Amy A traditional Regency romance drawing room rather than bedroom Amy is a shy timid soul browbeaten by her domineering father until she s terrified to do or say anything without his approval When he

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  • Title: Amy
  • Author: Mary Kingswood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.Amy is a shy, timid soul, browbeaten by her domineering father until she s terrified to do or say anything without his approval When he dies suddenly, his will leaves large dowries for his six daughters, but only if they marry in the proper order, the eldest first Amy must now find herself a husband, and sooA traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.Amy is a shy, timid soul, browbeaten by her domineering father until she s terrified to do or say anything without his approval When he dies suddenly, his will leaves large dowries for his six daughters, but only if they marry in the proper order, the eldest first Amy must now find herself a husband, and soon, so her younger sisters can marry in their turn There are several possible suitors, but will any of them come up to scratch And how will Amy choose without her father to guide her Mr Ambleside has been waiting for Amy for years, his suit rejected by her father Now he has his opportunity, and he s determined to win her But first he has to see off his rivals, and if he manages that, he has to overcome her reluctance to defy her father s wishes But he s a very tenacious man

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    1. I received this e-book as an ARC. If you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, or Little Women you should enjoy this series. Amy, and the first chapter of Belle (included at the end of the book as a preview), reminded me much of them. The Daughters of Allamont series is about a family of girls and their quest to find suitable husbands, after the death of their father, in order to be eligible for their dowries as set forth by the terms of his will. The challenge is that the daughters have to marry in a ce [...]

    2. a bit boring with MCs I didn't really like 2.5*This is the initial book in a series about 6 sisters whose overly strict father dies, leaving a will that states they must marry in order of eldest to youngest or cause their sisters to lose their dowries. Their mother is mostly absent and so the girls are left to figure things out themselves. Amy is the eldest and had previously given up on getting married. She is the only sister who misses all her father's frankly abusive ways. She is quite happy [...]

    3. Lordy, lordy, I'm glad I didn't start Mary Kingswood's books with this one. I started with the Sons of the Marquess series and then circled back to this one. Amy is a character that I want to smack. She is one of those "oh, me, life is so confusing, I need a man [either daddy or hubby] to tell me what to do. oh, me, oh, my."Now, granted, there was probably a lot of that going around during the Regency (and before), but I don't read Regencies for that. She did have her moments, and I liked her su [...]

    4. This book was a pleasure to read. It is far truer to the mores of the time than most modern historicals, and compares well to Heyer's work. The only thing that struck me as strange was a comment that at age 17 one of the sisters shouldn't be thinking about marriage yet. I do know that marriage age was typically higher than most novels portray, but I also am pretty sure that once a woman is "out," she is trying to find a suitable husband. The heroine isn't my favorite but it's because she really [...]

    5. I'm not sure about the star rating here so it might be 3.5. However I think it should be 4 because I liked this novel enough to go straight on to the others that have been published so far! I found it a little slow to get started, but to counter-balance that, it seemed a lot more authentic than many other novels set in the period, without the excess of dukes and Americanisms!What I really liked - and this applies to the other novels too - was that each girl is depicted as having her own faults a [...]

    6. A clean Historical Romance. I found it entertaining but not containing the usual things I normally read in this genera as of late. I supposed that is why I liked it. It's an innocent love story with a little bit of drama. Right away I noticed the alphabetical order the children's names start with- it made me smile. I can see myself reading more of this series. Belle could hold a surprise or two. Will we find out more about the brothers? The secrets of both the father and mother?

    7. More Spine NeededI did have some sympathy for the main character, Amy. Her father was abusive and her mother is neglectful, but it took her most of the book to see that. I get that. You can still love your abusive parent even when they hurt you. She likes following rules and feels uncomfortable without guidelines. She feels like men should be making the decisions for her life, which is in keeping with the time period she lived in. She's an extremely weak character though, even taking all of that [...]

    8. Amy is the eldest. There's also Belle, Connie, Dulcie, Grace and Hope. Two brothers in between (I think their names are Ernest and Frank) have been missing for years so they're not around when their father dies and the will is read. Dowries/Inheritances have been left for each girl provided she marries and in the proper order. Meaning Amy who isn't the least bit interested in getting married, must marry so that her sisters will receive their portion in turn. If she doesn't marry then all forfe [...]

    9. This story was a total surprise to me and what a good one it was.I will admit that I've been eyeing this series for a while now but always found 'something better' to read or listen to. What an utter mistake that was!This book is really good. It is well written, has every emotion under the sun in it as well as good, clean romance and shows the dominance of the father even after his death and the effects this has. The utter relief most of the female family members feels at his death is very evide [...]

    10. Very good read!I liked this novel Very Much! I gave it three stars, and not four, only because Amy is not my favorite sister. There were several instances where I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her fervently! But the writing was wonderful, very fitting with the time period (and the character), and the romance was sweet.Looking forward to the other books!

    11. For a very long time, I have been searching for a Regency romance by a contemporary writer that hit just the right note: a little bit of Georgette Heyer and a little bit of Jane Austen. Captured the mood, the setting, the social customs, etc. It was a book that ticked all the boxes of Regency romance.This book was it! Loved it and delighted to see there are still 5 more in the series!

    12. A fun read nothing more. There are six daughters and according to their father's will they must marry in order of their ages or they do not receive their dowries.

    13. This story was dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. The characters were absolutely ridiculous in their behavior - all across the board. Do not waste time or money on this one.

    14. Characters?I was really not fond of the characters.I find it quite difficult to write a series about five sisters because that always means that some of them are just stupid or more stupid than the others. It hardly happens that all of them are dear and kind. And that was the case here, too. Some of Amy's sisters are just not likeable. And Amy?Amy is bit dim-witted. She doesn’t understand her father’s will, she doesn’t see what her father did to them all these years.The way she adores her [...]

    15. Hoped for moreMaybe a 3.5. I actually enjoyed the book, but was very vexed at the 'heroine'. I still am not sure whether she might not have been mentally impaired. Her deceased father was a virtual despot, that he allowed nothing to deviate from what he declared, and she is such a ninny that she cannot think for herself. I really prefer strong female characters, and she really never changed much, so that I could 'really' enjoy the book. It's not a complete waste of time, though. I'm hoping for b [...]

    16. I enjoyed the writing and the historical period of this book however I didn't like the main character all the way to the end. I get women were very different in that era but I just couldn't relate to Amy. She seemed incapable of seeing what was directly in her face and I found that frustrating. I eventually decided she was either totally deluded or really dumb. Neither appealed.

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