Exile Two races fight for what remains of a dying planet For generations the Maarlai an alien race who fled the destruction of their own home world have lived silently hidden exiled on Earth They watch

  • Title: Exile
  • Author: Colleen Vanderlinden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two races fight for what remains of a dying planet.For generations, the Maarlai, an alien race who fled the destruction of their own home world, have lived silently, hidden, exiled on Earth They watched, year by year, as humanity destroyed what was once a planet full of hope and promise.Unable to idly watch as the planet dipped further into destruction, the Maarlai left tTwo races fight for what remains of a dying planet.For generations, the Maarlai, an alien race who fled the destruction of their own home world, have lived silently, hidden, exiled on Earth They watched, year by year, as humanity destroyed what was once a planet full of hope and promise.Unable to idly watch as the planet dipped further into destruction, the Maarlai left their hidden villages and went to war with what was left of humanity With the death of the last great human king, the Maarlai found themselves victorious and vowed to protect and restore the planet that had sheltered them for so long.A treaty made, an alliance formed.Shannen of House Lyon is a member of the last of the human royal families While they bend knee to the Maarlai ruler, her people have not forgotten their former greatness, the years of bloodshed and horror or the memory of their fallen king To ensure a lasting peace between their two peoples, Shannen and three other prominent human women are sent to the Maarlai capital One of them will wed the future Maarlai king, cementing the peace between former enemies.When Shannen finds herself married to the Maarlai warrior, she discovers a whole new world and freedom unlike anything she could have imagined When war threatens once again, she will need to decide where her loyalties truly lie.

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    1. I forgot that Vanderlinden writes Sagas! Ahhggghhh. We are in for a long lushious ride with this series. There isn't really a cliffhanger but more of much more to go in this tale.The alliance marriage makes this feel more like a medieval with aliens and thus a fantasy romance that a science fiction romance but the mash up is well done. The hero comes to cleave to his wife and the heroine comes into her own power. She is a bookworm which I love. The pace is sedate but lots is happening and the lo [...]

    2. Exile. Freaking Exile. I fell in love and feel a bit destroyed from the experience. Colleen Vanderlinden’s venture into the world of fantasy romance tells the tale of a marriage made across political lines in hopes of bringing peace to warring nations. Shannen and Daarik were not star-crossed lovers, but both are strong willed and noble. They do what they need for the greater good, and then things get really good. I loved this well spun tale, Ms. Vanderlinden took a genre that I enjoy and made [...]

    3. Ooh. Fantasy romance! This was so much fun to write, and I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it. If you like smart-ass princesses and honorable warriors, I hope you'll give Shannen and Daarik a read.

    4. I feel like I've been swept up on the wave of an adventure in the good old fashioned sense of the word, and along the way it took a little pice of my heart. Shannen and Daarik were so not what I was expecting when this tale started on Colleen Vanderlinden's blog. I can vividly see the broken world as it is described with it's warring nations, both caught up in their own ideals of what right is - how appropriate for these times, and indeed all times! For such a far removed tale it has made me ref [...]

    5. This was really really good. I wanted more! I even wish it had been longer. I loved Shannen and Daarik. This was such a great start to this series and the ending didn't leave me reeling, it gave me hope. But I need the next one like, yesterday.

    6. The best sort of storyWhen this book ended, I was like "wait, what?" The novel sucked me in and I can't wait for the next one.

    7. I really liked this book a lot. Probably because I like reading about union of 2 cultures through marriage and that's what happens here.The story is slow paced explores the relationship among the characters but there were many fall backs in the book and probably why the book has less than 1000 ratings. The things I most disliked:1) Insta Romance - I have read my share of insta eye rolling romance and I don't hate them but this book didn't make it good enough for me. Probably since it started wit [...]

    8. DNF at 82%. And it's a short book, so I could have easily finished it, but I was starting to feel like my IQ was dropping with every page. Which is a shame, because I was in the mood for a light read, and the story started out well enough, with our heroine, the human Shannen, being chosen to marry an alien prince, Daarvik, in order to establish peace between their peoples. Shannen was kind of aloof and sarcastic and Daarvik was decent and honorable, and I thought these were characters I might en [...]

    9. I wanted more from this book. I love cross species romance, and I was really jonesing for a good one when I came across this book. Outside of the Maarlai constantly calling the heroine a "human whore" I didn't get that huge of a sense of them being two different species. They were warring factions, sure, but that was the estent of the tension I felt between the two groups.I also felt like I was going in circles/getting whiplash. The her and heroine could not make up their minds about whether the [...]

