Betrayal in Death

Betrayal in Death JD Robb fans are fanatical about New York City supercop Eve Dallas and her mysterious billionaire husband Roarke Robb s futuristic In Death series wages a two front narrative war the battle of good an

  • Title: Betrayal in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: 9781423317388
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Audio CD
  • JD Robb fans are fanatical about New York City supercop Eve Dallas and her mysterious billionaire husband Roarke Robb s futuristic In Death series wages a two front narrative war the battle of good and evil and the battle of the sexes and both author and readers come out winners.When Darlene French, a maid at the Roarke Palace Hotel, is brutally beaten, raped, and stranJD Robb fans are fanatical about New York City supercop Eve Dallas and her mysterious billionaire husband Roarke Robb s futuristic In Death series wages a two front narrative war the battle of good and evil and the battle of the sexes and both author and readers come out winners.When Darlene French, a maid at the Roarke Palace Hotel, is brutally beaten, raped, and strangled with a silver wire, Eve is at a loss to explain the apparently professional nature of the murder Who would hire a hit man to kill such an ordinary woman As she and her team of detectives with a little grudgingly accepted help from Roarke, whose money, name, and talents can dig up a wealth of information investigate the evidence, they find themselves in pursuit of Sylvester Yost, a vicious hired gun who s made millions in his bloody pursuit of career excellence But it isn t until victims appear that Eve realises Yost s real target is Roarke himself To discover the driving force behind the murderous campaign, Eve and Roarke will have to delve into their own pasts, which holds secrets and terrors for them both.An unabridged recording on 10 CDs 11 hours, 35 minutes.

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    1. Another fabulous page turner from this amazing author! How does she do it is a constantly recurring question. Maybe like Eve she never sleeps.Anyway she keeps turning out very, very readable books and I keep reading them! This is number 12 in the series and by now we know our characters really well. Robb has great skill in being able to develop her characters by show, not tell, and they are all large as life and twice as much fun. She is also very talented at drawing relationships and as usual o [...]

    2. “Betrayal is common for men with no conscience.” - Toba BetaIn this series the book's theme is there in the title and you are able to connect to this in the first few chapters.In this case, it was a bit different as till the end of the book I could not understand the reason of the title being 'Betrayal in Death' but then near to the end it all just clicks.Generally there is a murder, investigation and search for the killer. In this case the killer is known and it is a hunt for this known mur [...]

    3. Another excellent episode in J.D. Robb's "In Death" series. All our favourite characters are there, Roarke and Eve are central stage as Roarke looks after staging a multi million dollar auction. Their relationship is growing even stronger as they work through issues together while Peabody and McNab are having a bumpy patch in their relationship. An old friend of Roarke's from his early days in Ireland has dropped in and Eve's not sure if he's entirely trustworthy. And a very nasty hired assassin [...]

    4. "They stole my candy again. I taped it on the back of my AutoChef. Two bars of the real stuff They tagged it. I'm going to catch them sooner or later and peel the skin off their face. Slowly.That's right, the candy bar thief is still at large!! Who cares that there is a contract hit-man beating, raping, and killing people who are attached to Roarke when this candy thief is still at large? Priorities, people! I need to know whodunnit now!I know!! I'm not totally missing the point either!The good [...]

    5. Funny how you can love a series but then need a break from it and then sadly forget about it for a little while. Good thing once you pick it back up, it doesn't take you long to forget why you loved it so much in the first place. This was another fabulous read and totally makes me want to binge read this series and try to get caught up, which with over 40 books now, I know won't happen anytime soon but it's nice to think about all the same.

    6. It's Eve and Roarke. You cannot go too far wrong with these two. “She turned toward Roarke's office, then stopped in the doorway. He was at his console; captain of his ship. He'd drawn his hair back so it lay on his neck in a short, gleaming black tail. His eyes were cool, cool blue. The colour they were when his mind was fully occupied. He'd taken off his dinner jacket, his shirt was loose at the collar, the sleeves rolled up. There was something just something about that look that always and [...]

