Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To

Sublime Stitching Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How To Elizabeth Taylor Carrie Fisher Tracey Ullman and Laura Dern all own her work Now in her much anticipated first book embroidery pioneer Jenny Hart brings her sublime designs to everyone Expanding

  • Title: Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To
  • Author: Jenny Hart Alexandra Grablewski
  • ISBN: 9780811850117
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Carrie Fisher, Tracey Ullman, and Laura Dern all own her work Now, in her much anticipated first book, embroidery pioneer Jenny Hart brings her sublime designs to everyone Expanding on the offerings of her Stitch It Kit, Sublime Stitching offers all the instructions, tips, and hip patterns needed to create hundreds of stylish projects Perfect for stitcElizabeth Taylor, Carrie Fisher, Tracey Ullman, and Laura Dern all own her work Now, in her much anticipated first book, embroidery pioneer Jenny Hart brings her sublime designs to everyone Expanding on the offerings of her Stitch It Kit, Sublime Stitching offers all the instructions, tips, and hip patterns needed to create hundreds of stylish projects Perfect for stitchers of all experience levels, this charmingly photographed book includes simple directions and inspiring project ideas for stitching up jeans, handbags, neckties, baby bibs, and Best of all are the entirely original, ready to use iron on patterns bound in the back Jenny has included all sorts of delightful designsfrom cheeky margaritas and maracas to classic teapots and cupcakes These patterns are easy to remove after using, and a cinch to store in the handy pockets on the inside covers Believe it or not, each pattern can be used up to nine times Now that s sublime.

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    1. A book full of embroidery transfers? How cool (and old-school) is that? Embroidery transfers have sadly gone out of style (though I have a prodigious collection of vintage ones from ebay), and I'm glad someone thought to resurrect the idea. I plan to use some of these for baby gifts and hand-towels, for times when designing my own motifs is not the goal. Some very basic instruction in embroidery here as well. A good starting point for rank beginners.

    2. Sublime Stitching has given embroidery a much-needed face lift. Praise Jesus, for I no longer am forced to use iron-ons that feature ducks with bonnets! This book is great for beginners or people who have been embroidering for years. Jenny outlines the basics, even talking about tools, types of fabric to (not) use, stitching diagrams (and written instructions), and hints for all your embroidery projects. The patterns are simple, yes - but they're hip, fresh, and I personally like the freedom of [...]

    3. (Hee,hee,hee!) I got this book at Urban Outfitters on sale. It is neat to know how to sew different stitches. This has really good information on stitching web sites and book titles to read from. I like how stylish this book is presented and the fact that there is a pocket to keep your stitching material s in. (This is such a cute book and good to read when you see rain or snow outside your window.)

    4. This book (or more accurately, Jenny Hart's website sublimestitching/) makes my fledgling crafty soul want to cover the world in adorable retro-inspired embroidery. Pin-up girls, Elvis, irreverant duckies, spiky flowers, and all that's retro-cool. The book is almost entirely patterns that can be used as iron-on transfer several times each, so you'll probably want to buy it new. The transfers are more simplistic than the patterns for sale on her website.

    5. I got this book last year, and it had been about 14 years since I've embroidered anything. There are instructions for a few basic stitches, and they're quite easy to follow. The book is really perfect for beginners. Also, the patterns are rad. Be careful, though, as the iron on ink does not wash off fabric. If you want to be really careful about it, trace the patterns and then use a different transfer method. I loved these patterns so much, though, that I bought more patterns from Jenny Hart.

    6. this was my introduction to embroidery and a great one - her descriptions and directions are easy to understand and i was off and running in no time. there are lots of wonderful patterns (i haven't even gone through half of them in the year+ since i received it). i highly recommend this and any of her patterns (sublimestitching) to anyone interested in learning about embroidery!

    7. This is a fun, up-to-date embroidery book with loads of transfers that you can tear out and iron onto your fabric. I can't wait to get started with some of these new designs!Especially interesting are the banners and the alphabet letters with different fonts.Thank you to my daughter Evy and son in law Josh for getting this for me for Christmas!

