The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts

The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts High adventure from a master storyteller about one boy s attempt to fend for himself among cruel orphan masters corrupt magistrates and conniving thieves In the seaside town of Melcombe Regis Engla

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  • Title: The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9781616205645
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • High adventure from a master storyteller about one boy s attempt to fend for himself among cruel orphan masters, corrupt magistrates, and conniving thieves In the seaside town of Melcombe Regis, England, 1724, Oliver Cromwell Pitts wakes to find his father missing and his house flooded by a recent storm He s alone in his ruined home with no money and no food Oliver s faHigh adventure from a master storyteller about one boy s attempt to fend for himself among cruel orphan masters, corrupt magistrates, and conniving thieves In the seaside town of Melcombe Regis, England, 1724, Oliver Cromwell Pitts wakes to find his father missing and his house flooded by a recent storm He s alone in his ruined home with no money and no food Oliver s father has left behind a barely legible waterlogged note he s gone to London, where Oliver s sister, Charity, is in trouble Exploring damage to the town in the storm s aftermath, Oliver discovers a shipwreck on the beach Removing anything from a wrecked ship is a hanging offense, but Oliver finds money that could save him, and he can t resist the temptation to take it When his crime is discovered, Oliver flees, following the trail of his father and sister The journey is full of thieves, adventurers, and treachery and London might be the most dangerous place of all In the tradition of his Newbery Honor book The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Avi mixes high adventure and short, page turning chapters with a vivid historical setting featuring a cast of highwaymen, pickpockets, and villainous criminal masterminds.Praise for Catch You Later, Traitor As a mystery, historical fiction, and love letter to 1950s Brooklyn, this novel succeeds on every level School Library Journal, starred review Suspenseful Authentic period details add a colorful backdrop to Pete s quest as he navigates the murky gray area between truth and fiction An excellent introduction to the frenzy of the McCarthy era Publishers Weekly, starred review An involving, twisty mystery, grounded by the palpable emotional threat of Pete s father being taken away An accomplished historical mystery by one of kid lit s most reliable craftspeople Booklist

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    1. 12-year-old Oliver Cromwell Pitts wakes up to a strange sensation. Everything he owns is shaking, and then . . . cold seawater dumps onto his head from a large gap suddenly appearing in the ceiling. Yelling for his father, Oliver hears only water rushing into the house. His father, Mr. Gabriel Pitts, is nowhere to be found. He did leave a note, which said, as far as Oliver could decipher, his father had gone to London to rescue Oliver’s sister, Charity, from some sort of trouble. Oliver, left [...]

    2. This reads like a children’s classic in a Dickensian style minus the verbosity. More on that later.What I love most about this novel are the characters, the story, and the writing style. This story takes place in England, 1724. Oliver, his sister Charity, and his father Gabriel are a poor family surrounded by criminal masterminds. Charity goes to London and Oliver wakes up and realizes that not only is his father missing, but also their house is flooded from a storm. His father left him a note [...]

    3. WOW! I was blown away by this book. From the very first page, it grabs the reader and does not let you go till the very end! I almost want to say that Oliver's story should really be called a series of unfortunate events, because its almost like he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time all the time! Yet Oliver never lets that get him down. Oliver is resourceful, funny, smart, and a great book hero to root for. READ THIS BOOK, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

    4. One of the things I like about reading a novel by Avi is that I can (almost) always count on it being an interesting work of historical fiction and his latest novel is no exception.The story begins on the morning of November 12, 1724. Oliver, 12, wakes up to discover that not only has a violent storm flooded his home and his town of Melcombe Regis on the Dorset coast, but his father is also missing, and Oliver has no idea where he might be. His father left a note telling him where he went, but i [...]

    5. This was a non-stop action book full of adventure. As other reviewers have stated, it has a Charles Dickens-ey feel to it but with less of the wordiness. The story is told by Oliver, a young boy in 1724 England who finds himself on a journey to find his missing father and sister. Along the way, there are surprises and some unsavory characters that test Oliver's courage. I thought this was a standalone book, but after the unexpected ending on the last page we are guaranteed a second book! I would [...]

    6. Thank you to Algonquin for an early reader. This is one of those books I found hard to put down. I finished it on the same day I started reading. Set in eighteenth century England, Oliver Cromwell Pitts does not lack for action or mystery. It begins with a storm hitting the seaside village in which Oliver lives and flooding his home. His sister has departed for London and his father goes missing. With Oliver now on his own he becomes a reluctant thief and this just the beginning. Oliver ends up [...]