    7. Good but Not the best in the series by far The bad guys were a bit predictable and although I wouldke to believe that my investigative skills are the ones that helped me predict them, I have to admit that they were just obvious! Still, I don't think I will ever not like a book in this series!;-)

    8. It is no big surprise that I loved this one too. Betrayal in Death was a little different in that we knew who the killer was from the beginning and the intrigue was within catching the guy and finding out why this sick bastard was doing what he was doing. It was different and I enjoyed it.Another wonderfully written storyline with more development of the side characters. Summerset continues to irritate Eve but there is something going on between them that neither will admit to. Whitney is provin [...]

    9. As I proceed through my Kindle re-read of my favorite series, I am once again struck by the growth of the characters. After just reading Calculatede latest released contrasting it with Betrayal early installment's a stark contrast in Eve and Roarke's marriage. There was so much head butting in Betrayal, but yet, this was the book in which the Expert Consultant, Civilian was born so there had already been some growth. I loved Eve's comforting and taking care of Roarke during this case. The ending [...]

    10. This was a good one. We know the killer right from the start but we have to figure out who the mastermind is. After 12 books it still surprises me how good the author is in creating unique stories , every book is like a new experience. Solid read.

    11. After 12 books, I've run out of anything to say about this series. It keeps getting better and all the murder and mystery keeps my attention. We have a killer who is a virtuoso of murder. One who collects souveniers from his victims after the deed. Cruel and sadistic. If I had my way, I would prefer that he died a very violent death. Run over by ten dump trucks or more.

    12. Another solid entry from J.D. Robb. Two things I didn't care for in this one:1) Predictable villain. I pinned the villain pretty quickly, usually I'm all over the place in Robb's books and she twists me every time.2) (view spoiler)[Eve is getting her man in each book, but she's doing it with more and more of Roarke's help. Like she wouldn't be winning these battles without Roarke's help. I wish that weren't the case. (hide spoiler)]I think the relationship between Eve and Roarke, as well as Eve' [...]

    13. Love this book - really liked meeting Roarke's old pal Mick and learning still a little more about Roarke's background.This book has everything I like - a repulsive serial killer, lots of damage to stuff, and just enough angst to make a good storyline.Oh and how could I forget the McNab and Peabody drama!2 thumbs up and 5 stars.

    14. "He Whistled as he beat her, He hummed as he raped her. By the time he'd strangled her, he was singing."So begins the 12th book in the In Death series set in late Spring the year 2059.Roarke is busily hosting the grand event of the season. An auction of movie star Magda Lane's memorabilia at his posh Plaza Hotel. Hundreds of millions of dollars are expected to be raised for charity. In the midst of this a hotel maid is brutally raped and murdered. Eve quickly identifies the perp. A known assassi [...]

    15. Posted on Under the CoversA trained killer is on the loose. He is attacking people who work for Roarke and has been having his merry way with them. He beats then, rapes them and then finishes them off with his trademark weapon, a silver piece of wire. This guy is a slick criminal, both intelligent and cunning as a cat. He manages to always slip out of Eve’s grasp like water.But Eve Dallas still won’t give up this fight because this case hits a little closer to home. Roarke is now feeling res [...]

    16. Reread Jan. 2017 - Loved it just as much as the first timed second time! I never tire of these characters - the relationship development is always outstanding and the case intriguing. I can't ask for anything more. The entire series is a Must Read.

    17. I do love the baddest of the bad and Sylvester Yost is one of the nastiest adversaries Eve has to deal with in the series. One memorable scene I always enjoy reading is the scene with Sumerset haggling over the cost of grapes with the Asian grocer. Entertaining read.

    18. What I loved here is that we now since the start who the killer is! Every agency knew who he is: FBI, Global everybody! And nobody could catch him!So why is he Killing seemingly random persons? Obviously, there's a reason and finding out what that reason is, is the core of the story here!The characters continue to amuse and entertain me! I would love to meet them in person!!!A wonderful, wonderful add to the series! On to the next! I always tag these books as contemporary even if they're set in [...]

