The Successful Author Mindset: A Handbook for Surviving the Writer's Journey

The Successful Author Mindset A Handbook for Surviving the Writer s Journey Being a writer is not just about typing It s also about surviving the roller coaster of the creative journey Self doubt fear of failure the need for validation perfectionism writer s block compar

  • Title: The Successful Author Mindset: A Handbook for Surviving the Writer's Journey
  • Author: Joanna Penn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Being a writer is not just about typing It s also about surviving the roller coaster of the creative journey.Self doubt, fear of failure, the need for validation, perfectionism, writer s block, comparisonitis, overwhelm, and much When you re going through these things, it can feel like you re alone But actually, they are part of the creative process, and every authBeing a writer is not just about typing It s also about surviving the roller coaster of the creative journey.Self doubt, fear of failure, the need for validation, perfectionism, writer s block, comparisonitis, overwhelm, and much When you re going through these things, it can feel like you re alone But actually, they are part of the creative process, and every author goes through them too.This book collects the mindset issues that writers experience, that I have been through myself over the last nine years, and that perhaps you will experience at different times on the creative journey.Each small chapter tackles a possible issue and then offers an antidote, so that you can dip in and out over time It includes excerpts from my own personal journals as well as quotes from well known writers I hope it helps you on the road to becoming a successful author.

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    1. "Someone please tell me that I am worth something. "I needed this book like oxygen last year. Please, Joanna Penn, go back in time and write it in 2014. If you're starting out, read it now and save yourself blood, tears, pain, more tears, frustration, anger, and self-hate.

    2. I went into this book thinking that I wouldn't get much out of it. After all, I have been through my tormented "aspiring writer" phase and come out the other side a proud, independently published author. Sure, I'm still plagued by insecurity and doubt, but how much help could a glorified pep talk really be – even from someone I respect as much as Joanna Penn?Oh, how wrong I was.The Successful Author Mindset should be required reading material for all writers, no matter the stage in their journ [...]

    3. All the mindset issues throughout the creative journey has been mentioned in a lot, if not all, of the podcasts relating to creative work. As a writer in the beginning stages of my journey, I too have gone through these mindset issues and almost gave up. So, when Joanna Penn announced on her The Creative Penn podcast that she was going to write a mindset book aimed at writers, I felt excited and hoped Joanna finishes the book soon. I wasn't sure if I was going to get selected for an ARC but I em [...]

    4. En este libro Penn se mete en los aspectos menos técnicos y más relacionados con los retos sicológicos del oficio de escritura, con su habitual sinceridad, estilo ameno y carácter prácticoY recomendable para cualquiera que se esté enfrentando a la inseguridad, a la falta de apoyo, a la desesperación del manuscrito rechazado, a la sensación de bloqueo y/o parálisis que suelen acompañar a esto tan extraordinario (y extraño) de intentar escribir en serio.

    5. I'm a big fan of Joanna Penn's, following her Creative Penn podcast and having read most of her author help books. A lot of the advice in this book, I felt like I'd heard before from her--and it was still five stars. It was so exactly what I needed to hear at the time I read the book that it really boosted my mood and productivity, and I'm sure that this will be a resource I return to many, many timesA: How funny! Almost a year later, I reread this and found it just as useful, if not more useful [...]

    6. This is a MUST-READ book. If you’re wondering whether you should get it or not, please just do yourself a favour and buy it. You won’t regret it. I bought the paperback version so it’s easier for me to go back and revisit the parts that resonated the most with me (and there’s A LOT). Thank you, Joanna Penn for this excellent book. I also highly recommend Joanna Penn’s podcast, ‘The Creative Penn’.

    7. Creative Writing This book was short, to the point, helpful and centers around the author, Joanna , and her quest of being a writer.The story line covers tips on writing as a profession, emotions, genres, and more, making it a helpful and inspiring overall. Caroline Holroyd did well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

    8. I love Joanna Penn's nonfiction books. This book was very inspirational. Joanna always has a positive, helpful attitude. Great sections about self-doubt, perfectionism, and beating procrastination. The book is very organized and nicely formatted. It was a pleasure to read. I highly recommend Joanna's nonfiction books for indie writers, especially new indie writers.

    9. Bestselling Author Joanna Penn has written a book that helps writers develop the necessary mindset for becoming successful at their craft. As she discusses in this book, it isn’t the skill of writing that one has to master but dealing with the mental and emotional aspects of the writing business.Joanna hits on all the right topics that kill a writer’s confidence, break his or her self-esteem, and can hold would-be writers back from achieving success as a published author.Writer’s go throug [...]

    10. This is a fantastic book — the best of its kind that I’ve ever found. I’ve read a lot of books of this type and they are usually so-so: platitudes and pep-talk. But this one is really different! Penn offers a wealth of very practical strategies to allay fears and misgivings, bolster courage and determination, draw on available resources, and most important, make a commitment to living creatively now. Joanna Penn is also one of the most generous writers I’ve ever come across, sharing ever [...]

