The Duke's Double (Signet Regency Romance, AE 5400)

The Duke s Double Signet Regency Romance AE Once upon a time beautiful Joanna Sherwood the Countess of Carew had been wildly helplessly in love with Adrian Delacourt the darkly handsome devastatingly charming Duke of Roxbury That was befo

  • Title: The Duke's Double (Signet Regency Romance, AE 5400)
  • Author: Anita Mills
  • ISBN: 9780451154002
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a time, beautiful Joanna Sherwood, the Countess of Carew, had been wildly, helplessly in love with Adrian Delacourt, the darkly handsome, devastatingly charming Duke of Roxbury.That was before she married Adrian That was before he showed his true colors when he accused her of unfaithfulness and dragged her name through the mud of public scandal That was beforeOnce upon a time, beautiful Joanna Sherwood, the Countess of Carew, had been wildly, helplessly in love with Adrian Delacourt, the darkly handsome, devastatingly charming Duke of Roxbury.That was before she married Adrian That was before he showed his true colors when he accused her of unfaithfulness and dragged her name through the mud of public scandal That was before she fled to Italy with Adrian s best friend, Gareth Sherwood, who rescued her from the total ruin of her divorce by making her his wife.Now Joanna had returned to England as a ravishing young widow only to find nothing had changed.Unfair scandal still shrouded her name and impossible love still burned in her heart.

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    1. Six years ago the H’s viperous, evil mother accused the heroine of adultery with the H’s and the h’s childhood best friend. He bought it hook, line and sinker, and dragged the h through the divorce courts. She elopes with the best friend while pregnant with the Duke’s son.The poor best friend is now dead and the h and her two sons have returned from England. The Black Spider mother wants the son to marry someone of her picking this time, and isn’t afraid to set him up to compromise the [...]

    2. This sounds more angsty than it actually is. I quite enjoyed it – but no great shakes either ways.In the present, the H seems quite into the h and not even really angry, and suspicious of his mother’s version. So all the past melodrama seems just that – melodrama!Just the quibbles – As I said if he’s so skeptical of his mother’s version and motives then what happened to his sense all those years ago. The older woman is so openly venomous about the h, how could he not doubt his mother [...]

    3. 3.5 rounded upThis was a bit more grounded than my usual OTT, wrecky fare. The heroine was 18 and the hero 23 when their marriage exploded after only a year. The hero, Adrian, allowed his mother to convince him that Joanna was cheating on him. He should have known better because his mother was a snob who had always made it clear that Joanna was not fit to be the Duchess. Joanna and Adrian were childhood friends who lived in neighboring estates along with Gareth (Gary). Gary was the one accused o [...]

    4. From the back cover: They were caught in a storm of reckless love, torn between an unforgiving past and a future of unforgettable passion Once, she had fled a hostile world to live in exile on Capri. Now, the widowed Joanna Sherwood's only recourse is to return to her native England, to the scandal that destroyed her, to a society that shunned her, and to the one man who brought about her downfall: Adrian Delacourt, the Duke of Roxbury, her first husband, her first love, and the father of her be [...]

    5. This book has been in my TBR pile for a long time. I first put it there because it was a second chance at love story and I like those. However, when I discovered that in this regency set story the h/h get a divorce, then she marries his best friend and after he dies they get back together again I started thinking this might be a bit too much like a soap opera.I'm afraid that in the end I found just so. The basic plot was that Adrian's mother, the dowager Duchess, had never accepted his marriage [...]

    6. Marvellous. Lots of what we romance readers call "angst", and quite unputdownable. Sigh-worthy ending, all the loose ends nicely tied up. My only quibbles with the story are that the heroine Joanna is maybe too much of a "watering pot" (although she has good reasons to cry) and the villain of the story doesn't really get a good comeupance.Big hugs to Rane who sent me the book!

    7. I don't get it? I tried this because this is a somewhat fresh premise for historical romances, but I don't think it's for me. Premise: heroine was divorced by her husband, a duke, because he believed that she was unfaithful to him, and having an affair with his best friend. She wasn't, but for completely unclear reasons declined to stand up for herself. Instead, she allowed him to divorce her, then fled the land with the best friend, who married her to save her. Years later, the best friend/husb [...]

