, it is presumed that your own witnesses are not hostile , so opposing attorneys will object to your questions as leading.

  • Title: Hostile Witnesses: How the Ancient Enemies of the Church Proved Christianity
  • Author: Gary Michuta
  • ISBN: 9781683570011
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Hostile Witnesses: How the Ancient Enemies of the Church Proved Christianity”

    1. I had previously read Gary G. Michuta’s book Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger and was impressed by his thoroughness.This book takes a very interesting tact. It is sort of a compilation of back-handed compliments to the Church. How the assumptions made by her attackers in fact gave credibility to what the Church proclaims.I had assumed that the book would take up the common extra-biblical sources of earlier non-Christian historians that I was somewhat familiar with. Instead it starts with the New [...]

    2. In the world of Christianity, there are many witnesses to the truth which it holds. However, atheists and agnostics are skeptical (at best) to believe these, because they feel they are biased sources. Author Gary Machuta believes there are non-Christian witnesses to the truth of Christianity as well. He calls them "hostile witnesses," and penned a book with the same name.Hostile Witnesses begins with an introduction that speaks of the words on the sign that hung on the Cross - "Jesus the Nazorea [...]

    3. Gary Machuta, uses the church's critics throughout history to make the case for the church. in this great book, He starts off at the beginning of the christian era with fallacies that were popular at that time, he follows throughout to the present day with the same premise. Great book, Must read for inquirers of church history.

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