The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize I want that painting It is my last Lost Mistress My Lost Love Alessandro Di Sione is renowned for being cold and unsentimental but even he can t deny his grandfather s dream of retrieving a painting

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  • Title: The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize
  • Author: Maisey Yates
  • ISBN: 9780373213108
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • I want that painting It is my last Lost Mistress My Lost Love Alessandro Di Sione is renowned for being cold and unsentimental, but even he can t deny his grandfather s dream of retrieving a painting steeped in royal scandal Yet the key to its return is the outspoken Princess Gabriella While traveling together to Isola D Oro to locate the mysterious painting, Gab I want that painting It is my last Lost Mistress My Lost Love Alessandro Di Sione is renowned for being cold and unsentimental, but even he can t deny his grandfather s dream of retrieving a painting steeped in royal scandal Yet the key to its return is the outspoken Princess Gabriella While traveling together to Isola D Oro to locate the mysterious painting, Gabby is drawn to the man tortured by guilt from his past Her innocence makes her untouchable, as Alex is convinced his Di Sione blood is tainted But could their passion be his salvation

    One thought on “The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize”

    1. Maisey Yates is one of my favorite HP authors and this was not my favorite of hers though.This story was too slow for me and seemed to never pick up any steam. The story line continued of the lost The Lost Mistresses pieces, and this one was a painting that needed to be located and returned. Giovanni Di Sione, the grandfather asks Alessandro his last grandchild, to find a missing art piece and have it returned. Alessandro is a successful business man who owes a lot to his grandfather and will do [...]

    2. The di Sione series ends like it beganful.The Last di Sione Claims his Prize began with promise. Ruthless hero sent on a journey. Meets heroine & they have chemistry. Unfortunately it all went downhill. Problem- too much psychoanalyzing the past. That bored me. It didn't create a bond between the heroine and hero. Next problem- the hero pushed the heroine away! Just when he should have been ruthless in getting the heroine & being possessive of the heroine.he isn't. This type of storytell [...]

    3. What a fabulous end to this series and Maisey Yates has put the icing on the cake with this one, it is now Alessandro's turn to get his beloved grandfathers last lost mistress back his lost love and to do this he must visit the exiled Queen Lucia of D'oro in the small country of Aceena where Alex's life is about to be turned upside down in such a good way.When Alex arrives he is greeted by a young woman who appears to be owl like but there is something about her that draws him in she is a little [...]

    4. The The Last Di Sione Claims his Prize by Maisey Yates is the 8th and final book in the Billionaire’s Legacy series, told by several different authors. The series revolves around an elderly gentleman, Giovanni di Sione retrieving treasures from his past that he calls his Lost Mistresses. His grandchildren have all been tasked with finding one of these items and have found true love in the bargain – and now it’s Alessandro (Alex) di Sione’s turn.Alex’s mission is to track down a paintin [...]

    5. I received an ARC from NetGalley for this unbiased review.I've read all the Di Sione books in the series, and to get the story wrapped up by Maisey Yates was the whipped cream and cherry on top of the sundae. The books in the series were hit or miss for me, but this one was by far the best.--------------Giovanni Di Sione has asked his last Grandchild, Alex, to obtain the last of his "Lost Mistresses." This one being a somewhat infamous painting that led to the downfall of the Monarchy in Isolo D [...]

    6. Cute love story with some funny moments. But it was terribly slow in parts and the ending felt abrupt. I was disappointed there was no pregnancy or babies in the epilogue.

    7. The two main characters in the book are the usual too. A curt, emotionally vacuumed businessman and a young woman who falls for him. The only thing different here are the words. As Yates writes it:It was rumoured that Alessandro Di Sione had once fired an employee for bringing his coffee back two minutes later than commanded and five degrees cooler than ordered. It was rumoured that he had once released a long-term mistress with a wave of his hand and an order to collect a parting gift from his [...]

    8. Please read a top five star review to balance this one!I'm totally disappointed because I was so excited when I picked this because Maisey Yates is one of my favourite and top HQN writers.To be fair to Maisey Yates this was a commissioned story so she was probably given a tight brief/storyline to run with. This is why I tend avoid commissioned series with the same characters by different writers. If you are reading her for the first time, don't judge her on this.

    9. A fantastic ending to a wonderful series which I absolutely adored and couldn't get enough of. The mystery of the Lost Mistresses was solved and I am very happy with how that all panned out.Maisey Yates has done a fine job of delivering what might be one of the most anticipated books of the series. I love the mystery behind locating the last mistress, the drama and the intrigue. I loved the way the last mistress was bought back home and I loved the little surprise appearance by a special charact [...]

    10. This is the last of the Di Sione series, a fitting end to the saga with the churning mystery as it draws to the end of the long list of finding love, mending broke ties and strengthening bonds. Alessandro is a name I adore for a hero, he was mature and tormented whilst the heroine,Gabby, was pure, naive and spirited. There were a contradictions within themselves and to each other yet perfectly matched.

    11. Out of all the books in this series, this one was the only one I truly enjoyed. Alex & Gabriella sparkled together and the story flowed nicely, but what I loved the best was finding out the meaning of the "mistresses".

    12. This story offered a sweet conclusion to a well thought out series. Although it was terribly slow in parts and very much a cliché in other parts, it still hummed along. My favorite part was uncovering the meaning behind the "lost gifts."

