Lily's Reprieve

Lily s Reprieve Lily s Reprieve is book one of the Blackstone Trilogy Lily Childs had made her peace with dying If her leukemia didn t kill her then serial killer Danny Jordan certainly would But then Aidan Knight c

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  • Title: Lily's Reprieve
  • Author: Niki Savage
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Lily s Reprieve is book one of the Blackstone Trilogy.Lily Childs had made her peace with dying If her leukemia didn t kill her, then serial killer Danny Jordan certainly would But then Aidan Knight crashes through her balcony door and saves her life Finding herself hopelessly attracted to the handsome and mysterious vigilante, she accepts his offer to be her guardian.Lily s Reprieve is book one of the Blackstone Trilogy.Lily Childs had made her peace with dying If her leukemia didn t kill her, then serial killer Danny Jordan certainly would But then Aidan Knight crashes through her balcony door and saves her life Finding herself hopelessly attracted to the handsome and mysterious vigilante, she accepts his offer to be her guardian But when she learns the truth about him and his deadly talents, she has to make a decision Does she love him enough to die for him And would he let her Time travelling vigilante Aidan Knight had made a life out of saving damsels in distress, and then walking away without looking back But after saving Lily, he couldn t stay away Like a moth to a flame, he kept returning to her, helpless to fight the attraction When an ancient enemy uses her as a pawn against him, their love is tested to the utmost.

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    1. The Storyline gets Better and Better.I want to give this a 5 star but I just can't because there are two storylines here. The first one being an unlikely love affair between Aiden and Lily, and I found myself skipping over these scenes. Aiden's the best looking, the wealthiest, has the largest penis and can go all night. Lily's a spoilt schoolgirl and as much as I tried I just couldn't like her Or fancy her.Without being a spoiler, Aiden's a lot older than she is and I failed to comprehend why [...]

    2. I enjoyed the surprising twists in this paranormal romance and already downloaded the sequel since I can't wait to find out what happens next. Although Aiden and Lily didn't always act the way I wanted them too (spoiler alert) - she seemed a little too lovesick and he was too libido-driven - these anomalies made them feel very human and imperfect, which drew me deeper into the story. And the author kept dropping in little nuggets that kept me constantly uneasy, on the edge of my seat, and readin [...]

    3. A reprieve from common, boring romances.Niki Savage clipped the rough edges of commonplace and predictable romances to fashion a true gem. The book incorporates at least four genres. Savage mixes them in perfect proportion to create a thought-provoking story of love and romance amid formidable internal and external opposition. In the beginning, the male protagonist Aidan appears as a hardhearted, emotionless character. Lily is weak of body and heart when the story begins, but becomes stronger as [...]

    4. I have to confess I’ve never read a paranormal romance before and, it’s not a genre I would normally be drawn to, but I’m so glad I gave this one a go. Lily’s Reprieve is a page turner and I found myself unable to put it down. The first half of the book establishes the main characters and their relationship – world weary Aiden, who is immortal and been around since the eleventh century and his total opposite, Lily, a young woman who is almost unnaturally innocent and childlike due to s [...]

    5. This book started off really slow. I didn't know what to think of the book itself. After a while it jumped into action and I couldn't stopped reading. This book is over looked I think because of the first few chapters. Here is what I liked about. It is in one of my favorite genres paranormal romance. I couldn't stopped reading. You fell in love with the characters. You felt what they felt. You saw what they saw. Then the ending my heart was torn out. It had a really good cliffhanger.Lilly is dyi [...]

    6. When I choose a book to read I always hope to lose myself in it. That is exactly what happened with this one. I didn't know where I was going or when I would get there, and I liked it. Got so into it, I found myself yelling at the book. Always a sign of a Good Book to me.

    7. I didn't like this book much although the hero was strong etc, he sleeps around and the heroine wasn't very feisty. Not for me this one.

    8. I would have given this 5 stars if it had focused more on Aidan's story. Lily pretty much got on my nerves and at times I just skipped past the love scenes just to get back to the back story. So the 4 stars are for Aidan's interesting story line. Paranormal romance.

    9. I loved the premise of this story and the hero was to die for! Aidan Knight's character is larger than life with an impressive (and often mentioned) WMD package that may or may not have started the Iraq war but the ladies, and there are many, are not complaining. He is gorgeous, supper rich, immortal and has amazing powers but he puts all these things to good use playing the knight in shining armour. Lily is one unlucky girl and when her bad luck takes a turn for the worst Aidan decides to be he [...]

    10. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the book in many ways. I expected it to be terrible, after reading the twitter blurb and seeing the front cover! Why did I buy it if I thought it would be terrible? Because I was intrigued to see if it really was, and as it turned out, it wasn't!The relationship in the book is very "50 Shades"; Lily is Ana and Aidan is Christian; but it also had a lot of the elements that made me enjoy "50 Shades". The power-imbalance and sexual conflict is similar to "50 S [...]

    11. great action romance. One to read again. On the edge. Nail biting. Niki Savage is one he'll of a writer. She and I share the same likes for cliff hangers. I've read all of her books and love them. This story bring to life a new hero and its a fantastic read.

    12. Life lessonI'm sure this is a perfect cup of tea for someone, just not me. Thanks for allowing me to read it.

    13. I like having a not so perfect hero. Lily going from virgin to nymphomaniac didn't sit well with me. Otherwise I look forward to reading the next novel in the series.

    14. Good readEasy to read. Hard to put down. You feel like you are there. You won't regret reading this one, forsure

    15. I love this book,with all the different twist and didn't see that coming. I loved Adian and his story of immortality

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