Love, Ish

Love Ish Things Mischa Ish Love will miss when she goes to Mars lying on the living room floor watching TV ice cream her parrot Buzz Aldrin Things Ish Love will not miss when she goes to Mars mosquitoes hea

  • Title: Love, Ish
  • Author: Karen Rivers
  • ISBN: 9781616205706
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Things Mischa Ish Love will miss when she goes to Mars lying on the living room floor watching TV, ice cream, her parrot Buzz Aldrin Things Ish Love will not miss when she goes to Mars mosquitoes, heat waves, missing her former best friend Tig Ish is convinced that she ll be one of the first settlers on Mars She s applied to and been rejected from the Mars Now proThings Mischa Ish Love will miss when she goes to Mars lying on the living room floor watching TV, ice cream, her parrot Buzz Aldrin Things Ish Love will not miss when she goes to Mars mosquitoes, heat waves, missing her former best friend Tig Ish is convinced that she ll be one of the first settlers on Mars She s applied to and been rejected from the Mars Now project forty seven times, but the mission won t leave for ten years and Ish hasn t given up hope She also hasn t given up hope that Tig will be her best friend again not that she d ever admit that to anyone, least of all herself When Ish collapses on the first day of seventh grade, she gets a diagnosis that threatens all her future plans As Ish fights cancer, she dreams in vivid detail about the Martian adventures she s always known she d have and makes unexpected discoveries about love, fate, and her place in the vast universe.

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    1. I didn't read the synopsis of this before starting it. Mistake. I just loved The Girl in the Well Is Me so much that I saw it was a new Karen Rivers book and snatched it up. If I had read the synopsis, I would have been less eager. I still would have read it eventually though. Sadly, I just couldn't make it through this one (and not entirely due to the subject matter). There were 8 (yes EIGHT) product brand names in the first 20 pages. Before anyone gets on me for being nitpicky, I only stopped [...]

    2. This book broke my heart. It was depressing as hell, but there were so many sweet moments that it was worth it. Also, almost nothing was resolved, but THAT'S LIFE. It makes sense for the circumstances, and it makes sense, not everyone gets to resolve everything in their life.Highly recommend. Bring tissues like, a whole box.

    3. I have absolutely fallen in love with Karen Rivers' writing style. Period. End of story. Her characters are witty, endearing, and just so freaking loveable. Seriously, if you don't love Ish's quirky personality, her insightful observations, and her hilarious quips, you're just wrong. I'm sorry, but you are. And if you're not bawling your eyes out by the end of this book, then there's really no hope for humanity.

    4. Such a moving story filled with strong emotion and a rich character. Ish just steals your heart and has you wanting to reach out to her throughout the story.

    5. A girl that wants to go to Mars can be a potential to something good. But oh, no!I read about 80% of this book, and I just couldn't get myself to finish it. The main protagonist is so annoying, such misanthrope that I just couldn't stand her. Mischa is 12 and she is saying about herself Mom, I'm not fun All of her interest are boring things, such as environmental issues, and going to Mars to find people like her, and that's why she keeps away from people, because she doesn't want to be near them [...]

    6. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineIsh is surviving the defection of her best friend, Tig, by planning her future on Mars. There is a web site that claims to be taking applications for people to live in a colony, so Ish is planning her whole life around this, from the clothes she wears to the food she eats. The beginning of school is hard without Tig, who has moved to another town and not answered any of her e mails. It doesn't help that Ish is often at odds with her mother as well as her ol [...]

    7. Twelve year old Mischa Love is one very determined young lady. Her ambition is to be one of the first humans to colonize Mars, and she is doing everything in her power to reach that goal. Then life throws her a curveball.A new book for middle grade readers, Love, Ish, is an excellent read. Told in the first person, Ish is smart, funny and wise beyond her years. It’s good to find a female character who is so into science and astronomy. The author has done an incredible job of weaving a lot of i [...]