    8. Joanna was married to Andrian who is a duke. His mother doesn’t agree and after a year of marriage, spreads a tale about Joanna having an affair with the couple’s best friend Gary. They get a divorce without her trying to deny the tale. She marries Gary and they move to Italy. The first chapter finds Gary dead and his mother trying to convince Joanna to move back to England with her two children. Of course she follows her advice and meets Adrian again. I like the author’s writing style but [...]

    9. 2/5; 2 stars; CYears ago I was working my way through several lists of favorite romances I had found on the Internet, in my quest for 'the best of the best historicals'. This book had great reviews on both The Romance Reader site, and Mrs. Giggles. I could never find the book but, now that ebooks have exploded on the scene, Ms Mills has re-published many older books in kindle format so I managed to get my hands on this one. There is something I know about myself. I do not like characters who act [...]

    10. leído en Dic 2012No sé porqué pero en el tiempo en que lo leí me gustó. no sé si fue todo el drama pero me pareció bueno y entretenido!! Tendría que leerlo nuevamente para ver que puntuación le pongo ahora que he leído una buena cantidad de libros. Reseña:El doble del duque.La hermosa Johanna Sherwood, condesa de Carew, estuvo locamente enamorada de Adrian Delacourt, el oscuro atractivo, y devastadoramente encantador Duque de Roxbury. Eso fue antes de casarse con él. Eso fue antes de [...]

    11. This is not a review but a rant: I hate the snot-brat kid, Justin. He is stubborn, arrogant, and annoying like his father, hence the the title. The heroine could have many better men (Gary and Johnny) but she chose the stupid Duke. I just can't wrap my mind around it. I can't even sympathize with her because she never defended herself before, during, or after the misunderstanding. o_O; I mean took 257 pages and the hero to go and find out the truth in order to learn that she never cheated for hi [...]

    12. Despite an ugly divorce granted by Parliament and social ruination for the heroine, love eventually reunites the lovers. But this, only after the stubborn machinations of a very cruel villainess! Fun!

    13. I’m a spoiler. Not because I want to discourage/encourage anyone in reading this book. I just want to write the highlights for me to remember by in the future. (There are really instances when I forgot about the story and I don’t want to waste my time in re-reading books that have bad plots.) I did not like how the characters reacted to some issues. My goodness! I do not get why H did not listen to h in the first place. And if h really loved H, she should have done anything to make him liste [...]

    14. Marvelous and angsty. The hero is divorced from the heroine. Yes, really. She remarries and when her second husband dies, she returns to England. To say more would give away the story. A must read.Edited to say I'm not sure why it isn't on my keeper shelf. I "think" that Mills wrote a Regency which was re-written slightly and then republished. Not sure but I think so.

    15. This is a new author for me and I think I'd like to read/listen to more of her stories and get to know her writing voice. This story is only the start to my knowing her.The trope of second chance at love has been done before and will be done again, but for the divorced couple who've heart each other so deeply, I thought it unique. As I listened to both sides of the story and point of views, I had to keep in mind that at the time of their separation, these were very young people, Jo was barely ei [...]

    16. An unusual story in which the hero and heroine are divorced. He wrongly (and falsely) accused her of adultery, unaware that his mother, who thought his wife unworthy to be her successor, made up the whole story and bribed a maid to testify against the heroine. The heroine marries the hero's best friend, the accused adulterer, shortly after the divorce is final, and they go to Italy to live. Six years later, after her second husband's death, the heroine and her two young sons return to England. T [...]

    17. La premisa se me hizo original un duque que se divorcia de su esposa por adultera y la condena al exilio y el regreso despues de unos años.Pero la novela en si me resulto algo insipida aunada a una traduccion mas bien mediocre, lo bueno fue que es bien cortita y me la lei en 5 horas, pero me quito las ganas de leer el otro de esta autora que andan por ahi.

    18. Lame.That is what I would call this. It is so cliché, and cheap. Like, there is not an original theme in the entire book.

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