Ambassador of the Dead

Ambassador of the Dead One Sunday morning Nick Blud a successful Boston physician receives a phone call from Adriana Kruk the mother of a boyhood friend Abandoned by her husband and estranged from her sons Adriana summ

  • Title: Ambassador of the Dead
  • Author: Askold Melnyczuk
  • ISBN: 9781582432519
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Sunday morning, Nick Blud, a successful Boston physician, receives a phone call from Adriana Kruk, the mother of a boyhood friend Abandoned by her husband and estranged from her sons, Adriana summons Nick back to his old neighbourhood, where something unspeakable has happened.

    One thought on “Ambassador of the Dead”

    1. Nick, the book’s narrator, lives in two worlds. As the child of immigrant parents, in this case from post-WWII Ukraine, Nick straddles the new world and the old.Most of the story, though, concentrates on Ada, a contemporary of Nick’s parents. Nick tells her story—both what happened in Ukraine before, during, and after the war and what she experiences as an immigrant in New Jersey.Ada believes she sees and speaks to family members who were killed during the war—thus making herself an amba [...]

    2. This is a very uneven book. Parts of it are beautifully written, the story (or rather the character of Ada) is compelling enough that I wanted to keep reading, and things like cannibalism and murder of a child (what is the word for that?) are introduced in a way that make them seem like rational choices. But there are parts that are murky and/or encyclopaedic without being really clear. I think the author assumes that the readers know more about Ukrainian history than this reader does I am not c [...]

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