A Judgment Of Dragons

A Judgment Of Dragons MEET PRANDRA AND KHRENGThey eat for the same bowl could and preen then travel across Time down through Space to the most bizarre and dangerous worlds in the Galactic Federation Even to Solthree wh

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  • Title: A Judgment Of Dragons
  • Author: Phyllis Gotlieb
  • ISBN: 9780425046319
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • MEET PRANDRA AND KHRENGThey eat for the same bowl, could and preen then travel across Time, down through Space, to the most bizarre and dangerous worlds in the Galactic Federation Even to Solthree, where they are met with some alarmA starcat and rabbi tale, with dragons

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    1. I read this trilogy out of order. I read the third book first so now I went back to read the first book second.I was surprised to find that it's a really a series of short stories describing how the starcats got their allies. I also like that they think purely in the present tense. It really adds simplicity.I'm enjoying the books.

    2. This is a somewhat strange book (with an extremely misleading title, although "Judgment of Energy Beings", though more accurate, is less poetic), but, I would say, in a good way. Our heroes, Prandra and Khreng, come from a race of bright red, jaguar-sized cats, who are both intelligent and in many cases (especially the females) telepathic. This has brought them to the attention of the Galactic Federation, which is happy to supplement what their planet lacks in terms of food in return for the ser [...]

    3. Canadian writer/ poet, Phyllis Gotlieb has written some of my favourite SciFi stories, especially Sunburst. A Judgment of Dragons contains four short stories featuring the giant red cats from the planet Ungruwarkh, the male, Kreng and his telepathic mate, Prandra. Unfortunately, the first story, Son of Morning, was also contained in another book of short stories I'd already read, Son of Morning and Other Stories, but it was still nice to be reintroduced to Prandra and Kreng with that story and t [...]

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