    13. Maisey Yates wrote the final chapter in the 8 book "The Billionaire Legacy" series for Harlequin Presents. I read Caitlin Crews' book and was really impressed by the storyline of "the lost mistresses."This book wraps everything up beautifully with Alessandro bringing back "The Lost Love" to his grandfather. In the process he meets Princess Gabriella a disposed royal from Isola D'Oro. What makes this book so beautiful is the lack of alpha-male behavior from Alex. That's the one thing I never like [...]

    14. Alex (36) is full of guilt over hearing his parents fight when he was a boy.The fight was over his father's mistress and her son.The result was a car crash and both his parents died.Giovanni, his grandfather, took in all 7 grandsons and raised them.Now Giovanni is 98,recently received bone marrow from his eighth grandson, Nathan.Alex is considered a dragon by everyone, a man without heart.Giovanni sends him to find a painting, known as "The Lost love",belonging to the royal family of D'Oro.Queen [...]

    15. Alex is the last Di Sione grandchild to be sent on a journey to find his grandfather's treasure. His request is for the painting of a disgraced royal. But when Alex goes to the island to retrieve the painting from the queen, he runs in to her daughter, Princess Gabriella. Gabby isn't anything like his vision of a princess. Neither are exactly thrilled when the queen sends them together on a hunt for the lost painting. I enjoyed reading the conclusion to the grandfather's quest for his lost "mist [...]

    16. Maisey Yates is one of those authors who has been on my to-read list for ever, but The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize is only the first book I have read by her and I got to say I was right to be excited to read this author's writing because this book was a thoroughly entertaining contemporary romance. The storyline was a little out there and unrealistic, but that is to be expected given that this is a Harlequin Presents book and honestly it's the fact that the story is out there that makes it so [...]

    17. "I want that painting. It is my last Lost Mistress. My Lost Love." Alessandro Di Sione is renowned for being cold and unsentimental, but even he can't deny his grandfather's dream of retrieving a painting steeped in royal scandal. Yet the key to its return is the outspoken Princess Gabriella. While traveling together to Isola D'Oro to help locate the mysterious painting, Gabby is drawn to the man tortured by guilt from his past. Her innocence makes her untouchable, as Alex is convinced his Di Si [...]

    18. Book was too quick for me. In-fact the quickest of the Harlequin Presents i have read. And too slow too. It sounded more like a Harlequin Romance series book than Harlequin Presents book with no angst.

    19. A desperate plea and a mysterious painting lead to an epic hunt in Maisey Yates' The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize. Gabby and Alex had a tough time working through past torments and old hurts, but they found all encompassing passion that threatened to destroy them both. Will the quest for this precious artifact heal two hearts or doom two souls. Ms. Yates definitely knows ravishing. Her stories thrive on strong characters and their trials and tribulations, but this particular couple had a diffi [...]

    20. Writing: GreatViolence: NoneSex: SomeNarration: 1st Person, alternatingThe Last Di Sione Claims His Prize by Maisey Yates, is the final installment in the Billionaire’s Legacy, complete with a HEA.Alessandro Di Sione is known for his cutthroat approach to business and relationships.  Not interested in finding a lifelong love, he keeps his relationships superficial and loveless.  When his Grandfather, Giovanni, asks him to find the last of The Lost Mistresses, a painting, he agrees to the dyi [...]

    21. A satisfying conclusion to The Billionaire's Legacy series! We've been seeing all of Giovonni Di Sione's grandchildren be sent off to hunt for one of his "lost mistresses", a sentimental object that meant a great deal to him that he wanted to see one last time before he dies. With this story, Maisey Yates brings us the story of the last grandson, Alex and we get to learn the story behind it all finally. Alex and Gabby had a fun depth to their relationship when they first met with neither hesitat [...]

    22. WonderfulI have never tread a series that had every book written by different writers I would recommend these books to everyone the story is so good and keeps you interested from first book to the last so many. Twist to come together to an unexpected end wonderful I will read these books again and again do try them I am sure you will fall in love with the Di Sione family as I have happy reading everyone x

    23. A Perfect endingThis was a great ending to the DiSione series. I loved Gabby and Alex. Their relationship was wonderful. I loved Lucia and Bartolo and the story of the Lost Mistresses. I want to read the whole series again now that I have them all. It was that good. There were a couple of weak books in the series but overall it was amazing. There was more good than bad. I can't believe it's over. Now what am I going to do!!???? Lol

    24. Maisey Yates sure does like her tortured heroes and her emotionally evolved heroines. Gabby was a fun character. I liked her lack of artifice. Alex was pretty much the opposite. He seemed like someone that tells the truth but was hiding even from himself. The "mystery" of the lost mistresses was really cool and had such a cute ending.

    25. Book 8 in an 8 part series that can be read alone but makes it so much more when read as part of the series.The hero in the story drove me nuts at the start with his sheer arrogance but the heroine had just the right amount of attitude and innocence to push the hero into her way of thinking, wonderful well written passionate romance that was hard to put down.

    26. This last book of this series was fantastic !!!! Maisey Yates sent her readers on a journey that was extremely sexy and smoking hot !!!! Absolutely loved it !!!! Would highly recommend it !!!!

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