One thought on “Penny and Peter”

  1. Nicely written and a very pleasant book, full of '40s charm. Probably 3 stars for me now, but I gave it 4 because I think I'd have loved it as a little kid.

  2. A but of a dated book, but a very sweet story, nevertheless. I read this to my kids as a bedtime story, and they loved it. Peter is the cutest of characters, being adopted into the family (as well as Penny) he fits right in, and seems to instantly bond with them all. He's a kid with a good work ethic and a compassionate heart, which makes him such a good role model for young boys! This is a great book for boys, in my opinion. I don't know if they'd have the patience to read it through themselves [...]

  3. When my second son was around six years old, Carolyn Haywood was his favorite author. I found a number of her books at the library, and read them all to him. I had forgotten about her in the years since then, but when I recently read Here’s a Penny to my fifth son, I was reminded of how my older boy had loved them. And, when I started reading Penny and Peter to the younger boy, the older one made sure, if at all possible, that he was around to hear these delightful stories again—even though [...]

  4. I read this book to my daughter, and we both enjoyed it. It was fun to hear continuation of Penny and Peter's story, and I particularly appreciate the way the characters interact and respect one another.

  5. Just in case you needed to know before reading, Penny is a boy. That's not even his actual name. Don't ask me why.

  6. This book talks about two brothers and how they have fun. I like the book because it is funny and creative.

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