George's Marvelous Medicine / The Twits / The BFG

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  • Title: George's Marvelous Medicine / The Twits / The BFG
  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • ISBN: 9780439473071
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “George's Marvelous Medicine / The Twits / The BFG”

    1. 82/100I just read George's Marvelous Medicine. Not sure why this listing if for a volume of all three.I love the idea of people making magical solutions in stories and then adding to them or trying to recreate them. It's the kind of story I gravitate toward if I'm telling a bed-time story straight out of my head.That said, do you think Roald Dahl was at all nervous about publishing a story where a boy feeds anti-freeze to his grandma? I hope so.

    2. It is a story about a boy called George and his grandma. He hates this old woman. Most grandmas are "Do you want to buy anything?" or "How was your school today?" but not this one. She never ever gets out of her chair and groans and whines. One day when his parents were out, he had a great great GREAT plan to get rid of that horrid woman. Make a poisonous medicine that could almost kill her. He puts paints, shampoos, toothpaste, food for animals, food colouring and lots more. Then the medicine t [...]

    3. I have been reading George's Marvelous Medicine. It has been a great book so far. It is very funny book. I think this book ius mostly for kids. The book turns out be about George making his grandma a medicine that will change her for good. That is as far as I have goten on the book so far.

    4. the main plot of this book is a little boy being mean and trying to poison his grandmother. I just can't get into that.

    5. Title: George’s Marvelous MedicineAuthor: Roald DahlIllustrator: Quentin BlakeGenre: Transitional chapter bookTheme(s): Experimentation, animals, figuresOpening line/sentence: “I’m going shopping in the village,” George’s mother said to George on Saturday morning.Brief Book Summary: George’s mother is out to shop and George is left all alone in the house with his grouchy grandmother. His grandmother’s grouchiness elevates and George reaches the conclusion that she needs a stronger [...]

    6. Reading Level: 4.0Book Level/ Guided Reading Level: QGeorge’s Marvelous Medicine is a Modern Fantasy Fiction book for children that paints a fascinating a colorful story about a young boy who concocts a magical potion meant to transform the attitude of his crabby grandmother. Of course, as is typical with magical potions, things don’t go exactly as planned!This book would be an ideal read aloud for middle elementary grades to explore the genre of modern fantasy in English Language Arts. With [...]

    7. This book is totally ridiculous! It's full of magic, potions, a mean grandmother, and just plain silliness & laughter! George is making a marvelous medicine for his grandmother, because he wants to make her mood change for the better. To make the medicine, George uses a large pot & scavenged the house collecting random items to use in his medicine. However, George didn't measure or record any of the items he used to make the medicine. It didn't work out the way George had planned, but th [...]

    8. A story about a little boy who hates his grandmother so much, he decides to make her a new type of medicine to cure her wickedness. So he goes around the house putting in soaps and toxic ingredients including hair removal, antifreeze, paint and animal medicines.Unnecessarily long, tedious and a little disturbing.

    9. I deeply emensly love Roald Dahl. God how i love the main character. George and his grouchy grandma!! Whether. You're a kid to an adult this is for all ages !!

    10. This book has a fun wild plot, George is a little boy who has a nasty grandma with a few tricks up her sleave and George hates his grandma. One afternoon George is left home with the beast while his mom goes to the market. His only instructions are to give his grandmother her medicine at 11. While they are home Grandma tell George some scary stories that makes his blood chill and that she is a which and can put a spell on him. George has had enough of grandmas rubbish stories So he decides to ta [...]

    11. Susan suggested I read some of the books that the kids in her class are reading because I like children's, and young adult, literature. She and I were reminiscing about books we'd read when we were younger and I mentioned that I loved Roald Dahl. She asked if I'd ever read George's Marvelous Medicine. Since I hadn't read it, she brought me home a copy from school. It was okay but, unfortunately, I didn't like it as much as Charlie & Chocolate Factory, Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator, [...]

    12. I read George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl. The book is about a kid name George that needed to take care of his cranky grandma and needed to give grandmas medicine every night at 11:00. The major characters are George, old cranky grandma, the mom Mrs kranky, and Mr Kranky the dad.I like these book because it's funny and interesting on what would happen next on what is going to happen with the old cranky grandma. I would not change these book because it is fun to read and not that hard for [...]

