The Chosen

The Chosen Astra Kromin Volgon Earth To each of the four planets are sent four Guardians with one mission to protect and serve the Chosen those unwitting champions of prophecy who alone can save the galaxy fro

  • Title: The Chosen
  • Author: Shay Fabbro ShayWest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Astra Kromin Volgon Earth To each of the four planets are sent four Guardians, with one mission to protect and serve the Chosen, those unwitting champions of prophecy who alone can save the galaxy from the terrifying Mekans But the signs of prophecy have not yet appeared, and the decision to send the Guardians early could doom all in the galaxy to death.

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    1. The Chosen by Shay FabbroMy rating: 4 of 5 starsShay Fabbro's Portals of Destiny trilogy is off to a great start with her first release, The Chosen. There is a lot to be excited about in this science fiction adventure as multiple genres are intertwined to create colorful settings with a solid plot pitting the mindlessly evil `Mekans' against the entire galaxy. Of course, the only thing standing between galactic annihilation and salvation are the Chosen, a collection of characters from four disti [...]

    2. I was given this book as part of Library Things’ early reviewer scheme. But, as you can see, I’ve been honest in my review.A threat is on the horizon and many worlds are in peril; their future lying in the hands of a group of chosen individuals, currently scattered amongst the various worlds. Unaware of their future, these individuals are being schooled, and protected, by a group of alien beings. These beings await the signs that will herald the opening of a series of portals.This is a multi [...]

    3. To see this review and more like check out my site ufreviews I don't often read a lot of sci-fi, in fact it probably only makes up like 10% of the books I review, even though I watch a ton of sci-fi when it comes to movies or tv. I am not sure why such a difference exists between the two genres, but either way I do enjoy a good sci-fi book from time to time, so I was pretty excited about this book. One of the things I particularly enjoyed about this book was that even though it was a sci-fi book [...]

    4. Mekans…even the name sounds foreboding. Machine intelligence, stripping the resources of planet after planet, making their way across the galaxy, leaving burned out husks in their wake. The only hope for the survival of countless species are The Chosen, small groups of four different species who are watched over and trained by Guardians from the planet Gentra. The Gentran prophecy says The Chosen hold the key to defeating the Mekans, but when one Chosen is killed, the prophecy may be in jeopar [...]

    5. From the cover to the last word in the book I was mesmerized, Shay has painted a beautiful galaxy rich in detail and diversity. I could not find a fault with the story and the harder I tried, the more the story pulled me in and convinced me otherwise.Imagine being among the chosen few that knew the galaxy as you knew it could come to an end. Imagine being among the chosen few who could save the galaxy imagine the gravity of it all if you were one of the beings destined to train what would hopefu [...]

    6. I received this book in return for an honest review.I'm not big into Sci-Fi books to be honest at all. Buuuut of course once I saw "by Shay West" I knew I HAD to read it! Her writing is so amazing! I love reading her books. I get so lost in it and I feel like I'm truly there which was kinda hard and dangerous for this book. Haha! I'm a bit claustrophobic so of course the underwater world had me honestly about to faint because I was holding my breath without realizing it. (lol!)Anyway, enough of [...]

    7. The Mekans were built to mine and collect resources. Somewhere along the way though, something went terribly wrong. Now these giant machines travel from world to world leaching the resources until there isn’t much left. The entire galaxy is in danger but a Gentran prophecy may hold the key. It would seem that The Chosen have the ability to bring down the Mekans and save the universe. A decision is made to help the prophecy along a little. Four specially trained Guardians are sent to four diffe [...]

    8. I won this book a little while ago and finally found a weekend to finish it off.I really did enjoy this book. It started slowly, with introductions to characters, then really picked up. There's a lot of flicking back and forth between chapters, which kept me reading as I often wanted to get back to a cliffhanger going on in another thread.There were weaker characters that I never found an affinity with, but there were equally well thought-out characters that I really wanted to follow.For the phy [...]

    9. An interesting concept, a quasi religious sect of "Masters" are trained on their home planet and then transferred to one of four other planets in the same galaxy, as Guardians, where they gather marked trainees (the Chosen) who will study with them. Once the training period is complete the Chosen trainees graduate and are accorded the rank of Masters as well. The selected and their tutors await cosmic signs that the predicted time is upon them to take further action. The cryptic signs appear and [...]

    10. I need to start by saying this is not my favourite genre - but having picked the book up as a kindle promotional giveaway I decided to read it.Others have given an outline of the story - and I must say that the diverse worlds, cultures and 'peoples' were handled exceptionally well, keeping interest going throughout with problems to overcome in all worlds - while still awaiting the biggest problem of all.I really felt this was 4 and a half stars - it is better than 4 but though part of a series I [...]