    8. This book incorporates the embroidery patterns that you can buy at Walmart, a style of embroidery from the 1940's and does a little bit of updating and alot of what is the same. The iron-on patterns are definitely funkier than what you could get at Walmart, and the stars are particularly nice, but the thing I like most about it is that it is an updated modern version of a technique that I love.

    9. As I"m teaching FCS (that's Family Consumer Science) to middle schoolers this year - I am incorporating a hand sewing unit. I need to stay a step ahead of them. I'm finding this book extremely helpful. Written in an easy to understand, straight forward, no-fuss no-muss style. Makes me wonder why it's been decades since I last did any embroidery.

    10. I read this in one day and learned how do all of the stitches the same day (except for the french knot, which I am still working on). I gave it 5 stars because of this. It also comes with hundreds of patterns, which I know will come in handy in the future.

    11. Adult nonfiction; embroidery / sewing. Lovely primer on the how-tos and wherefores of embroidery. Jenny Hart freshens up this lost art with her modern designs and even provides tons of reusable pattern transfers.

    12. I love Jennie Hart and especially love that her patterns have inspired a younger genereation to love embroidery. I feel a real connection to my family and past when I stitch, but I'm glad to have designs available that aren't dated. You'll use these patterns for everything!

    13. Forget ducks or little girls in bonnets, these stitchery patterns are fun and hipsterishmbo dancers, scottie terriers, saxophones, and cupcakes. Because of Jenny Hart, embroidery floss and cotton muslin have become my paint and canvases.

    14. So far so good. I'm actually using this to LEARN embroidery and it is pretty basic but it also has a TON of patterns in the back. So far I've read the entire book and started working on the stitching lesson pattern. I figure if I don't learn how to embroider it won't be the fault of this book.

    15. 2.5 starsJust average. No projects, just motifs. They're fine, quite a range from animals to household objects to abstract, even a baby. But nothing is particularly cute, just bland or unappealing to me. But it's fine.

    16. This book is a very quick start guide. It simply explains the basic tools and steps to starting embroidery. Most of the book consists of custom iron on patterns designed by Jenny Hart which are all very modern and fun.

    17. Great book! Comes with many cool transfers that are easy to apply to fabric multiple times. Has a sampler patter to learn the different stitches which, with the instructions, makes learning the different embroidery stitches very easy!

    18. What a great resource to have! Embroidery is the perfect way to turn something bought into something personal more than the thought counts with that! All the patterns are clever, useful and charming. Love it!

    19. This book has a lot of patterns to trace and use. Some of them were my style and it gave me some ideas. I like the free form embroidery better so I never traced the patterns on to my work just got some good inspiration.

    20. Best embroidery book. I just wish I didn't have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel; if I did, I'd take early medical leave and embroider all day with patterns from this book!!!

    21. Great beginner book BC of the way she explains stitches - she really has a knack for making French Knots actually appear doable! I checked it out via Overdrive, so unfortunately cannot attest to the actual quality of the transfer ink, but the eBook does include a link tomdownloqd the transfers so you can use whichever method for transferring is easiest for you and if you're not sure , she goes into great detail about how/where to get patterns plus how to get them onto your fabric.As far as the t [...]

    22. The stitch diagrams weren't very detailed for beginners, but the descriptions were okay. There are tons of pattern transfers, but the style of the patterns aren't really for me for the most part though.

    23. I'd have preferred more beginner-level instructions, tips, and stitches, and fewer pattern pages.It seems like all the beginner embroidery books I've found are very focused on projects and patterns, and the ones with more of an emphasis on techniques aren't too beginner-friendly.

    24. This is very similar to Jenny Hart's book, Embroidered Effects, but has different projects and transfers to use. Both books are great for beginners and for those embroiderers who are looking for some fresh ideas.

    25. Chock full of fun embroidery patterns (many of them are kid-friendly). Wish there were more inspiration photos though!

    26. Super cute, easy explanations for the starting stitcher and patterns that are way better than the typical embroidery stuff (country/cheesy). These really are hip.

    27. Not worth the price tag, the line patterns to copy and stitch are dull and the stitching tips can be found elsewhere online for no cost.

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