    13. INC.George's Marvelous Medicine12/23,24,25(150min)Hag-Medicine-grow-excited-animals-medicines-goneDiscussion QuestionGeorge made a marvelous medicine which makes animals and human bigger and bigger. If you could have just one scoop of the medicine, what would you make bigger?? AnswerI would like to make a hen bigger. As George's father said a big hen can create big eggs to eat a lot of people. It will help hungry people. I thought the George's medicine is too dangerous to take human. I was reall [...]

    14. George mom said to give the medicine to her granmother. George said ok mom. His granmather was saying thing to George. George got mad he wanted to run outsaid. he can not run outside because his feet was stack in the floor. His granmother said don't forget my medicine george said no granmather I won't forget. George maid the medicine the medicine. His granmather olmost die she come big and biger.

    15. 2013/11/19 - 60minPublisher: page 1- 577 words George, grandma, take care,plan, medicine, animal, changeDQDo you prefer taking medicine or spontaneous cure when you are sick?AI am not spontaneous cure person. When I feel headache, I take a medicine as soon as possible. However sometimes medicine causes sleep! I hate this season because many people bring the cause of flu into the school!!

    16. This book gives a whole new meaning to having a taste of your own medicine because George is tired of his grandma's antics and concocts a crazy potion with everything in it. This book was fun and interesting as are all of roald Dahls books are. This book has the same wierd twist to it that makes no sense in it like the other books, such as in willy wonka when you put a shoe into a pot, it gives the concoction a kick, literally. I enjoy this book as i have enjoyed every other Roald Dahl book.

    17. The charater grandma is evil she tells lies to her grandson, boss him around and never say thank you.I feel sorry for the little boy.What I learn about the author is he likes to right fiction alot this book a boy makes a medicine that makes things grow, in another book he writes about a girl with powers.This book was not challenging me it was to easy and I hate when I read easy books now I should read a few pages before I pick a book.

    18. I think that it is unfair for Grandma to treat George like that. I think that George is very smart to 7 years old. I think that Grandama is a witch because no other normal women would eat caterpillars, slugs and other disgusting stuff. I like the time when Grandma drank the medicine which turns you small because that whining, ritched, wicked, old woman disappears. Well I think she deserves it anyways!

    19. Publisher: PUFFIN BOOKSTime: 11/14 60min 11/15 30min 11/18 60min7-word summaryGeorge-granma-Medicine-mix-marvelous-change-disappearQ&AWhich do you want to be, very very fat or as thin as stick?To be honest, I don't want to be neither but if I would be, I want to be as thin as stick.I enjoyed reading this book and sometimes I was surprised reading this book.

    20. A grandmother that you would never want to have needs a medals that gorge mixed up in to a weird formula you have to see what happens to the which when she drinks it and he makes moe than one weird formula but you will have to find out how many formula he makes. I would say you should be a person that likes to laugh to read this book.

    21. I like that Dahl plays with the sick and twisted, but there were a few things I didn't like as well about this one. This one was both extra bizarre and tame for him. Not as compelling as his other reads, and it bothered me that the main antagonist was the grandma, but my kids liked it.

    22. Read this to my son He giggled and loved the concoction George creates and it's results. Like most Dahl books - a fun fantasy escape. (and a pretty short book too - we read it in just a few nights)

    23. Hace tiempo que leí este libro y solo recuerdo que me llegaba este mensaje: "Hacer todo lo posible para que lo feo sea algo cercano a lo tolerable" XD Una historia muy graciosa, aunque las abuelas son buenas tal vez a George no le fue muy bien.

    24. I think it is a very funny book favorite character is George. George is a very kind little boy that try's to make his grandmother a medicine but every thing goes wrong. If you like funny books you will like this book and you should read it.

    25. Fantastic book for kids! So imaginative and creative. Easy read that children will find delightful!Roald Dahl is always brilliant! His stories and rhymes are fun and entertaining! Some of my all time favorites!! Such a great way to entertain children and get them interested in reading!

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