    19. Betrayal in Death4.5 StarsHomicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas's latest case hits particularly close to home when a vicious assassin begins targeting Roarke's employees. The investigation is further compounded when the FBI attempts to take over and the true motive for the crimes is revealed.Even though the identity of the killer is revealed early on, this is still one of the most exciting and action packed books in the series mainly due to the exceedingly dark and gritty depiction of the murders and t [...]

    20. The plot I would give 4 stars simply because it wa a little predictable, but everything else in the series is a solid 5 stars. Eve and her relationships with Roarke, Peabody, Mavis and even Somerset continue to grow and I love it. The audio of this series is fantastic

    21. 5 stars this series just gets better and better. I loved this one. It did have some pretty brutal moments but it was oh soooooo good. I think it was perfect and I can't wait to read more.

    22. This one took me a bit to get through. The mystery was good, but the character plotlines bogged the story down a bit. It felt like manufactured conflict when there really didn't need to be any. The Mick Connolly story was interesting, and I liked his redemption in the end. I also liked the quandary it put Eve into, and seeing her work her way out of it. All in all, a good way to spend my day with my son in my lap and a book on the Kindle!

    23. Always a twisted mystery to solve and a hot romance to savor. Taken as a snapshot of the life of Eve and Roarke, these books provide a wonderful distraction from the tedium of normal everyday life. They are a glimpse of the future that Nora Roberts has imagined, and yet some things just don't change at all.Murder. Murder at Roarke's luxurious Palace Hotel of the maid assigned to that room. This is just the beginning and draws Eve into the mystery of why someone would want to kill the maid. The m [...]

    24. I love each and every story but holy damn, this was so good! There was an extra edge to this one. The bad guy was genuinely terrifying, viciously good at what he did and he enjoyed his work. There were dark places for both Eve and Roarke and moments of pure rage and honest terror. And my God are Peabody and McNab getting complicated. (view spoiler)[And both of them acting in the wrong, to my way of thinking. (hide spoiler)] *sigh* But the one thing I can count on, and that keeps me coming back? [...]

    25. Traição Mortal pertence à Série Mortalde Nora Roberts, a escrever sob o pseudónimo de J. D. Robb. Esta série leva-nos até meio do século XIX, onde a Tenente Eve Dallas, da Polícia e Departamento de Segurança de Nova Iorque, reúne esforços para resolver estranhos e brutais casos de homicídio, envoltos em mistério. Embora este seja o 12º livro da série, é o primeiro que eu leio; portanto, posso apenas opinar sobre Traição Mortal como livro isolado. Já conhecia, no entanto, Eve [...]

    26. Orijinali Kitap Esintisi adresinde. Eve Dallas ve Roarke ikilisiyle hala tanışmadıysanız beni çok şaşırttınız diyebilirim. Her kitabında ayrı hayran kalıyorum kadına. Bir de o Roarke faktörü yok mu, seriyi tek başına bile okutur yani. İrlandalı yarim benim, canım.Her kitabında olduğu gibi bunda da gayet iyi bir kurgu vardı. Bu sefer hedef Roarke, önce otelindeki bir hizmetçi, sonra da yakın bir arkadaşı öldürülüyor. Bütün mantık dikkatini dağıtmak için ama [...]

    27. Betrayal in Death by J.D. RobbSeries: In Death, #12Suspense > futuristic > romance > mysteryA dead maid, raped and strangled as she goes about her tasks in the luxurious Roarke Palace Hotel, is Eve’s newest victim. Roarke wishes anyone but Eve had the case because of her past. But Eve is determined to solve the crime before the killer claims his next victim. As things weren't complicated enough Roarke's childhood friend shows up. And McNab, furious and jealous over Peabody's close rel [...]

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