    8. When I read the synopsis of this story, I was really intrigued. I read a lot of books where the main character gets struck with cancer, but I think this is the first book that I have discovered where the character was only 12.I really wanted to like this book. At first, I thought Ish would be really relatable to me, because of her interest in the environment and taking care of the planet. But, she just really quickly started to annoy me. She was just very negative (even before she knew she had c [...]

    9. Okay, first of all, I would like to say that I only read the preview of this, in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.For a while after requesting to review Love, Ish, I didn't realise that I had read just the preview. I thought, stupidly, it was just a short story that ended very confusingly, without explaining anything. I was wrong. When I found out that it was the preview, I was very relieved.From what I'd read, the story seemed interesting enough; young girl dreams of going to Mars a [...]

    10. I loved the way Ish is portrayed. It felt so real, that struggle people have when they feel like they don't fit in -- that mixture of prickliness and vulnerability. Really, all of her relationships rang true. Rivers also did such a good job bringing strong emotions out in the reader -- Algonquin/Workman was not wrong when they included the note with this galley that I'd need tissues. (They even sent a pack with the book!). I couldn't put the book down, even though parts of it just made my heart [...]

    11. Most Middle-grade books, especially those targeted at female readers, seem to contain little more than what I call "fluff."From their stereotypical pink covers to the oh so dreamy boy the main character has a crush on, Middle-Grade books for girls SUCK!!!I LOVE that LOVE, ISH is different from any other book targeted at Middle-grade readers. The cover of this book is awesome. It shows off Ish's long red hair, and the artist's decision to have her standing on the globe of Earth and looking toward [...]

    12. Mischa “Ish” Love is a precocious 12-year-old who is heavily into science and environmentalism, to the chagrin of her mom, who wishes she would be more relaxed and enjoy life more. (Ish says her mom “has obviously mistaken me for an ice dancer or a regular girl…”) Ish for her part is frustrated that she is the only one who seems to be taking the planet seriously, while other kids “run around and throw their candy wrappers into the wind and assume someone else is going to clean up the [...]

    13. Emotionally captivating, and raw Love, Ish, will rocket readers to into a new trajectory of emotions from dreams, cancer, love, and understanding. This book is an exploration deep inside the mind of a young girl struggling to make sense of a tragic diagnosis. Heartfelt and deep, readers will plunge deep into the character's mind as she tries to make sense of her rambling mind, making new friends, all while losing her hair and being horribly sick.Karen River’s ability to capture the angst behin [...]

    14. At first I thought this was a really interesting book about a truly quirky and likable girl named Misha Love. She goes by Ish and she is whole-heartedly determined to be the first woman on Mars when humans venture to go out there. As it turns out, this is a book about a 7th grade girl battling a brain tumor. A horrible cancer she refers to as her Brussels sprout. Ish does not have a lot of friends, in fact, her best and only friend, Tig, moved away right before school started and Ish's tumor pre [...]

    15. I had a hard time getting through this book. Looks like most everything has been covered in other reviews so I'll speak just to one of the main relationships. I felt bad for Mischa that she had lost her best friend because they've been separated by a move, and he hasn't contacted her since. I was disappointed in her to find that she had made no effort to contact him either. That's one of my pet peeves - people jumping to conclusions and then holding tight to their assumption rather than followin [...]

    16. Twelve-year-old Miscah “Ish” Love is a smart, self-aware, young girl with big dreams. She wants to be one of the first people to live on Mars. Together with Tig, her BFF (Best Friend Forever), they researched and planned everything together, even applied online, but now Tig is DTM, Dead To Me (her), because he moved away and she hasn't heard from him. Struggling to cope with his loss, she is trying desperately to keep their/her Mars dream alive. Even though it’s difficult without Tig and t [...]

    17. I really didn't know if I wanted to read this book, until I started reading it. Karen Rivers writing style threw me off a bit as it was from the point of view of the protagonist, Mischa Love. 'Ish' as Mischa is called throughout the book, has a dream of going to Mars, which gets derailed. She's also quite angry at her social situation, as well as her family's shortcomings, but manages to keep her dream in focus until the end. The book grabs you at a few points, compelling you to read it, almost [...]