    7. ARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralOliver lives with his father, who is a nasty man and unscrupulous lawyer. His sister, who has been raising Oliver since their mother's death, decides to leave their sea side town and move to London to live with an aunt and uncle. After the family home is destroyed in a flood and his father leaves without telling him, Oliver is sent to an orphanage. He does not appreciate the hard life there and decides to run away to join his sister in London. This does n [...]

    8. THE UNEXPECTED LIFE OF OLIVER CROMWELL PITTS by Avi is a wonderful book--as one has come to expect from the author.The year is 1724 and Oliver Cromwell Pitts, a twelve-year-old boy who looks far younger than his years, wakes up to find his home flooded and his father gone. Oliver’s attempts to find his father and sister in London lead him to be branded a thief and a highwayman, and his adventures along the way make THE UNEXPECTED LIFE a book that is nearly impossible to put down.Avi’s latest [...]

    9. AVI is one of my favorite middle-grade authors. When I pick up one of his books, I fully expect to be whisked away on an adventure that I can't put down. I haven't been disappointed yet.When The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts showed up on my doorstep, I was thrilled. A new book from AVI and I couldn't wait to jump into it.It's about Oliver, who wakes up during a terrible storm to find his father gone, an empty pantry, and an empty money box. In desperation, he steals some money from a [...]

    10. In a small English town in 1724, Oliver awakes to a flood and a missing father. In order to survive he must steal from a shipwreck and face jail time, escape the poor house, evade criminals, and find his father and sister in London. This adventure will take readers ages nine to 14 on a dangerous tour through historic London. I love all of Avi's books. This one was not my favourite, but still a good page-turner.

    11. At first, I was uncertain if I wanted to keep reading this book. The narrator spoke in an antiquated way, that wasn't always easy to follow. But then, Avi's strengths emerged and the my interest in the plot superseded any hangups with the historical tone. Plus, I found a rhythm in it and it became less noticeable. While this book is marketed to the JF crowd, I don't think I would recommend it that way. I'd go tween, YA or adults like me who appreciate Avi's style: historical settings/strong plot [...]

    12. 3.5/5. - I received a free copy of this book through the giveaway."The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts" tells the story of twelve year old Oliver Cromwell Pitts, a young boy living outside of London in the 1700s. After his mother died shortly after his birth, Oliver's six year old sister, Charity, was tasked with raising Oliver and his father (lawyer Gabriel Pitts). Deciding to live her life for herself, Charity moves to London. Only a few short months later, Oliver is awoken in the mi [...]

    13. The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell PittsNow and again, I run into a foregone conclusion when looking through the Net Gallery offerings of ARCs to be read and reviewed. I enjoy discovering debut writers, but if Avi is the author, my request is automatic. This master of historical fiction in The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts evoked another favorite author (Charles Dickens) and another favorite Oliver (Twist). The book begins with a tempest sweeping through his home and gets steadily [...]

    14. Avi The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts, 313 pgs. Algonquin Young Readers, 2017 (Workman). $16.95 Content: Language: PG (3 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG-13. Oliver is left destitute when his father disappears to London and although his father leaves a note it gets wet and the message is unclear. Oliver thinks he can avoid catching the eye of the townsmen who wrangle orphans to the poorhouse and have them do slave labor, but he is eventually caught. As Oliver finagles his way [...]

    15. A truly exciting and engrossing novel, The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts tells the story of a young boy in 18th century England and the misfortunes--and wild adventures--that befall him when his father leaves him, on the same night a terrible storm hits their coastal village, to seek out Oliver's teenage sister in London. Making the acquaintance of a variety of unscrupulous characters, from highway robbers to local enemies of his generally disliked father, Oliver's Dickensian autobiog [...]

    16. The problem here isn't the book, it's me. I'm not the target audience, and in this case it definitely hurt my chances of enjoying this all the way. Most notably, I was irritated with the chapter headings and how innocent Oliver was--this kid grew up in the 1700s, how is he so painfully angelic?With that being said, the historical elements are superb. It was a rough time to live in and the author pulls no punches with what could happen to our narrator. Will he be mugged and then gutted? Will he b [...]

    17. Avi knows how to keep his reader turning the pages, with short chapters and cliff-hanger endings to each of those chapters. This is set in 1724 England and is told in Dickensian language with an Oliver Twist kind of plot. Twelve-year-old Oliver's father has gone to London while a freak storm leaves the Pitt home uninhabitable. As he searches for some food, he unintentionally becomes embroiled in the all-too-common thievery of the day. Making his way to London, he is "schooled" in how best to ser [...]