    11. Hello readers! The author, herself, gave me a copy of this book for fee in exchange for an honest review. I have enjoyed several of her other books so I was looking forward to reading this oneI was not disappointed. As book one of a three (four) part series, this book was all set up, but I didn't mind because it was broken up between different planets (Earth, Volgon, Astra, and Kromin), with different stories on each, that lead up to all of the Choosen ones joining together on another planet (Ge [...]

    12. Full Review: thetbrpile.weebly/1/post/2I really liked the sound of this and thought it sounded right up my alley. Unfortunately, I found this very hard going very early on and really could not get to grips with all of the various characters who are spread out across many different worlds. I found many of the names difficult to pronounce. The plot just way too overly heavy and convoluted right from the start. The problem for me was that the plot all just felt a bit old hat. The alien invasion the [...]

    13. "The Mekans left much as they arrived, their shadows darkening the ruins of a once beautiful and vibrant planet. The noise of their engines, while still stirring up huge clouds of dust, no longer caused discomfort for the people. There wasn’t anyone left to hear. The Mekan Fleet threaten all life in the galaxy and only the Chosen can fight these metal monstrosities and save those that call this galaxy home. The Guardians travel to the home worlds of the Chosen, sent by the Masters of Gentra to [...]

    14. The galaxy as we know it may be coming to an end. The Mekans - a machine intelligence - is plundering the resources of the galaxies various planets. Prophets from the planet Gentra believe the galaxy can be saved. They send 4 trained Guardians from Gentra to 4 different planets to train and guard the Chosen. The Chosen hold the key to defeat the Mekans. Each planet is inhabited by a different species of sentient being ( humans, a reptilian warrior civilization, a race with magical ability, a soc [...]

    15. In The Chosen Ms. Fabbro ties seamlessly ties together a little bit of Terminator with a Star Wars vibe. When a destructive mechanical race called the Mekans threaten all life in the galaxy, the aquatic Gentrans take matters into their hands by sending Guardians to four planets that contain sentient life in order to train those chosen by prophecy to save the planets. There are four distinct cultures represented: a future earth that has fallen into dystopia, Astra, a planet of magic using people, [...]

    16. The concept here is definitely intriguing; several worlds each having their own Chosen who must band together to stop a galaxy-destroying horde. Each planet has it's own species and culture, giving the author the ability to create any fantasy world needed to extend the plot. However, this plot device essentially is nothing more than creating a world for the purposes of multiplying what is basically a set group of characters out of a D&D game. There's the warrior, the priest, the wizard, and [...]

    17. As a fellow Science Fiction author I really have to tip my hat to Shay. The characterization and multiple planets are just amazing. She was able to build some of the best worlds and believable characters. They showed just how much imagination that Shay has and being able to blend them all together…. all I can say is BRAVO!!! I have to say that this is one of the top reads that I have ever done for a fellow author. The detail was just amazing and easy to follow. The planets and the cultures tha [...]

    18. A possible epic adventure in the making, involving characters that are not just humanoid. The guiding characters are actually similar to jellyfish. The trials have already started, and victory is not assured. The character development is proving to be quite interesting, like regular people, some are not willing to give up their own personal desires to sacrifice themselves and save strangers. It will prove interesting to see how the character development continues, if the selfish desires will des [...]

    19. At first the various worlds can be confusing but I quickly lost myself in the story and the different groups of people called on as the "Chosen" to save the universe. While not the typical fantasy novel, it blends together the different personalities and lifestyles while keeping them unique among the different people involved.

    20. The imagery and char­ac­ter descrip­tions in The Cho­sen were very well writ­ten. I could eas­ily pic­ture the scenery and action described in the book. Shay’s imag­i­na­tion is very vivid and she can paint a won­der­ful picture.If you like fic­tion and fan­tasy, this is a good book, and a good series for you.3.5 of 5 stars

    21. I couldn't get into this book at all. I bought a copy of this book, autographed by the author when she was in town for a book signing because it was recommended to me. I think one of these days I will go back and try re-reading it because I really want to give it a chance.

    22. I can't wait for book 2. I had a hard time keeping the planted straight in the first few chapters. But after I figure out who is from where I coul focus on the story and really got into it.

    23. You really find yourself caring about these characters, and desperately hoping that the outcome is favorable for all. Very excited for the second in the series already!

    24. I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

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