    18. This is a book that follows the odd ball that is Ish. Right away you're thrown into Ish's head, strapped in, and taken for a ride. It's not even first person, it's brain delving. Ish can come off as rude and just too weird a times and potentially turn readers off. I found I personally liked her and enjoyed learning all about her and how she sees the world.The synopsis gives away that she gets cancer but nothing more. So to say the least things get weird pretty fast. One day it's a normal day at [...]

    19. I started Love, Ish thinking that I would be savoring it over several nights and after the first few pages, I was excited by this prospect.And then it didn't last as long as I wanted it to because I ended up finishing it in a day.Last night I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of it and I can't stop thinking about it today. It's under my skin. This book went through something and took readers to a place that I don't know any book has ever done. At least none I've read.And it hurts a lot [...]

    20. This is one of those books that while you are reading it you are asking yourself, “What in the world is going on? Why is she doing that?” And then as you keep reading it becomes more clear. Poor Ish is a 12 year old girl who wants to be part of the first team of explorers to settle on Mars. She has dreams of Mars and definite opinions regarding Earth and the people who populate our planet. But, reality slaps her one day when the headaches she is having cause her to pass out. She wakes up in [...]

    21. Note: I received this book as an advanced reading copy from Algonquin Young Readers.For a book meant for 8 to 12 year olds, this book sure packs an emotional punch. The story of Ish starts as one where she is beginning middle school, missing her best friend and dreaming of living on Mars. Her world soon changes when she receives a cancer diagnosis. Through it all, she's also navigating new and old relationships, while trying to remain true to herself. Even as a thirtysomething reader, I found my [...]

    22. 3.5 stars.So unique! The style is intentionally disjointed & is almost "stream of consciousness" at times. (I've read books like this before, but never a children's book.) I didn't devour this but I do appreciate it. I don't know if kids will feel the same.Rivers' sense of humor and voice are wacky & strange -- in a good way. Her sentence construction can also be strange -- not in a good way (e.g. "Maybe it's the place where people go who are happy). However, the writing can also be very [...]

    23. I loved this book! At the beginning, it was a little hard to get into, because of Mischa's personality, but at farther into the book, I enjoyed reading about Mischa's inner thoughts. I really liked the part where she let Buzz Aldrin free. I also liked how the author ended the book. You don't really know what happened, but from what I guessed, it was really sad! I would definitely recommend this book!

    24. I related to Ish in many ways. How dedicated she gets to a goal. How she observes something and then starts thinking about much bigger global issues which only further fueled her determination. Rivers' writing gets very winding as the book goes on, I believe, to help the reader understand Ish's condition and her difficulty comprehending her surroundings. This is a very sad middle grade read, but I so appreciated this smart, scientific, goal-oriented, ambitious, and flawed girl.

    25. Technically Ish doesn't have to die at the end. It's all about your perspective. She's been having a lot of loopy dreams, so this could just be another one of those. I think she dies, but that's just a less depressing end to a really depressing story. It made me cry. But I would totally recommend this to anyone.

    26. Honesty and depth rarely seen in juvenile fiction tough topic executed impeccably. Similar to Karen River's "the Girl in the Well is Me", most of this novel is written in stream of consciousness with occasional interaction with other characters. It is a fascinating look into the mind of a child's thought process coping with the progression of her scary and dismal health condition.

    27. My 11-year-old promised that I would be "super sad" at the end of this book. And she was right! But I'm still glad I met Ish, her family and Tig. And who knew Mars was so interesting! This is a good read to share with a tween who is feeling like an outsider (don't they all) and/or is dealing with the death of someone close to them (we all do). I'm glad that my daughter insisted I read it.

    28. So slow, started this story two times and it wasn't until after the mid way point that the plot picked up. While all kids are able to relate to her difficulties, she is not a real likeable character and characters will find it difficult to connect with her. I do not see adolescents connecting or staying with this book until the end.

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