    10. Typos- I noticed a character called by another's name in the first chapter. 7% in there is a random 's' in dialogue. More mistakes like that continue every few pages. It made me wonder if this was a final draft.The planet is Earth with an alternate history. Yet, the world building was vague. Extreme statements were made about both species that made them stereotypes and cheapened the characters. The h's back story didn't make sense to me.I felt that the idea the H wouldn't be expected to remain f [...]

    11. I like this book a lot. I happened upon it while finishing up another series by the same author, and was drawn into this story. I love that the main character is a fiesty, smart mouthed lady named Maarlai who is seemingly set up by her family to marry into another race on the planet in the name of peace. The story is good. It moves along quickly and has good and quirky characters. I'm excited to see the next installment!

    12. I wish this had been longer. I feel many of the plot points were rushed. It was still good but the love story was just too rushed. I wanted more background on the characters and what they went through. Sigh Maybe the second book will be more detailed in building the storyline.

    13. This book sucked me in right from the beginning. It was a joy to read and I can not wait to find out how the story continues!! Humans, Aliens (not the creepy ones

    14. Edited to say this review has some spoilers ***This book kind of had some promise at first but I just didn't love it. It's about an Alien race that has taken over Earth because humans let the Earth turn into a wasteland with their irresponsible wars and what not. So the Alien's King wants his son Daarick to marry a human woman to kind of help with peace between the species. He's like "this sucks but HONOR!!!!"Shannen is the niece of the human king and is a self proclaimed brat and too curvy but [...]

    15. Four StarsOriginal concept, great world-building, amazing characterization. This book started off good, but immediately gets better and better. I definitely did not see that ending coming, and am thoroughly impressed by it, as well as the author's writing. Exile was a welcomed surprise, one that I would highly recommend.

    16. Shannon and Daarik A must read! Shannon and Daarik are my new favorite couple. I can't wait to start reading the next book "Riven". Great scifi romance and character development.

    17. I wasn't sure what rating this one desrved. It didn't sweep me off my feet, but I liked it. Oh well.We'll see! Review soon

    18. 3.7 starsI have to start by saying I didn't think this book would be as good as it was, but I really enjoyed it. The writing kept me interested and the characters were relatable. The conflict between the humans and the Maarlai, as well as the internal strife within the Maarlai royal family gave more than enough drama to keep the plot twists intriguing.I liked that the author made Shannen into someone that was overall disliked (by the majority of the Maarlai), while also helplessly likeable as a [...]

    19. 4.5 stars for this one!!I LOVED this book! It was a book that pulled me in and never let go. It had the perfect pace and the perfect balance of average life scenarios and drama. I felt connected to the characters and like I could picture myself in their shoes. I cannot wait for the next book!! The only reason for not full 5 stars is due to editing. There was a chapter or two with a weird icon attached to some words(which was easy to overlook). But the book could have used a read through again be [...]

    20. Again?! Really?! More dead people and one that I really liked. Colleen is giving GRRM a run for his money, I swear. I love that the protagonist is more cunning than her husband and that she starts to plot a way to help out the people behind everyone's back. She sees shit that needs to be done and takes action to get it done. I am not an alien fan in books, movies, etc. but Colleen makes them feel as though they are part of any other *normal* paranormal entity. The Maarlai are now part of my para [...]

    21. I loved this book, I have been eagerly awaiting the release and when it dropped I was reading book 4 in an 8 book series, I was very conflicted and did something I never do I dropped a series to read this book. Major pressure. But it didn't disappoint, I loved it. I have yet to find a book by Colleen Vanderlinden that I haven't enjoyed and think the woman deserves God status, but even so this book is amazingGo buy the book!!!

    22. Another fantastic series!I have been a fan of Colleen's since reading her Hidden series. This woman is so talented it's crazy! Exile is different than her other series, and I already love Shennan and Daarik, I hope I spelled those names correctly. Anyway, a human is being offered to an alien race to be wedded to the Prince. It's said to bring peace to warring races, however it's so much more! Fantastic book one!

    23. WOW another great book by Colleen Vanderlinden!5 Stars really isn't enough stars for this book. The story just pulled me in and I just couldn't let go. The world, the characters, and the storyline took me to a place that I just wanted to stay in. I am now so anxious for the next book and I hope there are more to come.

    24. Didn't know what to expect but an enjoyable book from start to finish. Humans being ruled by alins after almost ruining the earth. A human woman married to an alien man to keep the peace. Of course they fall in love, but war is brewing. An enjoyable read.

    25. Loved this bookI really enjoyed this book. This sassy heroine was not annoying as many are. Loved the plot, very unusual. Can't wait for book 2!!

    26. GoodThis book is pretty good. I gave it four stars.It was well thought out.A lot of fighting.A lot of loving.

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