    18. Melcombe Regis, England, 1724. 12 year old Olivier wakes up to discover that his house is flooded from a huge storm and his father has gone to London. Unfortunately, the note his father left for him got wet and most of it is illegible. The only words he can make out clearly are London and the name of his sister Charity, who is in London with their aunt and uncle. With no adult, food, or money, Oliver must find a way to get to London**Spoiler Cliffhanger ending!The writing style reminded me of Di [...]

    19. Another very nice offering from Avi. In the vein of Crispin - 12 year old Oliver Cromwell Pitts finds himself all alone after a storm surge with a wrecked house, no father, no money, and no good way to survive. With all of the corruption in the town, he falls into a series of strange expriences as he makes his way to London to find his sister.Definitely Dickensian, with a strong depiction of utter poverty and cruelty toward the poor. Pitts must operate by his wits and the ability to change his s [...]

    20. I found this book frustratingly enjoyable. Avi does a great job making the reader empathize with the protagonist, Oliver Cromwell Pitts. Reading this book reminded me of how far society has come in the way we treat others, particularly orphans. (We are definitely not perfect now, but we have improved substantially.) I found myself cheering for Oliver to break away from the evil influences which kept coming into his life. The ending was somewhat surprising for me but made me excited to read the n [...]

    21. Newbery Medal winner, Avi, has done it again. He is a master of language, character development, and I've-gotta-see-what-happens-next plots (with dashes of humor). The story takes place in England during the early 1700s and follows the adventures, misfortunes and harrowing escapes of 12-year-old Oliver. Every chapter ends with a cliff hanger. One of my favorite lines is, "Lie-teller! Rogue! Shake-bag! "The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts is going on my Summer Reading List for Middle Sch [...]

    22. This historical fiction book is set in England in the 1700's and follows the exploits of a young boy (Oliver) whose home is destroyed in a storm. His sister went to London a few months before and his father is a drunk and a gambler who doesn't know how to parent. Through a series of horrible experiences, Oliver is thrown into a life filled with crime, thieves, hunger, and homelessness. I enjoyed this book but was disappointed that it ended with "To be continued in Book Two". It had a good flow, [...]

    23. Avi grabs the reader from the start and does not let go, even at the end when he leaves you clamoring for more! Both boys and girls will like this one - even those who proclaim to dislike historical fiction.Oliver gets into one scrape after another, the characters are richly drawn, the narration is excellent, historical details lend authenticity and immediacy, there is lots to discuss-- what's not to love?

    24. Haven't read an Avi book since Crispin. I saw this on the "new book" shelf and figured I'd give it a try. Oliver Cromwell Pitts goes through some real unfortunate events in this first installment! I am hopeful that things will get better for him and his sister. Seriously thoughry frustrating cliffhanger! I vowed to never again read the first book of a series without the sequel being finished and yet here I am.

    25. Book One in a series following the life (and hard luck) of young Oliver Cromwell Pitts. Set in 1724 England, Oliver's father disappears, leaving Oliver a cryptic note--and at the mercy of anyone who has a grudge against his father. With each (short) chapter ending in a cliffhanger, this book is a fast-paced adventure across England with villains galore! Upper elementary and middle-schoolers should enjoy this and it will make a great read-aloud. JP

    26. Thanks to the publisher for the advanced reader copy that I received at TLA. I must confess that I have never read a book by this distinguished author. I knew he was the author of Newbery Honor books, so I was excited to read this book. I was not disappointed.Oliver Cromwell Pitts endures hardships in this historical novel due to the unfortunate circumstances he continually finds himself in. His journey is full of suspense and uncertainty. Readers will want more!

    27. Avi is a versatile writer covering historical fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, realistic fiction in an engaging way. This title is no different. Taking place in early England, Avi is able to use the language of the day in an understandable way for young readers providing a flavor of the times, the problems of poverty, and the resilience of struggling people. There are cliffhangers at every turn, danger, intrigue, and adventure. Can hardly wait for the sequel.

    28. Oliver Cromwell Pitts goes in search of his father and sister in 1724 England. He meets a lot of characters along the way, most of whom are "characters" in the bad sense. I liked the book well enough, but was disappointed that it would become a series. It's compared to True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, which I really liked, but that one was a stand-alone book. It is the latest of Avi's books and I haven't cared for the last couple of his I've read. So this was an improvement in my mind.

    29. This is an exciting episodic imaginative novel about a young boy dealing with a number of Dickensian villains (think Oliver Twist). Each chapter ends with a cliff hanger, yet each misfortune proceeds logically from what has gone on before. I can't wait until book 2 is out, and I am a number of decades past the age Avi was writing for.

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