    11. This book is full of helpful advice on how to be a writer, everything from handling self-doubt and rejections to finding your tribe. Peppered with quotes from successful authors as well as the author's own journey, not everything will apply to every writer. I found myself skimming many portions of the book, but I suspect that's the author's intent -- find the pieces that you can relate to and devour them, but move on if it doesn't apply to you. I found much that did apply to me though and I high [...]

    12. I love this book. I've had the ebook since it came out and recently purchased the print copy. I flip through it anytime I need a mental boost. Joanna has been clearly been there when it comes to writing. She offers advice, tips, and reminds us why we do what we do. This is a book every writer should have on their bedside table.

    13. I read this via the audiobook edition and look forward now to going back to my ebook edition to read in more detail. Joanna Penn has been a fabulous inspiration and support in my life in thinking about writing and self-publishing. This book on successful author mindset was a refreshing look into what it's actually like to get writing done, the mindset required and the challenges. As I start to work on first drafts of my writing, it was like a balm and helped me realise that the hard work is actu [...]

    14. This is essentially a list of common mindset issues that plague writers at the various stages from just starting to write to getting ready to publish to publishing and moving on to the next book. It's a nice little book, and not necessarily meant to be read linearly, which I kind of appreciated but then also thought it could have been better. What I mean is, it's a nice idea that a writer could just pick this up and flip to whatever mindset issue she is struggling with to get some insight and co [...]

    15. This book isn't just a must-have for beginning writers, but it is a book that seasoned writers can benefit from picking up and reading through. It's a reminder of important, yet often overlooked elements in attitude that can often get in the way of a writer's success and happiness.Filled with valuable personal examples from her own writer journey, which really help to inform and inspire while letting the reader know that they are not alone, it is refreshing to be reminded of so many little thing [...]

    16. This is both an encouraging , pat on the shoulder, you-can-do-it kind of book, and a launching point. J.P gives the reader all kinds of advice, words of wisdom and genuine encouragement without sounding fake. She gives you links to learn more, quotes by other successful authors and lots to think about. For example"why do you want to write?" While this may seem a silly question, there is a reason for it. She asks the reader to look beyond the surface answer, sets out reasonable expectations and r [...]

    17. This is one of the most useful books for writers I've encountered so far. It's not a how-to guide for those who want to write. Directed at those of us who are already deeply enmeshed in our writer's journey, this addresses the common roadblocks and negative mindsets that are a natural part of the creative process. The most important takeaway I received is the reminder I am not alone in my struggles. There are a ton of helpful tidbits and inspiring quotes, as well as a great bibliography that wil [...]

    18. You are not aloneThis is a great book for any creative, author or not, who needs to understand that they are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Joanna Penn is one of my go to Podcasters and this book is a reason why as she has a perfect voice for talking writers through the quicksand and out the other side. Not everything in this book will help everyone but there is something in here for everyone. Feeling down? This book can lift you right back up again.

    19. No es el libro que necesitaba leer ahora mismo (tengo otro tipo de problemas que tienen poco que ver con lo que trata), pero estoy seguro de que volveré a él a menudo. Joanna Penn repasa la mayoría de los escollos a los que tendrá que hacer frente un escritor a lo largo de su carrera, ya sea antes de publicar su primer libro, después de hacerlo o incluso después de haber publicado su vigésimo libro. Recomendable lectura, pero tal vez saquéis más provecho de él si lo usáis como libro d [...]

    20. This was a gift from a friend and was an interesting read. It is full of little anecdotes that let new writers (and even experienced ones) know they are not alone in the feelings they are having throughout the writing process.Some of the issues covered, such as fear of rejection or self-doubt, are useful beyond the role of the writer and could apply to any field.It was a fun insight into the neurosis that is the mindset of the author.

    21. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.This self help book gives advice on issues ranging from mental states while writing to writers block and how to work through it to insecurity and inferiority complexes. It helps on almost every issue conceivable to an author, new or old, and really gives you a confidence boost.The narrator was also pretty good with a smooth voice and an easy narrating style.

    22. I highly recommend this book for any writers. Joanna's honest, down to earth style of writing makes this book a joy to read. It's like an encouraging letter from a friend. She covers all the struggles we authors go through and offers practical advice. If you're a writer, do yourself a favor and read this book. :)

    23. Excellent, practical advice for navigating the author's journey. As an indie author I found myself nodding my head in agreement throughout much of the book. I suspect that this is one of those gems I'll be able to pick up again months or years from now and learn something new.

    24. Great Book that resonated!I really enjoyed this frank yet hopeful portrayal of what it means to be an indie author or any author for that matter. The anecdotes were particularly useful and I finished feeling ready to keep at it.

    25. 2,5⭐️Den var väl lite peppande och lite inspirerande, men egentligen gav inte den här boken mig någonting. I princip var det enda författaren gjorde att upprepa saker andra har sagt om ämnet och koppla det till lite egna erfarenheter. Ingen recommendrecommend på denna.

    26. Joanna Penn really articulated many of the same thoughts and feelings that I have as an author. I highly recommend this book for authors at any stage in the journey! I will definitely come back again and again to the book when I need to be reminded of the advice and thoughts in it.

    27. If you've been writing for awhile, you've likely stumbled on to these thoughts/revelations/affirmations before, but it's still good to have what you think you know confirmed and reaffirmed.

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